Silentish Saturday–> Road trip and haven’t gone this far in 22 months!


8 miles @ 8:55 pace.  All of the bugs in the county were out and hitting me in the face the entire time.

IMG 9782

She gets just as excited for breakfast as I do.

LRG DSC05012

After Andrew was done with his shift we hit the road to go down south.

IMG 9811

We drove straight without stopping until dinner.

IMG 9815

IMG 9824

IMG 9828

Pizza, pasta and water… my favorite pre-long run meal.

IMG 9831

Staying at our family’s house and the kids are loving it.

IMG 9838

Time to go the farthest I have gone in 22 months—>  AHHHHHHHHHH!

IMG 9836

It’s going to be a little bit warm.

IMG 9813

Be your own fangirl this weekend!  (from Kara’s book)

IMG 9814

And now it is less than 50 days away… 49!

IMG 9832

Andrew’s all ready with his bike to accompany me today….  w/u, 3 x 3 miles fastish, 3 minute recovery jogs, c/d.

IMG 9834

I’m excited to have him pass me a cold water bottle whenever I need a drink!

IMG 9839

Have a great Saturday!!


Tell me three things that you are doing today!!!

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Good luck and ENJOY!

Things I’m doing today: Waiting for my new iPad to arrive (you understand how exciting this is, right? Like, dorkishly exciting) and running friends doing non-running things together today — sometimes we do things in regular people clothes!:D


Thank you so much Tiffany! Oh that is WAY exciting… I do all of my reading on mine and I’m obsessed with it! Hahah enjoy your normal people activities with your running best friends:) I love it.


Good luck today! That is a warm run! Having Andrew there will help the miles tick by so much faster though.

Workout. Soccer game. Taking Anna and Evan on a back to school date.


Thanks girl! Oh fun… where are you guys going to go for the date? Jill’s class this morning… you are so strong. Wuv you.


Work, work, and work. Your run sounds way more fun than my day. have a good run!


I hope work today goes well and you get to do something fun/relaxing after. Thank you Lee!


Have fun! And stay cool!!

I’m doing laundry
Packing that laundry for vacation
Then heading to my moms for family dinner.

Dinner will be extra fun because my cousin who is one of my best friends is also coming.

My long run is tomorrow!


Thank you Mary!! Sounds like a great day and where are you going for vacation? Have an awesome long run and let me know how it goes afterwards!


I’m excited to hear how you long run goes in the early morning Vegas heat!. My sister lives there and when I visit her in the summer, I only run inside on the treadmill ? Seriously… Whoever runs in those conditions is a super hero!
Today is an easy run, followed by a long walk for the dog, and then a celebration of life for an amazing woman!
Have a wonderful trip!


HEY WENDY!!! So we ended up stopping in St. George to practice on the course so not as hot as Vegas but quite warm! That sounds like an amazing day to me… Enjoy Wendy! Thank you!


I hope your long run is awesome! I LOVE that quote about being your own fan girl and hope you get to practice that today! (I really want to read Kara’s book too!! I think I will wait to get it until closer to my marathon so I can use it as motivation) I am home visiting my parents this weekend and found a 20k race where I used to run CC so I definitely signed up and ran it this morning! It was four 5k laps around their lake – I’ve never done that trail before (it got put in after I graduated) so it was definitely a repetitive adventure. We are in MN so everything is really hazy from all the fires in Canada which made for a weird first two laps – no sunglasses, what?!?! But it was cooler than Illinois that that was nice! I did a 2.25 mile w/u and a 2.25 mile c/d for 17 miles total ish. Now I am getting ready to make sauerkraut with my dad (our family is super German so it is a yearly tradition)! Have a great weekend.


You are going to love this book… it is so great! I am so glad you are with your parents this weekend! WAY TO GO on your race today… you are amazing!! You rocked it today Emily:) Enjoy the sauerkraut (my mouth watered reading about that)! What marathon are you doing again?


I’m running the Peoria marathon! It is my home town so it will be a good first marathon! If it goes well I’ve been thinking I might try to run Grandma’s next year (or maybe even the half) since I grew up in MN and it is THE marathon I grew up hearing about (so maybe I would see you there)!


Emily are you running the Whiskeydaddle marathon in Peoria, IL? If so I will probably “run into you” there. I am running the half marathon BUT thinking about paying some extra to run the full! Do you live in Central IL??


Lindsay, yes I am running the Whiskeydaddle full! I live in Peoria so that is what made me sign up for the full (since I won’t have to travel or get up ridiculously early)! Have you run any of the Whiskeydaddle races before?


I ran the anchor leg of the marathon relay last year. Our team won the co-ed team. It was fun. I am a little hesitant to run the full because it got so warm last year. Do you have a goal time for the full marathon?


Oh that is awesome! Good job last year (belated but still great). I don’t really have a time goal, I have been thinking sub 5 but it will be my first full marathon so I’m not sure what to expect and just want to finish mostly. I did a 20k today in just over 2 hours so I am hoping the full will go as well, haha! I’m hoping it will cool down some by the race but Peoria has been hot hot hot all summer so I’m just making sure I do my best to learn how to run long in the heat right now.


Hey Emily … if you want to shoot me an email ([email protected]) maybe we can try to connect before or after the race. If not that’s cool too. Its really cool when you find other local blog readers/runners.


You’re inspiring me to go on a run! I haven’t been into wanting to run lately.

Yay for your long run!!

Also I listened to your podcasts on Ali on the Run…so funny I feel like we are good friends lol!
I just love your positivity and how encouraging you are even when you’re being interviewed.


WE ARE FRIENDS!!! Come to Utah and I’ll take you to Cafe Rio:) Thank you for listening Christina! I hope you were able to get out and run today. Enjoy your weekend!


Good luck today!!

Three things I have going on today:
-19 mile run – DONE. It was a tough one and I am VERY glad it’s over!
-Teaching a yoga class this afternoon.
-Relaxing hard and hopefully getting froyo at some point :)


Way to go Arthi! You made an awesome deposit into your training! Enjoy the yoga class, relaxing and FROYO!


Those mango slices from TJ’s are my favorite! No added sugar and not too chewy.
Biking with the hubs is the best! I am always faster and it is so convenient they can carry more water and stuff for you!

3 things: work, rainy run (hopefully, yesterday it didn’t last too long and got really humid), and movie night on the couch.


They really are so good… I’m eating more this afternoon! That sounds like the perfect day to me! Enjoy Loribeth!


Early, short, very easy run – legs are still very tired from last week’s race.
Grocery store.
Hiding out inside because it’s storming for the rest of the day.


Ahh! That race was amazing! You were right, I might be hooked :). I won’t clog your comments up with the details but I’ll be posting about it on my blog or can tell you about it in text or email so people can enjoy your comments.


Does your black tank have sparkly stars? So cute.

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