Another NEW Thing I’ll Do on Race Day, Wave Tempo and My Plantar Is Making an Appearance.

Peak week big workout √

I tried out the Allie Kieffer POWER BUN for my run and it is now something that I will be doing on race day.  It felt so so good to have every piece of hair out of the way.  I think it made me feel faster too;)  She has a tutorial on her IG stories on how to do it.  I had to use 3 rubber bands to really get it to stay and I felt like my eyebrows were raised for most of the run because I pulled mine a little tight but I loved it.  Next time I am going to brush my hair a little bit before it goes up though ha.

Drinking my UCAN below.  The taste/texture makes me gag a tiny bit (I’m a wuss with that kind of stuff) BUT the way it makes me feel during the run is amazing so it is worth it.  I don’t think I could take it while running but I can take Tailwind while running so UCAN before and Tailwind during.  PS I’m going to write up my exact nutrition plan after my 22 miler this weekend so I can get it 100% ready for race day (even the day before meals).

IMG 2701

Beretta joined me for my 1 mile warm-up and then I stopped for a second to put her inside and then got back to it.

IMG 2705

The workout was a bit complicated to remember so I put it into my Garmin…. (PS remember how I couldn’t get my workouts to sync on my Garmin the other week?  A reader let me know that it was probably just out of storage (which it was) and to delete a few of the workouts on there to get it to work).

IMG 2707

But I messed up putting it in correctly and didn’t realize until the second set:

What the workout was supposed to look like:

1 w/u

4 miles @ 7:10

4 miles—> 1 minute @ 6:20-6:25 and 1 minute @ 7:20-7:25 repeat for 4 miles

3 miles @ 6:50

1 c/d

I accidentally made one minor change for my watch;)

1 minute @ 6:20-6:25 and 1 second @ 7:20-7:25 repeat  x 14 SOOOO that portion ended a lot sooner than it should have and it took me into the 3 miles @ 6:50 when I was still in the second set. I decided to just save what I had done so far (I didn’t stop, just did this while running) and then start my garmin again and add everything together at the end.

Remember how I said I was a math expert thanks to marathon training? I lied.

I didn’t add everything up together correctly during the run and when I finished, stopped and added it together… I realized I was .46 short so I started running again to hit 13 miles.

What I did for my workout:

1 mile w/u

4 miles @ 7:06

3.54 miles—> 1 minute @ 6:17-6:26 and 1 minute @ 7:10-7:25 repeat for 3.54 miles

3 miles @ 6:43, 6:43, 6:39

1 mile c/d

.46 miles @ 6:40

13 miles total @ 6:59 average!

My coach wanted this to be a practice for pacing for the race (minus the 1 minute back and forth portion:).  Start out slower than I want to and then end fast = negative split.  The first mile of the workout was the hardest because I think my body is now used to a longer warmup but overall, it felt fun.  I smiled and thought a few times that I was really enjoying the work.  I’m telling ya… this mental work I’ve been doing for my running confidence is paying off (Kara’s book, this book and this book are helping me the most).

Switching gears for those 3.54 miles was interesting because every 60 seconds you’ve gotta go from one place to the next and my body prefers somewhere in between 6:20-7:20 best.  It was 60 degrees outside and that felt amazing with a slight breeze too.

‘This is why we can’t have nice things’ came on during my workout and it made me laugh because I thought about my AirPods… I shouldn’t have nice things because I put them through the wash.

IMG 2710

We caught Skye reaching over her high chair to drop food for Beretta.  They already have a special bond.

IMG 2717

These two had picture day!

IMG 2721

I saw this and it brought tears to my eyes.  I took Brooke and Knox back to it later to show them.

IMG 2711

Skye and I made the UCAN investment.  I’ve just been using the individual serving pouches and decided I love it so much it was time to go for the $60 tub at Sprouts.  This stuff is so good on my stomach during the run.

It’s a good thing I take so many selfies each day to let me know about things like Skye’s bow being on her ear so I can fix it.

IMG 2730

We stopped at TJ’s and Skye maintained her favorite tongue positioning for most of the experience.

IMG 2742

She has just started scooting backwards a lot but she ends up getting stuck around the house.

IMG 2747

Showered and rolling.  I don’t miss foam rolling, I like the R8 personally much better.

IMG 2752

I LOVE this salad from TJ’s (when I’m feeling extra lazy especially).  I aded half of an avocado to it and it was delicious.  A few brown spots on a banana= perfection for me.

IMG 2757

Steak, potatoes and carrots for dinner and a real happening night over here!

IMG 2774

Also, my plantar is acting up just a little bit with the higher mileage but if I just wear my boot for a night or two, it disappears.  The real problem is actually sleeping with this thing on ha.

IMG 2748

PS thank you for the well wishes with my brother’s back surgery yesterday.  Everything went really well and hopefully he recovers quickly.  He is an ER doctor so he is not used to being the patient and he wants to get back to work fast!


Have you ever dealt with plantar fasciitis?  What has helped you?

What’s your workout today?  I want to hear about it!

How do you typically wear your hair when you run?

Would you rather have hair touching your face during a marathon or have a blister on your foot during an hour long run?

-I’d rather run with a big blister for an hour.  I hate hair touching my face;)

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Ok, I have a confession to make…I watched the power bun tutorial and that’s how I always do my buns. What am I missing…is there some normal way to do a bun that I somehow missed?!?!


SOOOO it’s not any different really:) I just have never really done it high up like her and as tight… it’s normal but the name Power Bun makes me feel cooler:) Have a great day Lindsey!


Ok, that makes me feel better. :) I’m going to call it a power bun then, too!


I got plantar fasciitis in BOTH feet last year after over-compensating for a stress fracture in my toe. (I’m so glad I can finally walk again). I remembered you’d talked having it, and saw that you liked the boot, so I tried it and it helped a lot. I’ve also found a couple of stretches that help that I try to do every day: 1) standing on a step or a book with your foot halfway off, then pointing your toes down and up over and over again; and 2) calf stretches. I also roll my foot on a frozen water bottle for relief. And finally (and the most old lady-ish thing ever), I got custom orthotics which I wear with sneakers every day. I mostly got them for the stress fracture, but they help a lot with the PF as well.


BOTH FEET… Jen, that sounds terrible. I am SO glad that the boot helped you so much and thank you for the stretches… I’ll be doing those big time. Thanks for sharing and I’ll share these stretches with other people too:) Thanks Jen!


Awesome job on that workout, Janae!! Ohhhhh, I had plantar fasciitis really badly a few years ago, and it seemed like nothing helped for the longest time. I finally ended up changing which shoes I was running in, and that seemed to be the solution. I remember doing A LOT of rolling and even tried a shock wave therapy (that hurt but wasn’t very effective).

I usually run with my hair in a low-ish ponytail or bun, unless it’s a day when I’m washing my hair, and then I’ll wear it high on my head, kinda like Allie’s power bun. And that’s a good question, but I think I’d rather go blister, too. Hair being in your face might actually be worse. It’s SO annoying!


Oh I am so so glad you were able to figure out how to get your plantar pain figured out! Haha yes, I think that’s what I’ll do too… the power bun will be used most when I’m washing my hair later that day:) Have a wonderful day Natalie!


Never had plantar fasciitis, happy about that. I ran a easy 10 km this morning with friends. I will take that big blister thank you very much!!!


Glad you had such a great run this morning and I’m right there with you on the blisters:)



I wear my hair in pigtail french braids. I can’t do a pony tail because it sticks to my back! Or a bun flops around and comes loose.. I should try Allie’s way!!

I would rather have hair in my face! I am a baby and when I get blisters I start galloping and switch to poor form. To be honest, they both sound terrible !!! :)

Brooke and Knox look AWESOME for picture day! Such sweet kids <3


HEY EMILY:) Thank you, you too! Do you french braid your own hair? That is awesome! I hope that you never ever get a blister again… you are not a baby, they are bad! Thank you!


Andrew, I apologize for this comment in advance because you have been killing it on support crew.
The best thing to help my planter’s was to stay off my feet literally for 2 straight days. Literally gone. Do your runs and keep everything else on feet to a minimum.


I think you are fully right… I think that is so helpful! Luckily the boot did the trick but if it happens again… yep! Have a wonderful day Erica! I hope your run today was amazing!


You’re pretty good for having to gag that drink down and then deciding to buy a big pack. If I have to gag anything down I usually can’t stand to take it more than twice and I decide it’s not worth it haha.

I’d rather run with hair in my face because blisters hurt.


Hahah right…. I just love how good it is for my running/nutrition that it is worth it:) I hope your day is a great one and how is your knee Jenny?!


Eh, it’s doing ok. I am thinking I’ll try a small run out tomorrow and see where I’m at with it because it hasn’t been hurting lately.


I love the idea of a bun while running because my hair is really getting long now so not only is the swinging distracting but it feels quite heavy. I just can’t seem to get my bun secure enough so that it doesn’t fall out during the run though! Even when using three hair ties it eventually all falls out. I’m determined to try again though, so next time will just attack it with a billion hair ties


KEEP TRYING… I think a billion hair ties might help. For some reason yesterday it worked so well and I didn’t move in the slightest. It was crazy tight but I loved it. Keep me updated on if you can get it to work. Have a wonderful day Janette!


I thought of you yesterday when I had a AirPods accident! I was walking (I don’t run, but love your blog) along a trail in my new neighborhood that follows a river. I swatted at a mosquito and knocked one of the AirPods out of my ear! It went flying towards the steep hill next to the river – which is high right now after the rain. I thought I had lost it to the water, but luckily a leaf caught it and I was able to save it! Note to self – be more careful!

And I don’t have long enough hair for a bun, but I cannot workout with my hair down!


Oh my goodness…. A LEAFE CAUGHT IT. That is a miracle, I am so glad that it survived, those AirPods are the best! PS your trail by the river sounds perfect. Keep in touch Samantha and I hope you have a perfect day!


Stop. I can’t even PEEL a banana at that stage without gagging. I legit dry heave when I make banana bread. Speaking of texture issues. Ha! The banana can’t be green OR brown for me to eat it. So basically there is a one hour window when a banana is good ;)

I would probably rather have hair in my face. Both both options are terrible.

I am going to Trader Joes today! It will be my first time at the new location and I am pretty disappointed in myself that it has taken me this long to get there.

All of your workouts lately have me tired for you. You are doing so awesome though and I am so excited to see what happens at St George for you!


Hahaha Andrew thinks I am weird too. I do not like green ones but after that I’m not too picky. Avocados have a pretty short window too! AHHHH I wish I could join you… thanks Megan. I miss you. Next week for sure.


Ugh plantar fasciitis is no bueno! Usually that creeps up on me if my shoes are nearing the end of their running life and/or I have not been stretching enough.
Workout today – 3 mile tempo at 10 sec. over goal pace – I plan on running a 1.5 mile warm up and 1.5 mile cool down for a total of 6 miles. Fingers crossed it goes well! I’m actually starting the run at my parents house because I have to run uphill no matter what direction I go from my house, and I need a break from hard speed work on hills!
I prefer to throw my hair up in a bun – sometimes I will go with ponytail but it always gets knotty and if it’s hot, sticks to my back (ewww). Every now and then I’ll do a french braid but I find a tight bun at the top of my head works best!
That is a tough call but I think I’d go with a blister. As someone who’s been running regularly for awhile now, blisters don’t scare me! (okay, they do, but not enough to make me deal with hair in my face) :)


GO RHIANNON GO!! You are going to rock your workout today… please let me know how it goes (or maybe you have already done it)! Hahah I like the way you described your answer to the blister/hair question! Have a beautiful day Rhiannon!


I once started to get some mild PF while I was training for Boston but I immediately went to the doc and he recommended I switch to a more flexible shoe and he suggested an insert. The pain never came back. And I love him for that ?
My workout today is a bike ride.. womp womp. I tweaked something in my lower leg during my 22 miler on Sun and it still hurts. I’m kind of freaking out, truth be told. I am 4 weeks out from race day. I am guessing I should start my taper early, which is a bummer b/c I had one more 20 miler planned for Sun. I figured I would cross train until it feels better, and then just back off on mileage early than I had planned. ☹ I am not even worried about a PR now, I just went to get to Chicago and run (relatively) pain-free!
I cannot run without a hat, so my hairdo works around that! Usually I ponytail it and then tuck it in. For races I usually pull it through the back and braid it (I want it to look a little cuter. Haha)
I hate hair anywhere near my face, but I hate blisters more!
PS – I hear TJs is busting out their pumpkin everything starting this week ?


Oh I am so glad it never came back… what a great doc. BOOO to the tweak and you are so smart to take a few days off. 22 milers are A LOT and you will be back to normal soon. You are doing the right thing and PLEASE keep me updated on how you are doing. I am cheering you on for Chicago! Don’t give up the PR dream yet… this tweak might melt away asap (I’m crossing my fingers)! Oh I love running with a hat too! YAY FOR TJ’s PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. Have a great day Annemarie!


Ooh, do you remember what insert your doc recommended?


I’m a long time reader but have never posted. I’ve had Plantar Fasciitis off and on for years but when I switched to a whole food plant based diet (aka whole food vegan) It completely resolved with in a few days. Just sharing, as I was surprised that it worked and also thankful.


MONICA!!! Thank you so so much for sharing this with me… that is incredible. It really proves how much what we eat effects our entire body! THANK YOU! Have a wonderful day and keep in touch:)


I started a confidence journal after finishing Kara’s book. It helps me stay in the moment during both easy and hard runs. I search for the positive while running.
Have you started one since her book?


Hey Molly!! I haven’t yet… but really I should! I have definitely worked on my thoughts and wrote a lot in Strong! Have a beautiful day and I love that you are searching for the positive while running <-- Game changer!


Yay for your brother doing well. I’m sure it’s got to be super tough to be the patient.

My plantar fascia actually began to tear and I ended up doing electric shockwave therapy and slept in a boot for a few weeks. It sucked but I haven’t had any issues since and that was 6ish years ago!

Today was a 15 mile bike ride before work. I am finally running with no pain but I’m trying to pace myself, which is super tough because all I want to do is RUN.

I typically wear my hair in a high pony but I like the idea of a bun that actually stays because I don’t like the feel of my hair bouncing back and forth.

I would definitely take hair on my face as opposed to a blister!


It began to TEAR!?! AHHHHH that is crazy. I am so glad that the therapy worked so well. I totally understand… it is so hard to be patient but you are pain free–> Hallelujah! I hope your day is a great one Marissa!


I ran a fast 40 mins after walking the dog for 50 mins just before.

Took one month off a few years ago to help heal my plantar. Still flares up every now and then. I make sure to roll my foot on a ball regularly, stretch my calves, wear my oofos around the house, and have found the hoka one one runners as the best to help with support under the foot. the cliftons are my favorite ones.


Awesome run today and after a long rock!! I am thinking my calves are what’s causing it… thank you for the help! Today it feels much better but I need to stay regular with the ball and stretching. Thank goodness for oofos! Those shoes sound awesome. Have an amazing day Tracy!


Quick question, I’ll be in SLC this weekend, if I only eat at one restaurant while I’m there, which one would you suggest for a girls night dinner?


HEY!! You are going to be here! If you want something fancy… Valter’s Osteria is the absolute best. I crave it daily.
Alamexo is amazing Mexican food. Red Iguana is delicious! Dolcetti Gelato is amazing too! Let me know what you end up doing while in town!!


Love that salad! I really like adding avocado and some mandarin oranges – perfection!


BRILLIANT… I’m adding the mandarin oranges. I am just so so excited for you:) You are getting close!


Oh no… I don’t like hair touching my face but I hope to never have another blister. Boston Marathon 2012 was HOT. At mile 13 I got a huge blister and ran the next 13.2 in so much pain. I decided since it was so hot, I’d try some thin socks that I had NEVER tried before (IF I were a rookie at that time it would have made more sense. Ha!). I would run an entire marathon with my hair down (which does not sound fun) to NEVER have a blister. Annoyance over pain any day :)

Those little nubby balls help my arches so much! Not sure if this works:

I roll out every single day to ward off the plantar. That is horrible discomfort. I will hope you squash it! I’ve found keeping the calves loose too helps. Even though you don’t really feel the pain in your calves, I think tightness there can lead to pulling in the feet. Sorry to blab (again :) ).


That ball looks awesome! Okay, your blister story made me cringe… that is a long time to be running in that heat and with a huge blister. You are a rockstar! That is so true… my plantar feels fine again today but I need to stay on top of my calves tightness so I don’t have a problem again:) Thanks girl!


I totally do my hair like that when I run! Not so much because it stays out of of my face, but more so because the hair has a real chance of looking nice when I take it out. Otherwise my hair looks like a rabid squirrel stuck to the back of my head when I’m done running. Not a pretty sight.


So my hair looked crazy after I took it out… I need you to teach me your ways!!


Plantar Fasciitis started in my left foot in Jan 2015, then in my right foot last fall… sooo yeah. Going on 4 years! Please just cut them off already :(


NOOO COURTNEY!! This is awful. Are you able to run through it or no? I am so so sorry!


Ehhh some days? I mean I haven’t ran a race since Sept 2014. My left foot was SO bad I could hardly walk, let alone run. MRI during fall of 2016 showed it was almost 100% torn. But then last summer it just all of a sudden started feeling better and better one day, so I’m thinking maybe it tore completely? It still isn’t perfect, but WAY better than it has been. My right foot isn’t as bad, but still annoying and painful. Sometimes I wonder if they are healed but it’s just been so long that I’ve forgotten what my normal feet feel like and this is normal?! Ha! But I don’t think so. I’ve seen like 4 doctors at the U Orthopedic Center and I’ve tried everything but surgery (which I do not want to do). I still hurt and walk like a grandma first thing out of bed, but I’m a lot better than I have been in the past, so that is good?! All the prayers that it heals…some day. ha!


I finally had time to read your blog! This morning was a little busy :P
Thank you for the book reminders again! I so want to read all 3!
This morning’s run was a tempo run for me, with a great “threshold” pace just a little past the half way mark. I was surprised with the pace (7:41, which is a fast pace for me) and how great I felt while maintaining that for a while :) The miles seemed to fly right by!
My hubby has to deal with his plantar too, and has a boot like yours, that he wears at night. It also seems to help keep things feeling better after a couple of nights.
Ok, I need to try the power bun!! I usually just wear my hair in a pony tail, but it gets all sweaty and tangled and I hate that!
Brooke and Knox look so adorable for their school pics :)
Have a great day!


Hair in the face for sure! Training for a full in a few weeks and blisters on both feet have been terrible this round. I’ve been Brooks loyal for at least 8 years. Tried everything, including 5 bandaids and cushions on my big toes. Had to make a shoe switch(Newton’s) and haven’t had an issue. My guess is the wider toe box and more fitted to my heel. Good luck with your race!


I had plantar fasciitis earlier this year. A few things really helped like seeing podiatrist and getting orthotics and stretching. But I also credit the Powerstep ultra stretch night sock-so much more comfortable than the boot!
Great job on your training! So excited for you to blow that marathon out of the water!


I can’t sleep in the Strasburg sock at all for my plantar. I’ll just wake up in the middle of the night and rip it off. But I will wear it around the house all evening after work and even just that helps a lot.

My addition to the power but is the spiral Bobby pins. Then NOTHING moves


haven’t had plantar! sorry you are dealing with it –

workout yesterday was 4 x 0.5 with 0.25 jog between. failed at rep 2 and called it quits. i think the various reasons were 100% humidity, currently sick, and also coming off injury. will possibly try it during the long run this wk (if i am feeling any better) –

usually i have a stretchy headband in. my hair is short now, but i do still tie it up half way to get it out of my face.

i’ve had hair touching my face during a half marathon. i dislodged a piece during the nyc half (under my hair/ear fleece headband) and just dealt with it. i feel like a blister would change my gait or running form – too much gets compromised there!


wow that is quite a workout! go you for getting it done

totally have to check out that book “how bad do you want it” that you linked to – thanks!


This was THE BEST tutorial ever! Thank you so much & I will be sharing this with everyone I know!

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