Silentish Saturday–> Time for 22!

6.2 miles at 8:28 average and 22 today!

SPORTS DAY at school!

IMG 2991

She is a big fan of baths lately.

IMG 2985

Chocolate/banana pancakes and eggs for my lunch.

IMG 3024

Later on we all went over to my parents’ house…

IMG 3267

To take Cafe Rio to my parents and my brother (the one that had back surgery) that is staying there.

IMG 3269

I had steak and a baked potato that we brought from home because I want to practice my nutrition for the race.

My mom sent us home with heaven:

IMG 3270

Skye thought that my cookie was for her… and she pulled her headband on her ear.

IMG 3271

A toy that my dad made that all of the kids love to play with.

IMG 3275

Brooke said goodbye for the weekend, she’ll be with her dad.

IMG 3277

My nutrition for the morning is all ready (this is turning into quite the science).

IMG 3254

The things we do for running;)

IMG E3258

I’ll be running up north today due to the fires.  Sending our prayers to all of those that have been evacuated in our area.

IMG 3289


Tell me three things that you are doing today!!

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Hope the long run is great!
3 things: work, petsitting, long walk with the dog.


Thanks Loribeth!! Enjoy your weekend!


Oh my goodness that smoke!! That is so scary. Stay safe and good luck on your 22 I’ll be thinking of you!! My brother in law (he is a 4x Ironman finisher) wants me to run the buffalo marathon with him in May!! I would do the half and he would do the full. I’m not sure if I can do it – I just got back into running a few months ago and Am only up to 25 mins of continuous running so far. We will see!


Thank you so much Andrew! AHHHH BUFFALO HALF–> DO IT DO IT DO IT!! I believe in you and you have lots of time to train for that:) Keep me updated on what you decide on doing. Have a beautiful day!


You will rock your 22 miler today, I just know it!!

3 things today: just ran for 3.5 miles (which is a big deal for me right now! I am running a November marathon and totally tweaked something in my hip after my 18 miler last weekend. I took this week completely off and felt good enough walking around today to try a slowwww run!), lesson planning for next week, and some coffee with my husband!

Have a great weekend, and get some great rest after your long run today!!!


Emily, I AM SO SO HAPPY that you were able to get in those miles after the tweak. You are SO smart to take off this week and it will pay off during your marathon in November. You are going to rock it. Enjoy your weekend and thank you so much!


Good luck on your run!! Do you take breaks during your long runs? Like for water or just to rest.

I’m going to try 11 miles today if the rain holds off. It’s been so gloomy here on the east coast. I don’t think the sun has come out all week, and now there’s a hurricane over the Carolinas. After the run, my husband and I are going shopping and on a date!


Hey Mercedes. So today we took a few breaks for the bathroom and for water. On my tempo days I try to not take any breaks and some long runs I don’t but yes, today we definitely did! I hope your 11 was fabulous and that you see the sunshine soon. Enjoy that date and praying for all of those effected by this hurricane!


I wish I had a peach tree! Someday.

If roads are open we will go up to the cabin and see how we can help. I’m doubting that will happen with the wind picking up today so we will see what we can find to do.


Oh seriously… that would be the best thing ever. Keep me updated with your cabin, I am so sorry about all of this.


Oh my gosh! I can’t believe all the fires that have been happening these last couple of months! It’s so awful.
I just got back from a really great feeling “easy” 5 mile run, just as the sun was coming up :) I LOVE starting the day like that! Tomorrow is 11 miles for me. I have been loving how my half marathon training has “matched” your marathon training… my long runs have all been half of yours! Ha ha :)
The rest of the day will include walking the dog, Starbucks, some house cleaning, and just hanging out.
I can’t wait to hear how the 22 miler went for you this morning! I’m sure you killed it!
Happy Saturday!


It really is crazy… and this one is so close we see the flames.
Way to go on the best way to start your Saturday and YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK YOUR 11 tomorrow… I know you are! It’s so fun that we have been doing this together:) Let me know how tomorrow goes. Thanks Wendy!


Oh my goodness, Brooke and Skye have twin scrunchy nose photos, so cute!!

Today’s agenda:
1. 6 hour flight back home PDX—->HON
2. 6 mile run
3. Surf

Yay for your long run! It’s motivating me for mine tomorrow ?


YES they totally do:) Sounds like the PERFECT day and have an amazing long run tomorrow. Please let me know how it goes… I’m cheering you on!


Hope your run went well. We’re at the point of the mountain and the smoke is too thick to run. I’ll be glad when these fires are out.


22 Miles! I hope you feel GOOD after TOTALLY CRUSHING IT, girlfriend! That’s amazing. And I hope that your recovery game is strong and that your plantar’s isn’t bugging you so much. And that you are able to take all the naps and eat ALL the foods!

Three things for me: I taught my poetry workshop in Louisville this morning (it was awesome!) after scouting out a donut shop and getting a dozen donuts to surprise my poets with (I went to Nord’s in case you–or any of these readers–knows this town), and then I scoped out a totally bomb lunch spot: Taco Luchado on Baxter Street. And then I drove around and found this pretty cool artisan’s market in an old, revamped warehouse space and window shopped at all the cute tchochkes and artisan-made gifts and home decor things in the market. I might be TOTALLY LAME and find my way to the mall in a little bit because A) it’s really hot and B) I am literally a couple of months overdue on a pedicure and my feet are SO ROUGH…and since I have the time, why not?

I hope your rest day tomorrow is amazing! Don’t forget to stretch! and maybe do some yoga… ;)


Watched my son’s high school cross country race (he came in 5th at 16:47)! Sanding our dining room table that we are refinishing. Going out for ice cream!


The kids are sooo cute and that pancake looks amazing!!!! I’m off to enjoy Hawaii!!! Great week I expect ;-)


Today was over way too quickly … I biked for 2 hrs, took a nap, and went on a trail walk with a good friend and her dog! It was a good day … I have a 12 mile run on the docket for tomorrow!


I’m curious what your coach thinks about splitting up long runs, stopping for drinks, having Andrew bike with you or hand you water, etc. Is that OK to do even though that’s not what your goal race will be like?


Hey Jennifer!! That is a great question… so my coach is all good with all of those things:) If I was doing a workout then I don’t ever stop during it but just getting in the miles then drinks and bathroom stops are fine (the less the better:). And Andrew handing me drinks is kind of like having drinks on the course to grab from. The less stops the better but that’s not always realistic during a long run when we need water/have to use the restroom etc:) Have a great week!


Thanks- that’s good to know! Maybe I’ll have to try doing one of these things on my next long run.

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