Vegas, Long Run on the Marathon Course and Training Week #4!

18 miles turned into 19 miles because we miscalculated things a bit and since I felt good… we just kept going until we got to where the Lyft driver was picking up Andrew to take him back to our car.

It’s been a very long time since I have gone this far (my last marathon… St. George on 10/16) and it was so fun to be back at it again.  I love the distance stuff.

Well, we are counting this run as our date for the week… it was kind of the best in my opinion.  Now to find a marathon that allows me to do the entire course with Andrew on his bike next to me.  That was something else.  It was so much fun to have him there with me and to talk and hang out.

PS not only did Andrew get up at 4:50 to do this with me but he also ran afterwards too.


IMG 9950

We got out the door a bit later than we planned Saturday morning and stopped at a gas station for more water before driving to where we were going to start.  When I first checked out the weather it freaked me out a bit.  It should be cooler on race day (probably start at 60 degrees and finish around 75-80 degrees) so it was great practice for me to get in a long run with conditions that are warmer than it will be during the race.

IMG 9841

We started at about mile 4 on the course.  The first 4 miles of the course are pretty boring with zero uphill so we skipped over that and focused on the hardest parts of the course… mile 7-12ish and mile 19.

There were SO many runners out practicing the course… we probably saw about 30-40 just while running.  Everyone’s getting ready for the race and it was fun to see a bunch of runners out there!

I am so glad that I was able to get a test drive in on the course.  I realized that Veyo isn’t as hard as I was thinking it was BUT that the next hill after that one is (probably because it is right after Veyo).  It was about a mile long but a gradual incline.  Veyo felt shorter and steeper.  I also realized I need to save a good amount of energy for mile 19 too.

IMG 9843

PS I’m sharing a bunch of lessons I learned (that might be helpful for your training too) tomorrow because I feel like I learned a ton yesterday.

IMG 0125

This.  This is why I love this marathon so much.  The views are incredible.  And I’m praying for a nice tailwind on race day (this tends to happen often on this course)!

IMG 9901

See, gorgeous!

IMG 9877

During the four mile w/u I had a few stops.  I had to go to the bathroom twice (I think I over drank water leading up to the long run because this never happens to me normally) and before the workout portion started to take off all of our lights etc because at that point it was very light outside.  Once the workout started I didn’t stop again until the end but there were stops (where I stopped my garmin) during the warmup.

4 mile w/u, 3 x 3 miles fast w/3 minute recovery jogs, 5 mile cool-down.

The first set of 3 miles were the hardest because there was a good amount of up in those, the second set of 3 miles had a lot of down which felt awesome and the very last mile of the third set was killer and up the entire time.   The c/d was pretty quick because there is some good down in that section too.  I felt good and strong so I just kind of let my body do it’s thing.  That 6:15 thrown in there is a screaming fast mile… pure down.  You are rarely ever on a flat portion for this race, you are either going up or down pretty much the entire time.

IMG 9955

I was excited to see a new record (post-Skye) after the run finished.

IMG 9917

And the final stats.  SOOOOO I definitely wore the wrong socks and they were way too low and that caused some blisters on the back of my feet. Working on figuring out all of the exact things we need to wear/use on race day is quite the process.

IMG 9921

And then the Lyft driver picked up Andrew to take him back 19 miles to our car.  Andrew’s parents watched the kids while we were doing this.  They are the absolute best.   I just sat with Andrew’s bike at the gas station, stretched and had water and gatorade.

When I finished it was 82 degrees.  I felt a little warm towards the end but nothing too bad… all of our summer training is going to really pay off this fall you guys!

IMG 9924

I’m not sure if Brooke and Knox even noticed we were gone.  They were quite involved with the lizard and all of the new to them toys.

IMG 9954

This might have been my best post-long run lunch to date.  We went to a Peruvian restaurant called Viva Chicken and it is amazing.  I had the rotisserie chicken fried rice dish and sweet potato fries.  I need this after every long run.  It hit the spot.

IMG 9956

Skye gave us the silent treatment throughout lunch for leaving to do something fun without her in the morning.  Or maybe she is just the biggest people watcher ever right now.

IMG 9958

And then we drove to Vegas to go to Andrew’s sister’s house.  A lot of my in-laws are all in town for our nephew’s farewell (he is leaving to the Philippines) so we hung out and caught up with everyone.

I also took a nap on the couch and it was magical.

IMG 9965

Skye just hanging out with her great great grandpa!  Brooke and Knox were very busy with their cousins running around:)

IMG 9968

I hope your Sunday is a great one!


Here is what week #4 (of a short marathon training cycle:) looked like for me!

Monday:  Off—>  Recovering from strep.

Tuesday:  6 miles on the treadmill with some hills thrown in there @ 8:00 pace

Wednesday:  10.16 miles at 8:04 average pace.

Thursday: 8.2 miles @ 8:38

Friday:  8.1 miles @ 8:55

Saturday:  19 miles @ 7:03 average pace.  4 w/u, 3 x 3 fast (w/3 minute jog recoveries), 5 c/d.

Sunday:  Off!  I’m going to take today very easy.

51.46 miles for the week and 48 days until race day!


What is your Sunday going to be filled with?

What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

Is it cooling down yet where you live?

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What an awesome workout! So cool that you got to do some course recon, and your post-workout lunch looks amazing.


THANKS GIRL!!! I hope your Sunday has been a great one and that you are enjoying some shorter workouts than normal this weekend:)


Great job on the 19 miles! I really think this marathon is going to be a good one for you!
Today my main focus is tearing down and rebuilding my front porch. I’m super grateful that I have friends who are very talented at home improvements to help!
I ran a 7 mile race yesterday in somewhere around 90 degree weather. My pace was slower than expected but I finished! That heat and sun was no joke! That was my hardest run but I’m also going to count it as my best because 1 – I could’ve dropped down to the 5k and didn’t, and I could’ve just not done it at all, and I finished!


Thank you Rhiannon!! Okay, that sounds like an awesome project… I want before and after pictures. Way to go on those hot hot hot miles. The heat/sun is killer and you rocked it! Way to go, you are strong!


Best run: the race! It was amazing.

Today? I’ll be moving as little as possible haha. So sore! But still so happy I did it.

The view of yesterday’s race was really pretty too. The sun coming over the mountains remind d me and my cousin of our grandma and we spent the first mile talking about it and her. It was so fun. I can imagine that St. George is a really amazing race too…I wish they had a half.


I am so excited for your recap… you rocked it woman!! Recover well:) I love that the sun reminded you of your grandma, that is awesome:) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Nice work, Janae! Looking strong.
Long run day here, plus booking fall vacation to DC, plus endless laundry, and entertaining family that’s in from out of town. And trying to find a store that still has an AC unit in stock because the inlaws’ AC isn’t working… but first, coffee.
Have I told you how much I admire that you can do parenting to three small kids without coffee or alcohol? Just wow. You are one tough lady.


You are really kind:) I think all runners and all parents are extremely tough:) Good luck with your day… you guys are BUSY!! I hope your week is an amazing one!


Awesome job on that run! I am definitely adding the St. George marathon to my must do list! It is so pretty!
My runs lately have all felt really hard, my legs have felt heavy and like I can’t get them to move the way they’re supposed to! I’m not quite sure why…. My one good run this week was 5miles on the treadmill. So, hoping this next week is better! I have a half marathon coming up the 1st weekend in October, so a little bit of time to get things feeling like they should ?
Today will start with a 6 mile run, then just relaxing with the family and doing the weekly meal planning (a favorite thing for me to do)
Enjoy your Sunday and being with family ?


Thank you so much Wendy! Ohhhh I totally know those kinds of weeks where your legs just feel dead. I hope that next week is a million times better! AHHH we have the same race weekend… I’m cheering you on. I hope your day has been perfect and come meal plan for us.


Awesome job!!! I am curious: What does your nutrition look like on a long run day? Do you find you eat a lot more or does it hit you through next day?


Hey Robyn… so for me my hunger is a bit more the day of a long run but it really kicks in the next day. I haven’t stopped eating today:) What about for you?


Way to train smart and hard!
*This weekend (Sunday only) will be a rest day for me.
*Longest run was technically my 5.2 mile leg of the Rangnar Relay Great River Run which is a 200ish mule relay from Winona MN up through and along the Mississippi River on the Wisconsin side then over into St. Paul MN with a team of 12 people.
* Definitely not cooling down here yet. August and early September can be some of the warmest humid days here.


AHHH you did Ragnar this week?! Way to go… sounds like it was a blast and an awesome accomplishment! Good luck with this next month of crazy weather. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Meghan!


Hi Janae,
I’ve been reading your blog for many years but this is my first time commenting. I’m running the Long Beach Marathon in CA in October (this will be my 3rd marathon) and I had a training questions for you; how many 20 mile runs do you normally do in your training? I have only one scheduled for this marathon which I feel is best for my body to avoid overtraining.



EVA!!! I am so so happy you commented. Hello and thank you for reading over the years. I am STOKED for you to run Long Beach, I’ve always wanted to do that one. That is a great question, I am not sure how many I will do this time (my coach sends me one week at a time) but I’m guessing probably 2 but I have done many marathons with 1 20 miler too and it worked out great. You are doing an amazing job at avoiding overtraining. I would rather show up a tiny bit undertrained than overtrained on race day. You are doing the right thing. Please keep me updated with your training and how you are feeling. I am cheering you on!


I like all the St George details! We are getting serious about doing a trip there next year for the marathon!


You NEED to!!!!! Come come come!


Sometimes when i run it helps with my bowel elomination…whoo I sure feel like I can BREATHE after that long poop!


Yay! Good for you to get out and see how much your training is paying off on the race course!
I went and did a 3.5 mile run on the 8 mile trail run course for next weekend. Actually getting a lay of the land always helps my mental game before a race I feel! The rest of the day is taking it easy and watching Cubs baseball fir my weekend date with my BF.


Oh I am so glad you did that! It seriously is so helpful to see what you will be racing! Good luck next weekend and I want to hear all about it! Enjoy the game!


True story: I got kind of giddy when I saw Andrew’s Instagram stories yesterday with your pacing and how well you felt! I bet that was such a boost of confidence!


You are seriously the sweetest. Thank you SO much! I hope you are having a great day Tiffany!


Looking strong ! :) Great job with that long run and at 80 F, pfff that’s way too hot for me :p. Its finally getting cooler here, I think we get to the low 80s as the high, which makes me really happy :) I feel like it’s been summer since February, can’t wait for fall running …
Have an awesome week…


I am soooo looking forward to fall running too:) we all deserve it! Thank you Citla and I hope your Sunday has been great so far!


Great job! Can’t wait to hear all the tips! It is not cooling down at all where I live but I can’t complain I love near Coastal weather.

So same thing happened to my feet with new socks before my marathon. I was nervous the blisters would be painful. But I put bandaids on them during the marathon and was fine. So maybe try some bandaids on your next run?


That is a great idea! Thanks Christina! Oh I want some coastal weather:) Enjoy and have a great rest of your Sunday!


Hi there, I just ran the Jack and Jill Downhill Marathon in Washington which allows bikes on the course!! My girlfriend rode all 26.2 with me and handed me my gels and kept me motivated. It was the best!!! Plus, it’s a net downhill course and you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery, which helps too :)
Thanks for always keeping me motivated and inspired


SONYA!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats on your marathon. That is awesome and so cool that your girlfriend rode with you. I literally was looking at this course a few days ago. It looks amazing!! Was it hard running on the trail or no?


Oh gosh, not at all. It’s super hard packed dirt/gravel so it felt great! And it’s mostly tree-lined so you get a lot of shade, too. I think you would love it!
I think this was my first time commenting after reading for years and years and just want to thank you again for being so inspiring and sharing your journey. And for all the great tips (even if I’ll never be as fast as you ; )
I always look forward to reading your posts. It’s been incredible and a joy following your path!


Okay, this sounds like my dream marathon! Thanks Sonya! Thank you for your kind comment… it means the world to me. Keep in touch please!!!


Tell andrew THANK YOU! I did the ‘ride my bike along with my hubby’ while he ran the first 6/12 miles yesterday! It wasn’t much but was my first bike ride in YEARS and my hubby even bought me a cute new helmet!


Wow what a fast training run! My doctor here in California is running St George also. He keeps telling me to run it. He is a sub 4 marathoner and 57 years old like me. I’ve run Salt Lake City Marathon but not St George yet. I too will be running Long Beach Marathon in the fall the day after your race. This will be my 82nd marathon since 2003 but it won’t be nearly as fast as your training run. I’m more of a run/walk/run marathoner especially since surviving cancer in 2014-2015 and having to regain all my fitness again. Anyway, great run. Wish I could run like that. My 18.46 mile run took me 3 1/2 hours. Anyway great run! ?

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