Tuesday Tangents + Why THIS Feels so Different + I like seeing how far we’ve come.

FOUR DAYS until the big day!!

My stomach felt terrible (but it won’t by this Saturday… gotta love being a girl:) so I took it nice and easy for my 7 miles @8:51 average pace.  I just listened to music and ran along the same roads that I’ve done most of my training on the last few months and thought about all of the previous miles leading up to the race.

On our way to school (Andrew was driving) Brooke said to me, “You know mom…I understand why you like naps so much, they really are the best.”  We just get each other now on this topic.

IMG 4807

Just the normal ‘before school starts’ photo.

IMG 4811

Andrew and I were out getting a bunch of things done all morning and then chick-fil-a just sounded like a need on the way home.  Their sauce is everything and so are their fries and their wraps.

IMG 4817

The rest of the day was filled with the normal stuff along with TJ’s Halloween cookies.

IMG 4828

And a new swing for the kids.

IMG 4832


Time for a few TANGENTS!!!

*This week feels so much more relaxed to me compared to my normal ‘week before a marathon’ feelings in the past and I’ve been really thinking a lot about why that is.  I think the reason for this is simply that I just feel enough no matter what my time says on Saturday.  It’s refreshing to feel so calm this time around.  I think for so many of my previous marathons I’ve made myself SICK with worry because I was so afraid of failure and feeling like I wasn’t enough if I didn’t accomplish X, Y & Z.  With age and life stuff I feel like I’ve finally learned that I’m enough no matter what I accomplish or don’t accomplish so I don’t have this crazy fear of failure for Saturday.  I get to just go out and do my thing and love it.  I’m not fixated on splits (besides just making sure I am smart and conservative in the first 1/2) and I know my body is ready for my goals.  I know I’ve done the training and controlled the things I can control so now I just get to go run and do what I love to do.   No matter what happens I’m going to be proud of myself for finishing a marathon 10 months after having Skye.  I’m proud of my training and how hard I’ve worked and I know that those things are going to translate into my dream times so for 26.2 miles I’ll fight for it and soak in the experience that I feel so lucky to get to do.

*“The more discomfort an athlete expects, the more she can tolerate, and the more discomfort she can tolerate the faster she can go.” (Source)

IMG 3821 2

*Actually, I think I need this candy at the finish line… this was made for me.

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 9347

*Maybe I’m a bad example with my Fresca love.

IMG 0705

*The amazing MEGAN is putting together strength training plans for runners!  Her plan will include 3 workouts per week with additional core add in if you have the time.  We were talking and figuring out how much time a runner usually has per week for strength?  If you had 3 strength workouts a week, how much time would you have for each one?  I’ll let you know when her plans are available… they are going to be amazing!

IMG 8711

*One thing that I love to do before a big race is compare weeks in my training cycle.  I like to look at the beginning, somewhere along the way and peak week.  Doing this gives me confidence to see how far I’ve come.  It reminds me to trust the entire process, including the taper (which is very needed during the taper).  Here’s what things have looked like over the last few months.  My easy paces have not changed much (so I took those out to make this not a monster post but my easy paces were usually ranging between 8:20-9:00 throughout the process) but the long runs, weekly mileage and workouts have changed.  PS when I am starting a training cycle I just focus on the week I am in… it’s overwhelming to start marathon training and see a 20 miler weeks ahead when you are starting off.

IMG 3516

Rewind to 3 months ago as of this week and my workouts (not including easy runs) looked like:

Wednesday:  7.86 miles @ 7:42 average.  3 times 600m, 3 x 400m, 3 x 300m, 3 x 200m with equal recoveries and my paces ranged from 6:20 for the 600m down to 5:40 for the 200m intervals.  I remember this workout almost killed me.. it was tough.

Saturday:  11 miles @ 8:17 average.

44.11 miles for the week.

Rewind now to a month ago:

Tuesday:  10.17 miles total.  Track workout!

2 mile w/u,  2 miles @ 6:31, 3 minutes walking,  1 mile @ 6:00,  3 minutes walking, 2 miles @ 6:26, 3 minutes walking, 1 mile @ 6:01, 2 mile c/d

Saturday:  20.1 miles.   10 w/u, 7 miles @ 6:47, 3 mile cool-down.  7:27 average!

57.27 miles for this week.

Rewind to peak week (2.5 weeks) ago:

Tuesday:  13 miles @ 6:59 average.  1 mile w/u, 4 miles @ 7:06,  1 minute @ 6:17-6:26 and 1 minute @ 7:10-7:25 repeat for 3.54 miles, 3 miles @ 6:43, 6:43, 6:29, 1.46 mile c/d

Saturday:  22.2 miles @ 7:47 average. 1400 ft of UP.

62.4 miles total for this week.

OCTOBER 6th:_________________  (<— I can’t wait to fill that part out).

If you are gearing up for a race don’t forget to look back at your training and congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come.   Humans love progress so take a look at how you’ve progressed over the weeks/months training for your next big race!   This is one of the many reasons I love running… we see growth and change in ourselves!

PS I love this below quote a lot because while I love to see how far I’ve come over a training cycle, I also love to avoid comparing training cycles from different times of life… be your best in this moment!

IMG 4703 2


 If you run and strength train (or want to start adding strength training to your workouts)… how much time could you budget in for 3 strength workouts a week?  20 minutes, 30-45, more or less?

Favorite thing to order at chic-fil-a?

Have any tangents to share?

Has your training or racing felt any different lately?

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I don’t do enough strength training! But I’d love to do it more! 20 to 30 minutes would be perfect.


Awesome! Thanks Florence for letting us know! Have a wonderful day!


YES!!! The Chick-fil-A wrap/fries/Chick-fil-A sauce combo is THE BEST. I also love their fruit cups and shakes!!

Brooke is one smart girl. I LOVE naps. I haven’t had one in quite some time, and I am far overdo.

SO excited for you, Janae!! You have come so far in your training, and you are MORE THAN READY to earn that sub-3 this weekend!!!!


I need one of their shakes asap! Thank you so much Natalie.. you are the best!


At Chic fil A, I love the soups, chicken noodle and Tortilla. Also, in December I love the chocolate Peppermint milkshake!

I do strength training 3-4 times a week for 45 minutes. Bootcamp, boxing, HIIT.


I totally forgot about their soups and I cannot wait to have those shakes. Thanks for answering Megan’s question. Thanks Sara and have a great day!


Skye has the best legs!

No strength training – maybe one day.

Chick-Fil-A cool wrap for sure!!! And the spicy sauce.

I miss the Chick-Fil-A brownies. Why did they stop making them???

Training is a little painful lately, trying to ease back into it.


I totally agree about Skye’s legs!I need to try the spicy sauce and BROWNIES–> why would they ever take that away? I hope that things get feeling a bit better each week. Have a wonderful day Tonya!


Whew being a girl is hard but I’m glad that timed itself well for your marathon. Thoughtful ovaries you have there.

Glad you are feeling calm and ready for race day, you’re going to own it!


Haha those ovaries were sure considerate of my marathon this time! Thank you Victoria, I really appreciate that. Have a wonderful day!


Goodluck this weekend with your marathon! I will be racing in Chicago for an NCAA division 2 cross-over race at the same time!


Thank you so much and GOOD LUCK TO YOU!! That is amazing! PLEASE let me know how it goes!


Chick-Fil-A’s market salad is good. I usually don’t even like chicken but shredded with berries, yum!!

P.S. I wanted to thank you for your running inspiration. I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but after this weekend, I can now say that I’ve completed my first race/half-marathon. I ran the wineglass half marathon in corning, ny on Sunday with a time of 1:46:46, and now, just like everyone said, I am wondering if I can beat my time in another half at some point. Maybe with less rain next time and with less pre-race anxiety ?, but I doubt it will be my last.


Danielle, HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats!!! Your first race ever and you go out and run a 1:46 half and in the rain–> DANG!! That is awesome and have fun finding that next race (they are addicting). Have a wonderful day and please keep in touch!


YAY to Megan offering strength for runners! I could definitely do 3X a week, 30 minutes. I”m currently attending a class once a week for an hour and then doing like 10ish minutes of push-up work on most other days. I’d love to have the option to get something more varied and structured in on my non-gym days!!!!! I’ve followed Megan on Insta for a while now (thanks to you!), and I know her stuff is GOOD!

I’m not sure I knew you liked Fresca!!!! I gave up soda about 5 years ago now!!!!! But, I was ALWAYS a sucker for Fresca. One of the reasons I used to love eating at Cheesecake Factory–they were like the only restaurant that had it in their fountain drinks . I”m thinking the CEO of CF is a Fresca lover like us :) I do miss it sometimes, but I haven’t caved!

Thank you for posting that tid-bit about expecting your next race to be a grind. I think that was one of my issues this past Saturday. I was hoping it would feel “easy” and really hadn’t mentally prepped myself enough for when the going got tough.

I’ve never had a wrap at Chick Fil A!!!!!! Sounds like I need to try one!

Hope you’re doing a great job with getting those Zzzzzzzs this week!!!!!! So excited for you!


Thanks for letting her know about what you would do! She really is so great:) FRESCA lovers unite. It’s the best and I did not know that about the Cheesecake Factory. You just made me want to go there asap. Go get a wrap and thanks Jen! You are the best:) Have a great day.


Hey Janae! So excited for your race this week, I am cheering you on from Florida. Do you feel like this training cycle was any different having a coach? Or have you always had a coach for your training cycles? I’m about to start training for a January half (Which will be my third) and thinking of trying a coach this time which I’ve never done before!!

At Chick Fil A I love their sweet and spicy sriracha sauce because I love spicy!!

For Megan –> I think I would want 20 minutes of strength three times a week. :)

Praying for you!!


Eleanor, thank you SO so much. That means a lot. So I have actually always had a coach for the last few marathons I’ve gone for a new PR. I cannot recommend having a coach enough. I get so much faster and feel so much more motivated with a coach. It’s the best. PLEASE keep me updated with your half training and how it goes. Thank you so much and get to chick fil a asap! Have a great day.


One thing that’s cool is that so many of your long runs were determined by your coach and designed as ‘workouts within the workout’–so your run on Saturday is sort of new territory for you without having as rigidly determined a workout, just a general guideline of when to be conservative and when to go for those negative splits. So instead of The Thing To Put All The Pressure On And Turn Into Being Absolutely Everything, your St. George run on Saturday is really just a different kind of a run that’s in a continuation of what you’ve had the last few months.

I have to say that I really admire your dedication and the trust you put in your coach–who you PAID to trust and to listen to! Sometimes putting our money where our mouth is a big deal and the best thing we can do. It takes the pressure (…and race week stress) less off of OURSELVES and what WE can do and turns it into something similar to going to school–learning and practicing a process to see how you can goal. What makes your running goal different from one of my college students goals of getting an A in class? Nothing, really…you’re just a student. And it’s awesome.

I have to go grade papers! There are not enough hours in the day! I hope you have a GREAT one out there–and that the feeling of accomplishment in your entire training cycle stays with you. Tie it around your neck like Super Woman’s cape (if you can do that in an imaginative sort of a way…) and let it help you soar! :) :) :)


Yes exactly.. and those workouts made the long runs fly by:) Thank you so much for your sweet comment Stephanie! I love how you related having a coach to being in school with a teacher, I love the learning process. Good luck with all of your work today and thanks again!


I usually try to do 30/45 minutes of strength twice a week. That doesn’t always happen, especially when I’m training for something specific but I know if I can do strength it saves me from injury.

I did run/walk today. Only a mile but NO PAIN!!




My favorite thing at Chick Fil A are the chicken minis, with chick fil a sauce of course!! And I’m taking this post as a sign I should go get some.

I have never strength trained when training for a race. It’s hard for me to know what to do and so I just skip it. A training plan would help me I think.


I need to try the chicken minis… that sounds delicious. Awesome, I will let you know when Megan’s is ready! Go get some chicken minis and enjoy that heavenly sauce. Thanks Karin.


I think 30 mins is good for strength.

My favorite things at Chik Fil A are the southwest chicken salad and the waffle fries!

My training is just slow and hard right now since I’m coming back from an Injury. I’m just trying to build my base again so it’s been slow going. No racing for me right now, prob not till next year.

Good luck on Saturday, you can do it!!!!


I love that salad… I might need to go back today:) Thanks for answering that question for Megan:) I am SO glad you are back from injury and you are doing a great job getting that base nice and strong for your coming back. Thank you Laura, that means a lot. Have a great day!


Chik Fil A Southwest Chicken Salad is my fave with the avocado ranch dressing. I usually do one long strength training session (like 45 minutes) during the week and then maybe a 20 minute Pilates session on a different day. I was just comparing my training to last year at this time and then I had to tell myself to stop thinking like that. All of my tempo runs have been awful lately but I know last year I was nailing them. But I have still been able to hit my paces during my speed work and I have actually been doing longer runs than last year. Hopefully all of it will get me a sub 25 5K in 2 weeks. So excited for your race this weekend, you are going to do amazing. Just imagine all of us on the sidelines cheering you on!


That salad is money! Thanks for answering that question for Megan. I cannot wait for your 5k and you are rocking your longer runs. You’ve got this Corrinne! Please let me know how it goes and you are getting those awful runs out of the way so that on race day you can rock it. Thank you, that means a lot to me. Have a wonderful day!


I have added in regular strength training in the last 6 months and have noticed a huge difference in my runs!

I do 2x/week, and spend about 20-45 minutes. Ideally would be 30.


Jennifer, that is awesome! I am going to follow your lead for this next marathon training cycle… I know it will help so much. Thanks for sharing, this will help Megan out a lot. Have a great day!


This part you quoted: “The more discomfort an athlete expects, the more she can tolerate, and the more discomfort she can tolerate the faster she can go.” So true! My friends and I have discussed how if we say we are going to run 7 miles (as an example) then we can run 7 miles. But 10 miles would seem “undoable” on that same run. Whereas if we set out to do 10, we’re completely fine. Ha. Also, maybe this can relate (and I guess this will be my tangent!), if I expect a party or some event to be really bad, it’s most often much better than I expected because I’ve girded myself to pure awfulness :)


It really is incredible how our brains work with this! And you are 10000% right, that totally happens to me too with other life situations. Thanks Amanda and I hope your day is a great one and you get to go out and enjoy gorgeous weather with your pup today!


20 min per strength session I’d say is most doable to me.
The chick fil a biscuit but you have to go in the morning!


I FORGOT ABOUT THEIR BISCUITS. Those are everything… thanks for the reminder and thanks for letting us know about strength. Have a wonderful day Mary!


I run 4 days a week and lift weights 5 days a week. My lifting work-outs range from 35 mins to an hour depending on the body parts being works. I generally work:

Legs, Biceps & Abs
Chest, Tris & Abs
Glutes, Hams, Calves
Back, Bicep, Delts
Shdlr, Tris & Abs


Thank you SO much for sharing what you do Jenny, that is super helpful! Have a wonderful day and way to go on your strength training… that is awesome!


I’d say 20 minutes (30 at most) for strength training. I feel like I am running my best when I am also incorporating strength training, so I know I need to make it more of a priority! But it’s really not my favorite lol.


I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. I know it’s necessary and important and I stick with it for a bit and then it hits the end of the priority list again. Thanks for answering her question and have a wonderful day!


Strength workouts 3 x week…15-20 minutes.

– I’ve maybe been to Chik-fil-a once so what I would order…??? I think I hear they have great seasonal peppermint shakes so maybe I’d start there.
– My race was great but my recovery is kind of sucking. And my new treadmill feels hard to me…is that even a thing?
– And my tangent…I just figured out I have egg on my face (literally). Must be time for a nap.


Strength training 2 to 3x a week for 15 to 20 minutes. I haven’t found many things to do after 20 minutes!! I avoid anything with my legs since I have a bad knee and it is doing amazing right now. I don’t want to ruin it so I just stick to my arms and I am trying to do more with my core. It’s hard to fit everything in.

I am missing working out this week after my half marathon but I know rest is best. It is a highly stressful week at my job and at home so I am missing it!! Coming home to a dishwasher full of water was awesome yesterday (sarcasm). Luckily I fooled with things and touched stuff I likely shouldn’t have been messing with and it started working… Planning to buy a new dishwasher this week. It has been giving us hints for some time.


So I’ve actually been doing strength training all along while prepping for half-marathons in the spring and this marathon now. I do 3x per week strength … two legs/butt, two upper body. One of the legs is usually a HIIT workout. They’ve been 30 – 45 min each. And then I always add in 1 or 2 15 – 20 min core routines per week. And I always do 30 min of yoga on Sundays. I think it helps tremendously. Confession — I’ve only been running 3 days per week (one tempo, one track workout, one long run) plus a recovery run. But I do the strength training and HIIT on the other days. Personally, being older, and not trying to set any actual running records or anything, I think it’s a good balance that has kept me injury-free and able to enjoy the runs. Running less, I enjoy it more when I do it; doing it more I think would make me enjoy it less, if that makes any sense at all…


“Find your way to be the best in this moment.” Straight up chills. LOVE this! Coming back from a lingering injury, this really hits home! Thanks for sharing! ALSO – super, super pumped for your marathon, Janae! Can’t wait to hear how it goes! We will be cheering you on from Chicago!


if i am doing 3 strength workouts per week it would probably be in the realm of 15-20 min and there would probably be super-setting involved, and some lifting at max effort – currently i do 2 a week (uh when i remember to do them smh) and it is typically 20-25 min each time. mainly not more time b/c i don’t want to be too sore for running…! but i’m sure if i get used to it, more time would be ok.

we don’t have chic-fil-a here!

a tangent: i’ve read about fat loading before carb loading during the last of the taper in matt fitzgerald’s book, the new rules of marathon nutrition. i know plenty of carb-heavy dishes – wondering what are some fat-heavy dishes that are good go-to’s?

my tune up race went well! i have another tune up race on the calendar before the big day. i would say my training is going well considering disruptions and setbacks – and i hope it continues to go well. i haven’t noticed any differences as this is my first marathon training cycle. it is different than the half marathons i’ve trained for in that i ran a lot more mileage-wise and i did way more workouts. i think i am capable of more if i had a smooth training cycle with no issues…!


Would you believe I just had chic-fil-a for the first time last week?? I was a vegetarian for 10 years and then lived out of the country for a couple years. Haha, one of my friends found out I had never had it and took me asap and ordered for me :) haha so cute.


I tend to do 2 significant strength training sessions (like an hour or more) per week, as well as 15-30 minutes of some simple core and glute/hamstring strengthening at least one other day per week. I’ve really been trying to put in strength training efforts since my hip has been bothering me.

I work at Chick-fil-A! And I’m kind of sick of all the food hahaha. And it’s everywhere I look even when I’m not working, I can’t seem to escape it haha!


THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! You are legit the best human alive. THANK YOU sweet friend!!!! You are going to do amazing on Saturday, and we are going to pray the crappy weather away! You’ve got this girl! XOXOX LOVE YOU!!! And thanks everyone for the info!!! I’m super excited about this!


I want those sour patch!
I need to add in strength training….i think 30 minutes 3 times a week sounds doable. At chick fil a I love the chicken sandwich with bbq sauce but no pickles. Their bbq sauce has pineapple juice in it….they switched the recipe a few years back then quickly realized their mistake and went back to the pineapple juice recipe!
I felt the same way you are describing just before my half last weekend….no pressure, I knew the course well, and I just let myself enjoy it…..it goes by so fast!
Have a great day!!


Ugh. Love running hate strength training. I only do it because I know it is good for me. 20 minutes of an efficient workout would be awesome.

Chic-fil-a is on my to do(eat?)list! I haven’t been there in so long. Do they still have waffle fries?? I have been OBSESSED with Wendy’s salads though!! I get them when the baby falls asleep in the car and I’m desperate for a good nap haha. Eating in the car is my new “me time”.

Tangent: I can’t stop thinking about Christmas!! I blame Home Depot. They had decorations for sale already last weekend. But kudos to whoever plans their displays, I want to buy all the decorations.

Can’t wait to hear about you killing it at the marathon!!


I just wanted to say good luck on your Marathon! Mine is the day after yours – Whiskeydaddle in IL! It has been so much fun for me watching your progress and I know you’ll kick butt! My favorite quote I saw recently for inspiration was a marathon is hundreds of miles, the rate is the celebration 26.2 miles.
Strength training I think adding in 30-45 mins each week seems doable for those of us who don’t do it already. :)


THANK YOU EMILY and I am so so so excited for your marathon. PLEASE let me know how it goes and I am cheering you on big time! Taper well:)


YES!!! I have been *desperately* wanting to add strength training into my weekly routine but struggle with a) what exactly I need to do and b) how to fit it in. I already wake up crazy early on weekday mornings to run so it’s difficult to imagine waking up any earlier to allow the extra time for strength training! But I think if I had a set plan that outlined exactly what to do, I could make it happen for 3x per week at 20 minutes each ideally.

GOOD LUCK this weekend!! So excited to hear how it goes. I know you will have an amazing race!


I have been looking for those Sour Patch candy corn for weeks! So if you find them, please please PLEASE say where!!


3 x 15-20 minutes strength sessions per week plus 2 or 3 x 5-10 minutes of core training which people could mix-n-match, adding on to the strength session or do separately on alternate days.

Best of luck on the weekend. Have fun. You’ve earned it.

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