What Are You Passionate About Besides Running? + A Great Deal!

We are almost to the weekend!  I’m off to Seattle tomorrow so I’m counting down the hours until I get a Top Pot Doughnut.  This post is sponsored by Blue Apron and the first 50 readers to sign up HERE get $50 off their first two weeks of Blue Apron!


Blue Apron has been one of my favorite treats for myself over the last (almost) 4 years now!  I still get just as excited as I did the first time when I see the refrigerated box with all of the farm-fresh ingredients delivered right to my doorstep.   The best feeling—>  delicious dinners that allow me to stay at home and avoid the grocery stores or any meltdowns that seem to always occur at restaurants.  Win-win for our family.


Skye is pretty happy that her new high chair helps her to join in on the action in the kitchen.  And in her opinion, two pacifiers are always better than one.


For the first meal we made Sesame Chicken Noodles with Bok Choy.  In the 4ish years that I have been using Blue Apron, we’ve been able to explore so many different types of meals.  Each meal that I’ve tried from them has been so different from the others and helps me to get out of my rut of making the same thing (or eating a bowl of cereal) for dinner.   Blue Apron gives you 8 recipes to choose from each week.  They are constantly adding new dishes to their menu each week.


Brooke and Knox have become more and more interested in helping out in the kitchen!


We get to have a little date night at home without having to find a babysitter… or brush my hair;)

We loved these noodles so much!  The sesame flavor was awesome along with a little bit of heat.  You can’t go wrong with these!  The meals are always very filling and packed with flavor.


You can go with either the 2-Person Plan or the Family Plan!  Meals start at $7.49 per serving which is a lot less than what we spend when we go out to eat.  All of the meals can be made in 40 minutes or less which is really important to me because when I am hungry for dinner… I want to eat as soon as possible ha.

They decided they wanted to join our mini date night too.


Do you remember the days on my blog when I was eating out 1-2 times a day?  I do, and so does my bank account ha.  Since having Skye, we do not eat out very often anymore.  We are loving eating our meals together at home at the table or counter.  My mom was a really good example of having us eat together pretty much every night growing up and it is something I really love to do with my little family.

I want these noodles again.  Right now.


For our second meal we used an ingredient that I have never used or seen before.  Black garlic!


We also used Kombu which is something that I’ve definitely never cooked with before.  Kombu/Kelp: ‘Known as the superfood of the sea, seaweed is packed with nutrients and fiber.’  Yes, please!


The final product—>  Blackened Ginger Pork Burgers with Napa Cabbage Slaw & Potato Salad.  Skye thought it looked delicious too!


And it sure was.  Those potatoes had my heart.  The burgers were crazy juicy.  The slaw was so tangy and it rounded out the meal perfectly.  Andrew and I would love to make this meal over and over again.


The above burger was the perfect fuel for a hike that we took afterwards as a family.

IMG 2877

Hiking is something that I’ve become very passionate about.  We aren’t out there doing crazy strenuous hikes or going out to do them every weekend but when I do get a chance to hike, it is my favorite.  I just love being outside in the fresh air away from technology with my family.  I love the feeling of exploration and seeing my kids in awe over the beauty of our world.  I love the sense of gratitude that I feel when we are out talking about the silliest things as we take in the most gorgeous views.

All of my biggest passions combined in one evening—>  Family, an amazing meal and movement outdoors!

IMG 2864

We talk a lot about running over here on this blog and I wanted to hear about what your passions are outside of running.  What are some of the things that you do that make time fly?  What gets you up and out of bed in the morning?  I share many of my passions that I have now but I’ll share a few from my past too:

*Knitting and sewing!  I have knitted a ton of blankets and sewn many different projects over the years.  I really want to start knitting again.


*Reading—>  I still love to do this so much!

*Food.  I used to be very passionate about baking too.  I would make cupcakes all of the time.

*Traveling—>  Yep, I still love to do this one.

*American Girl Dolls.  I used to collect these dolls and Beanie Babies like it was my job.

*Any and all health classes that I took at BYU.  I was actually sad when I didn’t have any more to take at the end of my schooling.




*My poodle that I had for ten years growing up.  I took her everywhere and I still miss her.

*Gilmore Girls

*Making jewelry.  My mom and I used to spend hours together doing this in high school.


*Sprint triathlons (I should try those out again).

*Teaching has absolutely been one of my biggest passions and I’ll be back to doing that again eventually!

PS Brooke starts horse back riding lessons soon!  I have a feeling she is going to be very passionate about doing this!


Don’t forget:  The first 50 readers to sign up HERE get $50 off their first two weeks of Blue Apron!  Blue Apron ships to most of the country so if you haven’t tried them yet, today’s the day to start!  There is no commitment so you can skip or cancel the service whenever you want.


What are you passionate about outside of running?  What gets you up and out of bed in the morning?

Would you say that you are passionate about good food too?  

Those of you that love to hike—>  Where are some of your favorite places that you have been hiking?

What was the best thing that you have eaten recently?

-See above Sesame Chicken Noodles.

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OK, that burger looks really good! And so do those chicken sesame noodles. I might need to give Blue Apron another try. I’m just really bad at cooking, though (even with the simple Blue Apron stuff).

Love hearing about your other passions! I’m passionate about sports in general (playing and watching), working with young women and encouraging them to be bold and that they are enough, Wheat Thins and froyo, writing, spending time with people (especially my sister and my nieces), loving others and trying to live like Jesus, and being in the sunshine at the beach and watching the waves roll in. And I love hiking! There’s a great place in my area called Crystal Cove that I love to go to!


I LOVE your passions. You do such an incredible job serving others and you are making big differences in others lives. I LOVE IT. I know exactly where Crystal Cove is, it is beautiful! Off to find that donut tank;) I hope your day is wonderful Natalie!


Hiking over here too! And I love being able to do it as a family!
I’ve been looking at sprint triathlons too, I’ve always been a half marathon person and want to try mixing it up, I’ll have to look where you talked about training for one!
We keep thinking about trying Blue Apron, looks like I just need to bite the bullet and order!


YES…. let’s all go on a hike together. Oh try the sprint tris! You are going to love them! So I haven’t posted on here about training for them (I did them in college before I ever did running races) but I’ll get a post together about that. Yes, try them out! SO delicious. Have a wonderful day Amanda and I can’t wait to hear about you rocking your sprint triathlons!


Those burgers look good!
I am passionate about: animals (penguins especially!), music ( I have an extensive collection, mostly country music), my town and Tennessee in general, being outside, the fall (my favorite season), cooking healthy meals, Friends and Full House and Psych and (currently watching Golden Girls), logic puzzles/word puzzles, games, photos….I love framing them and putting together photo albums………my current thing is matching photos to fortunes from Chinese restaurants….my family saves their fortunes for me to use!


Our kids have their penguin art displayed in their room and I love hearing them tell their friends that come over and see it all about it. I love your passions, this is so fun to read them! I love the fortunes idea, so cool! Have a beautiful day Loribeth!


I love Psych! That’s what I’ve been watching while running on the treadmill in the mornings. I’m halfway through the last season. I’m so sad!


That show is seriously the best. I’m glad you’ve had them to keep you laughing and entertained during your miles:) Have an awesome day Lee!


Whoa, never knew black garlic even existed! Did it taste / smell the same?!

I used to be OBSESSED with beanie babies and polly pockets! My mom always let me pick out a new polly pocket anytime I got a good report card!


HEY YOU! SO it is very similar in smell/taste but they say that black garlic doesn’t make your breath smell bad afterwards. OH YES… I loved Polly Pockets so much too. They were the best. I keep hoping they sell again so I can get them for Brooke! Have a beautiful day Laura!


I knit every night! At least one row and often more :)

I love white sweet potatoes – had one last night with chocolate chips on top. Delicious.

I’ve wanted to explore Seattle. Enjoy!


Oh I love that you knit every night. I want to join you! Okay, I need a white sweet potato with chocolate chips on top… that sounds so good. Thank you so much Amanda!


That burger and potato salad look SO GOOD!
I used to horseback ride and started when I was a little older than Brooke. I was even on the equestrian team in college. My horse passed away when I was in my late 20s, and since then (10 years ago), I really haven’t ridden much. He was my best friend and my heart broke the day we had to say goodbye. But, I know I’ll be back at it eventually, as I’d love my little guy to grow up around horses. I hope Brooke enjoys it. The bond you can form with an animal is really like nothing else. I’m sure you can relate, with your poodle!


Stacey, thank you so much for sharing! I am so sorry that you lost your horse. That breaks my heart. Animals are the best friends. I know Brooke will have a bond like you did and I’m so excited for her to have that. I hope you and your little guy get to riding soon. You are amazing Stacey. I hope you have a beautiful day. How is work going? I’d love to hear how you juggle it all!


Yes! I’d love to teach you that. I’ve never made huge quilts on my own. It’s something that I did a lot with my grandma. By I’d love to teach you! Let me know what kind of quilt you want to try and we can find a time to get together for it!


Brooke will do great :) I just graduated with my FNP and will start working in that role (not in the NICU) in September. For now, I am still working as a NICU RN. I’m lucky that my husband works from home and can watch our baby while I’m away. As far as when I juggled working full time as an RN + NP school + a baby (+ running)… all I can say is that was insane. I relied a lot on family help, and survived on very little sleep. I’m sure both you and Andrew can relate! Sometimes things sound crazy in concept, but somehow it all works out. I wish Andrew luck in school. If he ever has any questions or wants advice, you guys are free to email me. I’ve been following you for YEARS and think you’re all just fantastic. Seriously, Janae, you have a heart of gold.


You guys have sure figured out to work together and your little guy is SO lucky. Congrats on everything you have done and you inspire me Stacey! Keep me updated on everything and you better believe we will be emailing you. Thank you so much Stacey, I am grateful for our ‘friendship’!


We are passionate about a lot of the same things. I love a good book, I’m not a great seamstress (something I’m hoping to change) but I love to quilt, I love good food and baking has been something I’ve done for most of my life (like running), I love hiking and camping especially now that my kids are getting a little older, I love a good show or movie. I love to cook but mostly either for groups or for dinner because sometimes coming up with breakfast and lunch ideas for me and my kids is not my favorite and I don’t love cleaning up afterwards but I do it because I hate a messy house and kitchen.


Will you teach me how to quilt? That is something I have wanted to do for a very long time! We haven’t been camping this year yet ahhh! I am just like you, a messy house/kitchen drive me NUTS. That is so awesome that you love to cook for groups. You are amazing Jenny!


Thank you for sharing the Deena Kastor interview by Nicole DeBoom! i turned on my regular podcast this morning and about 1.7 mi in i was like what am i listening to? so i switched, and this was great. i had no idea she was battling melanoma so early in life – she didn’t mention it all in her memoir! i guess it would have made it much longer if she had included it and it wasn’t as relevant to her mindset or her running, maybe that’s why it was excluded? anyhow, it was very interesting, thank you!

i love blue apron!

outside of running, just getting outside and being active is what i love. i have learned to enjoy hiking, but board sports are my passion for sure.

yes and totally passionate about good food!

we have been hiking the adirondacks and the white mountains. we also frequently are in the hudson valley so we hike minnewaska, harriman, hudson highlands, big indian wilderness for a day trip :)

the best thing i have eaten recently? black rice or forbidden rice. i didn’t realize how healthy it was and it was really tasty. it’s pricey but i totally will try to incorporate it into my diet a bit more (other than never!)


Oh I am so glad you loved that podcast! Her optimism about life is incredible. I’m sharing a really great one tomorrow too. Yep, being outside is the absolute best! Can we come hike with you to all of those places, that sounds amazing! I hope your day is amazing and that you get to get outside today and do some of your favorite things.


ooh i can’t wait for the podcast you’ll share tmrw!
haha yes hiking is such a great way to see the world, i love it :) we gotta come out west and see the national parks there too.

yes the day is off to a good start! got a 5 mi run in while it’s raining/t-storming here! but this is the last cool day as we’re in for a heatwave (yikes) so i enjoyed it while i could…!


Oh I am so glad you got out for that run in the rain… that sounds so fun! Eat lots of ice cream to survive this heatwave! If you come out west you better let me know!


Rare steak was the best thing recently!:) I love love love rare meats.


ME TOO!! They are so delicious that way… I can’t stand meat cooked well done. Have a wonderful day Linda!


Those burgers look awesome!

I love your other passions. I share some of those as well. My main passion outside of Running is singing and performing. I’m a private voice teacher and I’m currently in a production of Into the Woods at a community theater. It’s been an awesome experience getting back on the stage. It’s been 10 years since my last production!


Adrienne, I want to hear you sing! That is amazing and congrats on getting back on the stage. Please let me know how it all goes!


Thanks, Janae! I’ll send you an email sometime with some video or recordings of me singing. Or better yet, I’ll put them on my blog…if I ever start updating it again! Ha.




LOVE LOVE LOVE Sprint triathlons! I just completed one last weekend and took 6 minutes off my time from the same course last year! Picked up training where I left off for my next one on July 22! Outside of tris, I really love my bike and hiking – living in the Rocky Mountains gives me plenty of places to hike and explore and just enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! Enjoy your trip to Seattle!


WAY TO GO!!! You are incredible… 6 minutes off, that is huge! Seriously, there is nothing better than being in the mountains. We are so lucky. Have a beautiful day!!


Aside from running, my biggest passion is horses. I have loved them since before I can remember and finally got to take riding lessons when I was in 1st grade. My parents couldn’t afford for me to have a horse or continue lessons, so when I was around 10 I started helping out at the barn, cleaning stalls, feeding, watering…anything they asked so I could have lessons. Fast forward 20+ years and I finally have my own horse and take care of 6 total at a local farm. Nothing makes me prouder or more fulfilled than seeing them happy and well cared for!!
My other big passion is social justice and human rights – I am very lucky to be able to follow my heart and work for an organization that promotes these ideals.
We have some incredible hiking areas in upstate New York – the Adirondack mountains are absolutely stunning. The high peaks region is especially breathtaking.
Have a great Thursday Janae!!


Oh Laura, your story makes me so happy. I love that you have your own horse and you take care of SIX. You just sound like a really amazing person. I think Brooke is really going to fall in love with riding lessons (she starts Tuesday) and the horses. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope you have a beautiful day. PS Andrew and I need to make it to the Adirondack mountains, those sound incredible.


Omgosh Janae I’m in Seattle now too! And I love top pot. Also there is now salt and straw ice cream here! Hope I run into you!


AHHHH I will have to try that place. Will you be in Seattle Saturday during the day? We might have some free time!!


Yes! I will be free until about 6 pm. Would love to get ice cream if you have time!!:)


Are you on twitter? I’m thinking if we have free time I’ll put out a tweet and we can meet somewhere?!?!


I’m not on twitter but I can make a note to check yours!


Oh my – I have so many different ones, but I will focus on the ones that I do the most and also point at a few, which I want to start:

Knitting – Love it!! – I am getting back into doing it more regularly.

Hiking – I am always looking to do this and perhaps that is one reason I am enjoying trail races? I never did much trail running until two years ago, but I am hooked.

Rock Climbing – I need more instructions on this, but I have enjoyed what I have done so far.

Kayaking – Love it – I just do not do it frequently.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding – I want to try it and I am prepared to get very wet, because learning something new takes awhile.

Violin – I want to get back to playing and I am toying with taking up the Viola, but that is not going to happen until next year. I also play the Piano, but I am super rusty and I just cannot handle the idea of purchasing an electronic keyboard. One day I might buy a piano.

Home Improvement/Gardening/Landscaping – I love each of these and I am getting better at carving out time to do them!


I LOVED reading about your passions. You inspired me to try out kayaking, that sounds so fun! You are amazing Margaret and I love that you are wanting to go back to the violin and maybe start the viola. Keep me updated on it all! Also, my dream is to have a yard with a garden someday so I’ll be asking you ALL OF THE QUESTIONS.


Things I’m passionate about:
Orange Theory: My alarm goes off at 420am for my 5am workout and I have no problems with it because I love it! Working out with 20 other people is so much fun and inspiring – plus I start the day with a really awesome workout which 10 out of 10 times puts me in a great mood!

Cooking for my family: I love planning our meals each week – granted with a 3.5 year old and 11 month old sometimes cooking is tough. AND they can be a little picky – but I love the challenge of creating a meal we all can eat. For instance, fajita chicken – I eat it over a sweet potato. My husband eats it with rice, my Dad eats it with tortilla wraps and the kiddos eat whatever matchup they want :-)

Side note: I make your Mom’s apricot chicken ALL THE TIME! We all LOVE IT! And I hope its one of those dishes that makes my children think of me when we all get older…its the quintessential family comfort dish!


How cool is that Christine about Orange Theory and how easy it is for you to get out of bed because you love it so much. I want to come join you guys. I love what you do with cooking for your family and YAY… that apricot chicken is SO good. Now I am craving it ha. I hope you have a wonderful day Christine!


I’m in Seattle! Besides Top Pot, there is Mighty-O for vegan donuts and Mighty Porpoise for filled donuts. As others have mentioned, there is a Salt & Straw here – and across the street from it is Hot Cakes for chocolate lava cakes. If you like ice cream, Molly Moon’s is local and very popular. Hit up A la Mode for pies!


I drooled while reading your comment. I CANNOT WAIT. Thank you Sonia, I can’t wait to explore your amazing city!


Sorry, the second donut shop I mentioned is called General Porpoise, not Mighty Porpoise!

If you’re looking for things to do, the Underground Tour in Pioneer Square is very interesting. It is suitable for kids, but you will have to carry the baby.


I love to hike, but we don’t have super good places to go around here. Lately I’ve been trying to nail the perfect (or good enough) homemade granola. Making it healthier, to use as a quick go to snack, but taste good too. I’m almost there, few tweaks.
Outside of running, when I have time, I love to leisurely ride bikes, read books, cook/bake, and play around with photography and everything imaginable on a lake, we’ve recently discovered kayaking and paddle boarding. As soon as we get a fence and pool up, next summer you can add swimming to that list.


Oh man I can’t wait to get a donut! Where do we procure these famous donuts because I’m already dreaming about it! :) Look forward to seeing you so soon!


I am passionate about my faith first and foremost. God has done wonderful things for us and I don’t think it is anything we should be shy about. I also love Friends, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, coffee, donuts, University of Georgia, cross-stitch, reading (when I make the time), cooking, spending time with friends and family, and teaching. I am so blessed!


Still craving a burger over here.

PS- Please teach me how to knit!


So excited for Brooke to start horseback riding lessons! I have been riding since I was 7yrs old, and it has been such a wonderful part of my life. I don’t have as much time since I’m in vet school now, but I love that like running, it’s always there for me! I hope she has a great time!

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