Tuesday Tangents + What to do about your Glutes + Best Summer Running Tanks!

On Sunday night Brooke told me that she wanted to join me for part of my run so when I got home, she laced up and joined me for a few minutes.  I did 7 miles on my own and then about a half mile with Brooke and Skye once they woke up.

Brooke brought her soccer ball in the jogging stroller.  She ran after that for a while too.

IMG 4085

It got hot fast so we came home after that and dug into…

IMG 4088

WATERMELON.   How do you cut a watermelon?  I usually just slice it into quarters and then cut it right out from there.

IMG 4092

I’m already looking forward to refueling with this bowl of goodness after my run today.

IMG 4094

We stayed home for the rest of the morning/afternoon and Brooke had a friend over for a few hours.  PS Brooke just found out her very best friend is moving soon so she is pretty bummed out about that.

IMG 4112

Once it was the evening, Andrew and I went out on a date.  We are still doing mini dates at home sometimes but I feel more comfortable getting a babysitter for Skye lately.  Andrew has a bunch of cousins that go to BYU and they are the best babysitters (Brooke cried one time when we got home from a date because she didn’t want them to leave ha) so one of them came over.  I leave later on this week so we got in our date at the beginning of the week instead.

He beat me even though he is crazy sore from his race still.  It was 90 degrees… HOW DO SOME OF YOU RUN IN THAT?!

IMG 4114

Afterwards we went to Yogurtland for some goodness.  S’mores/chocolate/cupcake froyo go great with sour gummy watermelons;)  PS they only had the extra large cups left so that is why they look small but they definitely were not ha.

IMG 4117

And then we came home to the girls!

IMG 4125


Time for a few Tangents!

*Another reason I love my Roll Recovery… it is SO easy to take places and get in some recovery.  It’s a little harder to bring along my foam roller and do that at the park but I can just bring this baby and roll out my legs while the kids play.  Healthy marathon training cycle, here I come.

IMG 3677

*Skye is sick of seeing food passing from my plate to my mouth.  Now as I am raising the food towards my mouth she will grab onto my arm and pull it towards herself so she gets to eat it.  It’s official, nectarines are her new favorite and she didn’t eat any of it but she got plenty of the juice from it.  I bought one of these fresh food feeders for her and I know she is going to love it for things like nectarines.

IMG 3990

*Quick catch up on our Sunday.  Andrew had a shift about an hour away for school at the hospital. On his way up there was something in the road that caused his tire to blow so he put on the spare and then the spare had a problem too.  So his car was towed and he took an uber to the hospital.  The tire store wasn’t open on Sunday so we all went to pick him up.  But then my phone had 5% battery (I forgot the charger) and I didn’t know where the hospital was and we ended up getting lost.  But eventually we got him home.

Right when Andrew got in the car Brooke said, “Dada, it’s weird because Mom took 2 naps today.”  Busted ha.  I swear that race made me more tired than Andrew and Brooke.  I napped when Skye napped with Brooke watching a movie cuddled up to me.

Once Andrew ate some dinner we went to ‘Treat Street.’   This is something new that my neighborhood is doing and different streets host everyone to come.  Brooke had a blast running around with all of the kids.

IMG 4027

*Skye’s hair on a beautiful summer night.

IMG 4031

*Do you have some summer tanks/shorts that you especially love to handle the heat?  I got this one (size medium for me) and it is only $17.94.. it is so breathable and light.  It doesn’t stick to your skin either which drives me bonkers when I’m running and really hot.  They have a lot of colors and most of them are a bit more sheer than the black one that I got.   A few of my other favorite summer tops to help stay cool are here, here and here!  And I’m going to try this one out next ($16.99 on Amazon).

IMG 3660

*I ordered her Kara’s new journal/book and I’m just so excited about it!

Screen Shot 2018 06 22 at 7 30 31 PM

*I’m pretty sure I was just holding this niece and looking at her the way that she is holding Skye.  It is crazy how fast time goes by.

IMG 4014

*With the recent talk about activating our glutes during our runs so that we avoid overcompensation injuries (and also so that we can run faster and stronger)… this is something I’ve shared before but it really helps me during the run:

Screen Shot 2018 06 25 at 8 27 10 AM

*The love she has for this dog runs deep.  This is how I found her Sunday night.

IMG 4033

*Just a really nice reminder… don’t forget:

IMG 3649


What are some of your favorite pieces of summer workout gear that help you stay cool?

Share some Tuesday Tangents!

How do you cut a watermelon?

Outside of running—>  What is your favorite sport to play?


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A Nike tank for less than $20??! Woah! Thank you for sharing! I’m going to have to get this one! I got a Champion brand tank from Target recently that I really love, and the sports bras there are pretty great, too!

Outside of running, I love playing basketball, football, soccer, and tennis. I haven’t found anyone to play tennis with me out here yet, but I’d like to soon! I love that you and Andrew played tennis and had froyo for your date—that sounds so perfect. Y’all warm my heart and give me hope :)


I LOVE IT. Oh Champion tanks are awesome… Target just has the best everything! We should have played tennis when you were here! Have a beautiful day Natalie!


Olive the idea of treat street! We used to do neighborhood parties all the time as a kid (mostly winter ones) and I wish things like that happened more often! Maybe I’ll suggest one.

My initial thought of favorite sport besides running was running haha. But really I’d say if it’s not running it’s probably biking (don’t have a bike right now) or swimming or maybe strength training.

Have a great day enjoying that watermelon!


Do treat street in your neighborhood… it was really fun. Hahaha I love the way your brain works. I need a bike too!! Thanks Jenny, you too!


Thanks for the glute tip! I have heard that one before (likely from you!) but forgot about it and my piriformis is causing big problems again! It flared up 10 days before Boston and has been so bad this month I haven’t been running — very sad, I know. My legs are getting all twitchy from lack of exercise and I am getting grumpy! I like to swim, so have been doing that, along with seeing PT, massage, etc.
My middle daughter is ‘graduating’ from grade 7 today (high school starts in grade 8 around here), so there is a ceremony and they have a dinner/dance tonight. Time does go crazy fast — seems like yesterday she was the same size as Skye!

Have great day, Janae!


I am so sorry that your piriformis is bugging you still! I am VERY grumpy when I am not running so I totally understand that. I hope that you are back running asap. Please keep me updated on everything Wendy. I hope your PT can really help you out. Happy graduation for your daughter and enjoy that dinner and dance. It really does go by too fast. Thanks Wendy!


I have 18 month old twin boys and those fresh food feeders are still there favorite!! They love to eat all kinds of fruits in there especially watermelon and pears. Even though they can now eat without them they still love it.. it’s like a special treat! I think they really help with teething pains too! Sometimes I even stick them in the freezer for 30 minutes before giving it to them!


TWINS… Katie, you are amazing! Oh Skye is going to love watermelon in there, I didn’t even think of that. Thank you! And the freezer… keep these tips coming. I love that idea. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day!


I gave up at about 3 months and started giving my daughter little tastes of all my food too. Although no one told me about allergens and her first foods were strawberries and a nuk dipped in ice cream :) I couldn’t stand watching her watch my fork go from my plate to my mouth and back down anymore! Then we started on all the mushed veggies. I also got one of those fresh food feeders, but pitched it after awhile because I couldn’t ever get it clean from blueberries! Although I’ve since seen much better ones than I got out there.

For Watermelon, I saw a video once where you cut it in half, then you cut all the green stuff off so that you are left with just red. Then you just slice it like normal. This was life changing for me as I always felt like i wasted so much of it in the curves of the green when I tried to get it out of big chunks


Good to know to avoid blueberries in the fresh food feeder! It’s so sad to see them watching every thing we eat and never get a try haha! Well, I will be trying that on my next watermelon. Thank you Alyssa! Have a beautiful day!


Ugh I hate cutting watermelon. Keeps me from buying it. Or I buy it cut up.
I bought a couple light and flown tanks from old navy last year but don’t know what they were called or if still have them. It was online.
Favorite sport outside running would be swimming. I’m not corridinated for sports with balls.
And your froyo bowls are hardly filled up! Mine are oozing out the top full. Haha.


Teach me to love swimming please. Oh I forgot to mention, those are the HUGE cups. They didn’t have the normal sized ones left so if it was in the normal one, it would be overflowing too;) Have a beautiful day Mary and I LOVE Old Navy tanks… I need some more! Have a great day!


A breathable tank is ALWAYS the best! And its been in the 90’s here and I have been hitting the treadmill. I walk to our gym, its across the street from our house and I sweat just from our front door to the gym door! We were in Charleston over the weekend and it was 100 degrees and we walked over 10 miles each day, way toooo much!!

Oh watermelon, the one thing I LOVE about the summer! I started cutting it differently. I slice it in half then slice all around the out side to get the skin off then I have all the flesh and I cut into chunks from there!

My hubs and I are starting to get into Tennis. That is our time to just be together and away from all the daily craziness!


Oh I would so be walking across the street to the gym too for my runs if I were you. 100 degrees and all of that walking? You are hardcore. I hope you have some delicious watermelon soon! I need to try that method too… I want more watermelon! Wish we could play doubles:) Have a wonderful day Jarrelle!


I really like th Sugoi Ice Tanks. The material is very cool and the fit is flattering. His one in Medium is only $12.73! https://www.amazon.com/Sugoi-Womens-Fusion-Shirt-Small/dp/B01CGS998M/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1530030880&sr=8-2&keywords=Sugoi%2Bice%2Btank&th=1&psc=1


I am definitely ordering one… I LOVE THOSE! Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it! Have a wonderful evening!


Outside of running, I love to ski and snowboard – I have played other sports but I am not really coordinated so tennis didn’t work out well haha.

Watermelon, half and then a quarter :)

My favorite gear – I have a bright colored tank from Old Navy – I like their tank tops. Another favourite are the hotty hot and speed shorts from lululemon – I like the bright colours and no chafe. The swiftly tanks from lulu are also great from long distances.

Have a great day!


Oh My! Your Lashes!… Beautiful! Are they naturally that long and thick? Or what do you use?? :)


You are so nice!! They are fake! I go once a month and get eyelash extensions! Thanks Kara and I hope you are having a great night!


Can I please have dets on your lashes? I never knew I wanted false lashes until I saw yours! Is there a certain name you ask for? Do you find that they damage your natural lashes?


That picture of Brooke & Beretta is too cute. What a great dog!!
I’m obsessed with these tanks; high neck, long enough in the back & super affordable. I haven’t worn them in humidity yet, but they’re great in the cooler weather even if not the sticky Boston summer days! https://m.dickssportinggoods.com/p/reebok-womens-heather-jersey-tank-top-16rbkwjrsytnkhthrapt/16rbkwjrsytnkhthrapt


I love the curtains in the picture of your niece holding Skye. Any idea where they are from?

I have followed you for quite a few years and have really enjoy every one of your posts and the growth I have seen in you and your beautiful family.


Love the Peach outfit ( actual peaches on it) that Skye is wearing!! What brand is it & where did you get it? Thanks!!


I want to applaud all of Beauty Redefine’s posts.

I have a picture of Evan at the same age grabbing my apple from my hand and one of Felicity grabbing a peach. I can’t blame them. Food is delicious.

My new favorite tank: https://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=1030829&pcid=1030828&vid=1&pid=285067002

You did not tell me that story about going to get Andrew on Sunday! Talk about a nightmare! I am so sorry.

That picture of Brooke and Beretta is precious.


This is truly inspiring. I love the fact that you spend most of your days with your family while being as healthy as possible. That watermelon looks amazing too, by the way.


I cut the watermelon in half, then use an ice cream scoop to scoop out all the insides!
And I love volleyball (inside, not beach) but I never get to play because you need so many other people.

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