Don’t forget this, my new running lessons… and this makes me really excited.

Twenty miles on Saturday left my body very tired on Monday for my 6 miles @ 8:51 pace.  This week is a cut-down week for my long run but I do have a tough workout tomorrow (3×3 miles) so I need to recover like a champ to get my body ready for that one.

Our Labor Day was very eventful;)  We cleaned the house and then did a few random things.  A clean house brings me as many endorphins as rocking a speed workout… Imagine if both things happened all in the same morning?

We met my parents to go and see the Christopher Robin movie.  It’s a shame that I must have looked up the wrong theater times because it wasn’t playing then and all of the other showings around town were all sold out ha.  We all laughed about it and we will try to go see that movie again soon.

But Skye did show off her new teeth for everyone.

IMG 1983

We walked across the street and had ice cream instead.

IMG 1984

And watched a movie at home.

IMG 2015

After many of you shared your love of UCAN with me yesterday, I  bought a few packs to try out.  I will try it out for my run tomorrow and Saturday!  I loved the combo of Tailwind and huma that I used last Saturday but I want to see if I love this stuff even more?!  I’ll let you know:)

IMG 2003

A little later on we met some friends that are moving to Ohio this month for some of the good stuff.  They had to get in their Cafe Rio fix before leaving!

IMG 2018

It would be very hard to move away from this.  Those tortillas are pure heaven.

IMG 2019

IMG 2022

After dinner we went on a little bike ride.

IMG 2027

And then played in the grass.

IMG 2024

Winter/cold temps, please do not come for a very long long time.

IMG 2030


I love the long run for a million reasons but mostly because I always take away some awesome lessons for whatever upcoming race I am training for.  Here are a few from/after my 20 miler:

1.  My 2:52 marathoner sent me this text and it was just what I needed to remember for race day.  It really does help SO much to throw in some smiles.  Do it.

Also, Deena Kastor said on a podcast that I just listened to—>  “Our attitudes create chemical responses in our bodies.  When you have a good attitude your body is releasing endorphins and hormones that make you feel energized and ready with a heightened awareness.  And if you are coming stressed and grumpy and negative then your body is creating cortisol, a stress hormone, making you feel stressed and uptight.  If you smile, even though you are not happy, your body releases endorphins making you actually feel happy.  Our attitudes can transform any moment we are in.”

IMG 1595

2.  The hard times PASS by.  During mile 14 of my long run I started feeling pretty terrible.  Everything was hurting but I chose not to dwell on it and once I got to mile 15.4 I realized I was feeling a million times better and had a pep in my step again (and I was going faster at this point too).  The half marathon and marathon are a complete roller coaster for me.  There are times I feel like a million bucks and times I feel like my whole body is dead BUT I just have to remember that those low points pass.  They always do so I just need to keep with it until I start feeling great again.   You aren’t going to feel like ‘this’ forever… don’t forget that!!!

IMG 1562

3.  During the long run I was thinking about why I love racing and the community feel we get from races—>  WE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER.  When you hit mile 22 and things are getting tough, you can look around and know that everyone else is probably feeling exactly what you are feeling.  You see that they keep moving forward strong and don’t give up and that is quite inspiring.  Running with friends (even though we weren’t together for those last few miles) gave me that same feeling..  I knew that they were pushing themselves and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and that made it easier for me to do the same thing!

PS this makes me really excited.  Rewind to my Saturday run and I looked back to the last time I trained for St. George two years ago.  I did my 20 miler this year on Sept. 1 and did my 20 miler in 2015 on Sept. 2.  My average pace for this year was 7:27 and in 2015 it was 8:12…. I finished in 3:15 in 2015 so I’m very excited to see the difference this year.  Thank goodness for my blog reminding me of every detail of every run for the past 8 years;)

Screen Shot 2018 09 01 at 11 36 59 AM


Cleaning—>  Do you like to clean your entire area all in one shot or split it up throughout the week?  

-I am all about dedicating a chunk of time to just clean like crazy for a few hours.

Podcast people—>  What was the last podcast that you listened to?

Question from Andrew—>  Are you a morning person?  Andrew wants to know if you think being a morning person is an inherited or developed trait?

What is your most important morning ritual?

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I am going to copy and paste some good UCAN info over on your other post for you in just a second :) I like to clean everything all at once! I really love it when Daniel and I can divide up the tasks and knock them out pretty quickly … plus then it’s like we both contributed to the cleaning and have more of a vested interest in keeping things tidy. I am 100% a morning person! I like to go to bed around 8 p.m. and am usually up around 4:30 a.m. I haven’t always been this way (well …. maybe I have … I have most definitely NEVER been a night owl), but my Dad was always this way growing up. I kind of think that it’s more of a developed than inherited trait though. I’d be curious to hear what Andrew’s opinion is on this topic. I’d say the most important thing for me in the morning before I run is that I have to brush my teeth! I feel a million times better when my teethies are so fresh and so clean, clean. Ha.


YOU ARE THE BEST!! Just responded to you on IG too:) Thanks for taking the time to share what you have been doing! 4:30…. WOWZERS! I think we do learn a lot of our behaviors like this from our parents… both of my parents are morning people (my dad gets up at 2 some mornings to start working because he loves it so much and is so excited to get going haha). I think Andrew thinks it’s more just a part of who we are… I’ll have him write up his opinion. I am just like you on the teeth before a run, it feels so much better that way. Thanks again for the help and I am so excited for you to crush CIM!


I’m really trying to be a morning person and it’s coming slowly – putting my phone/alarm across the room has really helped!
Last podcast: the episodes from the new season of Up and Vanished. Thanks for your recommendation on that one! So good!
Morning ritual: praying as I think through the day ahead, asking Jesus to help me live for Him through whatever the day holds.


That is an awesome tip… I’ll have Andrew try that! Okay, THANK YOU for telling me that there is a new season, I am going to get started right away on it. I LOVE that morning ritual of yours, my whole day goes so much better when I start with prayer. Have a beautiful day Laura!


Hey~ Awesome work on that 20 miler and then a CAMPING trip afterward?! You go, girl! :)

I am not a podcast person, but I when I DO listen to them, I really enjoy them. I don’t know if I’m too lazy to download them or to seek them out. ha ha A friend recommended Billy Yang’s podcast last week with ultra runner Rob Krar last week, and I listened to all of it. I’ve never suffered from depression, but I have friends who have/do, and Rob talks a lot about his experiences with depression. It was very good!!!!

For Andrew—I used to be a morning person before I had kids. Then I became a night owl b/c I wanted to stay up to have “me time” after them went to bed. My ultimate hours are 11:00ish bed and 8:00 wake up. Marathon training and work have kicked my butt into going to bed at 9:30/10:00 lately though!!!! I went to bed at 9:30 last night and woke up at 4:20 AM to get to strength class b/c I have to run after work. SO, it’s NOT EASY, but a night owl CAN do the morning thing if it’s connected to goals :)

I thought of you over the weekend b/c we actually hit Trader Joe’s. If you like blueberries, their chocolate covered blueberries are pretty great. It was the first time I tried them. I also got some figs—-none of us really liked them though!!!! And Neopolitan Jo Jo’s—good but not nearly as good as the Matcha Jo Jo’s were. I”m writing the company asking them to bring them back! Seriously! :)

Have a great day, and keep kicking butt and inspiring with the training!!!!!!!!!


Hey Jen!! I should have included that Andrew did all of the work for the camping… I just got to sit there and enjoy the outdoors and s’mores:) He even did all of the laundry after! I will have to check out that podcast, that would be very interesting and informative to listen to! YESSSSS that is our problem a lot of days, we are like… we finally have some time without kids so let’s stay up so late! I joined you at 9:30 last night too and woke up feeling like a million bucks. Way to get in your strength and run today Jen! I need to get those chocolate covered blueberries asap! THANK YOU! I hope your Tuesday is a great one!


One of my friends is a crazy good triathlete and marathoner and he swears by UCan!

I wish we had Cafe Rio here — we visited one in AZ but they’re nowhere to be found here in MN! Maybe one day!


I need to ship you a Cafe Rio:) Good to hear about your friend… thank you Laura!! I hope your day is a great one!


Go Janae! Great work on your 20 miler! I had a 9 miler this weekend that I had to start in the middle of the afternoon due to some other time commitments. It was my longest run since surgery so I was really excited for it but also it was SO HOT, sunny and humid (feels like 99*F). Having a positive attitude definitely helped because there have been shorter runs in the same weather that I have absolutely hated every minute of, and for the majority of the 9 miler I kept thinking “I feel surprisingly good despite the weather!”I’m sure it was my attitude that made me feel that way!

I think being a morning person is something you can develop. Through different periods of my life I’ve had to get up at 4:30-5am every day for various reasons and I was always able to do it and thrive, but given the chance to sleep in I will always take it! I would never choose to get up that early which is why I will never be a morning runner! I can run in the mornings on Saturdays only because I tell myself I can nap after! haha


Oh thank you so much Kristina and way to go on your 9 miler in those conditions (I would have died)! Congrats on the PDR (I hope you reset your watch after your surgery). Way to go and you are so right about that attitude! 4:30-5 every day… that is early! Oh naps… aren’t they the absolute best?!


I think being a true morning person is an inherited trait…I’ve done most of my runs for this training cycle in the early morning, and while my Philips sunrise alarm clock/light has helped *tremendously*, I still very much dislike getting up and out of bed so early. This morning I got up at 5, put on my running clothes, and was only a few minutes away from getting out the door for my run, and I scrapped the idea and crawled into bed (still wearing my running clothes…) for an extra hour of snoozes and snuggles with my husband.

Congrats on your 20 miler!!


I am SO glad you got in that extra hour of sleep and cuddling… sometimes that is the absolute best thing for us:) Thank you Noelle and I hope you have an amazing Tuesday!


Looks like y’all had a nice and relaxing Labor Day! I spent the second half of mine in the ER with another kidney stone. :/

I’m definitely a morning person, but I think it’s something that I developed over time. I wasn’t one when I was younger, but I sort of trained myself to be one. I love to use my mornings to catch up on SportsCenter while I’m getting ready for work after running.

And I love Cafe Rio!! SO good. Hope you have a great day, Janae!!


AHHHHH NATALIE!!! I AM SO SO SORRY!! Are you feeling any better today!?!?!


Yes, thankfully. It was a rough night, but today has been better.


Wow! That is awesome mad progress o. The long run pace!!! If my calculations are correct Inpredict a 2:55 Marathon finish for you :). Yahoo!!!!!

I usually split the cleaning up throughout the week, but every once and a while I have enough time to do r all on one day and I much prefer that. It allows for a spic and span house, and then I spend just a few minutes a day touching up or cleaning a ramdom spot I may have missed.

The last podcast I listened to was the Monring Shakeout Episode 27 with Kara Goucher.

I am a morning person, and believe it is definitely something that you are born with (although I don’t know if that means inherited or randomly assigned, as my hubby is a morning person but neither of his parents nor his brother are). Our son is also a morning person, so it is rare that anyone is still in bed past 6:00 a.m. at our house :)

My most important morning ritual, coffee or no coffee, is reading your blog!!!!! I have to wait until 7 for it to land so I sometimes am getting my son off to school, off for a run, or working in the office, but twitter refresh and BAM! Love to get your updates :)


Sorry for all the typos! My fingers must have grown :/


I’m sorry for all of the typos in each of my blog posts:) Oh wouldn’t that be amazing… I would sure love that time! I listened to that episode too, so so good. I wish we could all just be friends with Kara! You are all up so early, I love it. And your morning ritual just made me smile so big, thank you so much Tonya… I’m so lucky to have our internet friendship together:) I hope you have an amazing day and come visit Utah!


Clean all at once

not a podcast person, but occasionally listen to the real women podcast

I am a morning person, interesting question about whether its inherited or developed trait – I think developed though

Must have a hot cup of tea in the morning


I will have to look up that podcast, that sounds good. I hope your hot tea this morning was perfect and enjoy those beautiful mornings that we get each day! Thanks Tracy!


I am a morning person and I always say I got it from my dad. My mom is night owl and so is my brother.

You said your 20 miles left your body tired. Do you longer runs every leave your body sore? My abs/obliques and hip flexors are usually what is most sore. I try to remember to really stretch every day. Makes such a big difference.


HEY JENNIFER… Oh yes, big time. My back was actually pretty sore and a weird spot on my leg after the 20 miler. Stretching usually helps me and icing too! I am learning the lesson again right now that I need to stretch daily! Have a wonderful day and keep enjoying those mornings:)


What kind of bike trailer is that?? Do you like it? I want to buy one for next summer and I don’t know enough about them to know if it’s worth it to spend some money on it or just find a very inexpensive one.


Hey Melissa!! We have this one:

We really like it a lot too! Andrew bought it when Knox was a baby and it has lasted all of these years so I’d recommend it. Have a wonderful day!


I’m so glad Tailwind seems to be working for you! I would’ve felt bad for suggesting it had it made your stomach upset. I’m with you – some of the best things I’ve found with my running have been suggestions from blogs & comments…mostly here! :)

Back to your post about stepping on a snail – I always feel so bad whenever I step on some poor insect/creature while running. I try my best not to, especially this time of year (in Ohio) when it seems like there are tons of fuzzy caterpillars crawling around.


Seriously, I can’t thank you enough for telling me about Tailwind. My stomach was so happy on Saturday for the 20 miles, thank you! Seriously… we are so lucky to have online running communities to learn from each other. YES… I do too! I hope that you are able to run insect/creature stepping free! Have an amazing day Amanda!


I think being a morning person can be learned but it starts as a natural tendency (or not). My husband is a night owl who has learned to be a morning person (kind of). My oldest still is not a morning person but my second has always been.

And a note about smiling when the running gets hard… You mentioned that a month or two ago so I tried it at my last race. I agree that it helps you mentally and a bit physically while you are running. But the race photos…let’s just say that how I felt on the inside is NOT how I looked on the outside. Maximum effort + smiling + breathing –> rigor mortis grimace. By far the worse facial expression ever captured on me in a race photo…my family is still laughing.


OH NOOOO hahaha!!! Send me the picture:) At least it helped you to race strong though right?!!?


I always have grand plans of splitting up my cleaning throughout the week but it all still seems to happen on Sunday mornings. I am definitely a morning person, not sure that its inherited or not. I just seem much more productive when the sun is up. My most important morning ritual is my cup(s) of coffee. I need that warm hug every morning. The last podcast I listened to was Ali on the Run, the episode when she catches up with Sarah Sellers. You are killing this marathon training! I can’t wait to see what you do marathon day!


I am just like you… I get so much more done in the mornings and at night I have nothing in me anymore haha. Warm hug—> I love that, best description haha! Oh that episode was so good! I can’t wait to see what is next for Sarah Sellers. Thank you so much and I hope your week is a great one Corrinne!


Ha ha, I cleaned house on Labor day too :) And, my hubby worked on our 66′ mustang for a bit. I’m all about dedicating 1 day, or a large portion of 1 day, to get the cleaning done. I just wish it would stay clean for longer than 2 days :P
I am very much a morning person. Both my parents are as well, so I believe it is an inherited trait. My morning ritual (s) is to drink water, send everyone off to school with a smile, head out on my run, then coffee and walk the dog. After that, I am totally ready to take on the day (work, volunteer work, whatever).
I hope your speed work today was awesome! Since my rest day was yesterday (long run was Sunday), today was an easy 5 miles. Such a great way to start the day :)


Look at how exciting we are on the holiday;) I hear ya… it’s already a bit messy today but that’s just part of being human, right?! My parents are definitely morning people too! I love your morning routine, that sounds perfect to me. Thank you so much and way to go on your 5 miles… best way to start the day! Enjoy Wendy!


I do a thorough cleaning once a week, then keep everything picked up the rest of the week.

I am a morning person. I was just reading about a law that was passed here in California – starting in 2021, middle schools and high schools will not be able to start before 8:30 am because teenagers are sleep deprived since stay up too late at night. No mention of parents who must be at work by 8:00 and how said students are suppose to get to school.

I drink a cup of coffee while reading my Bible every morning. On days that I run or ride my bike, I do it afterwards, but I don’t read any news, blogs or anything else until I’ve read the Bible.


Hmmm that is an interesting law!? I don’t know if that is fixing the problem… the problem more lies in getting them in bed earlier without technology keeping them up all night?! That was a huge problem that I saw with my high school students… they would be up on their phones so late at night and roll into school exhausted. That is the perfect morning ritual! No better way to start the day than that. Thanks for sharing Kathy and I hope you have a great day!


I had the same thoughts on the new law. Kids will stay up as late as they can. Before we know it, they’ll be starting school at noon! It certainly doesn’t translate to the real world. Have a great day, Janae!


Wow, that’s a huge gain on your 20-miler! You’re going to rock St. George!

I divy up cleaning throughout the week because we both work full time and coach outside of that ;) I would prefer to do it in one big swoop, but this works better for our season right now.

I am enjoying the “Rise Together” podcast by Rachel & Dave Hollis.

I am definitely more of a morning person. I feel like it might be inherent because my daughter has always enjoyed sleeping in, even when she was super tiny but I also think we can teach ourselves to be morning people as well.

My most important morning ritual is reading the bible. It starts my morning out just right :)


Thank you so much Marissa! YOU ARE BUSY… you definitely found the best solution for your season. Oh how I love that podcast too, I just want to be real life friends with her. Keep enjoying those beautiful mornings and I love the way you start your day!


Love these questions! I clean as I go, I can’t deal with losing a few hours at a time to cleaning.

I think being a morning person in terms of being alert/functioning upon waking up is inherited. When I was pregnant I prayed that my son would be a morning person because it must be so much easier than what I go through in the morning! But alas he is just like me and his father, it takes him a good two hours to ‘come to’.

My favourite morning ritual is sitting with coffee. It doesn’t matter how pressed for time I am I always have to sit down for at least 5 minutes for coffee.


Oh I like your point… being alert/functioning is inherited but actually getting into the habit is learned?! Yes! At least you can all understand each other well:) I am so glad that you take that 5 minutes each morning, what a great way to start the day… it probably is a bit like meditation for you! Thanks Pam and I hope your Tuesday is a great one!


Great timing on this one (per usual)! I had a cutback week and my LR mileage was 14 this weekend, but I swear it felt a million times worse than my previous weeks 20 miler?!? Sometimes I can’t quite figure out what is happening with my body (or perhaps my brain?)
I think being a morning person is inherited b/c I have tried to develop that trait forever and it is not happening. Ha.
Oh, cleaning. Yeah I really hate cleaning my house – but I like getting it done all at once (otherwise I may not finish ?)
Have a great (short!) week!


Isn’t it crazy how different each run can feel?! I think it is a combo of the brain and body that causes these crazy differences! Andrew is right there with you and I wish I could be less grumpy at night;) Thank you so much, you too Annemarie!


I think being a morning person is a learned thug. I can be both depending on my lifestyle/schedule at the time.

Yes about the racing community! I was thinking about that so much during my half! I just love racing so much!


That post if full of good advice!

In addition, on the sentiment of nature versus nurture for morning people – I am a total morning person and my husband is a night owl – I think it has a lot to do with nurture/lifestyle versus a gene or something like that. Like, my parents had us on a farm-like schedule for a long time so waking up at 4 (while it is still tough!) isn’t as traumatic as staying up past 11 for me. He is able to start a 20 mile long run at 11:58 PM (I am not kidding…) and some of his family are night owls. I work corporate jobs and he works in coaching, so my days are packed and his mornings and nights are packed, so that affects things as well. I think however you spend the first 18 years of your life with your family has a huge effect on how we operate now. But don’t trust me…I got a pity minor in Biology and I am fairly certain the same thing would have happened in psychology ;)

Have a great day!


I’m a morning person and I do feel like it’s an innate behavior. I think you can train yourself to some degree, but there is still a strong pull toward your natural clock. I am just hopeless after about 8:30pm. My morning ritual that I’m really trying to instill as habit right now is foot/ankle stretches before I get off the bed (hoping this might help my plantar facitis) and then a morning meditation. Last podcast was Work Play Love podcast – I have a little crush on Lauren Fleshman :) Enjoy your day!


I’ve become more of a morning person since having kids and now I’m all about the pre lunch hours being the most productive.
I cannot seem to get my whole house cleaned at once. I need help with our clutter! Hard to clean when that’s all around. You have good tips for that??


What was the last podcast that you listened to? Run for your life/ Two river treads. It’s hosted a doctor who owns a running store in WV! He’s been running a sub 3 marathon for the past 25 years, and he’s SO educated in running. He opened the first minimal running store in the country! He’s insanely knowledgeable.

Are you a morning person? Andrew wants to know if you think being a morning person is an inherited or developed trait? I LOVE MORNINGS! My mother would wake us up early to do fun things on the weekends & my fathers theory was “if I’m up, you’re up” so he’d wake us up early ALWAYS. I’m certain it was developed for me. I just got SO much done in the morning. My other siblings seem to be night owls though. I can’t stay awake past 10 p.m.

What is your most important morning ritual? Drink coffee. Go run.


Cleaning—> entire area all in one shot for sure! (although I am trying to get better at doing a bit each day)
Podcast: Joe Rogan talking with Mikhaila Peterson about an all meat diet, rather interesting to hear about all the gut problems some people have. Made me happy I can eat lots of foods.
I am not a morning person right now, I totally think it is developed and you can go in and out of it! :)
Drinking water as soon as I wake up! This makes such a big deal for me, I’m not huge into coffee but my water refreshes me and I love it. :)
I’m running a hill workout this evening in the 90F heat!! I super wish fall would get here faster. But the good things about running in the heat are that 1) if race day is hot I am super prepared and 2) guilt-free Popsicle afterwards. :)


I definitely prefer to break up the cleaning throughout my week. I feel less overwhelmed and it helps me stay organized if I have a schedule of sorts. :)

To Andrew’s question, I actually read a study last year that answered that question. It was determined that early bird/night owl is a genetic predisposition. However, that disposition can be overcome/adapted, but that your brain is still hardwired for one or the other. They also discovered that the most successful people in the world are early birds (generally because they wake up, on average, between 3-5 am and work while everyone else sleeps), BUT night owls tend to have more “creative neuron connections,” because they are forced to adapt to an earlier schedule than their brains want and therefore their brains are able to create “creative shortcuts” to help them be as (and often times more) productive as early birds. Crazy stuff, right? So we’re hardwired genetically one way, but it is possible to adapt and overcome that disposition. :) (Also, I’m a night owl, husband is an early bird and you had better believe I tried to use this scientific data as proof that “some people just cannot function happily at 6 am every morning!” Haha!)


I prefer music over podcasts. And i am NOT a morning person…..Even if i do get up to run before work my paces are slower….my body and mind does better running at lunch or after work.


I like sleep, around 9 hours is my sweet spot. I am most definitely not a morning person but I am a morning exerciser. I got up around 4:30 for most of my working life, with about 7 hours sleep, catching up with a mega sleep over the weekend. While I hated the 4:30 wake up, I liked to run or workout before work because I hated doing it after work even more. A bit of light stretching after work was okay, but anything else was truly awful and I would dread it all day long, feeling resentful and grumpy that I had to do it after work & wishing that I had just dragged myself out of bed and done the workout. Thankfully, I am now at a stage in my life where I can sleep as much as I want. It is heavenly. I still prefer morning workouts , they help me wake up and be a nicer, kinder person for the whole day. My husband is a morning person, generally waking up around 4:30-5am. He wakes up full of joy, raring to go straight away. I have no idea how he can do such a thing. I am in awe of that skill.


Article for Andrew:

He is not alone. :)


Cleaning/accomplishing a clean house or space actually increases dopamine…another feel good chemical in your brain!


Your blog is so amazing. You are a real inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and experiences with us all. I can’t say enough about how your wisdom and guidance has helped me with my own running and menu ideas, too.

I noticed that you mentioned in today’s blog that you pause your Garmin at all water stops during your marathon training. That got me to thinking…I don’t ever stop my watch during training runs (for water breaks, traffic lights, untied shoes, etc). Maybe this can be a question you pose to your readers sometime? I’m sure there would be a good split of do’s and don’ts on that subject. I’d love to know what other people out there do. Either way there are only winners in running.

Best wishes on your St. George Marathon!


Bahahaha Andrew! Too funny. I think being a morning person is a developed trait – I used to be up early when I was younger, 5:30 a.m runs etc…now you can’t gete up early for a run. I still drag myself out of bed by 6:30 or 7 for work – but it is a DRAG. But I honestly believe it has to do with my lifestyle – I don’t run as much now (injured), work is a stressor, not sleeping well or eating well….wow, that’s depressing. K, I think you get my point. Seasons make a big difference too – way easier to get up in the sunshine of summa!!


I need to borrow a couple little kids so I can go see Christopher Robin. My 17 and 14 year old have absolutely no desire to go see that movie with me.
Tell Andrew that I am a morning person and have always been since I was a little kid. I am on the side of it being an inherited trait.

I’m with you and love a long day of cleaning I feel like I accomplished something great. Unfortunately my crazy work family life doesn’t allow me to do that so cleaning little tips at a time has to do for now


I usually do my cleaning in 1 or 2 days, but i have really no set routines either. I finished Up and Vanished yesterday. I’ve been thinking about the morning person question lately too!! I always considered myself a morning person (and have never ever been a night owl- i get grumpy at night and dont stay up late), but lately i’ve been having a much harder time waking up in the morning! I’m still most productive/cheerful in the mornings but I’m not as early of a riser as I used to be. My dog insists on being the most important morning ritual and the reason I am forced to get up every morning ;)


cleaning – i like to clean thru-out the week to keep things tidy, but have set aside time to clean as well.

last podcast – the morning shakeout with Deena Kastor from July 9, also same podcast but an older one with Aliphine Tuliamuk from May 22. rich roll podcast with Hilaree Nelson #364 (she’s currently the top female ski mountaineer)

Question from Andrew—> Are you a morning person? i’m usually a morning person but only when i sleep early enough and get a good night’s rest – it’s not inherited i don’t think, but it’s out of habit/practice/training.

What is your most important morning ritual? biking to work! also a morning run when i can get up enough early for it.

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