14 Pics from the Day + My Training Log

1.  9 miles for my last run of the week.  I was going to attempt to get up in time to run with Josse but that didn’t happen so it was a solo run for me.

2.  It was my second Saturday in a row where I saw a rainbow during my run.  I’ll take that as a good sign.

IMG 6128

3.  I also got some rain off and on throughout the entire run which felt really nice.  3 mile w/u, 3 miles @ 6:55 average, 3 mile c/d.  My coach told me to start at a 7:05-10 and work down from there and finish that three mile set feeling strong so that is what I went for —>  7:05, 6:55, 6:49.   Things did not feel as great as I was hoping but I’m guessing that is from that lovely experience we get as women to not feel great every month!

IMG 6212

4.  I listened to this podcast during the w/u and c/d and it made me like Stephanie Bruce even more than I already did.

IMG 6214

5.  Brooke started feeling a lot better Saturday morning and back to herself again but still tired along with a little bit of a sore throat.  Skye is lucky because it is very unlikely for her to get strep at her age!  I feel so bad for my sister and her family though—>  4 out of her 5 kids all got strep too!  Luckily, everyone got on antibiotics very quickly.

Skye and I joined my sister for a walk after my run.

IMG 6235

6.  I saw the cutest thing while we were walking.  One of the homes has a little library in front of their house with a sign explaining to the kids that they can take a book and return it when they are done.

IMG 6239

7.  Skye loves to put her little foot out like this whenever we go on a walk.

IMG 6243

8.  Andrew noticed this while he was out—> My brother borrowed Andrew’s car for a few days and returned it with a Dodger’s license plate cover.  Andrew had an Angels one on before this and my brother is a huge Dodgers fan so he thought he would switch it out ha.  He also cleaned the entire inside of the car big time so Andrew wasn’t too upset;_

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9.  My Garmin watch tan line is coming in nicely… the picture doesn’t do it justice.

IMG 6258

10.  We did our normal nighttime routines.

IMG 6262

11.  And we were all in our pjs and ready for bed when I decided to join in with my friends for dinner.  Andrew was going to work on the bathrooms (we are putting in tile) and the girls were about to go to bed so it all kind of worked out nicely.

IMG 6268

12.  180 Tacos is kind of our meeting spot.  Jicama on salad should always be a thing.

IMG 6270

13.  Whitney, Megan and some deep life conversations.

IMG 6276

14.  Two doors down from 180 Tacos has the best dipped cones ever.  Sweet Cream—>  Go if you can.  They have cookies ‘n cream dipped cones.

IMG 6278

Time for a rest day, church (I’m teaching the lesson for the youth group) and lots of laziness.  I cannot wait.


Here is how my training went last week:

Monday: 8 miles @ 8:33

Tuesday:  Track day!  2 mile w/u, 5 x 1000m @ 6:22 average pace (w/2 minute walking recoveries), 5 x 300m @ 5:44 average pace (w/2 minute walking recoveries), 3 mile c/d with my sis and nieces.  9 miles total!

Wednesday:  5 miles @ 8:45

Thursday:  8 miles easy listening to music and not a podcast?!?  8:30 average pace.

Friday:  6.58 miles @ 8:37 with some friends!

Saturday:  9 miles @ 7:43 average.  3 w/u, 3 @ 7:05, 6:55, 6:49, 2 c/d.

Sunday: Off!

45.58 miles!


How was your running this last week?  What was your best run?

Do you have a restaurant that you eat at more than any other restaurant?

What was the last sickness that you have had?

Do you go on walks often?

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Wow, you’re quick! I’m working steadily to be as fast as you are, it’s not easy. Lots of hard work goes into times like those. So impressive.
My runs were slow and humid but still amazing. I did that thing where you soak face cloths in hot water and a bit of lemongrass oil, wring them out, roll them up and then store them in a ziplock in the fridge, and grabbed one after my run. So awesome! (They handed these out at the finish line at one of the half’s I ran, it was fantastic).
We’re big walkers, so yes, lots of walks. And I’m trying to stop eating in restaurants so much, so no comment.
Have a great day!


Seriously, the fact that you are out and running in the humidity is absolutely amazing. I need to try this cloth thing, I’ve never heard of this. BRILLIANT!! I am going to have to share your trick! THANKS! Wish we could all go on a walk together. Thanks, YOU TOO!


I’m there with you on the monthly womanly thing. It resulted in my long run feeling really tiring. But it was also really humid yesterday.

I’m gonna have to check out that ice cream place near 180 tacos! ?

My one-year-old loves to be in the stroller so on my Thursday run he threw a fit when I attempted to get him out after my run was over. We take little walks around our neighborhood, he definitely loves to be outdoors.


We get bonus points for runs during our monthly time haha! YES, you have to go… you are going to love it! Oh I love that he loves the stroller so much and that time together. The best. I hope your Sunday is amazing Tedi!


That ice cream place sounds amazing. I’m not sure how I don’t know about these kinds of places. I should probably do a little food exploring soon! I guess I just tend to eat out at the same places over and over and I should try new ones now.

I had a good running week. I think I was blessed with seeing a lot of people this week that stopped me and told me I looked good or strong or something! I know my mental strength was not there much this week and I had to fight that a lot and I noticed that every time I started to think about how bad I was felling or that my pace must be way slow etc someone would stop me and say something or would say something as I passed by. Yesterday I saw at least 4 people (including you :) ) that did that and then a few others throughout the week. It was awesome! I think my favorite runs continue to be a tie with my evening runs with my sister in law and my tempo runs cause I always surprise myself with how well I do on those compared to what I think I’ll do.


I think you really need to try Sweet Cream… especially after your upcoming half! You seriously looked AMAZING and so strong yesterday. I was so impressed because it was hot and humid and I felt like I was crawling during my run. FOUR PEOPLE… you are popular! You have been rocking your tempos, way to go!


We have those cute little lending “libraries” all over our neighborhood…they’re so fun!
Our favorite restaurant is Islands! Great burgers, salads, and tacos…plus the island decor reminds me of vacation ?
I walk almost every day after my run, thanks to our sweet dog. He loves to do hills, so even if I haven’t run the hills, Gizmo makes sure we walk them ?
Today is a long run for me, then off to the pool for family fun and relaxing!
Happy Sunday!


You do… oh that is so cool! What a great idea. I want to go to Islands, that sounds so good. Way to go Gizmo on the hills! I hope your long run went really well and that you are loving the pool! Thanks Wendy!


We have those lending libraries too! Last time I got sick, I got a cold – so I have been lucky.

I ran a 50kmish trail race yesterday locally. It was an amazing day even thought it was hot because I ran a smart race. The volunteers and crew were fantastic – I seriously got waited on hand and foot without having to ask and so many friends out on course. And aid stations all had themes, one were pirates, anther group were fairies, and throught the woods there was girls dressed up as playing cards. You get in by lottery so I got lucky this year.

Have a great day!


KRISTINE, you are absolutely amazing. 50km trail race! Seriously, amazing. I’m so glad the race and course was so awesome! I love the theme idea… brilliant. I hope you get to do it next year too! Thanks!


Wow you’re really getting fast!! Super amazing Tuesday and Saturday workouts!! You go girl!

Keep it up!! Your coach is really doing good by you! So interesting to have Tues / Sat good sessions; I’m so used to Tues / Thurs workouts + LR Sat. Seems like you did a little shorter LR Saturday to have a stellar workout be a part of it.. that’s what I was hoping to try out!

When is your next race?? Looking forward to seeing how you perform! Great job!


Thank you! SO much!! On the 24th I am doing a 5k (AHHHHH) and then I am doing a half marathon that Saturday with a mini workout thrown in there (so not really racing it but definitely pushing myself)! Thank you so much, excited to see where I can go! I hope YOU are having an amazing day and I want to hear everything going on for you!


Your brother’s joke with the license plate is hilarious…..


I guess he and my dad used a special bolt so it’s not going to be easy to get off! HAHA!


At first glance I didn’t see the cup and thought you were holding your ice cream upside down. That would be some serious dip!!
I walk my dog about 5 days a week. The goal is daily but weather etc gets in the way. Now that it’s summer he can’t go midday so if I miss our morning window then it isn’t likely to happen unless the evening really lines up.


HAHA I will try to do that next time I get that ice cream! Gotta love an evening walk… wish we could join your dog walks! Have a great Sunday Kristen!


I was just feeling sad the other day about how I don’t walk much anymore. Used my boys are 3 and 5 and when they were younger we Walked several times a week in the double stroller. Now they don’t want to! And being bigger I get that and we’re busier with other things we didn’t do when they were little but still sad to think about. Summer heat doesn’t help. Hopefully will walk with just my 3 year old when my older one goes to school this year.


Oh the heat definitely does not help! I hope you and your 3 year old get many many wonderful walks together this fall! Have a wonderful week Mary!


My best run was today – not even close to your speedy feet – but 9:24/mile after my 1/2 mile swim and 12 mile bike. My second sprint triathlon of the season is this coming Sunday and I’m ready to tackle a very tough course west of Denver. I tried your holding a Pringle in each hand today trick – crazy how hard that is when it shouldn’t be! Glad Brooke is starting to feel better! Have a great week.


YOU ROCKED IT! Huge congrats today, I can’t even imagine swimming 1/2 a mile along with the run and bike. You are amazing. Thank you so much, and good luck on Sunday, I want to hear all about it!


Yes! We all had strep over a year ago and my then 4 month old never got it and the ped said he was too little to get it! I was shocked but extremely happy! I haven’t heard anyone else say that so I hope Skye doesn’t get it and that it’s true.


I was scanning/reading and thought you broke your wrist for a second lol photo angle…that is hilarious about the license frame Dodger fan here lol

Glad kids are on the mend!


I seriously think Skye is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen (aside from my own of course!). I have a thing for baby feet…love the foot sticking out of the stroller! Have a great week Janae!


Those kids are adorable and that rainbow shot is AMAZING!!! WOW!

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