Silentish Saturday!

I will never ever turn down hanging out in the mountains for a run (unless I’m injured).

New weekly tradition with Megan… I sure hope so.

6.54 miles @ 10:04 average and 650ish feet of climbing.

IMG 8711

Switched places with Andrew and he went out for quality time with his bike and Megan D’s husband.

IMG 8707

I got in my strength workout by picking up Knox 405 times for him to go in circles on this thing.

IMG 8716

Skye enjoyed watching their craziness.

IMG 8720

Grabbed a salad with some friends.

IMG 8727

Eating with Skye these days is quite tricky but I’m proud of my skills.

IMG 8728

Went to another park and encountered a hail storm.

IMG 8740

IMG 8747

Getting ready for Brooke’s bday party with our families… a piñata is one of our traditions.

IMG 8763 2

Knox loves to sleep anywhere but his bed lately.

IMG 8674

16 miles—>  HERE I COME (AHHH that is so far!!!!)

IMG 8758

Time to get out of my comfort zone.


Tell me three things that you are doing today!!!

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A taco pinata?! How cool!! You should also try a water pinata……fill a trashbag with water and when they hit it they get soaked, ha!

3 things: penguins, (probably super hot) lunchtime run, and pizza dinner!

Good luck on that 16 miler! (I struggle with 8 right now in the heat, ha!)


THAT IS BRILLIANT!!! I am totally going to, thanks Loribeth. Sounds like a great day and now I need some pizza too:)


Grocery shopping, house cleaning, and a company picnic!!


ENJOY KRYSTAN!!!! I hope the picnic has lots of delicious food:)


I’m glad You think your long runs seem far even though you’ve been doing this for so long! I feel like that with a lot of my long runs and I was thinking it might have been a sign that longer races aren’t my thing haha.

I’m bummed that Trevon had his camp out cause I totally would have suggested meeting up for some of that run. Soon hopefully!


Every training cycle this happens… I wonder how in the world I am going to run so far and then it happens… you are NOT alone! Not a sign at all… you are killing it. So did you get your long run in today with him gone?


Not yet! He will be home soon-ish and then we will just see what happens. I made sure to get a longer run in earlier this week, just in case. So maybe I’ll do a shorter run. Or I’ll go late and do a long run…or take an extra off day haha.


3 miles done with the dog, big girl bed shopping, and maybe some pool time today. That taco piñata is epic!


Sounds like an awesome day Corrinne!!! I need to take Beretta out for a run soon:) Enjoy the pool! Thanks!


Love the taco piñata!
Finally get in a run myself today, golf challenge with my kids and some school shopping for kids.


Golf challenge… that sounds fun!! We need to get in some school shopping soon too. Way to go on your run Christina and enjoy your weekend!


Sixteen miles…you go girl!
Three things – went for a 15 mike bike ride this morning, going to the library to get some new books to read, and most importantly, going baby clothes shopping for one of my friends! I can’t WAIT to shop for cute baby girl clothes!!
Have a great Saturday!


You’ll rock the long run! I was at cross country camp in Boone, North Carolina this past week with my team and it was gorgeous! My brother is going to be a freshman on the team so it was pretty special to be there with him for his first time. We got a 14 miles run in together and it was a blast!


Three things I’m doing today:
1. Just finished up a 17-miler! SO hot. I pace for my running club and I started the run with 12 runners and finished with one. Very rough day.
2. Dog beach so Eve can get her miles in!
3. Going to bed early. Teaching a free community yoga class at our local running club in the morning so want to be well rested :)

Have a great Saturday!!


Good luck on the 16 miler! I know you’ll rock it!! You and your friend Megan should be in an awesome smile commercial!

3 things…breakfast with a friend, visiting my Dad who is in care for Alzheimer’s and some house cleaning (not sure that third one will happen- lol).

Have a great day, Janae :)


16 miler this morning as well! Got up waaaaay too early and hit the road before the sun came up. It’s still pretty humid for SoCal lately and I am trying to adjust my fueling but I failed miserably this morning! Also, one of my gels leaked and was useless, so I started bonking in the last 4 miles and had to stop a few times. On top of that, I forgot to bring a bar with me for after! On a positive note, I did remember to bring my swimsuit, and immediately jumped into the ocean after my run! ?
Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!! I’ll just be chillin’ over here!


16 miles is my longest run ever. I was so proud that I did it. I only did it once. How do you have time for the 20+ mile runs? Have a great run!
I got the go ahead to run this pastTuesday. I can do 1.5 miles every other day in run walk intervals. Today was 3 minute intervals and my first run outside. I fell less than 10 steps into it! I don’t know how I did that. I cut myself up and have a nice case of road rash but don’t think I injured anything other than my pride. I guess I’ll be taking it easy for a few days to make sure there is no injury.
Pinatas are awesome. We have them a lot. We did one for my dad’s 70th birthday and made him break it. The grand kids dove for the candy. He had a blast.


Wow 16 miles! Just curious how early do you wake up to run that far?

Regarding trail running… Do you notice that you run slower from the lack of bounce in the dirt compared to paved roads?

No running for me today but I did yoga.


So for my run this morning… I got up at 4:56 (but I also went to bed at 9 ha)! I definitely run slower on the trails but I’m guessing that is more from the hills than the dirt! Does that make sense? Way to go on the yoga… I need to do that tonight!


I saw that hail storm on your IG yesterday… so cool!!! I grew up in Colorado, now living in SoCal, and I miss those types of storms!
Three things today… Delivered 15 doz donuts to the high school football team for their sleepover breakfast in the gym :), and because we’re still having crazy humidity, I hit the treadmill for 4 good solid pace miles (ready for my long run tomorrow), then the big kick-off to the new high school football season BBQ tonight! I love Saturdays :)
Have a great weekend!


Love the taco pinata! I remember about two years ago you had posted a pic of a mini pinata that you had gotten at Target—I went and got one and keep it on my desk at school! ha ha

Three things I’m doing:

*After my run (easy 4) I went to my favorite cafe for an iced tea and then to the local organic grocery for hempseed/greens veggie burgers. I”m not a vegetarian, and my family says they sound DISGUSTING, but I’m kind of in love with them right now. ha ha

*We went out to lunch at a local pub and then checked out the local park; we’ve had a TON of rain here, and the park is basically under water. A man was kayaking through the park. ha ha

* I made a Funfetti cake! That’s definitely worth mentioning :)

Happy Sunday and enjoy every minute of that 16 miler!!!!! You’ve got it!

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