Thank you for all of your sweet comments yesterday, I am really excited to see where things go from here and of course tell you every detail along the way… But that also means you need to give me all of your details too about your life/training/racing.

Josse and I were able to get in 5 miles together.  I wasn’t sore after the race but even when I am not sore/super tired after a race/hard workout I just force myself to take it easy—>  lack of soreness doesn’t mean my body doesn’t need some serious recovery.

5 miles @ 9:00 pace and some good catching up on life together.

They were ready to get on the road (Knox was still snoozing):

IMG 7562

Tried this goodness for breakfast and it is a winner in my book. General Mills sends us cereal.  The kids know the sticker that they use on the shipping box and they always get excited when they see it on the front doorstep because they know they get to try something new.

IMG 7565

We packed up the car really quick for a short road trip.  We went to Vernal to visit my brother and his family!  She needed a new outfit once we got there.

IMG 7570

My sis-in-law had homemade apple fruit rollups for us and they were so good.

IMG 7569

Andrew and I left the kids with my family and went to the temple for a date.

IMG 7578

They had an amazing stew for us and these rolls with homemade jam.

IMG 7588

Brooke is loving that they have two dogs and two cats!

IMG 7587

And from my coach… turns out my vdot has now changed after my race on Tuesday which means my paces for each workout are going to be harder… this is going to be fun.

IMG 7589


Memes make me happy and when the memes are about running, they make me even happier.  I hope they make you smile or you feel like you can relate a little bit to them too!

Here are 10 of my favorite running meme/quotes from the internet (the majority of them include cute kid faces because those are my favorite).

*This exact conversation has happened in our house:



*This made me laugh so hard… it isn’t true for me but Andrew said that it sometimes is for him haha!

Screenshot 20180720 160351 Instagram

*Usually I am that person that went out too fast in the first mile:


*I am out of treadmill practice these days so I don’t even think I could do an hour on the treadmill right now.


*My jealousy levels are out of control when I am injured.

*PS I forgot my garmin for our trip… AHHHH how am I going to survive without all of my information on Garmin Connect;)

*What I will look like in two days at 3:45 in the morning (aka what time I have to leave the house) for the half marathon that I am going to do:


Can you relate to any of these above hilarious things?  PLEASE SHARE ANY OF YOUR FAVORITES WITH ME!

Where did you go for your last road trip?
Who has a cat(s)?
Do you run past your house to get to your specific mileage for the day or do you stop right when you get home?

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Last year a cat showed up at my house, but she can’t come into my yeard because I have big dogs and they would love to bite her. I feed her on the sidewalk. In the mornings she waits for me and in the afternoons after work when I get home she is there. She sleeps in the neighbours garage. A couple of weeks ago a guy stopped and asked if it is my cat, I said no I don’t know who she belong to I just feed her and give her cuddles. She is his mothers cat, his father passed away last year and she ran away, not very far the owners live 4 houses from me. Her name is Ninnie and I still feed her.
I most certainly run up and down till I reached the distance and my garmin tells me it is OK to stop.
ps. congrats on your great run Tuesday, great job!!!


Oh I love that you feed that little cat each morning and that she waits for you for when you get home. Thank you so much Almarie!!


Our last road trip was Vernal over 4th of July! My boys are obsessed with dinosaurs so it was the perfect getaway. Dinosaur Land Monument was so cool and then the next day we did the Dino Tracks Hike and rented a boat out in Flaming Gorge. We are so lucky to have such awesome outdoor activities in Utah!


NOOOO WAY!!! Oh this makes me so happy! I think we are going to the Dinosaur Land Monument today too…not sure but our kids will love it. Sounds like the perfect trip for you! Seriously, Utah is the best. I hope your day is a great one!


OMG, Skye seriously gets more adorable by the second!!! My last road trip was up to Santa Barbara, which is only a couple of hours away, but it’s gorgeous up there!! I went to a Kelsea Ballerini concert up there and got to walk around town and at the wharf before the concert, and it was definitely worth the drive!

All of your racing talk is really starting to get to me. I had a dream about racing last night, so I’m definitely getting the bug!! :) Hope you have a great day, Janae!


I LOVE that you are dreaming about racing haha! Thank you so much Natalie! Oh Santa Barbara is amazing… so glad you had such a great time!


Ha! Those are great! I just ran in Nashville (well, the suburbs) and their are serious hills there! I was nowhere near the paces I wanted to be because of those hills and the heat, but it was still a blast! There is one hill in my sister in law’s neighborhood that looks like it goes straight up. I skipped that one this time ;)


Way to go on all of those hills… and in the heat too! Yeah, I would have skipped that one too! Have a wonderful day Loribeth!


I LOVE running memes! They are sort of my mental hold-over until I can get home for a run (I’m not a morning runner anymore!). I also love how they remind me that, even though running is solitary, all runners are really on one big team going through the same pain and effort and set backs and achievements, all rooting for each other!


Oh I totally agree with you… I love that these memes/social media/races bring us all together and so we feel that big team feeling. I hope you have a wonderful day and that you have an awesome run today later on.


Ah I can’t believe you asked about cats today. I just got 2 kittens on Friday and now my whole day is spent playing with them and watching them sleep. So adorable! ?


YOU DID!?!! Oh that is so exciting. Send me a picture so I can show Brooke:) ENJOY!


Thank you for the laughs this morning–those were so funny!

Last road trip was visiting family (Maryland –> southern Indiana/10-11 hours).

We have 2 cats (and 1 dog). One cat is sweet and a bit timid. The other is named Angel, and *sometimes* she fits her name, LOL!

Definitely guilty of doing a little out-and-back past the house to get the right numbers on the mileage, ha ha!

You’re seriously putting in that work for an amazing marathon finish in a couple of months!! So exciting!


THAT is a long road trip! 2 cats and a dog… Brooke is very jealous! I hope you have an amazing day and thank you Corey for your sweet words. I really appreciate it!


Loving the running memes ?

I definitely run farther past my house when I need more distance. It’s always funny to me because my dog knows right where to turn to get back home and he always slows wayyyyyyy down if I make him go past the house. He’s like, are you crazy lady?? The house is right there!! ?

My family is moving to Kansas next week ????? so that will be our next road trip. I’m nervous if you can’t tell.

Also, what is a vdot? I’m sorry if that’s a silly question!


Not a silly question at all! This is from Jack Daniels about it—> VDOT is a measure of your current running ability. It assigns a score to all running performances and let’s you equate a time in one distance against another. For instance, you can compare your VDOT score from a recent 5k result to a friend’s score who just ran a half marathon.

You can go here to find out what yours is (roughly:)

I am so sorry that your family is moving, that is so so hard! I hope you are able to visit them as much as possible.

Bahaha I had to laugh about your dog wondering what you are doing when you run past!


Skye’s rolls in that picture!! Love them

Any chance that you have a recipe for those apple fruit roll ups? I have a child who would love those!


Yes!!!! She picked the apples from her tree, she peeled and cored them and then cooked them in a big pot with 1 cup of water (16 cups of apples) and cook on low until the apples are soft! She then puréed them in a blender and since her apples were very sour she added some corn starch and sugar to taste! She preheated her oven to 170 and then took the biggest baking trays she could find and put cooking spray on them. She poured a very thin layer on the pans and spread with a spoon to make it oven. She baked it in oven until it was firm to the touch on top (not brittle or cracking)!


My last road trip was last weekend for my tri. When you live in Wyoming, most of your road trips are for races!
I have one big, fat, old boy cat that I rescued 15 years ago and I can’t imagine life without him! He has been forbidden to die at this point because he’s been with me through all of life’s craziness!


Way to go on your tri!! Racecations are the absolute best! You have had him for 15 years… I love that! Have an amazing day.


Amanda – Google is my friend (sometimes)…VDOT is shorthand for V O2 max (the term I am familiar with)…also the amount of oxygen you consume during a minute of running. But my question for Janae is this…how does your coach know your VDOT changed? Did you do a treadmill with measuring mask run? Or is she just basing it off of split times you’ve hit and your 5k race time?

Last road trip was to Utah – up and down I15 a bunch of times while there but we took the long way in and out to see extra family, ancestral homes, and Goblin Valley.

If I haven’t hit my miles, I totally run past my house. Doesn’t everyone? :D


Why didn’t we meet up for a run while you were here! She is basing the change on my race time and how I have been performing in my recent workouts. It sure would be cool if I did the mask on the treadmill though! I hope you have a great day!!


I have never been someone who tuns around until I hit a certain mileage, but it does kind of bug me when I get home and I’ll like .3 off of a mile.

Have fun in vernal! It looks beautiful.


WHAT track did you go to?! Thanks Jenny! Enjoy your day!


I ended up doing laps around the block instead. Provo’s track was open but there were people there doing what looked like a jr football league so I decided it would be easier.


I commented on your IG too…….Last road trip was to Vernal just a couple weeks ago. Drove from Northwest MO to Vernal (actually a very small town of 300 people outside of Vernal) by myself with my 2 kids (15 & 12 yo). Longest I’ve ever drove by myself. We went to Red Fleet Lake and spent the day paddleboarding and cliff jumping. First time for both and spent an afternoon and evening at White Rocks Canyon in Ashley National Forest this was a 10 minute drive from my sisters house to the canyon and it cooled down 10 degrees. Also in Vernal we went to Remember The Maine Park and if you take a very short walk from the parking lot it goes to a beautiful creek that we wadded in and cooled off. We went to that park 2 days in a row. So nice. My sisters ward was joining with other churches from all faiths for a special fast and day of prayer for relief from the fires that the area has been dealing with plus they need rain so bad right now. I love the flowers along the main street in Vernal. Beautiful.


Oh one more thing I loved about Vernal………we went to the movie theater to see the new Jurassic Park movie and my sister grabbed a couple of popcorn bowls from home and I thought you can’t take that in the movie theater and it was so cool that they filled up the big ol’ bowl with popcorn for $3!!!!! And drinks were $1.50. I told the clerk at the counter I couldn’t believe their prices and she thought I was complaining. I said heck no. Where I’m at popcorn is $6 and a drink is $5 and those are small sizes!!! So needless to say Aunt Betsy treated everyone to a pop and popcorn.


I LOVE that you were here Betsy and that you loved it so much. We are seriously so happy here. I NEED to go try out those movie treat prices… that is amazing. White rocks canyon sounds amazing, I’ll check with my brother to see if we can go there too! Cliff jumping?! That is amazing. Your whole trip sounded amazing. I love the small town feel here and as you know, I just love this state. Come visit again… come to Orem and let’s go hike! Have an amazing day.


If I have to, of course I’ll run past my house to get the mileage, but it’s so tough. I don’t know why but for some reason I have a tough time finishing my runs on my street at all, I just feel like once I get to my block the run should be done. So I try to loop up on the next block if I need the extra distance.

So excited for your half! It’s been a great week on HRG we got two posts in one day and now two races in one week!


Oh thank you Beckett!! So I have been seriously considering doing two posts a day a time or two each week? I’ll have to try it out again! I totally agree… I love finishing on the street right before my street so I have a minute to walk before I go inside but that rarely happens ha! Good call to add on more in another area to get the extra mileage! Have a wonderful day.


We just got home from our last road trip Utah->Wyoming->Montana->Fargo, North Dakota, then back again by way of Yellowstone – 2600 miles total in 7 days. We drove about 7- 9 hours a day on the driving days, we were more than happy to get out of the car at the end of every day.

Cats are a no-go at our house – too creepy for me :)

I run past the house or around the block more often than stopping because every route seems to be about .2 short door to door.


Okay, that road trip sounds amazing! We really want to take the kids to Yellowstone soon! I bet you are wanting to avoid the car at all costs. I hope your day is a great one Mindy!


I would recommend a visit during the fall, we went in October and it was amazing. The weather is cooler so the animals are moving around more during the day (we saw a bear right by the road!) and the crowds are about 1/4 of what they were this time. It was still great this time, but quite crowded.


Wow wow wow wow wow!! The race yesterday was insanely fast!! You are a rockstar. My last 5K time was 38 minutes … you could probably beat me going backward ;)

I wanted to give you a little shout out and say how much your blog has made a difference for me. I have a complicated history with running. In the past I have run a handful of races, including a half marathon, but I hadn’t been running for about 2 years before I found your blog. I stopped because I just didn’t love it and found “going for a run” was something I dreaded too much. Anyways, fast forward to now, and I decided to start jogging again. I’m doing the couch to 10K app but I find it progresses too quickly so I do each run two times before moving on to the next workout. Three months strong!! A huge factor in my deciding to run again is the way you talk about running on your blog and the positivity that shines through is so infectious! And you made me realize that I don’t always have to feel amazing before or during the run, but AFTER the run and the benefits for there rest of the day are what counts. And there will be good runs and bad runs, and that’s okay. I’ve been able to reduce my anxiety medication by over 50% since I started running!! And when I run I think of some of the things that you say on your blog like “I can do hard things”.

Anyways, my rambling is just to say thank you for this blog, your positivity and sharing all your good and bad experiences with running!! You made a huge difference for me.


Your comment made me tear up Andrea. THREE MONTHS STRONG. You are incredible! Those after the run feelings are the absolute greatest. Thank you for taking the time to write to me. It means the world to me and I took a screenshot of your comment:) please keep me updated on everything, I am so excited for you and your future. Thank you Andrea!


I LOVE those memes!! :)
We have a dog, and just adopted 2 kittens. They are so sweet, tiny, and hilarious! Our dog wants so badly for them to play ball with him, but they just look at the ball…it’s too cute and funny!
That cereal sounds so yummy, I am going to have to keep an eye out for that :)


We have 2 cats- a black one named Merlin and a black and white one named Gwen. We also have a black and white Boston Terrier named Spenser. Basically no clothing is safe for pet hair to blend in!

So, I haven’t run in a long time. I’m more of a lifter now. But I apparently got talked into signing up for a charity 5k this fall. I went to pull my mizunos out of the closet and I think I must’ve put them away wet… they’re sad and crunchy. Anyway, I’m going to try out Brooks! I’m really hoping the Launch 5’s work because I want the lobster ones so bad!


I HAVE to hit certain miles on my Garmin. I’ve done loops in my driveway just to hit them. My husband thinks I’m crazy.

If I ever forget my watch, I feel like I have anxiety ALL day. I have to have it!


Hi Janae! Yes we have a cat!! I have always loved cats as they are just easy to care for – they do their own thing, which a lot of people don’t like. We currently have Jackson who is a black and white tuxedo and is 1.5 years old. We adopted him at the end of May from Petsmart. He is 17 lbs, which is crazy, but he is just a BIG cat. We actually call him Jackson “Moose” since he is so big. Prior to Jackson we had Kolby (also known as Bert – isn’t it funny how you never really call some pets by their real name, lol. He was just a small guy and all black. He had thyroid disease for the last 3 years and unfortunately we had to have him put down at the age of 17 on April 27th this year. It was horrible and it was the worst day ever. He was my baby and my best friend. He was the closest with me, cuddling on my lap every night, letting me hold him like a baby, and sleeping by my side nightly. We said we wouldn’t get another cat anytime soon, or at least until maybe August or September. However, when we were at Petsmart one day there was Jackson. We all loved him immediately but when we asked about him it turned out he was already adopted and his new family was to pick him up the following day. Long story short I gave her my number just in case and it turned out that the people never picked him up and he was ours!!!! It was exactly a month from the day Kolby passed away – May 27th that we adopted Jackson. I really think Kolby made this happen. Jackson has made our family so happy (after the passing of Kolby) and he is such a joy. It is fun having a young cat around again, and he is just so fun. We love him so!!! :P I will have to send you a picture of him :)


Omg those were the best memes ever! I am totally guilty of running/walking past my house to get to an even numbers of miles. I can’t stop on anything that isn’t exactly at the mile or half mile. This drives my husband nuts. :) Hope you guys have a great day!!!


i love all the running memes! so hilarious!

ok i will share my race yesterday – also a 5K. a local summer speed series. they sent us an email that it might be canceled due to 90% precip with t-storms forecasted for the area. 2 hours from the start they said the race is ON. so i went. it was so hard. gasping for air, i got nothing. the humidity was out of control at 95%. no water stations b/c threat of lightning. my time was 13 sec slower than last month’s so i was a little down about it. but someone speedy (much faster and more experienced than me in running) was over 30 sec slower than last month’s. so i am thinking that the conditions made it hard for everyone, not just me. i am hoping this all is just making me much stronger for the marathon in the fall.

last road trip we did was over memorial day wknd to the adirondacks! we camped and hiked a ton – it was fantastic.

we don’t have a cat, but my sister who lives nearby does :)

i stop right when i get home. don’t care if it’s .3 or .8 or whatever. but there are times that i do run past the home if i feel like i need more of a cool down.


I’m jealous of Skye’s headband game.

I don’t make many road trips (but I fly from WI-Cali for work bi-weekly) but tomorrow I’m driving 4 hours to northern wisconsin by myself to pick up a bathroom vanity. Adulting is so exciting ;).

We have 2 cats and a dog. No one likes anyone else.


That cereal is a box of perfection! I am a cereal mixer and love adding granola to cheerios! Now I won’t have to if they actually launch that cereal before I head back to Germany (serious lack of dopey cereal there. It’s all muesli. delicious, but not *cereal*)

I totally have no other answers because the cereal is just too captivating….. :)


Skye’s rolls! Chubby babies are so great! She is the cutest!


Sometimes if I’m just running to get it in, I’ll be fine with just coming back to my house. But I will usually pass my house or run around the block until my Garmin and I get to what I waned accomplished that day. One day there was company waiting at our house, and my husband said “Oh here she comes now.” Then I waved as I passed them and they said back to him “I don’t think she’s coming home today.” Husband said “Oh she probably just has to go .3 more miles.” No response from company. Some people don’t get us.
My daughter would love to have a cat, but her Dad and I are both allergic to them. Anyone out there, my kid would love to come pet and play with your cat for hours and hours.


Aren’t memes the BEST!?!?! Me and sister basically communicate in only memes these days. We talk all the time about how they make us feel better about ourselves in general, cuz now we know we aren’t the only people that have these thoughts….

Never had a cat…my dad was allergic growing up. I don’t understand cats at all. I am a dog person all the way! I absolutely adore Beretta (such a cool name BTW!).

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