Friday Favorites + I highly suggest doing this!

Eight miles with a very tired body.  My body was just not into the idea of moving but the easy run has a lot of benefits (here is a post with my favorite easy run benefits) so I kept going.  My easy runs are set to be around a 7:57-8:45 pace and my run yesterday was an 8:55.  Some days you just need to listen to your body and do whatever it tells you to do.

The other day Allie Kieffer showed off how she does her power bun for the run and I want to try it out.  But hair hitting my back during my run really doesn’t bug me (ps I need a trim), does it bug you?  If hair touches my face during a run, it makes me feel crazy.

IMG 9274

The kids joined Andrew to go help feed his brother’s cow.  We need a farm for these kids.

IMG 9284

And then later on in the day we had Brooke’s bday party with her friends and cousins.  Last year I did the party at home and this year I was too tired to do that again ha so we went to a place called Classic Skating.  They had a blast!

IMG 9288

Knox’s first time roller skating.

IMG 9297

There were no broken bones by the end so it was a major success.

IMG 9305

Skye was after those donuts big time.

IMG 9290

Birthday parties for children are more tiring for me than long runs… definitely took time to recover afterwards.

IMG 9312

Oh and best news ever—>  My AirPods survived the washer and dryer.  I forgot that I put them in my pocket.  I washed my running clothes and found them in the dryer.  I was SO upset… but somehow they still work.  It is a miracle.

IMG 9325 2


I’ve got some favorite things to share with you this week (a few affiliate links included)!

*We went shopping to get some things for our family pictures and I ended up getting this sweatshirt for the pictures… and I bought it in another color too (Gap stuff is always on sale so buy on sale:) because I love it so much.  This will be my fall staple, I want to live in it.  I also got these jeans too, I’m a big fan of Gap jeans.

IMG E9200

*My friend sent me a text about these thermal tops at Costco ($12.99) so I went immediately to grab the purple and cream tops.  They are so soft and also perfect for fall.

IMG 8662

*I saw this on IG the other day and absolutely loved it.

IMG 8764

*If you are coming back from an injury, time away, a baby, anything… I highly encourage you to reset your Garmin so you can celebrate your new accomplishments.  I feel so cool when I hit new records on my watch even though they aren’t faster than years ago, they are my fastest times in this chapter of life.  It makes me happy.

IMG 9112

*I used to get my upper lip waxed but then I started trying this thing because my sister has used it and loved it for years.  It is awesome!!!

IMG 9186

*This Cauliflower Gnocchi.  Try it asap if you can with some TJ’s pesto = heavenly.  I couldn’t believe how good it tastes.

IMG 9262 2

*It is finally peach season in Utah.  Brooke and I stopped at the Farmers Market last night when we were dropping off my nieces and I cannot believe how good these are.  I would choose these over a brownie sundae (without nuts)… they are that good.

IMG 9339


Does it bug you if your hair hits your back/neck during a run?  

Have any favorite things this week?

Ever washed anything that you did not want to wash on accident?  How did it turn out?

How much do you love peaches… what about compared to other fruit?

-Peaches > every fruit ever created.

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My hair isn’t long enough to really hit my neck, but a single loose hair on my skin drives me bonkers!
I usually forget kleenex or chapstick in my laundry, both turn out kind of messy….:(
I love peaches, but pineapple or apples are still my favorite fruits.

And my favorite thing this week is looking at blonde hair colors……I am going to try a dark blonde shade next week! Haven’t done that in years!


Oh yes…. both of those definitely end up messy!!! Someday we will learn to check all of our pockets before we wash things;) I hope you get some pineapple and apples soon! YAY for coloring your hair… I want to see a pic after! Enjoy your weekend.


Definitely smart to not push your easy days, even if it’s slower than your normal easy range. Have to save it for those super 3x2mi and 8x1k workouts! This was hard for me to accept until I saw that some of the very fast women runners around me (~3 hour marathons) sometimes do runs over 10 min/mi!

That is so cool that Andrew’s brother has a cow! Haha I hope they take up cheesemaking, yum.


YES… it’s so true. We gotta save it for the hard days! Ohhhh that’s a great idea about the cheesemaking:) Andrew would love a cow so maybe we will have to do that. I hope you are having an amazing day so far and enjoy your weekend!! Go crush your weekend workouts (you must be tapering right?!?)!!


I grew up in SLC and used to go to classic for birthday parties all the time when I was Brooke and Knox’s age like 20 something years ago! It was always so much fun!


No way… I love it!! Classic better stay open forever, it’s the best. Have an amazing day Jordan!


I think you and your niece look a lot alike in the picture of you, your niece and Brooke with the roller skates on.

I cut my hair pretty short in December and now when it starts to get just the littlest bit long, I can’t stand it! Ha. I could see going down a slippery slope. I am addicted to having it shorter now. Having it shorter also forces me to have some sort of style because when it is long, I just pull it back (curly hair is quite tricky for me). I can put the top up for runs now and little curls (I have very curly hair) hit the back of my neck and it doesn’t bother me.

Kids’ parties look exhausting! Great job :)


YES… we look so alike! That isn’t a slippery slope… keep doing what you love and what feels best! I am just like you, I bet shorter hair would get me to do it more often! I want curly hair:) Thanks Amanda, I hope your weekend is a great one!


So, recently I’ve gone from running my easy days at an 8-8:30 pace to a 9-9:30 pace. It was definitely weird at first seeing such slow times, but, especially during the summer, I’ve found that conserving my energy for my workouts has made them go sooo much better. I’ve PR’d in a race and hit workout times I was never hitting before! But, I’m curious if you know, can you go too slow? I’m always worried about that. Especially for long runs in marathon training.


Hey Mollie, that is AWESOME!! I love that you’ve PR’d and that you are killing those workouts! It’s amazing how taking our easy days truly easy makes us so much faster on the hard days. That is a great question… It sounds like you are doing the easy days right with your PRs and fast workouts so I don’t think you should be worried about it… I have noticed times when I lose form from slowing down too much and that is a problem for me! Keep listening to your body and what it needs and keep rocking it. Here is a great article that I love about this topic:

Have an amazing weekend!


That party looks so fun!! I think I’m gonna do a roller skating bday party this year. I’ve never had a real birthday party, so I think maybe I’ll just get a bunch of my friends together and go skating this year :)

I was bobby pins all the time, which doesn’t do much, but I did ruin a pair of headphones in the wash??‍♀️

LOVE peaches and peach-flavored things!! Have a great weekend, Janae!


Do it… that would be so so fun! I hope you get some delicious peaches soon!!


Hi, Everyone!

My hair is growing out, so it’s not quite long enough to hit my back!

Favorite thing this week is working in my garden – the weeds are everywhere and it looks so nice once I get it cleaned up!

I washed my car key fob – yikes!! But it still worked, so that was great.

I LOVE peaches – I always have! My great grandmother used to can our summer peaches so we could enjoy them in winter, and every Thanksgiving we had spiced pickled peaches which I love.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!


I want to come see your garden… yay for no more weeds! So glad it still worked after getting washed. Spiced pickled peaches, I must try that someday. I hope you have a great weekend too and enjoy some peaches this fall!


Could you link to Allie Kieffer’a hairstyle? I can’t find it and I would love to run in a top knot!


HEY!!! So she posted it on her stories! They are gone now… I’ll send her a comment to make it one of her permanent stories. Have a great day Chelsea!


Yes, please! I can never get a bun to stay put while I run.


That facial trimmer doesn’t make your hair grow in darker and more course?? That would be my worry…a full on moustache instead of some peach fuzz.


I can’t say how it works for everyone but for me and my sister it definitely doesn’t! (Unless you notice in pictures that it does… please tell me;) Have a great day!


Oh I definitely have to have my hair in a bun during run! I’ve had it in a ponytail twice and all I could focus on was my ponytail swinging!! Haha.

I am so glad to hear your AirPods survived!! Good to know for future reference;)

Question–does that TRIM thing grow your hair back the same way it would from waxing? I’m so weary of using a shave type thing on my face, but it would be much more convenient!

Also, is that the same niece holding Skye grabbing the donut as the one where she grabbed the cake?! If so, maybe Skye knows who has the soft hearts;)


Hey Eleanor!! Hahaha I’m glad you figured out you need a good bun!! YES… you are so good, it is the same niece. Skye has her figured out. So that is a great question… it definitely hasn’t made my hair grow back thicker or darker (same as my sister and she has used it for years)! It’s the same as waxing for me personally:) I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for your comment!


Bun all the way! I hate how a ponytail swings everywhere. I have always wondered about those hair trimmers. Might have to try it!


My sis and I love it and I hope you do too! Have an amazing weekend Adrienne!


The hair hitting my back while I’m running really bothers me. But running with a messy bun is even more annoying to me. My hair is very long and carrying a messy bun while running means my entire bun will be jumping in my head with every stride I do, and that’s definitely not fun.
For that I have to just 1. Be patient and deal with the ponytail/ all the hair in my back, or 2. Create a tight bun with a hair band and hair pins, or 3. Braid my hair, which is surprisingly comfortable. Although I do not love how my hair looks when I unbraid it hair after my run.

As you can see this question about the hair in my back Ian quite the topic for me. Hope you enjoy your weekend Janae;).


That skating party looks so much fun! and great job Knox!

I don’t mind a pony tail touching my neck/back, but i don’t like having my hair down when i run so I always wear my hair up, but I think it’s causing it to break. My husband had me go to the doctor because there was hair EVERYWHERE and he was convinced I was going to go bald, but nope – just breakage from wearing it up too much :( Currently on the hunt for solutions to improve hair strength and different ways to keep my hair out of my face on the run – interested to see if you like the bun method or if you have any other hair solutions!


I don’t mind if my hair *touches* the back of my neck but I HATE it sticking to the back and sides and hitting/touching/sticking me in the face…and I am a sweaty, sticky mess when I run so I always wear a braid. The end touches but doesn’t stick and there isn’t any big swinging/hitting or sticking to anywhere.

Peaches are in the top group of my favorite fruits but I don’t know if I could pick a single favorite.


omg reseting your garmin is such a good idea! I was fastest when I was disordered so I hate comparing anything to that time in my life, yet those are also all my PRs of course. New life new PRs !!

I HATE when my hair touches my neck/back when I’m sweaty; if it’s cold out it doesn’t bother me to feel my hair, it’s just the amount of sweat i get on my neck/upper back during summer running that drives me nuts, because my hair gets soaked in sweat and sticks to me, eck!

I have two peaches in my fridge waiting to get ripe!


FRESH peaches (whether just bitten into as they are or cut in half and grilled and then with a served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream) are excellent. But any other way–canned, jarred, frozen, smoothie-ed–whatever–totally not my jam. My favorite fruit I think is still berries. I wanted to say bananas, but sometimes I get sick and tired of them, especially when I let one get a little bit too ripe and then put it in my smoothie and everything tastes like banana or when a banana peel is in the garbage too long and the whole dang place stinks up…

I love Brooke’s birthday party at the skating rink! I think after I was in the 2nd grade and my birthday party turned into a big table of girls stomping their hands on the table and chanting WE WANT PIZZA!! WE WANT PIZZA!!!” my mom gave up on the at-home birthday parties, because the next year was my first year where the “party” was a matinee, or a trip to a roller rink, or a trip to a “paint your own pottery” place, or whatever followed with store-bought birthday cake. As an adult now, I can imagine how much those parties exhausted her; for me, the existential exhaustion of so! many! people! everywhere! and no space to breathe exhausts me in more lasting ways than the physical exhaustion of a hard workout.

When trying to get your breath even again–and when trying to take a deep breath and lose yourself in it–becomes a thing of effort because of what you’re doing, then it starts to become a bit too much for me…

Last fall I got an oversized tunic-y sweatshirt from the Reebok website that is a bit similar to what you got from gap, and I love it. I wanted more but never bought one; I might take a look at your tunic but in navy. I also might keep those gap jeans on my radar–a good dark wash (that’s flat and even and not too brown-undertoned/not too black-undertoned/not distressed/not whiskered or anything/etc.) is really hard to find. And you’re right–Gap does seem to always have a sale!

I hope you get some good REST soon! Exhausted bodies are never fun. When I taught my spin class on Wednesday night, because I decided that my body needed sleep instead of my usual Wednesday morning HIIT class, I rocked it…and then I rocked my run yesterday and had the happiest, most liberating run I have had in a little while. And then I rocked teaching my Body Flow class–even with a choreography flub. But then yesterday afternoon I practiced some new choreography and yesterday night I subbed another person’s Flow class, and I was all kinds of OFF and TIRED. I think I need to do a better job at really paying attention to when my body and mind are exhausted and being more ocnsistent about backing off–whether that means riding easier on the spin bike, or not chastising myself for a slower pace on a run, or allowing myself to skip workouts and just sleep without feeling like i need to apologize for it.

(Note to self: Stephanie, don’t do that! Sleep is good!!! Exhaustion is bad!!! Listen to your body!!!)

Hope your day is excellent! For me it’s a full day of departmental meetings…and on Monday fall term begins and HELLO COLLEGE STUDENTS! I have about 110 of them this term. Yeesh.


I wait all year for peach season!! The peaches were definitely the biggest surprise to me when I moved west. I’ve been going to every farmers market I can find to get fresh peaches and am ridiculously excited for the peach festival in my town next weekend! The worst part is I’m slightly allergic but have so far decided the crazy scratchy throat for the rest of the day is totally worth it. I just pray it doesn’t get worse!


My hair is past my waist so I’m use to it hitting my neck and back when I run. I can’t stand for it to be in my face, though. I usually braid it so it’s not a tangled mess when I get home.

I like peaches but they aren’t in my top 3rd. Watermelon, grapes, pineapple, kiwi, berries and mango head to the front of the line.

I’m jealous of your Fall clothes – it’s triple digits here in So Cal and I probably won’t wear any Fall clothes until November!


I’m really really happy about peach season.

I also don’t mind my hair hitting my back. I actually feel kind of weird when it doesn’t.


YAY for your AirPods surviving the wash! hehe! Can you tell me how long yours last when you’re out? I bought some similar ones and the longest they’ve ever lasted is 1 hour (sometimes shorter) on what I believe to be a full-charge.

Thanks in advance, have a HAPPY day! :)



It makes me crazy if my hair hits my neck or back while I’m running! I ponytail it and then tuck the tail under my hat for every run. For races I usually braid it though.
Favorite thing this week is my fan. Lol. It’s hot hot in San Diego right now, and we don’t have A/C! That may be changing very soon ? As far as food goes, I have been addicted to TJs pb filled pretzels all week! Maybe my body needs the extra salt? ?
I have washed so many things on accident! I have been pretty lucky b/c survivors have been: headphones, key fob, multiple lip balms, lots of dollars, and my old shuffle. One victim = my cap light (for running in the dark). I still had it clipped to my hat when I washed it ?
My list of favorite fruits is quite long, but I would have to say that my top 3 are: cherries, red grapes, and blueberries!
Oh thanks for the hair removal recommendation ?I super hate waxing! Have a fantastic weekend!!


If i put my hair in a high pony it doesn’t reach my back, but it drives me crazy if the pony is loose or a stray piece comes out. Love love love peaches (and nectarines!) and am inhaling them lately. I love you summer! And definitely need to try those cauli gnocchi next time I’m at TJ’s, thanks for sharing those!


I have long hair too and I braid my ponytail. It keeps the hair from sticking to my back. I don’t need to do this in winter but in rain (to keep from matting ) or humidity and summer running I braid and it helps!


Hair on my neck during my run never used to bother me, but then I started following Alexi Pappas and tried the bun and cannot got back. It is AWESOME having no hair anywhere on the run, and when you are hot or wet (sweat or rain), fuhgedaboutit.

First week of school in the books! I pick Baxton at 3 and head to Indianapolis to see my oldest nephew. Yahoo!

I washed a battery pack and it worked for one more cycle then it fizzled.

Are you saying that if a brownie sundae had walnuts then it would be better then peaches? I do love peaches. I was born in Georgia, so you kind of have to.


Yes!! I am a bun addict for runs and weight lifting.

I am shocked when I see people running or workout with ALL there hair down and fixed up. I CANNOT understand how :)


Okay..for the life of me I cannot find Allie Kieffers power bun thing you mentioned?‍♀️ Where can I find it? I’m in desperate need of a bun during my runs ? thank you!


Okay..for the life of me I cannot find Allie Kieffers power bun thing you mentioned?‍♀️ Where can I find it? I’m in desperate need of a bun during my runs ? thank you!!


Hey!!! She had it on her stories so I messaged her to repost it! I’m so sorry!


yes, don’t like the hair on the side sticking out flapping around or in front or in back. i just need it out of the way!

favorite things are this new garmin watch that plays music! have been using it for podcasts while running and it is awesome.

definitely have washed cash and notes that end up getting washed – have not done anything electronic yet. glad the airpods still worked! whew crisis averted :)

i am a fan of peaches, but my real weakness is mango. my daughter goes ga-ga for mangos too. she has since she was a baby…!


Glad for your AirPods made it through the wash! :) Makes me even more convinced I should buy a pair in the future.

I had my iPhone go through the washing machine, and it survived! I was super upset at myself, then relieved when it ended up being ok. Luckily I realized it before I put it in the dryer… cause I don’t think it would have survived that.


Hi! So this has nothing to do with this post but a while ago you posted a link for longer running tank tops that you like and I was wondering if you could send me the link! :) I’m in need of longer tanks bc my torso is longer!

But to answer the question about your hair I actually like it when it hits my back while running. Super weird I know, but I can’t wear my hear in a bun while running bc it hurts! I don’t know if anyone else has that problem.


Hey Jennifer! Is it the one in this post (it isn’t a pregnancy one, I loved it during pregnancy because it is so long):

Let me know if it is that one and I’ll look what brand it is again!
I rarely do a bun while running but next time I do, I’ll check if it hurts!

Have a wonderful weekend!


I love your perspective on running in different chapters of life! I remember you saying that just because you are not running currently (due to baby, health, injury, etc) does not mean you are not a runner. And I love the idea to reset your garmin when you get back into it bc accomplishments for this chapter of your life should be celebrated! I’m pregnant and haven’t run for a few months and love that perspective for when I start again.


Sarah, CONGRATS on your pregnancy… I am so excited for you! I bet you are missing running like crazy and yep, when you start running again… this is a new chapter of life. You are going to rock it. Please keep me updated on everything and YOU ARE a runner right now and you are doing an amazing job growing your little one:) Happy weekend!


I just tried to order the trimmer…and it is currently not available :-). Your earlier readers must have beat me to it! Hopefully they will have it soon! Thank you for always posting such a wide variety of products on your Friday Favorites. I have definitely appreciated the recommendations and have a few new favorites because of them. Also…please forgive me…but I do not love peaches! Watermelon, cherries, and Mango are my favorites!


Oh no!!! You can get it at Target too! Of course, thank you for your sweet comment! I will forgive you Sharon, just send any peaches that you receive my way. Have a wonderful day!


Hey! Do not like hair touching my neck on runs, however if I’m in the “zone” sometimes I don’t notice!
Love peaches on my cereal!!
Thank you for putting in the bit on the Garmin reset after injury. I unfortunately either tore or pulled my hamstring during a yoga class, and am in a really good training for half marathon. This will help when I get back and find out how severe.


Same!! I single stray hair in my face at ANY point in the day drives me nuts. I have long hair, but if I had the courage I would have a pixie cut. I never even wear my hair down anymore, it’s in a virtual state of ponytail/messy bun at all times. And when I workout, tight, tight bun!

I never grew up eating peaches in Wisconsin, but they are big on them here in Southeast Missouri and I do like them. Nothing beats a perfectly ripe nectarine though!

I’m glad your Airpods survived! That would have been devastating. I don’t think I’ve ever washed anything super valuable. I do constantly have alcohol pads floating around in the washer/dryer though #nurseproblems


Yay for your AirPods surviving!!! I accidentally left mine at work this week as I was setting up my classroom and had to go back and get them!

I can’t stand my hair to touch my shoulders or back while running so I wear a super high pony and it does the trick! However, when I bike I have to wear it lower bc of my helmet so I just do a low bun then.

Enjoy your peaches!


OMG you have the Levitate 2s in multiple colors!!! I am so envious!!! (and that darker color pattern–with the purple–is so pretty, right?!?!?) I love it. I hope they brought you swiftness and joy on your long run this morning…and that your nutrition game (which I know you’ve been working on) felt strong and steady this morning. Huma for the win!!!!!!

Too bad Skye isn’t enjoying the peaches too much. Send me her portion of the fresh peaches–I’ll give you my mailing address! I wonder how they’ll hold up in the mail?

In 50 minutes I am teaching Body Flow at a gym near me that just brought Flow onto the schedule THIS WEEK. I am launching the brand new release–I hope I don’t totally screw up my choreography! I don’t want to make a bad impression! After that, I get to change super fast and then head to the running store to work. What’s good about that is that if I *have* to have extra work to make ends meet, at least it’s retail work that’s meaningful–a good fit for shoes to run or walk in can really help change a person’s life, and having a customer’s interests be heard, and listening to their wants and concerns can help transform a person’s view on, well, capitalism and consumerist structures. But the bad thing–I spend an entire shift helping people buy shoes that more often than not I wish I bought for myself (especially since SO MANY people come into our store and buy Brooks!!!). And then this evening I am curling up with a book, because I signed up to go to a book club meeting a week from Tuesday just one town over from where I live! It’s time that I do some FUN things that have nothing to do with any of my 3 professional capacities (college professor, shoe-slinger, and Les Mills fitness instructor).

Those are my three things. ANd with that–I’m off! Have a GREAT Day!!!!!


I’m nursing an injury right now – right in the middle of Chicago Marathon training :( – and setting the Garmin back is such a good idea! I think I’ll do that when I can get back to running.
How I wear my hair depends on what my hair is like that day: if it’s straight, I’ll wear a regular long ponytail but if it’s natural/curly, I have to bun it. Idk why!!

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