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Skye’s 9 Month Update!

This little girl.  She is something else.  She has all of us completely obsessed with her.  When Brooke or Knox get back from their other parents’ houses, they go straight to Skye first to hug her.   Brooke and Knox are always amazed at how much she has grown up after not seeing her for … Continue Reading

1/2 Marathon & Marathon Training Makes You… + PLEASE Help Me w/ This Question.

In case you missed out last week, the top 3 most viewed posts were: *Don’t forget this, my new running lessons… and this makes me really excited. *Monday Matters + The First Day Ever + No Joke! *Friday Favorites!!! ————————————————————————————————— Skye tried yanking out Brooke’s bow as Andrew was snapping the picture above… Brooke has … Continue Reading