Silentish Saturday

6 miles yesterday (8:48 average pace and I did not feel great…) and 16 miles (hopefully today feels better) today.

Can you see the squished snake on the left of my picture… it freaked me out when I first saw it.

IMG 9353

Smokey morning.

IMG 9354

I can’t even believe this is happening, Skye isn’t a big fan of peaches.  She tried them and then tossed the holder on the floor.

IMG 9368

I made sure to eat them for her instead on top of a big pancake.

IMG 9382

We spent the day doing a whole lot of nothing.

IMG 9383

Drove up north to meet family for dinner.

IMG 9397

Stuck in traffic forever on the way and Skye was not happy until I put my hand close to her.

IMG 9384

The best way to carbo-load.

IMG 9391

She thinks she is a big deal.  I had the sirloin with mashed potatoes and a sweet potato.

IMG 9392

Mall time.

IMG 9386

The beginning of blackberry (from their garden) cobbler:

IMG 9399

I’m running in my in-law’s area because the air quality is just getting worse and worse where we live because of a fire…

IMG 9398

I could have hit up the treadmill but 16 miles is a long time to be on a treadmill so I’m grateful I can run up here.

IMG 9372

And this way I have a special guest joining me for the miles on his bike!!!

IMG 9401


Tell me three things that you are doing today?!

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Are those the CA fires sending smoke all the way to Utah?! Crazy.
I hope you enjoy your run with A on his bike…….I love the runs where my husband bikes with me. He goes a bit ahead but stops every mile or so to wait on me and to offer me water. So fun!

Today: work, biking date to bbq, and then biking to grocery shop!

Have a great one!


Good luck on your 16 miler! We’ve had some terrible air quality days here in SoCal, it really limits what you can and should be doing outside.

I’m the one riding a bike today because of a fractured metatarsal :( It was feeling better and then I stepped wrong yesterday and I wasn’t wearing the boot. Boo! At least I can still bike! And then I plan on cleaning out my closet and taking my girl for a pedicure before school starts next week!


I hope that your 16 miler is awesome! After weeks of heat and humidity the weather up here is finally perfect and I’m headed out the door right now for my run.


Have a great run!

I usually have my long run on Saturdays but cut it a little short. Even though temp wise it was actually a little nicer it’s still pretty humid. Glad you mentioned easy runs and the benefits. It helped me get through today. Tempo wise it looked easy on my Garmin but it did not feel easy!

Rest of the day will be spent finalizing homeschool plans to begin on Monday! Whoohoo!!! I always love new pencils, crayons, and books. :)

And then tonight out to dinner to celebrate my mother-in-laws bday at one of our favorite places. In a quaint town just a little north of us there’s a great southern restaurant with the best charcuterie boards and fun sides like deviled eggs and pimento cheese. Enjoy your weekend!


Have a great 16 miler! It will be good because you’ll have company.

all of your posts about peaches make me want to bake a peach pie. i might have to break down and do that. have you ever had a peach cake? i haven’t but one of my coworkers talks about them and says they are delicious. if you’re looking for a baking project, that might be a good one.

Extra work for me today. I’m not pleased but it’s today or next Friday and I’m off next Friday to take the kids to the beach. it has been planned for weeks. I can’t let them down. No run today but i will get to run two miles uninterrupted tomorrow. I used to put up my nose at a two mile run now I’m really excited. two miles is better than no miles. it will be on the treadmill because it’s supposed to rain but my running buddy will be Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy……then they’ll join me for a few miles of walking. Taking a break later to do some back to school shopping with the kids. it’s hard to believe there’s only three weeks until school starts.

have a great weekend!


We came to Idaho to get out of the smoke, but now I’m worrying about coming back! I need that fire to be gone by Saturday! Have they ever canceled a race like that?


Groceries, Gym, PIZZA!!!


How cool that Andrew is cycling with you :) Hope you had a great run! Maybe Skye will come round to peaches! Today we are mainly driving to where we are holidaying. So far it has rained solidly since we crossed the border into Wales!! I promised our son fish and chips for tea, but I think it may be one of those soggy chips while wearing a rain mac sort of occasions (very British ?)


CrossFit class this morning then baseball tournament with my son all weekend. Can’t believe my little one is big enough to play in sports tournaments now! Hope your 16-miler went well. So great that Andrew could go with you! It makes such a difference!


Hey Janae!! You’re gonna rock your 16 miler!! Good luck and happy running :)

We recently went for a hike at Arches and almost stepped on a snake and found out how fast I can really move!!

3 things…AMT machine at gym (done!), visiting my Dad, and dinner with neighbors! I hope you have an amazing day with your beautiful family :)


Have a good run !!! So nice to have a bike visitor for those 16 miles too ! I got in a couple miles this morning, but I wasn’t feelin it. Was tired and draggy, my legs felt like weights. Yesterday though, was a great few miles !!
We are: 1. Going to see how long it takes for me to run and my daughter to ride her bike to the school. So we know what time to leave in the morning when school starts. This is how we are going to get to and from school as long as good weather will let us., 2. Using my new crockpot today since my old one died, 3. Hoping to get a little swimming in and 4. Free Movie in the Park night in the town my parents live in. Showing Moana. We’ve seen it several times, but we love it and the movie in the park nights are so fun.


Have fun, girl! Marathon training is no joke when the mileage starts really increasing.
I go to the in-laws’ ski cabin to get my runs in because of the smoke here and am very grateful I can do that. It smells like a bad campsite at home right now because of the fires close by.


I hope you have a great 16 miler today! How fun for Andrew to be biking with you! I love that.
3 things today: rest day (I hit 50 miles this week while marathon training, which I believe is my highest mileage week ever, woohoo!), recovering from seeing Billy Joel at Fenway Park last night (soooo much fun!), and running some house related errands with my husband. Happy Saturday to you and your family!


I hope your 16 miles went great!
I ran 6 miles this morning and I was NOT feeling it. Couldn’t get into the pace I wanted, I was hot, sore, tired…just not my day. But every other run this week has been amazing so I guess I was due for a dud.
Three things: make a Trader Joe’s trip, clean my house, and I have a movie night planned with friends tonight and I’m SO excited!


Hope you feel great on the long run today! Three things – meal prep, going to a friends birthday party annnnnnd maybe a nap? Lol


I saw a banana peel in the street on my run yesterday and thought it was a snake. Sacred half to death by a banana! Lol!
Errands, errands and more errands on the plan for today.
Good luck on your 16 miler!


I ran 16 miles today too! It is the farthest I have run ever! Whoa! Hope your run is good and glad to hear you could get away from all the smoke.
Today I am doing house chores like laundry and vacuuming (it really needs it, haha), then I’m going to take a nap, then I’m going to chill tonight. Pretty much a lot of take it easy.


We’re getting the smoke all the way in Colorado today, think I’ll be on the treadmill all week because of it.
Hope your run is great!


I feel you on this one, Skye — peaches are gross! :)


1) Race day (I wonder if smoke is why my throat is still scratchy and my chest tight?),
2) A whole lot of nothing (unless rolling out legs and eating cookies counts),
3) Sushi date night.


Good luck on your 16 miles! You’ll do great!

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