Friday Favorites + Hair Twins + Need a lil’ Break!

I think we all suffered a bit of a bday hangover when we woke up Thursday morning.   Getting out to run was a bit more tough than usual but it happened.

8 miles @ 8:38 average pace.  Another 8 miles today and I am going to take it really easy so that I can smash my workout tomorrow!

I am still obsessed with my Roll Recovery.  You guys were right, it is an excellent purchase and Skye is always happy to join me.

IMG 9740

Brookester wanted me to show you her new horse shirt from Megan D.


My lunch was definitely a highlight of the day.  We have the most perfectly ripe mangos so I made a salad with spinach, chicken, peppers, snap peas and this delicious dressing from TJ’s.  Delicious lunch courtesy of the 3 hour nap Skye decided to take.

LRG DSC04992

I am not going to Target again for a while.  We need a little break after yesterday… I went with the kids to get stuff for the kid’s classrooms and it was something else.  I left with spit up from my chin to my toes, a wiggly baby that refused the cart, forgetting half of what we went for and I definitely left a bit of my pride in the store;)

IMG 9742

It was nice to be home afterwards ha:)

IMG 9762

Later on the fun parent came home;)  We had spaghetti and family night

IMG 9758

We are off to Las Vegas today after Andrew’s shift to go to his nephew’s mission farewell!  He is leaving to serve a two year mission for our church in the Philippines!

LRG DSC04996

Also, Andrew said that Skye’s new toy reminds him of Skye because of the hair.  I think he has a point.

LRG DSC05004


Time for my weekly Friday Favorites.

*IT ARRIVED!!!  Kara Goucher’s book!!  I am on my way to my most confident self for race day.  I’ve gone through a bit of it and I truly believe it is going to help me out for the next 60 years of running that I have planned.

IMG 9750

*Andrew bought this Bissel Spotclean while I was in Seattle in June.  I got home and saw it and wondered why he bought it.  Over the last 6 weeks I’ve now wondered how we ever lived without it?!?  It is amazing.  We have cleaned all of our couches with it and MANY areas on our carpet.  It has taken out so many stains I didn’t think would ever disappear.

I want to hug it… maybe I already have.

IMG 9277

*The Ricochet!!  Aren’t they beautiful?  They are a new shoe from Brooks that are available in October and I’ve been testing them out.  I’m in love with them.  They are like the child of the Launch and the Levitate:)  I’ll get more mileage on them and write a full review soon… they definitely might be my marathon shoe!

IMG 9279

*Keep being YOU!  From one of my top 10 favorite books (Girl, Wash Your Face) ever.

IMG 9346

*I tell you this every year and I’ll continue to tell you this every year… a few, cold, cut up peaches + milk = enjoy a bowl of goodness.

IMG 9423

*Two documentaries about running… 50.50.50 and Finding Traction (both free through Amazon Prime).   50.50.50 was about the Iron Cowboy and his quest to finish 50 Ironman distances in 50 states in 50 consecutive days.  If you watch it let me know what you think about the elliptical part!  Finding Traction is about Nikki Kimball and her incredible 273 crazy trail miles in four days.

IMG 9430IMG 9443

*This podcast—>  HERE!  I listened to it yesterday while cleaning and it was awesome.  I have followed Laura for a long time and I’m amazed at everything that she does.  We have messaged back and forth a bit too and she always has the best advice for me and is so so so kind.  I teared up when I saw that she won the Buffalo Marathon this year:)

Screen Shot 2018 08 16 at 11 35 31 AM

I hope your weekend is a great one and that your miles feel amazing!


Have any fun weekend plans?

Have a favorite thing you are loving right now?

Seen any good documentaries lately?

Favorite household tool/appliance?

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Weekend plans are running and working. We are supposed to get some rain, so maybe rainy runs?!
Favorite thing right now, my hair! I got it colored, will send you a pic!
Hmm….the dishwasher?! I hate hand washing dishes:)


Ps, those Ricochet shoes look cool!


Oh the rain will feel so good right… maybe cool things down a bit? SEND A PIC ASAP!!!! I can’t wait! Enjoy your weekend!


I LOVE Girl, Wash Your Face and want to be best friends with Rachel Hollis. It’s SO good!!

I’m looking forward to some much-needed beach time this weekend. I have quite a few things going on, but I’m also really hoping for a long nap! Hope y’all have a great weekend and a fun trip to Vegas, Janae!!


Seriously that book is the BEST! I love following her on social media too! Enjoy the beach… that sounds perfect!! Thanks Natalie!


Loved that podcast too, especially when she describes breaking the tape. Loved the Sarah Sellers follow up too.
Running followed by running around here. Have fun in Vegas!


Oh I loved that one so much too! So grateful for podcasts… they are so inspiring. Thank you and enjoy all of the running and let me know how it goes!


Glad to see I’m not the only one who LOVES peaches and milk!


Wish we could eat peaches and milk together… it is the best!


Well, my weekend plans…tomorrow I’m running my first half marathon, nothing too big. Lol! I’m getting nervous over here!

I really want to try that roll recovery thing.

Peaches in milk has been the breakfast of the week here.

And the 50.50.50, he’s amazing! I don’t follow him much anymore but I got to run with him for his last 5k!


Tomorrow is YOUR day. You’ve done the hard work, time to go celebrate your training. So excited for you Jenny. Your strength is something else and I have a feeling you are going to be addicted to the half after this:) I’ll let you try my roll recovery to see if you like it. Oh you did, in the river woods? I wish I would have gone. Have a great day and put your feet up, listen to a Deena Kastor podcast (she is so positive) and drink that water. GO JENNY GO!


It’s not the first time I see that podcast around the runners online community. Specially that episode. I will have to listen to it:)

Hope you have a great day Janae!


Yes, take a listen! Have a great day Nathaly!!!


If I have to pick between running a marathon and going to the store with 3 kids, I would pick the marathon lol Kudos to you! Mental toughness training, right ?! ;-) I got Kara’s book in the mail yesterday and can’t wait to read it! I really enjoyed her first one. Hosting a birthday party for my hubby today! Will probably need a few days to recover lol


BAHAHA yes… many days the run is the easiest part of the day:) Let me know what you think of the book… I’m so excited about this. HAVE THE BEST TIME doing the bday party!!! And relax the rest of the weekend Mel:)


Yeah! Go nail that workout tomorrow!

I haven’t watched the Iron Cowboy documentary, but I did follow his attempt and read a lot about it. When he had to use the elliptical, I think a better thing to do would have been to say “not this attempt” and give it another go the next year, with everything he learned from the first attempt.

I guess, if you were trying to qualify for Boston, and got some muscle cramps at mile 14, would you cut to mile 17 so you still made the time? No. You’d come back and try again next time. That doesn’t make it a failure, just means you need some practice.


I totally agree!!!! I wonder if he will ever go for it again?! I don’t think I could do one IM so I’m just amazed by the whole thing but would like to see if he could do it without the elliptical (but I’m guessing it would be impossible to do it without the IV?!). Have a wonderful day and did I see your flight got cancelled?!?


The elliptical part didn’t bother me. It is what it is. Just like the IVs. 50 ironmans back to back was So many haters on social media. I do think he could have benefited from a better marketing team from the get-go, or even A marketing team. I was able to run and ride with him on one of his events, and it was inspiring. My favorite part of the documentary was where he was talking “My hard” versus “Your hard.” His mom’s hard was doing five 5ks in a row, his was 50-50-50. I know I’m not repeating it correctly, but something along the lines of do what’s hard for you. And don’t compare yourself to others. I’m glad they made the documentary. There was so much more to his story than what we’d realized. Now go read some of his wife’s accounts, too. Because the documentary failed to really document what a rock-star she was!


That is so cool that you were able to ride and run with him! YES… I was wondering if they were going to interview her more about it all… I would love to hear how much work it took for her too! I do not understand the hater side of it all (but that’s social media for ya) and I really don’t think it is humanly possible TO do that without the IVs?! I loved that part too about My Hard and Your Hard. Off to go read about his wife:) Have an amazing weekend!


We have all been there taking kids to Target. It’s my least favorite thing to do, which is why I order online. I’m so distracted at the store and we spend extra $ on things we don’t need, and I forget things we do need.
I’m SO excited about the new Brooks. It sounds like my dream shoe, I’ll start a shoe fund this weekend so I’m ready for the release. ? ??‍♀️
Weekend hoping to run in between kids piano and drum recitals.
I hope you have a great weekend and glad Brooke had an amazing birthday.


I really think that was my last time going to Target alone for a long time… time to just order online like you (and free shipping with the red card;). You are going to love these ones… they are pretty perfect and I’m going to do my 18 miler in them so I’ll have a review up soon for you. Enjoy the running and the recitals Lauren and thank you!


also got the kara goucher book “strong” confidence journal. i’m halfway thru it, really enjoying reframing my mindset thru these exercises!

next week we are camping and hiking! however we are all sick right now, trying to get past it. hope we do so we can enjoy

really like my aftershokz wireless headphones for easy runs.

haven’t seen any good documentaries, but just went to go see the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” – read all 3 books so i was excited to go see it. i liked see it all come to life, it’s a little different from the books but i still found it enjoyable. even my husband liked it (exceeded his expectations) and he hates rom-com’s – the story is a good one.

lately i have been using the mandolin to slice all the things and it is such a time saver.


I hope you guys are feeling back to normal asap! I’m so sorry about that. I hope your camping/hiking trip is amazing!
I have a pair of those headphones so I need to try them out! I will have to see that movie, thank you! Have a wonderful weekend and recover well!


I just listened to that podcast and thought, wow, she and Janae have a lot in common! Glad you enjoyed it :)! A friend and I are going to spontaneously run a marathon on our local trails tonight from 2-6 am :)– pretty awesome what our bodies can do, and what sort of friendships running can form! Hope you have a great weekend!


YOU ARE MY HERO… a spontaneous marathon on TRAILS in the middle of the night… you are living your best life. Please let me know how it goes, I want to hear all about it! Have a blast.


I am taking my daughter to see Ed Sheeran tomorrow night and I am beyond excited!!! I am not currently running right now because I have a stress fracture in my 3rd metatarsal so I am planning a nice long bike ride tomorrow. I’m hoping to test it out a bit next week but my foot has swelled a little this week since I’m back to work and on my feet all day (teaching).

I love documentaries! One of my favs is Living on One Dollar. It’s on Netflix and we watched it with our kiddos and they loved it too!

I recently bought a battery powered vacuum and it is so nice to grab it for a quick pick up :)


We have some pretty low-key weekend plans including house projects time with family, and hopefully a run (hoping that this injury is FINALLY on the mend!) I am just listening to that Podcast now, LOVE the Ali on the Run Show!


I completely understand your love of your Bissell cleaner.
The year I got a puppy, my SIL got me a Bissell Spot Bot for Christmas. I returned it because I thought it was ridiculous – I’d housebreak my puppy and why would I need that?!
HA HA, how right she was. My cute dog throws up with some regularity, and he runs TO carpet to do it. I rebought the Spot Bot and it was a life saver. How wrong I was!! :)


I cried listening to this podcast during my run this morning! Seriously, her description of the last mile in the marathon – TEARS! Have a great weekend Janae!


Aaah! We are actually down in Utah for the weekend (live in Oregon) because my brother in law leaves on HIS mission for the Philippines! Which mission! We went down to BYU yesterday (staying with my in laws in Bountiful) and I was secretly hoping to see you!! Haha not creepy at all!! But you’re one of my running role models! This altitude is rough on my weak Oregon sea level lungs! ?


Happy Friday! The last documentary that I watched was “I’ll Push You.” I read the book first and was so inspired i had to see the documentary. The story is about two best friends and one is struck with a rare neuromuscular disease and is in a wheelchair and he wants to travel the Camilo de Santiago in Spain. It’s a spiritual journey through the mountains. His best friend agrees to push him in his wheelchair. An amazing, uplifting story. Have you heard of it? After I finished the book, I passed it onto one of my best friends because it truly shows the beauty in a genuine friendship and with their families and all the people they met along the way. Anyway, Happy Friday! I know you’re gonna rock that long run tomorrow.


This weekend is long run, work, church, and Iowa State fan day! Should be fun!
I am loving sweet potatoes topped with hummus right now. I have even hooked my husband on this.
Favorite household tool is my immersion blender. Love, love, love it!


I don’t know if you shop at Carter’s but right now they have some cute horse clothes!! For infants, toddlers, and big girls! You should check them out for Brooke! :)


My kids have never had to get school supplies. Every year I am more thankful for that.

Peaches are everything right now and so is Brooke in that shirt. She is adorable.

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