An Awesome Run Hangs out with You All day + Ladder Workout + Heaven.

I think it is scientific that the warm-up of a track workout is supposed to feel like junk.  I am always surprised how hard that first 1-2 miles feels before I start my speed workouts but it must happen in order to add more challenge to the workout we are about to do.   So when your warmup feels awful for a speed workout, just remember it does big time for me too but once you get going… it will usually feel better and better.  I feel like with each interval my body feels better (until the end:).

2 miles @ 8:58 average and a gorgeous sunrise.

IMG 6578

I then switched into the Hyperion and noticed the little label inside.  That pepped me up to get started.

IMG 6579

I LOVE ladder workouts like this one because the intervals get shorter and shorter throughout the workout.  You accomplish one that is longer and that builds confidence for the next ones that are shorter.

Screen Shot 2018 07 17 at 5 35 06 PM

I felt way better than I expected to feel (once the warm-up was over)  so my paces were a bit faster which I was excited about.

1600m = 6:50 (6:53 pace)

2 x 1200m= 4:46 (6:23 pace), 4:43 (6:20 pace)

2 x 800m= 3:02 (6:06 pace), 3:00 (6:02 pace)

2 x 400m= 1:24 (5:37 pace), 1:22 (5:31 pace)

1 mile c/d= 8:21.

I took each of the 400m recoveries nice and easy which resulted in between 2:17-2:39 easy jog.  I also grabbed a sip of water during each recovery from my water bottle.

8.72 miles total for the morning.

Also, another PSA to use garmin connect to get your workouts programmed into your watch—>  It makes it so much easier and I no longer have to question what interval I am on <—  This post tells you how to do it.

IMG 6707

I finished the workout just as all of the sports teams were getting to the field so I will call that a major accomplishment for the day.

Isn’t it amazing how a good run kind of sticks with you for the entire day?  I feel like after a really good run my entire day goes by so much smoother and the endorphins are unlimited.   It kind of just runs over into the entire day for me.  A really good race… kind of sticks with me for a month:)

IMG 6595

Five days until my 5k.  This track workout gave me some confidence for race day.  PS this 5k had over 20,000 participants last year!  It is the biggest race in Utah and they are going for the biggest 5k in the US!  COME RUN IT WITH ME!!  Andrew and I bought the timing chips ($13) yesterday so we can start in the front but otherwise, the race is FREE!


Here’s how the rest of the day went:

We had a bunch of cousins sleep over and they were up bright and early jumping with Beretta on the tramp.

IMG 6723

Then Andrew took my brother and his family up to the airport.  I picked up Knox.

IMG 6727

He was gone for about a week and had an awesome time on his trip.

IMG 6732

We went to the park for a few minutes and then to see Dr. Bennett to get me ready for all of this marathon training over the next 11.5 weeks!  I can’t tell you how many times he has prevented injuries from happening or fixed ones that I was dealing with over the years.  We are just starting now to work on my hip drop problem so he did all sorts of muscle reactivation things and sent me home with homework to do side planks and these in the below video to help me in some areas that I am VERY weak.

On the way home Brooke was crying.  I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she doesn’t think we will have our blankies in heaven and it made her sad… I let her know that I definitely think we will have them along with any pets that we have ever had, unlimited desserts, and no running injuries.

IMG 6743

So good to see these two together.

IMG 6740

There were also some tears when a hornet got Knox on the toe.  After some icing and relaxing, he was feeling much better.

IMG 6753

And some Old Maid really got him back to feeling like himself again.

IMG 6759

We had dinner at 4:15.  I was with the youth girls in my area (I do this through my church) and Andrew wanted to get working on tiling our bathrooms at night so we pushed up dinner a bit earlier than normal.

Roasted broccoli= tastes so good but makes my house smell so terrible.

IMG 6760

Afterwards we had some coupons for Yogurtland so we made that happen.  Don’t be deceived by our amounts of goodness.. these cups are very tall.  Also, can someone teach me how to do the nail tattoos because I clearly don’t know how to do them on Brooke’s nails.

IMG 6762

Her lips binky never gets old to me.

IMG 6768


What is the biggest race that you’ve ever run?  Around how many people? If you had to choose between only doing big races or small races for the rest of your running years… which would you choose? What is your favorite interval distance—>  long, short, medium, 2 miles, 1 mile, 800m, 30 seconds?  You tell me! Question from Andrew—>  If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

-Andrew: Tahiti.  Janae: Australia.

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I had Yogurtland yesterday, too! It was a much-needed treat because it’s been kind of a tough week.

I like longer intervals. I really like 800s and mile repeats. The mile repeats usually seem so tough at first, but then I end up liking them by the end of the workout. The first one is always the hardest, but if I always remind myself that if can get through that one, I’ll be fine. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I always sing Sheryl Crow’s “The First Cut Is the Deepest” in those moments.

If I could go anywhere in the world right now, I’d go to Hawaii. I’ve never been but have always wanted to go. Hopefully someday!!


I am so sorry your week has been tough! I agree, I like the mile repeats! HAHA that song is perfect for intervals! I hope you get to go toHawaii at some point soon! Have a wonderful day Natalie!


Hi Janae!
I loved what you said to Brookie about heaven. I believe that too!! Hope that it helped and that she felt better afterwards.
If I could go anywhere in the world I think i’d Go to New Zealand! But it’s a very difficult choice, the world is filled with amazing places. And most importantly I would like to take my entire family along for the ride. That would be awesome!
Hope you have a great day!!


She felt much better knowing that I think that her blanket will be there:) I agree, taking the whole family somewhere is definitely the number one choice. Thank you so much… YOU TOO!


Ooooh, love the travel question. Believe it or not, i’d Like to go to Moscow and tour the subway system, which is supposed to be gorgeous. And I hear Budapest sunsets are beyond words (my friends travel, A LOT). And I want to run the Paris 20km in the fall.
I ran the Honolulu marathon which was pretty huge and it’s usually the same time as the Pearl Harbor anniversary so it’s quite a trip.
I’m new to running intervals so I can’t comment.
And yes, I imagine I’ll see my departed pet in heaven and she’ll be sleeping in my chair and she won’t give it up or move when I get there.


Really? Both of those things would be incredible to see and I want to join you for the Paris 20km! Oh I want to do the Honolulu marathon someday! Yep, your pet will definitely be there:) Have a wonderful day!


HI. I am moving and redecorating and love your rug! Where did you find that?

I would love to go to Thailand and New Zealand.


YAY for moving and redecorating! I hope you love your new place! Here is the rug, we love it!
I hope you get to Thailand and New Zealand soon!


Nooo, don’t like Garrett! He has literally liked Instagram posts that joke about the Parkland kids being crisis actors. Meanwhile (amazing) Blake, was literally in a school shooting :(


Oh my goodness. I had no idea, that made me sick. Thank you for sharing this with me Lauren!


Big races are so much fun!! I love the energy and excitement. I run the BolderBoulder (60,000-ish) every year and I look forward to it so much.

My dream vacation would be anywhere in Scandinavia! It looks gorgeous.

I’m Team Jason! They’re hometown date was so cute!! And made me really crave buffalo wings :)


BAHAHAH Andrew and I were literally salivating during that part… WE NEED BUFFALO WINGS! 60,000 people, that is incredible. I want to come do it with you! I hope that you get to Scandinavia at some point soon. Have a beautiful day Susan!


Hi Janae!! I would love a good vacation to Bora Bora! I have to go find my sugar daddy first though! HA


Wouldn’t that be incredible?! One of my good friend’s went their on her honeymoon.. it looked incredible. Good luck on the sugar daddy finding haha! Keep me updated:) Enjoy your day Ann!


As I get older, I get increasingly picky about races. I can’t handle big races or being bussed to starting lines. We did a family 5K this spring where they made all the runners with strollers start with the walkers (some of who actually were pulling kids in wagons) and it drove me bananas. We actually left the course at one point just to run!


Oh that would have made me crazy too! Good call on leaving the course! Have a wonderful day Chrissy!


Ha — I love Andrew’s random questions. I want to go do the UTMB course (hiking it, not running!) — a friend of mine just got back and the pictures are amazing!!
I think I need a Dr. Bennett. My weird hip/leg injury still persists — over 3 months now. I saw a new PT yesterday and I am hopeful — just realized his name is Andrew. He must be good, right??
Love your comment to Brooke — no running injuries in heaven!
Congrats on your workout this morning!! You will do amazing at your race. Smart to buy the chip!


If his name is Andrew you are set! And if that doesn’t work then fly to Utah and see Dr Bennett! I am so sorry you have been dealing with this injury for so long… good luck! I just looked up the UTMB course… wow! I want to come with you! Thank you so much Wendy!


I would choose small races. But I like the feeling of big races too!

I used to really love the 800 but I don’t know why anymore haha. It was my favorite race in high school for some reason and now I can hardly get through it.

I would go to either Ireland, Italy, or Hawaii because I’ve never been to any of those places and want to


How was last night?!?!?!?


Oh my amazing! If you get the chance to, go see it! It was amazing!


I have travelled a lot in the past few years. Australia was awesome! Now I am planning South Africa next April!!!

I don’t like pushing pace much at all, bit I love a 10 – 15 km run.


South Africa… that sounds incredible! Can we come:) You will have to tell me all about it! Have a great day!


Wow so speedy!…Tahiti with my family sounds perfect!…my daughter got stung when at our beach and I went to a store and found a sample of an ointment with different essential oils and coconut oil. It made the sting bite not hurt and go down! I wish I had gotten the actual jar of it! Knox is so adorable!
That lip binki is hilarious:)


I totally agree, a great run gives you a bounce in your step for the rest of the day! And I prefer smaller, more intimate races, the logistics seem way easier. If I could go anywhere I think it would be France. We just got back from 3 weeks cycling in the Pyrenees and I’m missing the baguettes and cheese. Watching the Tour de France makes me want to be back there on my bike!


THREE WEEKS CYCLING IN THE PYRENEES… that sounds like a dream! I hope you get to go back and do it again someday!


Right now it’s been over a year since I’ve been in New England and longer than that since I’ve gone to my parents place in Maine. It’s approximately 200 degrees in Florida and as humid as possible between thunderstorms so I’d go to Maine.


probably the BK half is the largest race i have run with about 28K runners ! i get to see what’s it’s like with 50K runners this fall when running the nyc marathon!

i’d probably choose small races! i like the intimacy and the cheering from a race that features 300-500 runners as opposed to thousands upon thousands. the running community is really awesome to see up close with the smaller races i’ve done.

favorite interval distance? i’m guessing 400s b/c i feel like i know the distance. 1 mile and 2 miles are okay too. and i totally like 200s b/c they’re over so quick. i think 800s are the weirdest to me. they are like 400s but so much harder! (because they are longer?) lol. probably b/c i’m trying to maintain a speed i am totally uncomfortable maintaining. in terms of time intervals, i can do 30, 60, 90 sec and 2 min just fine (at least for me). 3 min is where i start to die and 4 min too.

Andrew’s question: If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? i’d love to visit the Nordic countries! they’re scenic, the food is great, and it’s not too crowded or too hot :)


The biggest race I’ve ever done is the Honolulu Marathon. Around 20,000 people with a mass start. It was insane! I spent the first 6 miles weaving around large groups of walkers talking selfies. I definitely prefer smaller races.

I prefer ladder intervals, too. All intervals are hard – they don’t ever get easier, you just go faster.

I would really love to go on an African safari or back to Italy!


Question: do you just go the the gym to do the knee raise exercise things? Or do you have some way to do them without that piece of equipment??


Great Q!!! So I haven’t started them yet but I will most likely have to just go to the gym to do them. I asked Andrew to come up with a way to do them at home and if he can think of something, I will post it:) Thanks Ashley and I hope your day has been great so far!


Love the bigger races! I did the Nashville half as my 1st half ever in 2009 and I am dying to do that one again!! I love the bigger races because the expo’s are the bomb and we alllll know that is the most exciting part of the race, well the finish line is pretty amazing too!!!
I am with Andrew!! TAHITI/Fuji!


Those lips are cracking me up!!!! I would love to go to Thailand, but Tahiti and Australia are on my bucket list too!!


Hi Found your blog about a week ago because I am trying to start running. I will never be in your league as I’m a total novice but the big 50 birthday just happened and I decided that I didn’t want to be overweight and unfit for the next 50. Hubby started running about 6 ish years ago and lost weight and ran a 1/2 marathon last year. He mainly does Parkruns on Saturday mornings and we are heading to Paris and The Netherlands next April and would like to do one in Paris. So this week I started a C25k program.
I think it funny that you would pick Australia as your place to visit. I’m an Aussie and would highly recommend it. Queensland is the place to be! Having said that my Hubby and I actually got together when we were in Utah on holidays in 1992. Hiking to Delicate Arch. He is Dutch and we met on a holiday we were on. We loved it then and a few years ago we went back with our daughter. With places like Zion, Bryce , Arches I don’t understand why more people don’t live there. What really sealed it for us was that I unfortunately got sick and had to see a doctor. We went to the hospital clinic and they were so,so nice and understanding that we were travelling. A older lady gave up her appointment so I could be seen earlier and the staff were so nice even offering to send the treatment details through to my normal doctor in Australia. When I came out of my treatment I found my daughter reading a story to a little girl in the waiting room because the mother said that her daughter was so enthralled by her accent. Funny we don’t think we have one. Anyway while waiting for the medication we went in to a real estate agent to see how much houses in the area were because we wanted to move there! In fact just last Friday on House Hunters they had an episode in Utah and Hubby and I both said that we would still love to live there. We will definitely visit again one day. So just wanted to say that you have a beautiful family and love your blog.


Christeen! I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU WROTE TO ME!! This made me so happy to hear that you have started running, isn’t it the best?! I love that you have been to Utah and that you met your husband in Utah! That is so cool and I love that you went back with your daughter. Come to Utah and we can hike! Keep me updated on everything!

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