Compromise in Marriage + The KEY + Our Daily Update:

Stretching with the gang.

My Wednesday morning run was 13 miles (I couldn’t help myself and went to 13.1) at an easy pace with 8 x 20 seconds fast (6:10ish) during mile 7.

I’m going to remember this run big time during the marathon! When I get to the half-way point of the marathon I won’t be thinking, OH MY GOODNESS I STILL HAVE 13.1 MILES TO RUN.  Instead, I’ll be thinking, WOW… I just have to run as far as I did for my casual Wednesday morning runs before the kids were even awake during training.  <— Thinking like that will make me realize how capable I am of speeding up for the 2nd half too.

IMG 3585

A few months ago the idea of 13.1 miles freaked me out and now it’s a weekday morning run… marathon training does the craziest things to us.

IMG 3579

(from Deena’s book)

It was 57 degrees when I finished and my hands felt frozen so I really need to find my running gloves.  For the next month or so I’ll probably still wear shorts and a tank but also add the gloves.  It’s quite the fashionable look.

IMG 3594

Just a quick love note to the Ricochets.  They give me that fast feeling with the amount of support, bounce and weight that I need for long distances.  I’ll write a full review about them after I run the marathon in them.

IMG 3588

I loved listening to the Trained podcast with Shalane Flanagan during my run.  It was great and I just wish that it would have been longer.  There were two things that Shalane said that I wanted to share:

“There are more days that I don’t feel good than I do… but I keep showing up.”  <— It’s so good to hear that even the best of the best are just like us but the key really is just consistency.

When talking about her positive thinking when things get tough—>  “It doesn’t come natural, it’s a choice…  I always tell myself when I’m in a moment and I’m not feeling good and it hurts really bad and the easy option is to just back off and not lean into the pain of the workout:  Shalane, this is the moment… Why you are going to work so hard is so that when you get into the race and it hurts, you can’t help but make the right decision because you trained so hard that it becomes intuitive and just flows out of you.”   Each time we don’t quit or slow down during our training runs makes it so that on race day the decision to push through the pain is easy because we’ve made that decision over and over again during practice.

Screen Shot 2018 09 19 at 10 26 44 AM

I also listened to the first half of RISE Podcast with Jasmine Star: Having the Audacity To Dream (And there were some amazing parts about thoughts that I loved!!).  I swear, the time away that I have in the mornings on a run with a good podcast or with my music pumping or with friends helps me SO much in motherhood.  That time on myself helps me to focus on them the rest of the day (until 8 pm when I clock out… except for when we play toddler/5 & 6 year old Bingo;).

IMG 3623

Okay, one last thing about kids;)

IMG 3577

Somedays she just looks like a teenager to me.

IMG 3603

Andrew and I are currently working on compromising on something in our marriage.  I love walking fast and Andrew is more on the ’take your time’ walking side of things so we are trying to meet in the middle for our walks together ha;)  He did a nice impersonation of how fast I walk during our walk… hopefully we can find the perfect walking pace for the both of us someday.

IMG 3604

Skye stole my Yogurtland spoon the other day and it is now her favorite toy that we own.  She carried it everywhere yesterday.

I’m really into letting my hair air dry lately in hopes that it will encourage me to wash my hair more often because it saves time this way.  So far it hasn’t helped that cause but it means I don’t have to blow it dry.

IMG 3611

Andrew grilled up some chicken on the bbq for lunch and we had that with baked potatoes and mac and cheese—>  It felt more like dinner for lunch.  After lunch I had my current favorite, cut up peaches with milk.  I love this combination so very much.

IMG 3617 2

Errands with these two after school.

IMG 3620 2

And then Brooke had a soccer game!  She played goalie for a while and kept diving for the blocks, we were quite impressed.

IMG 3625

Skye was thrilled to be there.

IMG 3631

We brought treats for the team and I might have chosen these for the treats because I was really feeling like one and it was really good.

IMG 3632

We finished up the night with spaghetti and homework.

IMG 3636

8 miles for me today!


1st 2 Questions from Andrew:  

Would you rather be REALLY tired or REALLY hungry/thirsty?  

Innie or outie belly button?

-My family called me In-n-Out growing up because mine kind of does both (Janae).

-Really tired.   (Andrew said really hungry/thirstya).

 Is it feeling like fall where you are at?  What are you most excited about fall this year?

How often do you wash your hair these days?

-2 times a week is the usual.

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I love that mindset of thinking for when you’re halfway through the marathon! And I’m having a lot of trouble with this tired or hungry/thirsty question. I really don’t like being any of those things! I might have to say being hungry/thirsty, but I get very grumpy when that’s the case.

I usually wash my hair every five or six days. I have to wash it today after my run, and I’m not looking forward to all of that work—ha! Have a great day, Janae!!


Thanks girl!! It really is a difficult question… they are all miserable haha. Have a wonderful day.


Ok…………you have the BEST podcast recommendations! You’re such a great source! Have you done a post with your fave podcasts and particular episodes? If so I will have to look for it. If not please do one!
Love you putting your sub 3 out there…..I am a wuss for pushing myself and going for big goals and dreams. What is the worst that can happen!


HEY GILLY!! I need to put together a new updated list! Until now, here are a few of my absolute favorites:
Ali on the Run
Finding Mastery
I’ll Have Another
How I Built This
Man Bun Run
Marathon Training Academy
Next Level Life
Super Soul Conversations
Rise Podcast
Run Eat Repeat
Run This World
Rich Roll
The Runner’s World Show
Running for Real Podcast
Podcasts are the best! Enjoy!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment and DREAM BIG GILLY!!!


Thanks for all these – can never have enough! Have you listened to The Better Life? Think you’d love that also! And here’s to big dreams indeed! x


Really hungry. I can ignore that…..really thirsty is like my brain can’t focus on anything else.

I wash my hair 6 times a week. 2 times, really…… does your hair always look so good?


I totally agree with you… thirsty is even worse than hunger! I just have my hair in a ponytail most days so that’s how I get away with it ha… Have an amazing day!


Sorry if I just missed the post on this but what is the pink personal alarm on your wrist (I’m assuming that’s what it is)? :) I’d be interested in getting one if you could provide a link. Thanks hope you guys have a great day!


It’s a Run Angel personal safety wearable.


Yes, it’s the Run Angel!

I highly recommend it! I feel so much safer wearing it and it is so easy to get set up. Have a wonderful day!


I have to wash mine DAILY. Insert eye roll emoji! I know its not good for your hair…. but mine is so fine, if i don’t wash it, it’s super greasy the next day. Dry shampoo even makes it look worse. No joke. Uhhhhg


You’re not alone! I have to wash mine every day or it looks so greasy.


Ahhhh about dry shampoo making it look even worse? Your hair probably always smells amazing… I wish I could say the same for mine;) Have a wonderful day Alyssa and Samantha!


My husband and I have the very same ‘discussion’ about walking speeds….

I wash my hair every day, and always let it air dry. It’s really fine, so it gets oily really quickly, and blow drying it makes it staticky really easily. This is extra fun in the winter when I get done at the gym and have to make a run for it in the snow with wet hair!


Hahahaha well, you are going to have to share with me the solution that you and your husband have come up with! Oh that sounds soooo cold… can’t we just have summer for a few more months? Have a beautiful day!


That toddler bingo! LOL!
I would have to add finger/toe nails. My son decides WAY too many days in a week that he needs to “fix” a nail when it is time to be sleeping. Seriously?!?

I wash my hair every other day and usually dry it. But some of those hot summer days I just can’t bring myself to dry it! LOL!


BAHAHAHA your son sounds hilarious! I mean, that sounds like the perfect time to fix it! Have a beautiful day Bridgette!


Random question of the day….
How/where do you put your race bib on? Old school with the pins? Or do you use something else?
Do you fold it to make it smaller?


That is a great question… I just do the old school with safety pins way and I have never folded mine either. I just put it right on my stomach! Is there a more efficient/better way to do it?


I know there are toggles to attach the bib to a belt and there are magnets. I haven’t tried either.
I’m still old school too! But I have noticed some of my bibs seem too big now so I was trying to see if there was a “cheat” to it! LOL!


Oh true…keep me updated if you find a cheat, I’d love to try it:)


1-2 times per week! I washed and dried my hair yesterday and before leaving for my run today a monsoon suddenly swept through. Crushing!


NOOOOOOOOOOOO that is the worst! Mother nature, not cool.

Have a great day!


I used to have an inny but now, after kids, I have an in-between-y haha.

I’d rather be really tired! I hate being extremely hungry or thirsty.


The things we do for these kiddos;) I hope you have a beautiful day and it seems like the fires are going down! I couldn’t even smell a little bit of smoke this morning. We were down in Spanish Fork yesterday though and we went inside the Macey’s there and it smelled like a huge camp fire… I couldn’t believe the difference!


Yes! Thank heaven the air is clear today. That means I can send my kids out to play! My husband is in Lehi and yesterday he cane home smelling like camp fire too. It made me wonder what I’ve been smelling like haha.


I’d rather be really tired. I can usually push through that but not if i’m too hungry!
I thought a lot on my run today (which was NOT an easy workout :( ) about how when my legs get tired during a race I tend to give myself a break and back off, which MAKES NO SENSE! I don’t back off during a training run, so why do I let myself on race day when it counts the most? Today I really worked on pushing through the discomfort and staying positive! It worked, I nailed the workout! Its so hot here (Illinois) – it was 74 degrees and 94% humidity and I went at 5am!! I cannot wait for fall to happen over here!
Great job on your run!! :)


I agree… pushing through hunger/thirst is just unbearable. Okay, Meg… your thoughts during your run were exactly what I needed to hear. Exactly. I do the same thing! HUGE CONGRATS on your workout in those conditions… you are superhuman. All of these runs are going to pay off big time! You are amazing.


So much of today’s post made me laugh/smile–the BINGO & that funny shirt, especially. Way to rock that weekday morning run!

Pretty sure everyone around me would agree that Hangry Corey is a bit easier to deal with than Dog-Tired Corey…she’s definitely not any fun and lacks patience.

Technically “innie,” but hard to describe after multiple skin-stretching pregnancies, LOL!!! TMI?

The leaves are getting crunchy and falling in Maryland. I’m never ready to let go of summer, so I can’t say I feel excited about fall…but candy corn and pumpkin bread might make me smile.

Washing my hair has become a very low priority the past few years. When I always wear it in a twist or bun, who can tell? I’d say 2x/week…though the 2nd time hasn’t happened yet :}


The BINGO is way way way too true haha! I hope that Hangry Corey and Hangry Janae don’t have to show up anytime soon! Never TMI with me!! I hope you get some candy corn and pumpkin bread soon! Have a beautiful day and wait for the weekend for the 2nd time;)


Really thirsty/hungry sounds awful, I can barely stand when my stomach starts to growl. I would totally rather be really tired. It does not feel like fall. But I think today might be our last 90 degree day here in Illinois (knock on wood) then hopefully some cooler temperatures. I am totally ready to break out my flannels and cardigans. I wish I could get away with only washing my hair twice a week but I would look like a grease monkey. I have to wash it everyday. And my husband used to complain about how fast I walk too. I have gotten better about slowing down for him but doesn’t he know I have lots of things to do!


I hate the growling feeling too! Oh I hope it starts cooling down for you asap! I do look like a grease monkey 2 days a week haha! We just love to walk fast, it’s so hard to slow down haha! Have a wonderful day Corrinne!


Ahhh those donuts look delicious!

I would rather be really tired. I have to wash my hair pretty much daily. I can’t stand greasy hair and bc my hair is short I can’t hide it in a pony tail lol.


I hope you get some delicious donuts soon Gillian and I’m right there with you on the tired thing… lack of food/water is MISERABLE. Have a wonderful day!


I don’t like to be tired, but nobody wants me to be REALLY hungry! I have low blood sugar and when I crash it’s not pretty. #IgetHangry.

We are having the most glorious September! Most years we fight Santa Ana winds and extreme heat. It’s probably coming but I’m enjoying every moment that actually feels like Fall. Although it has to be under 40 for me to wear gloves when I’m running! My hands heat up quickly.

I wash my hair 2-3 times a week.


Oh my mom has low blood sugar too! That is not fun! Oh I am so glad that your September is amazing… keep enjoying, that sounds perfect! Have a beautiful day Kathy.


I wash my hair twice a week too, and mostly let it air dry. If i have a sweaty workout or sit in the sauna on a non-wash day, I’ll just rinse it and put in some conditioner. My husband and I are exactly the same as you guys with our walking speeds and that Bed Bingo is seriously so true! And I think I’d rather be hungry/thirsty. I’m a disaster when I’m tired.


Interesting about the rinse and condition on a non-wash day… I want to try that out! I hope that you are able to avoid being really tired for a very long time. Good to know about the walking speeds… I need to calm down when I’m walking haha. Have a wonderful day Michelle!


1 Trillion Percent I would rather be Really Tired. I function on about 4 hours of sleep with zero problem. I actually rarely feel tired :) I can’t believe this is even a question. Haaa! Being thirsty is no fun.


I love the kiddos’ soccer pictures. Quite the backdrop!!


Oh! And WHEN we meet ( hee :) ) we must go for a walk together. If I’m walking behind any of my coworkers in the office, they move to the side in order to not get trampled. :)


Okay, 4 hours of sleep though–> that sounds so so hard for me haha! I’m a wuss… I feel tired on anything less than 7! YES YES YES… we will walk at like 4.5 mph together:) I love it hahah!


Really tired. I get mean and grumpy then weak and nauseous if I get too hungry. And if I get too thirsty, cue the headache.
Innie belly button.
IT IS SO NOT FALL YET IN CHATTANOOGA!!!!!!!!!!! Fall is my favorite, but today ( and all week) it is 90+ degrees and humid. I am so over it.
I am most excited for everything about fall, ha! I have a race in a week and we will decorate for halloween and watch scary movies and the running will be wonderful!

Have a great day!


YOUR HALF IS ALMOST HERE!! I am so excited for you to rock it and I hope Fall shows up in Chattanooga soon!


I think I would vote for really tired… I get hangry fairly easily and I think I would die without my daily 2 gallons of water (my estimation… I really do drink a lot).

It does not at all feel like fall in Florida and probably will not for at least another 5 weeks. I finish every run completely soaked in sweat, even when I finish before 9am… so I’m pretty jealous of your 57 degree weather haha.

Just thought I would mention that the hip snapping I had has 98% stayed away! I’m still dealing with a bunch of weirdness in that leg’s hamstrings and adductors but it’s nice to be able to walk/run without snapping.


That is great news Grant! I hope it continues to stay away! I do not know how you run in that crazy heat and humidity.. you get extra points for doing that. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Are your eyebrows micro-bladed?? They look amazing!


Oh thank you Sam!! So I want to try that someday but for now I just have a really good eyebrow/eyelash lady. She tints them and waxes them! If you are in Utah I can give you her number!


Really Tired hands down. i feel like i am a pro at this due to years of not sleeping well due to the kiddo and those college years. if i am really hungry or really thirsty i transmogrify into … i suppose a beast of some sort. it isn’t pretty!


it is getting in the 60s in the mornings. thank goodness. but still really really humid. most excited for the marathon this fall, what else is there? :) oh yes. hiking and fall foliage is what i’m excited for. and after that it’s ski season. pumped!

wash the hair each day, can’t not b/c of always biking or running so it’s a rare day when i don’t have to!


Hahah that’s true… kids make us be good at being tired haha! I hope that the humidity says goodbye soon! YAY FOR FALL MARATHONS… the best. Have a wonderful day!


I live in east TN and it’s hot and humid still! Your 57 degrees sounds delicious!
I sweat my brains out in this heat and humidity and have to wash. In the cool weather, I can get away without washing after i run because it’s not as sweaty.
So I’m just blown away by how long your weekday mileage is! Impressive!
Did you do that long before you were coached? Hopefully those drop down soon since you’re tapering now.


I hope it starts to cool down soon! Yes, next week they will drop down for sure and I think in previous training cycles I have gone that far in the middle of the week but outside of marathon training, nope. Have a beautiful day Mary!


I definitely would rather be really tired. No one like me when I’m really hungry. :)
I love the motivational ideas for when we are working hard I will definitely use them.
I wash my hair about twice a week – same reason the drying is the worst. I am currently sitting here with my hair up in a clip – wet!
Funny question – but inny.
I also liked the idea of the alarm on your wrist. So easy to have with you at all time. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive. Any one know of a less expensive one?


Hmmm I haven’t heard of any other really great ones! I will say I think it is definitely worth the money… I feel so much safer with it out on my runs! Have a wonderful day Anne!


Oh that’s hard! I’m cranky when I am tired and hungry so I don’t know what would be worse!! I think being too tired is terrible though.


Yup finally starting to cool off in NJ. I love going apple picking. And I love fall running weather the best. My best runs are in the fall temps. Really, I love everything about fall. I’m probably outside the most this time of year. This NJ summer has been so humid I have never been more excited to be cold!

2 times a week… unless I get SUPER sweaty and then I’ll splurge with an extra wash :)

AND I feel you with the slow husband walker. He walks SO SLOW. It kills me.

Happy Thursday!!


Janae, what is your safety device called? I’m thinking it would be nice to have one. I remember reading your review but can’t find the post. Thanks!

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