Skye’s 9 Month Update!

This little girl.  She is something else.  She has all of us completely obsessed with her.  When Brooke or Knox get back from their other parents’ houses, they go straight to Skye first to hug her.   Brooke and Knox are always amazed at how much she has grown up after not seeing her for two days;)

*Her love for her little blankets is strong.  I think this is because we started from the beginning making sure she always has one with her so now she is attached.  The smile she gets when we hand her a blanket when we put her down for a nap is huge!

IMG 0543

*Lately she has been putting her little tongue to the right often.  I think it is because of the little teeth coming in but it sure is cute.

IMG 1425

IMG 2214

*Brooke thinks that she needs to learn how to do the splits.


*”She has attitude.”  -Andrew.

Her opinions are getting stronger and stronger with each day.  If we even think about eating watermelon in front of her and not sharing, she is not okay with it and makes it very clear with her screams.

LRG DSC04908

*She can hold her own bottle now so she thinks she is a pretty big deal.

IMG 2006

*She is getting a few little teeth on the bottom.  You can see them now (not in this picture) and it’s pretty exciting.

IMG 0445

*She will not eat the puffs when I feed them to her but loves to feed them to herself.

IMG 0444

*She shows her core strength off whenever I try to put her in her high chair.  She lifts those legs right up and holds them that way so it is impossible to get her in without me straightening them for her.

IMG 0440

*Once upon a time Skye would spend 85% of her day just sleeping on my chest and now when I try to do that she immediately tries to roll off.

IMG 1386

*Changing her diaper or clothing is a workout.  She wiggles like crazy and can grab things so quickly it’s crazy.  Her reflexes are actually faster than mine.

*She is going through a stage where she will cry a bit when I leave the room but then she also does when we leave her with anyone in our family.  There is a bit of attachment anxiety but not so much that we can’t leave her.

LRG DSC05304

*She is still a huge fan of waving.  She is still sticking to just saying Dada but eventually Mama will come.  She also is a huge fan of clicking her tongue and when we do that to her, she gives us a smile.  Many of her big smiley pictures that you see on the blog involve us clicking our tongues as we take the picture.

IMG 0476

*She is getting closer to crawling but rolling is one of her main modes of transportation along with scooting around the house on her bum.

LRG DSC05296

*It doesn’t matter what is within her reach, she has to explore it.  Her curiosity is so fun to watch.  I love seeing her think about whatever it is that she is touching!  She was just saving the puff on her chin for later.

IMG 0634

*Her sleeping looks like this—>  Morning nap (usually 2.5 hours ((10-12:30)), an afternoon nap (usually in the car with the kids when we are going somewhere) and then she goes to bed at 7:30.  Andrew gives her a bottle at 10:45ish and then I give her a bottle around 5:30.  There are some nights she will wake up at 2 and wants a bottle but we just usually let her cry it out.  Sometimes at 2ish her cry sounds pretty angry and if that happens then one of us (usually Andrew) will go in and change her diaper or give her a binky.

IMG 2063

*She is obsessed with animals.  Beretta might not be as excited about her love for her.

IMG 2074

*Brooke used to play with her hair while she drank her bottle too.  Whenever I see her to do this I have so many flashbacks to Brookers when she was a baby.

IMG 0985

*She will still take a pacifier and it definitely helps her to calm down (and go to sleep at night on her own) but she doesn’t want it all day long like she used to anymore!

*She has been feeding herself a lot with her left hand lately… Andrew and I are both left handed and maybe Skye is also?!

IMG 0900

We are loving this stage with Skye and love learning more and more about her with each month!


I would love to hear about all of the great things your kiddos are doing so if you want to be included then send them in to [email protected]!  THANKS!

Katie (@runfetti) shares about her two girls, “We had so much fun running this race a few weeks ago.  Our littles both ran the one mile (ages 3 and 5) and I ran the 5K.  They loved it so much that they both ran the Tot Trot after the 5K finished.  Loved seeing them try so hard out there!  My 5 year old stopped to run with a little boy who had fallen.  She held his hand and tried to drag him along with her.  He wanted nothing to do with her:)  However, it was sweet to see that the running community kindness starts so young!”

Girls race me and girls


Carrie shares this about her daughter, “I wanted to send a little brag on my oldest daughter Cecelia who will be turning 11 in a month.  My oldest’s claim to fame is that she was born in a parking lot!  I have that whole story here.  In the Spring Cecelia decided that she wanted to set a goal to make our league summer swim champs and place in the top 12 (top 6 receive medals, bottom 6 ribbons).  I have never been more proud of my little girl.  She committed to going to a pre-season swim tune up and then worked hard at swim team practice.  We have an amazing team but it is huge with 250 swimmers and then there are 3 other teams in the league.  Cecelia not only made it to champs but placed 2nd overall in breaststroke, 5th overall in freestyle, and 2nd in both her relays.  She cheered on her team mates during the whole season.  Cecelia was also 1 of 5 kids on our team to earn a most improved trophy.  I was so proud because she set a goal and rocked it!  She is very modest and is a little embarrassed of my bragging, but I can’t help it.  This likely means at some point I need to send something in for my youngest or I will hear about it!!”

IMG 5317


Kristin shared this about her little girl, “Lily completed her first 5k September 2017 at 7 years old.  Since then she’s completed 5 more 5ks and a few 1 mile and 2 mile races with her dad right by her side at every race.  The most recent 5k race she completed was on a closed running/biking trail so I talked my husband into running his own race and I would run with Lily knowing that he would be at the finish and I wouldn’t be far behind if I needed a rest.  Lily and I ran together for 2.7 miles until this mama needed a break!  I told Lily to keep going.  I could see the finish line and we could see her dad too.  Although her time wasn’t a PR, this picture captured exactly how she was feeling at the end of the race!  One happy running girl!”

IMG 0123


Do you remember how old your little ones were when they started crawling?!

People with pets and kids… how do your kids react to your pets and vis versa?

Any kids stories you can share with me…. these are my favorite… I want to hear!

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Oh I am so excited to show Celia she is on your blog. I mentioned that I submitted this and to my surprise she was not at all embarrassed and that it was awesome. She likes to look at your blog too!
My girls were mobile so young. They both were around 6/7 months. My youngest was a pro at getting around by rolling. I prayed and prayed for her to become mobile because she was such a fussy little thing. Sure enough, much happier with mobility but still a little cranky!!


Oh this makes me so happy! Tell Celia that I think she is INCREDIBLE! Wow, 6/7 months! Yep, Skye is doing the same with her rolling:) I hope you have an amazing night and thanks for sharing with us:)


Love reading your Skye updates she is such a cutie! My oldest was 6 months when he started crawling, he was just determined to move…he walked at 10 months as well. And the littlest one just started crawling properly last week at 8 months before that she was leopard crawling and rolling to get around. Our pets (dogs) – they mostly ignore the kids actually. Well except when there’s food, then they sit around the high chair in case something gets flung, haha.


I don’t have kids so I can’t give any advice or insight, but I can say I really enjoying seeing your little ones.

I would really like to know more about that mustard and white shirt you are wearing in these pictures.


Oh thank you so much!! It is on sale and you can find it here:

Have a great day!


So cute about the blankets! Our youngest son LOVES blankets. Now that he can talk, he named his favorite blanket “star blank”, and he takes it everywhere with him. It has basically become like a member of our family :).


I’m wondering why you just let her CIO when you know she’s hungry and wants a bottle at 2am?
Is there a specific reason for it and are you not worried it’ll have an impact on Skye later on?


You are an incredible role model for your daughters (and Knox, too!). Healthy humility and striving to be the best! I wish we could go running tomorrow morning.


Those little humans bring a joy to your life and heart that you never knew was possible. It is the purest, most innocent joy that radiates inside of you! I have a 16 month old baby boy and 34 weeks pregnant. Never knew what people meant when they would tell you “Being a mom is the hardest, most rewarding thing you will ever do” until I was a mom!

She is such a doll!


This paragraph is really a nice one it assists new net viewers, who are wishing for blogging.


i LOVE the kid accomplishments!!! great addition Janae :) and way to go everyone above!

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