15 Pictures + Week #2 of Marathon Training

Hello!  I’ve got an overly detailed (like usual) race recap for you tomorrow but for now, let’s talk about the post-run stuff.

2.15 mile cool-down on the high school track after the race for a little over 15 mile long run.

It was a gorgeous morning and felt good to have a workout and long run done all before 8 in the morning.

IMG 7923

Brooke used to be obsessed with playing with my garmin after a run just like Skye.  It probably isn’t the best thing for the watch but whatever.

IMG 7935

She also loved holding onto my medal and attempting to guide me around the house.

IMG 7942

The girls joined me in some stretching while Andrew was at Home Depot to finish off two of the bathrooms.  I finally showered once Skye went down for her nap.

IMG 7938

Very random meal for lunch—>  sweet potato gnocchi from TJ’s, eggs, spinach, zucchini, peppers all mixed together.  It was delicious.

IMG 7959

All three girls took a nap.. I could only sleep for 20 minutes though?!?

IMG 7964

A bit later and we were off to dinner.  Those 15.3 miles made me extremely hungry.

IMG 7966

So much goodness all on one plate.  We went to El Mexiquense Grill for dinner and it was so good.  I polished this off along with the 2 cups of salsa that I added from their salsa bar.

IMG 7974

Then we went to Ikea to find some mirrors for our bathroom.  Brooke lucked out with a spot in their kids area.  Skye joined us for the trip.

IMG 7980

Because soft serve is always the right choice in my opinion.

IMG 7983

Found these beauties at Ikea for Brooke’s birthday in a few weeks… she is going to be so excited.

IMG 7984

The sunset last night was insane.  I didn’t edit this picture at all.  The sun was bright pink.  It was crazy.

IMG 7988

PS my brother sent me a video about the world’s toughest 400m race… straight up a ski slope.  A 37% incline the entire way.  Does anyone have any desire to do this?  I think I would fall backwards on this ski slope trying to go up it.

Screen Shot 2018 07 28 at 8 32 16 PM


Here is what week #2 of marathon training looks like for me!  It’s been a good week of running with two races with some speed in there and my longest run in forever!

Monday:  6 miles @ 8:34

Tuesday:  Race day!  2.1 mile w/u, 2.86 miles at 6:07 average (5k course cut short), 2.76 mile cool down.  7.72 miles total.

Wednesday:  5 miles with Josse @ 9:00.

Thursday:  8 miles in Vernal with some hills and an 8:25 average pace.

Friday:  5 miles with Skye in the jogging stroller @ 8:43 average pace.

Saturday:  15.32 miles total @ 6:58 average.  13.16 during the race and 2.15 cool-down afterwards (full recap tomorrow).

Sunday:  OFF!

47.04 miles total!

IMG 7946


What was the best part of your weekend so far?

Best thing you have eaten this weekend?

What was your favorite run this last week?  

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Amazing sunset!!!!! Glad you got a picture.

Best part of the weekend so far was pool time at the YMCA with my hubby and the little man. It was great assisting my son do ten backflips (in the water) in a row, he is 5.5, and I didn’t learn to swim until I was 7, but flips were also one of my favorite tricks to do in the water.

Best thing I have eaten was a bit of my carnitas tacos. My son ate the rest (he ordered beans, but they were too spicy), somInate his beans and the avocado, onion, and cilantro that was left in the taco after he snagged all the pork :)

My favorite run was Sunday at the park with our pup. It feels almost cool when I run really early. Fall is just around the corner right??? What? Noooo??? Eeeek!


10 backflips in a row in the water… umm I can’t do that and he is 5.5!! That is awesome!! PS I love how close in age our kiddos are. Now you have me craving tacos and you are so nice to share haha! I seriously cannot believe how fast this summer has gone by. I’m so glad you had such a great run with your dog. Enjoy the rest of your day Tonya!


I know, right? That is the reason I found your blog in the first place (I was searching for info on running through pregnancy). Twice/thrice a day was not enough for me, so I backed up to the beginning of creation (of your blog) and read forward. I used to think Brooke was so much older than Baxton (Jan 2013), but now it seems like they are the same. You have been an invaluable help as I have made his journey (kind of late, I am 45), and I am constantly impressed with your ability to balance heavy training and work and family. And I love that you love your @Oiselle Rogas!!!!!!


It’s ok to say no to your kids. It’s okay to teach them to take care of things. You don’t have to say yes to everything they want. garmins are expensive if it’s not good for the watch they don’t have to play with it


Thanks Katy:)


I’m pretty sure Janae would say “no” if she thought Skye was going to seriously wreck her garmin!!!


You get me:) Thanks Jenny! Have an amazing Sunday!


Janae was the one who said it’s probably not good for the watch but whatever. Katy didn’t say that.


Will be looking forward to your race report, Janae!

Best thing eaten this weekend: black bean nachos topped with guacamole, sour cream and salsa

Favorite run of the week: 8 mile progression run


Thanks so much Tam and those nachos are making me drool… at 10 a.m. Oh progression runs are my favorite, so glad you had such a great one! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


My running this week has felt so bad. I’m hoping that next week is better!

That sunset was amazing!

We spent some time with one of our good friends and thier family so that was a lot of fun.


NOOOO about your running this week but that always happens to me before something really great with my running happens. Oh I am so glad you saw the sunset, it was awesome! Glad you guys had so much fun. You are going to rock your half in August Jenny.


Best thing I ate – a tie between salsa chicken tacos and cottage cheese and peaches – super exciting, I know. ;)
Best thing I did – two service opportunities yesterday – moving furniture in the morning, taking in a dinner in the evening.
Best run – hard to pick between my hill sprint loop run Tue (20 seconds faster avg pace per mile compared to mid-June) or repeat mile loop yesterday (avg 15 seconds faster per repeat compared to mid-June).


Thank you for reminding me of the goodness of cottage cheese and peaches. You are a great example to me of service… that is awesome.
SO SO cool to hear about the improvements you have had from just last month. You are rocking it!


A burger after 3 days of backpacking. It tasted so good.

I am so glad you guys tried El mexiquense! We love it. Double date night coming up!

Way to go on your race/workout. You’re going to do so awesome at your marathon!


I am so happy you are back. I need to hear all about every single detail of your crazy hike. Let’s eat El mixiquense and talk about everything. Miss you.


Best thing is I got caught up on my laundry yesterday lol…I did do a 2 miler with my oldest trying to get my kids to like running so far they like their soccer and golf hmm
Congrats on an amazing half/long run! You bounced right back of course with lots of work too.


Oh that is a very good feeling… I wish I could say the same ha:) TWO MILES with your oldest… that is awesome Christina! Thanks so much, I hope the rest of your Sunday is amazing!


Oh I’m so glad you’re planning hard for Brookes birthday! My little boy’s is just a few weeks later I think and I was feeling a bit premature in getting onto it! Congrats on you right long run. I’ve just clocked my longest in a while after rehabbing from injury. It was only an hour and it wasn’t the most comfortable ever but I was glad to have done it. I’m enjoying getting back into speedwork too, in preparation for a half marathon in October. Best part of the weekend was taking my son to see an acrobatic circus! Best food, hmm, it’s been a bit of an in the fly weekend for cooking so probably the scrambled eggs and veggies I ate last night!!


You can never start planning too early in my opinion (definitely not Andrew’s opinion haha)! LONGEST RUN since injury–> way to go! An hour IS along time. I am so excited that you are back. Okay, I need more info on the acrobatic circus, Brooke would love something like that!


Gah, sorry for all those typos! Unfortunately my son doesn’t want to be drawn on his party – I’m desperate to get going (he takes after his dad ?). The circus was called Cirque Beserk – we saw it in the UK but I don’t think they’re British so they may tour more widely. Thank you for the sweet wishes on my run ?


I cannot wait to read your race recap! I didn’t run last week but I’m planning on running tomorrow. Looking forward to it!


Thanks Emma!! Enjoy your run tomorrow!!


Best part of my weekend was watching my girls swim at champs. It was a LONG two days but my oldest rocked it with 4 silvers and a 5th ( this was league champs and in my opinion 5th out of many kids is awesome). The best part is that she came to me in the spring and said ” I want to make it to leagues this year and place in the top 12″. We talked about ways to get there and she did a spring tune up before swim season and then worked hard. She got most improved on our team and learned that hard work pays off. She also is the biggest cheerleader for her teammates. My youngest also did well but at age 7 it is more about the fact that she gets to be in the pool so often that thrills her as it should be!!
I was able to fit my 9 miles in yesterday in between prelims and finals which I was nervous about because I am training for a half marathon and this weekend is packed. But it was an awesome way to relax inbetween sessions.


Carrie, that is AWESOME! Your girls are incredible. I love how driven they already are! Way to go getting in the mileage when life was so busy! So excited for your half marathon, keep me updated on everything!


Best thing I ate – artichokes. No kidding and no cooking. I should get back to frozen, but I got a jar w/ marinade and a can w/ water. So, no cooking. In this weather, they come up to room temp quickly. I had them with tahini and spices once and with cheese tortellini and spices and egg. I think your gnocchi bowl looks great! Mexiquense looks good, too!


Best thing I did – looked up Art Berg and listened to one of his talks. He was a shining star and in the middle of his life became quadriplegic. He overcame so much and lived independently in more ways than Dr.s imagined (don’t get me started on the Dr.s). I think this is the quote, “the impossible takes longer” love it! There’s the difficult and there’s the impossible. In his talk, he was uplifting and he wasn’t airy fairy. He sounded like a more grounded shining star.

The sunset yesterday! Glad you caught it – 1,000 words.

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