Out of My Comfort Zone + My Longest Run + Marathon Training Week #3!

Our Saturday morning was a busy one and it was filled with something new—>  Brooke’s first horse show!

Brooke had to be at her horse show at 7:30, it started at 8, so I knew it was going to be an early morning if I wanted to get in my long run (4:56 a.m. alarm clock).  I realized that the horse show was pretty close to where two of my friends run so I sent them a text and asked if I could join them for their long run.   I was nervous about it the night before because the two girls (one not in picture below because she started a little earlier and ended before we did) I went with are FAST!! 2:55 marathon fast!  I told Andrew I was a bit nervous to run with them since they are so fast and Andrew said, “Good, you need to get out of your comfort zone so this is perfect.”

I’m so glad I did because they motivated me to climb huge hills and keep a good pace for my long run.

IMG 8775

Mile 2 had 145 ft of up and mile 3 had 222 ft of up.  It hurt but chasing after them kept me motivated and thinking about Veyo hill (mile 7 at St. George Marathon) kept me going.

PS they call this Henry Hill and I’ve heard about it from friends that live in this area for years and now I know why they talk about it ha… it is hard and a mile straight.

Screen Shot 2018 08 04 at 10 03 48 AM

Terrible picture below but it was a beautiful morning and I loved running in a new area.  I’m going to join them more often.

IMG 8768

I brought my trusty huma gels and practice makes progress ==>  it’s getting easier and easier for me to take gels.

IMG 8769

One of my friends also stashed water bottles and gatorade around the area for us.  So nice.

IMG 8770

She also brought pb m&ms for her fuel, as you can tell just from this below picture… she is awesome.

IMG 8771

I finished, jumped in the car and drove 1.5 minutes to get to Brooke’s horse show (thank you Andrew for getting everyone there so early!!).

16 miles + 4 x 20 second strides (with 60 second walking recoveries)… 16.24 miles total @ 7:37 average.

IMG 8837

Brooke had a new horse for the show and she did great!  Her coach walked her around and next time she will probably be unassisted, it’s fun to see her so passionate about something.

IMG E8818

IMG 8790

Skye was pretty excited about the event too.

IMG 8834

Came home to this goodness.  Toast/guac/eggs/spinach/peppers.

IMG 8860

Brooke won a train set at her horse show and that entertained them while Skye, Andrew and I took power naps.

IMG 8845

Yes.  You never know.

IMG 8838

We made it out to get some school shopping done and Old Navy hit the jackpot for us.  Yesterday it was 50% off everything for kids and then with my Gap card we got $30 off for spending $100 and I had $30 of rewards on my credit card to use… I get a rush when we hit deals like that.

IMG 8882

We stopped at the play place for a minute too.  Skye tried out the slide with Andrew and she giggled at the bottom.

IMG 8878

Simple dinner at home.

IMG 8884

And Andrew’s worst nightmare for my dessert (he wants his brownies to be cooked for 2.5 minutes and as batter-like as possible).

IMG 8885


Here is what week #3 of marathon training looked like for me… 9 weeks to go!

Monday:  8.26 miles @ 8:06 average.  Climbed some hills—>  600 feet of up!

Tuesday: 6.1 miles @ 8:17.

Wednesday: 8.1 miles @ 8:40 average.  Four solo and four with Skye in the Bob.  This was a terrible run for me, I’m amazed I finished.

Thursday:  2 mile w/u, 8 x 1000m (.62 miles—>  average pace of 6:31 for these) with 200m recoveries (.12 miles), 2 mile c/d.  9.97 miles total.

Friday:  Trails with Megan.  I haven’t been on a trail run in way too long!  6.54 miles @ 10:04.  665 ft of up!

Saturday:  16.24 miles @ 7:37 average—>  longest run in F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  Between miles 9-16 my coach had me do a mini surge for the last minute of each mile + 4 x 20 second strides when I finished (and 60 second walking recoveries).

Sunday: OFF!

55.21 miles for the week.  <— Highest mileage in forever!

IMG 8684


What are you up to today?

Do you prefer running with people or solo or does it just depend on the day?

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Great job on the run!!

I’m usually a solo runner during the week but love changing it up on the weekends to run with my running club.

Things I’m doing today:
-Super quick shakeout run
-Teaching a free community yoga class at my local running store :)
-RELAXING. I was all over the place yesterday after my 17-miler and I’m tired!


ARTHI!!! I want to come to your free yoga class! Way to go after 17 miles yesterday, you are incredible girl!


I gotta agree with Andrew on the brownie front. :)


HAHAH this makes him happy! Now would you eat a raw cinnamon roll like he does when I make them?!? <-- He really doesn't like to cook things!


The problem then becomes that you miss out on the “hot” part of the “hot, baked treat”. :)


So so so so true!


I love that Andrew didn’t let you stay afraid and pushed you out of your comfort zone. Spouses are great at knowing we can do more than we think. And so fun that Brooke was in a horse show already! Amazing!
I 100% prefer solo running. I need my alone time too much.


YES… they really are and I am so glad he gets me to do things like this. Thanks Ali and I hope your alone time on the roads this week is amazing!


55 miles! Excellent. That was a fast 16 miles! Awesome! M&Ms are perfect for fuel.


Thanks so much Christine! I hope you are having a great Sunday!


We tried to go to old navy yesterday and it was insane. I ended up turning around and ordering everything online because the line was wrapped around the back!

I like running with others and on my own. It’s been a long time since I ran with others consistently and so it’s always a fun change. It also helps me to have an easy run pace once in a while because I usually run with my sister in law when I do go with others and she’s just working on getting mileage up and not speed.


IT. WAS. INSANE. at old navy, you were smart to order online! It would have been fun to see each other there! I hope you are having an amazing weekend!


PB M&M’s are my favorite. I eat 12 everyday…..because they’re my addiction and I only want a little fix. I buy a big bag and portion them out. People think it’s weird but it works for me.
Sounds like a great week of training. You’ll kick it at the marathon!
Congrats to Brooke on her first show!


You keep doing you:) That is awesome Lee! Thank you so much and I hope you are having a really great Sunday!


Awesome job on the run! I’m looking forward to some of those great long runs when marathon training kicks in in a couple of months ?
I am mostly a solo runner, but I do enjoy running with friends, and especially my hubby when our schedules align!
One of my sisters scored some great deals at Old Navy yesterday too! So, I’m thinking I need to take my boys there!
I’m putting my long run off until tomorrow, so we can have a much needed family rest day!
Enjoy your Sunday ?


Thank you so much Wendy! I hope your long run is amazing tomorrow and that your family rest day has been a great one! Let me know how it goes!


Today i’m just getting life organized, making my to do list and probably cleaning the house. I usually do chores Saturday but I didn’t get around to it.. and eating up my leftover mango avocado salsa from shalenes book. If you haven’t made that salsa I would highly recommend doubling the recipe. :D

I definitely prefer to run alone but running with friends really pushes me to run faster. Great job on your run!


Gotta love days like that… it feels so good to have everything organized and ready for the week! Oh I need that salsa asap. I will be making it this week, thank you so much. I hope your week is a great one Emma!


Depends on the day – I run solo and in groups! We are off to Denny’s – you get free breakfast on your birthday:)

Congrats on your long run an have a fantastic Sunday!


HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTINE!! I hope today has been perfect so far. I didn’t know that about Denny’s, awesome. Thank you!


PB M&Ms are brilliant! What better motivation to run?!

When I first started running, I exclusively ran with people and I got kind of dependent on it and wouldn’t be able to run solo. When I moved and knew no one, it forced me to start running alone and now I love it! I’m anxious to find runner friends here because I’m SLOW right now and everyone where I live in Boulder, CO is basically an elite athlete. But someday I’ll be able to push out of my comfort zone, too!!


Try them out on your next run! Do you ever see any of the famous runners while you are out on your runs????


So, just throwing this out there, horseback gymnastics is a real thing and there are actually classes for kids.
Long run in the evening planned for tonight, plus Coach’s brutal strength training workout.
Then sleep! I love sleep!
Have fun today!


I did not know that was a thing… I’m going to have to look into this. I hope your long run and strength workout is amazing tonight and you are going to sleep really well after that:) THANKS!


My cousin’s daughter did it for years, until she got bored of it as kids do.


I like running with the track club, but not necessarily next to someone if that makes sense.

Question for you: Do you pause your Garmin for water stops?


HEY!! Yes, I absolutely stop my Garmin for water stops… I wouldn’t in a race though if I had to stop! I don’t stop during tempo runs/speed stuff! We try to make it really quick:) I hope you are having a great day and I wish we had a track club here!


Check with your running store! That’s how I found mine :)


Great work on the sales shopping and well done Brooke!! I feel tired thinking about how much you got done today! You smashed that run with the speedy ladies though :) My day started with a run too (considerably later than yours ?) – almost 13km through woods and along the canal which was hot but nice and the longest I’ve done since my marathon in April and various niggles. We were at my parents’ house so we chilled with them afterwards, had lunch and then had quite a long car ride home. We’re now watching the cross fit games coverage via Facebook ?


HEY!! Thanks so much! Way to go on your 13km… sounds like it was a gorgeous run and yay for your longest run since your marathon in April! Enjoy watching the games, those people are incredible.


As one my friends pointed out, I would run a lot faster if I didn’t run with them…but I almost always choose them. (They would be totally okay, too, if I started with them and then cooled down with them but I feel awkward doing speed/tempo work in front of others, so I very, very rarely do that…*shrug* first world running issues, I guess.)


Running with friends is the best and I love that you choose them… keep doing what makes you happy!


Fun to see you running by my parents house on roads I love running on! That hill is no joke I’ve done it many times!


AHHHH NO WAY!!! This is too cool. That area is unreal… so beautiful. Yep, very sore due to Harry haha! You are strong.


You may have seen my dad out running he usually does 15-17 on Saturdays. I am pretty sure I know the loop you did. I’m so jealous! I live in Provo but don’t get to run down there super often since I’ve had kids. It’s my favorite place to run around here!


Crispy brownies, eeww! Ha.
Great long run. Did your friends do the strides and the walking portions with you? It’s so great that you have friends that are game .

I ran 7 miles with my friend this morning and had the most amazing time. Followed by a hike with my dog. Massage in the afternoon. Pretty perfect day.

Congratulations to Brooke on her train said! That looks super fun.


I run solo during the week and with my brother on the weekend. I’m training for my second half marathon (Nov 2017). I love how Brooke loves horses ❤️

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