Why this is going to be the best marathon ever + WARNED Me + Ride this Wave.

Post-workout, pre-Andrew leaving for a shift, pre-Brooke going to school and present-Skye wondering why our family takes so many selfies:


My workout was flat as a pancake.  I drove to a track and ran around that area for the entire run except for the 800s.  I was the only person at the track but I did find somebody’s shoes there.  Hopefully they remember where they left them.

For the 800s I did the first lap without looking at my watch and tried to run the pace I was supposed to go just by feel.  For a few of the intervals I was on and for a few of them I was way off on the pace ha.  For the second lap of the 800s I would look at my watch to help me get back on pace again.   I think it is fun to try to run a certain pace without my gamin’s help… try doing this if you want to switch things up:)

IMG 0396

2 mile W/U

2 miles @ marathon pace:  6:47, 6:47.

3 minute easy jog

5 x .5 miles @ threshold (with 1 minute easy jogs after each one):  3:14, 3:11, 3:13, 3:12, 3:08—>  6:23ish average pace for those.

3 minute easy jog

2 miles @ marathon pace (I went a bit faster for these but felt comfortable): 6:44, 6:39

C/D until I hit 11 miles (around 1.37 miles).

Screen Shot 2018 08 22 at 11 44 54 AM

Overall stats.  My garmin wouldn’t synch to put the workout on it before I started so I was doing the lap buttons myself.  It was a fun game to try to hit the lap button at the exact second it needed to be hit and I’m glad I could remember what rep I was on throughout the workout ha.

IMG 0406

My coach warned me about those .5 mile repeats even though going into it I thought they would be easy.  They weren’t and those one minute recoveries were quite short.  Running a 6:50 mile feels 40295 times more comfortable for me than running in the 6:20s even for shorter intervals… It’s a good thing I don’t need to run this marathon in the 6:20s (yet;).

I came home and did my favorite thing to do after a hard workout, lay down on the sidewalk for a few minutes and just relax.  This workout felt harder than my 19 miler last weekend for some reason… I’m guessing because it was really windy and humid for Utah but also, that’s just how training goes.  Some days feel amazing and some days you just have to count steps to get through the hard parts.

IMG 0418

Green smoothies for breakfast along with cereal.   Brooke asked me yesterday to put red peppers and snap peas in her lunch every day… I’m not asking questions about why she is suddenly very into vegetables lately but I’m just going to ride this wave for as long as possible.


A cute little kiss to Skye before she left for the day and Andrew dropped her off on his way to work.  Skye and I went on a mini walk with a neighbor.

IMG 0420

Stretching happened while Skye ate.

IMG 0425

And then we got to be with Knox.  He told me that he couldn’t believe how much Skye had grown up since he last saw her… two days ago;)


I got in a few planks (thanks Knox for the pic) too.


PS Knox asked for a camera for his bday… he loves taking pictures and his selfie game is strong.


PPS I gave this picture and frame to Brooke for her birthday and I love how she decorated it.  Some days she will literally carry it around the house with her and set it down right next to her.  Her love for Elf is sure strong.    Both kids start soccer next week too which will be so fun to watch!


Knox and I had a picnic together yesterday (Brooke and I did the day before and I wanted to do it with Knox too with his favorite meal):

IMG 0433

I had some veggies too in a chicken burrito.

IMG 0435

And we also made some delicious Snickerdoodles!  Then I went to a BBQ at night with the youth in my area.


I am positive that my marathon in October is going to be by far my best one yet… one of the reasons I am sure of this is it will be BANGS FRIEND (my bff from when I was living in California) FIRST MARATHON!!  She will be there.  Rocking the course (her training has been awesome so far!).  I cannot wait to see her and I just know she is going to do amazing.

DSC 6547


Favorite cookie to make.. and recipe please so that I can make them with the kids!

Where do you get your training plans?  Do you ever make up your own or piece different ones together?

What has the best part of your week been so far?

Would you rather do your speed work on a treadmill, track or the roads?

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Dannnnng, you killed your workout!!! You are going to be SO ready to OWN that marathon and get that PR in October!! I’d rather do my speed workouts on a track, but I don’t have access to one close by. :/ The high school right down the street has the track locked up pretty tight (and with super high fences), so until I find a different one I can actually use, I do my speed workouts on the roads/at parks/on bike paths. I had a coach for years, but now I pretty much just make up all of my own workouts. Hopefully they’re working—ha!

The best part of my week was FaceTiming with my niece on Tuesday! She KISSED THE SCREEN and was so sweet and cheerful, and MY HEART EXPLODED! I love that sweet little nugget! Hope you have a great day, Janae!


HEY GIRL!! They are working… you are doing an awesome job with your workouts! Okay, she kissed the screen… that is the sweetest. She is so lucky to have you. Thanks, you too!


I make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for my homeroom every fall and they are obsessed with them! (we keep the same homeroom for 4 years at my school) I think I used this recipe: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/10740/pumpkin-chocolate-chip-cookies-iii/
I’ve been piecing my own training plans together based on my own strengths and needs for the last year and it has made running such a happier event for me. I asked a running coach for some input, but the majority of my workouts are chosen by me:)
I like doing speedwork on the track when it’s cooler out, but during the summer the tracks around me HEAT UP. So I stick to the treadmill for my yassos:)


I will be making these for my kids… they love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! I LOVE that you put together a plan that works perfect for you from other plans. I think that is awesome! That is very true, the track does feel a lot hotter in the summer (probably because there isn’t any shade too)! Have a fabulous day Kerri!


Hey Janae~
I’m back to school, so now I have time to read the blog! I feel like that should have been the other way around–having more time over VACATION–but school gives me routine :) But, boy oh boy am I TIRED this week. It’s hard to get back into that groove!!! My classes all seem really good so far though :) But, it’s only day 3. ha ha

My fav cookie to make is this one:


I found the recipe in a Penzey’s catalog several years ago. The secret has to be that vanilla pudding in the cookie batter!!! They’re awesome!

I’ve worked with a coach for the past few years. Sometimes I think I’d be really good at making my own training plan IF I was better at knowing what kind of speed work to do and when. I’m kind of clueless in that area, and it’s kind of important if I want to meet my goals :)

I actually really like track work! I know a lot of people don’t, but I do! Sometimes I wonder if I’m more of a short distance runner trying to be a marathon runner. ha ha

Hope you guys are all doing well!!!! :)


SCHOOL IS BACK!!!! I’ve been thinking about you. Oh it really is hard to start and get into a new routine again. I am so glad you have great classes so far! Those cookies sound absolutely amazing! You should race a 5k soon…that would be awesome. I think you are both short distance and a marathon runner:) Thanks and it is so good to hear from you Jen!


That is a solid workout! What a great way to practice picking up the pace and then running marathon pace on tired legs. Is it weird that I am kind of excited for your marathon because I can’t wait to hear how you do?? I have a feeling you are going to crush it!

If I’m doing shorter intervals (anything involving 1200s or less) I like the track- it’s fun to run on and makes me feel fast! But anything that’s mile repeats or longer I like to do on the roads because I can just zone out and distract myself with the scenery a bit. I’m lucky that I live near a really long/ mostly flat running path along the water so I can do speed/ tempo workouts without having to worry about too many hills!


THANK YOU Diana for being excited for my marathon, that is really nice of you. Okay, I totally agree with you about the distance of the intervals making a difference of where to do them! I have that flat running path option too and it is marvelous for the tempo stuff. I hope your day is a wonderful one!!


11 miles of 800s sounds brutal to me. That was my favorite race in high school and now I’m not sure why! I also liked the mile back then too and I’m positive now I’d prefer the mile over the 800.

I wish my kids asked for veggies in their lunch. Maybe someday that will happen. For now I’m just trying to get them to try it at dinner.


Oh I can’t even imagine competing in the 800… that sounds so hard ha. I would probably puke every time (tmi:) Brooke did not want vegetables before (except for broccoli) so there is hope… it changed so randomly! Have a great day girl!


I would rather do speed work on the track, there’s just something about being on a track that makes me want to go fast. And it’s much easier to calculate your splits without focusing on your watch so much! I’m doing a lil 5k this weekend at our local University which supports their Cross Country Team and it runs around campus and ends with a lap of their track which should be super fun for a finishing sprint!

This is kind of random but your burrito made me hungry–>so, for the chicken in your burrito, what do you do? Prep a bunch ahead of time and refrigerate? Crockpot chicken? I’m not a huge fan of meal prepping but would like to make some different things like chicken and such that I can throw in the fridge and make different meals out of.

Have a great week!


I agree, the springiness of the track makes it more fun too! GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND… I love races that end at a track. Let me know how it goes. Great question… I put a bunch in the crockpot with salsa and taco seasoning and then I can use it all throughout the week. I will even snack on it with crackers or something too during the day. I’ve been trying to up my protein and it helps to just have it there. I hope you have a great week too Eleanor and tell me how this 5k goes afterwards!


My workout this morning was similar to yours! w/u, 2 miles at marathon pace, and then 6 x 800’s at 2 different paces, and a cool down. Only I got 2 minutes recovery between each interval (1 minute would have been brutal) I prefer a track, but we don’t have one that’s consistently open, so I end up running a flat loop around some lakes nearby.
Also – I count steps when i’m mentally getting tired. I actually find when i can get the step counting and breathing in a nice rhythm I can hold the pace I need to!
I also have some trouble sometimes syncing the workout in my Garmin (I have the same – 225). Lately I’ve had to delete older ones to get the new one on and then sync it like 45 times and it works! ;)
My daughter and I had a long talk about how she wants to live in Texas when she grows up (we live in Illinois now) and live on a ranch with horses and start training her kids to ride horses when they are 6 months old. #horsedreams :)

Have a great day!!


I wish we could have done our workout together! Way to go… and 6 800’s… I think I might have died haha! YES… it really does help to count steps sometimes. I love it. THANK YOU for the tip about deleting older ones, that is totally my problem and I probably would have never figured that out if you wouldn’t have told me ha. Our daughters would be really good friends! Thanks Meg, you too!


That looks like an awesome workout! Way to get it done, even if it didn’t feel great the whole time.

Usually my favorite kind of cookies to bake is a deep dark chocolate with white chocolate chunks. But yesterday at the store I saw candy corn and remembered your killer peanut+candy corn mix (I think it was you?). And now I’m maybe going to make peanut butter candy corn cookies this weekend.


Thanks Victoria! YES, that was me!!! You have to make those cookies and send me the recipe after. That sounds so good right now…

I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Ricotta cookies are pretty popular in our house!
And I use Lindsey Hein as my coach! Nothing like listening to your coach’s podcast on long runs!


YOU DO… oh that is awesome. I absolutely adore her. She must be amazing!


My favorite cookies are the everything one’s I got from you a couple years ago! :) I’m coming off a cold, so light running the past few days!


Oh those are my sister’s number one favorite cookies too… I think I need to make them asap. Bummer about your cold, I hope you feel 100% soon!


I love cookies, but mine never turn out great…….>>I am better at eating them than making them, ha!

I start with a few training plans and then piece them together. Like this one I am using now is a combo of a Kara Goucher get faster half plan and a “hilly half” plan from runners world. I am not great on speedwork and usually just focus on distance, but I have 5 weeks to go and I am trying a few speed things for the next 3 weeks or so.

This weekend I have a concert I am pumped for! Shenandoah, a country group from the 80’s and 90’s is doing a 30 year anniversary tour! So excited!


BAHAHA I’m better at eating them too;) I love that you piece your plans together… it makes them so personal for you and what you need to do. You are going to rock your half in five weeks. I’m cheering you on. ENJOY THE CONCERT!!


No bake cookies and your chocolate chip cookies. I will try the snicker doodle cookies this weekend.


Well, that just made me smile really big. SO glad you love my chocolate chip cookies:) Let me know what you think about the snicker doodles! Have a fabulous Thursday Megan!


I have a 10K coming up, so I NEED to be doing this speedwork!

But – I have an unrelated question. Would Andrew do a guest post on work/life balance while being a full-time student? I just got into PA school (hooray!!), and I would love to hear from another involved partner/parent on any tips for doing both school and life well :). Thanks!!


Kristi, HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats on getting into PA school. You are absolutely amazing. Yes, yes, yes and yes. That is a great idea. I will have him start working on a post asap. Thanks Kristi and good luck with your 10k, keep me updated with your training, the race and school!


Thank you Janae!! :D I am so excited, but also nervous and wondering how in the world I will do it all.

I really appreciate it!

Good luck with your upcoming marathon, and enjoy those cookies :)


Andrew really was so nervous about doing it all too leading into it and he is so believe in yourself… YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!! Thank you!


Oh my gosh… I did my speed/track workout on the treadmill this morning. It was fun! I like the track, but the change up this morning felt really nice. I don’t think I could do speed work on the roads. I like knowing I only have to go around the track once (or twice) and a certain speed and then I can slow down.. ha ha
Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite to make, and I just made Joanna Gains’ recipe from her book Magnolia Table, and it is sooooooo good!!
Have a great Thursday :)


GO WENDY GO!!! That is awesome that you got in a great speed workout today! Okay, now I need to try her recipe today… of course hers are the best. Thanks, you too!


Two favorite cookies in our household – Butterscotch Oatmeal and Peanut Butter w/Hershey Kisses (http://mcmomentsandmemories.blogspot.com/2009/12/friday-foodie-christmas-baking-edition.html) I am lazy and start with a cookie mix, but I’m sure you could find a “real” recipe online!

I bought a marathon training plan when I ran my first marathon (it’s on TrainingPeaks) TrainingPeaks allows me to re-use the plan by choosing another race date. It’s changed a bit through the years. During my last marathon, I switched “easy” run days with riding my bike for the same amount of time – that really helped with injury prevention and some mental burn out.

What has the best part of your week been so far – We are having beautiful weather this week! Highs only in the 80s and lows in the 60s.

I’ve only done speed work on the road. When I was training for Revel, I purposely found hills to run down!


And now I want to make every recipe on that post. PS I love the photos of you and Les on your blog, you share a wonderful life together! That is a really great idea to switch up the easy run days with bike time… brilliant. Oh enjoy that perfect weather! Have a wonderful day Kathy!


Those Christmas baking recipes get me – every year I say, “I’m not going to make as much this year,” then I start looking at all the deliciousness and can’t stop! Two days later I fall into a sugar coma ;) Les and I really have been blessed with an incredible life. I’ll tell you this, our path has been nothing like we dreamed it would be, but it’s been so incredible! Happy Friday Eve, Janae!


SEEING the words peanut butter kiss cookies reminds me so much of my sweet grandmother. She made them for us (along with oatmeal cookies!) every time she visited from Ohio, or every time we would visit from NJ where I grew up. Seeing those words brought such a smile to my face. Thank you for that. <3 <3


Glad I could bring a smile! My grandmother always had brownies at her house. I love those memories.


Man oh man you are fast. And I am slow. Just like your shoe size is about double mine, my PACE–because I am just naturally slow, because I need to do 1 min run/walk intervals, because I am not working towards pace goals–is nearly double yours. My running is nothing like yours, but my passion for what I can do is entirely my own. The time I spend out there, whatever my knee will let me do matters to me in ways I can’t write about on a blog comment. I admire your dedication and your ability to go after your goals, and even though you’re so much stronger and so much tougher, somehow I think we’re not all TOO different maybe? Just in the details? I love running the way Brooke loves Elf and that picture of her on Elf. It just looks a little (ok, a lot) different.

My favorite cookie to make–well I don’t make MANY cookies because I will eat them. But try mixing together 1 c nutella, 1 egg, 1 c almond flour (and optional: 1 c coconut sugar), rolling dough into small balls (think smaller than a golf ball, maybe about 2/3 the size of one…), flattening it into a small disc that’s maybe 1/4″ thick, and baking on 350 for about 8-10 min depending on your oven. Let the cookies sit for a bit so they become less pliable. It’s delicious.

This cookie–I may not make it too often (I have no willpower when faced with cookies…or ice cream…or candy…and *especially* when faced with nutella…or m&ms…HA!!!)–but when I *do* make them, I am grateful that one batch makes not TOO MANY cookies that I am surrounded by them for many days on end.

Tom and I found this recipe a couple of years ago. It’s EXCELLENT. I have never made the cookies on my own–though he doesn’t know it, I am “letting” this be one of his recipes that he makes to make me smile when I’ve gone through a rough patch. Luckily, our crock pot is small enough that, once we cut these cookies up into approx. 2-bite square pieces, we only have about 20-24 or so of them so we have a not-as-bad-as-it-could-be kind of cookie indulgence for just a couple of days. EVERY SINGLE BITE IS SO SO SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!


Another option with that recipe–don’t cut up the cookies but serve it for dessert with frosting, cookie-cake style! You will love it, I am sure!


Stephanie, you are an INCREDIBLE runner. Absolutely amazing. And the humidity you run in is something else, I would die! We are not different at all… we are all runners and we all have a passion for it and goals that we are chasing. Okay, those cookies sound amazing. Andrew would love it for the nutella! And crockpot cookies–> YES PLEASE! Thank you and have a beautiful day!


Make those nutella cookies! But a fair warning–with so few ingredients, they can spread a bit. So leave space between each flattened-up ball. and your hands will get super-sticky and wind up looking like a nutella version of ‘swamp thing’ by the time you’re done rolling dough balls and then flattening them on parchment paper/silpat/whatever you use!

And the crockpot cookie–if Tom can make it, then anyone can make it. My husband may not love to cook, but he is amazing at following recipes and told me it is actually quite easy! Maybe it would be a fun “cooking lesson” to prepare the cookie dough and put it in the crock pot on a day when you take the kiddos out–and then in the evening, after your day out and about, the big ol’ cookie is ready! ;)


Just wanted to say the pic of Brooke kissing Skye and her reaction to it is priceless. :) Have a great day, Janae! It’s my Friday because my husband works from home tmrw! :)


If I was a serious enough runner I would prefer speed work on treadmill (I’m bummed I need to get mine fixed) . Although I’m curious what it would be like to run a track.
Aww I think Knox loves that quality time with his step Mama:) so sweet …
Yay my kids started soccer too and it is so much fun to watch them play!


I just love a traditional chocolate chip cookie but with chunks – buying choc chunks is better than chips.
Also, I piece together plans and what I’ve done in the past. I can’t pay for a coach right now but I do think they are the secret to PRs and goals being met.
I’m new to speed workouts trying to get faster this time around. I kind of like the treadmill so I can set the pace and stick with it instead of staring at my watch the whole time. But I also don’t have an easy access track nearby.


It’s so cute how sweet both Brooke and Knox are with Skye. I think there’s something magical about that 5 year gap. And a super easy cookie recipe: 1 C peanut butter, 1 C sugar and 1egg. Roll into balls, flatten slightly and bake at 350 for around 10 minutes. I’ll often cut the sugar to 1/2 C and add 1/2 C chocolate chips.
I’m also obsessed with these cookies. They’re not overly sweet, and with the almond flour and coconut oil, they are a nice satisfying snack that can give you some energy http://womensrunning.competitor.com/2017/03/nutrition/recipes/paleo-chocolate-chip-cookies-recipe_73177


I’m glad to hear your speed workout went well. I am running hills tonight after work! Yay! Speed on the roads – it seems so much shorter than when you are on a track. ;) Also, I feel it mimics what race day might feel like. I enjoy guessing where the speed repeat will end (that mailbox or the tree just beyond it) sometimes I guess accurately and sometimes I am waaaay off! But sometimes it surprises me because I think that the half mile will be so much farther than it actually is which is always a boost to my endurance/confidence that day!


I had been using the “3 and 2” plan from the Run Less Run Faster book due to some achilles issues in the past. This was a great plan for getting back into running after a 15-yr hiatus. Good results and very pleased with this plan. After going through 4 cycles on this plan I am now moving to a “power-based” plan from Stryd. I am so glad that I am switching plans because tepeated cycles of speed work and tempo work on the 3 and 2 plan were burning me out. I also am gravitating towatd running six days a week instead of four.

I prefer tracks for speed and tempo workouts. I think it builds a toughness and also helps me develop steady state pacing. Also trails near my house are hilly and do not let me hit the speeds I need. I was a successful track athlete in HS so I also get to re-live my glory days in my head (ha!). The best high school tracks are locked up most of the time but I have been known climb a fence or two. I have actually been able to sneak onto Folsom field at CU Boulder a few times without being chased off. Many middle schools have tracks that are not pro-quality but are accurate enough for my needs (i use GPS and rarely run on inside lane anyway). I live on the Front Range in Westminster CO so I particularly value my son’s middle school track that has great wind shielding. Wind here makes winter workouts just dreadful.


I only published the Christmas version of these but without the candycanes they’re pretty amazing year round. The recipe is on a cocoa tinted/scented index card labeled “Dad’s Favorite Chocolate Cookies” and I’ve had it since high school. I got a version of it from a church cookbook then adapted it and my Dad loved them so much- probably my first “my recipe”!


Our family favorite is really simple – basically this recipe using Reese’s peanut butter chips, but we also add about 3/4 cup mini M&M baking bits or mini chocolate chips – so simple but so good!

My favorite part of the week was seeing wild otters swimming right in front of our pier while visiting northern Wisconsin earlier this week – I kind of wanted to take them home! I’m glad to be home and am looking forward to a run where I don’t have to worry about being chased by a bear, though – the north woods scare me just a little!

Great job on those Yasso 800’s!


Oops, sorry the recipe link didnt post – https://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/reeses-original-peanut-butter-chip-cookies-289943


The rest of the website is very good. I’m just now reading and enjoying your doing fun with kids. and I love it! I still can’t believe how you dreamed this up Everything you do is so true to your style and this is no exception. Well done friend


I have actually read a lot of your blog posts in the last hour. I really enjoy what you are doing here. Thanks for Good post, i definitely enjoy this fantastic website, keep posting more stuff. Pinning the recipe.


Your all blog post are awesome and I have read all of them. Thank you for sharing your thought by these blog post. Great reading for me.


This is really great reading for me. You had really a great experience. Thank you for sharing this article.


Those cookies are everything! I do workouts on weekends bcz of a busy week.


My preferred a part of the week turned into seeing wild otters swimming right in the front of our pier while journeying northern Wisconsin earlier this week – I type of wanted to take them domestic! I’m satisfied to be Best Electric Smoker domestic and am searching forward to a run wherein I don’t ought to fear approximately being chased via a bear, even though – the north woods scare me just a little!


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