Sentence Per Picture (Kentucky/St. Lous/Randomness edition)

Let’s talk about our last day in Kentucky.

8 miles @ 8:45 average pace and my brother told me I had to slap the stop sign at the turnaround point to congratulate myself for climbing so many hills.

IMG 1575

I went out for my run later in the morning and was dying…  My brother let me know that the humidity isn’t even bad this week ha.

IMG 1609

I sweat during my runs but the second I stop running I start sweating like crazy, anyone else like that?

IMG 1606

It took me a little while to like Taylor Swift’s latest album and now this is my favorite song to run to… I listened to it on repeat a few times yesterday.

IMG 1264

The reason for the later run start= Skye had a rough night so Andrew and I drove her around Kentucky in the middle of the night for a little while to avoid waking up the entire house.

IMG 1611


IMG 1621

We walked (well, some ran) to lunch.

IMG 1632

Red Pepper (a family favorite) for lunch!

IMG 1627

We went with some salads and they were amazing.

IMG 1630

Random—> A bunch of my ancestors actually lived in LaGrange too which is a crazy coincidence.

IMG 1635

LaGrange has a little less than 9,000 people that live there so it has that small town feel which we loved!

IMG 1638

Of course.

IMG 1636 2

We went back to my brother’s house and packed up and then hit the road to go to St. Louis (ps my brother BUILT this table last week, my siblings are quite the DYIers).

IMG 1325

Also, my sis-in-law made these teacher gifts and I thought they turned out so cute!

IMG 1641

I saw a Fazoli’s near where we ate for dinner (Panera) and I had a flashback of many good/weird/strange memories of that place because it was my first job ever.

IMG 1643

We made it!

IMG 1653

Oh, and on Sunday—>  My niece taught me how to shoot a bow and arrow.

IMG 1434

Thank you for all of your recommendations yesterday… I loved your comments and I’ll be back to replying again ASAP!

IMG 1382

After seeing my sister-in-law’s robot vacuum at work, I decided I really need one for Beretta’s hair… anyone have one that is good for dog hair?

IMG 1417

Soda or pop or coke or other… what do you call it?

What was your first job?

Do you ever listen to songs on repeat while you run?

What is your sentence of the day?

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Woah, they are twins! That’s crazy! Humidity is the worst, right? I’ve lived on the east coast for 5 years now (plus 3 more for college) and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it! Have a great rest of your trip! :)


We have the Roomba and we love it! I programmed it to run every day and it does a great job of keeping dirt and dust under control. We don’t have pets but i’m sure it’ll do great with pet hair.


I’ve always called it pop!

My first job was at a day care and I loved the kids but ended up thinking the day care center was a little sketchy.


Now I call it soda but I grew up in the midwest and we called it “pop.” Now when I go back there and hear everyone saying pop it sounds so weird to me!
Humidity is really hard. I live in Florida so I’m used to it, but it’s really getting to me this summer. And it’s only June! : (


My first job was at The House of Pizza—we made subs/pizza/and had an ice cream window for sundaes/shakes/etc. The worst was when the ice cream came out of the soft ice cream machine really drippy/soft, and the person wanted a chocolate dipped cone. So not a good situation. ha ha It was a GREAT job though working for GREAT people I worked there through high school AND all 4 years of college.

Right now I’m listening to “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet and ” Home” by Edward Sharpe on repeat bc I just downloaded them. During my 5 mile race in March, I listened to “Cleopatra” by the Lumineers like 100 times. Last year during Broad Street 10 MIler I listened to “2 Heads” by Coleman Hell. It’s funny how when those songs come on now, I think of those races :) Good stuff.

My sentence of the day? That’s hard!!!! Probably just to remember to take life day by day, one day at a time :)

Happy Global Running Day! Hope you guys are enjoying your vacation—sure looks like you are! Summer is THE BEST!


FAZOLI’S!!!! Oh my goodness, that definitely brings back some high school and college memories. I loved that place! My first real job was at The Smoothie Factory, which is probably why I don’t drink many smoothies anymore—ha!

I’m glad the Taylor Swift album has grown on you! It definitely took me a little longer, too. That song is a great one to run to!


Coke/soda/pop: Coke! But I know that’s Southern (LA/MS), so I go between soda and coke.

Running w/ single song: I’ll have a run, even a long run maybe, where I’ll play one song on repeat if it particularly at that moment makes me feel strong feelings. In general, starting to run longer and train for marathons is what got me into podcasts; I have a finite amount of music, so hearing the same patterns again and again not only gets old but feels like a waste of brain time.

I didn’t want to feel like running time is wasted time; it is in the sense of my work sometimes (though running can make me have breakthroughs in thought and often yields revisions what I was thinking– making it better, more concrete), but I’d like to at least be learning, moving my brain, while moving my legs :). So I listen to pods: NPR Politics, NPR It’s Been a Minute (super recommend), Pod Save America, various Vox podcasts (Ezra Klein show, the Weeds, etc). Helps me keep up with the world and learn about issues of the day. (I suppose it’s to be a civic citizen? )

It’s nice though– it’s part of running/exercising regularly for me now. Gotta get in my podcast of the day; see what’s going on in the world and key issues of today. That’s the only / main time I do it. #1 workout song: “Blackout” by Garbage. As a runner you can take that song LITERALLY, and just own it xD

THAT SAID, workouts = music. Cannot think / move my brain while working my body hard physically haha! Same playlist on repeat. The familiarity gives me comfort, I suppose.

Loved Fazoli’s as a kid! Was a place to go to. Glad you got to liking the new TSwift album– gotta work on it myself xD. She had a powerful LGBTQ speech; I think she’s realizing the tides are such that she has to speak out on some politically-tinged issues.. That said, love perhaps goes beyond such institutional/mundane problems. Perhaps that’s where the problems arose in the first place.

I don’t really do sentences of the day but probably songs / artists of the day. What’s yours?? I suppose the TSwift Song :p. Maybe for all your travels I give you “Fast Car” by Tracey Chapman. Otherwise I’d go “Lemon Glow” by Beach House :p.


We had a Roomba (robot vacuum) when we first got married and we LOVED it, but somehow killed it. Six years later, we’re 24 days away from our puppy coming to live with us, so we’ve purchased another Roomba JUST for the dog-hair-pick-up alone. Currently it’s very good at picking up MY hair, which is long and routinely gets trapped around the little ball inside the vacuum, but the pup is short-haired, so I have high hopes that we won’t wreck this vacuum. (and I will try not to shed so much…) I love coming home to a clean floor. Our kids are now 5 and 10, but I always wanted to try the ‘baby in a Bumbo on the Roomba’ thing (albeit carefully guarding the baby the whole time, because that also looks foolishly dangerous). Our 5 year old is quite wary of the Roomba, which is one of the reasons we usually set it to clean while we’re out of the house ;)


That table is beautiful and so is the rug underneath! Very impressive. Well done brother Janae!


I call it soda but everyone else in my family and in this area (Michigan) calls it pop.

My first job was as a waitress! I did that for 4 years through high school and early college years. At the time I absolutely hated waitressing but looking back I learned a LOT and it helped build a really strong work ethic…so I’m thankful for it now!

Heck yes, I have run for an hour listening to the same song on repeat before!!

I love that you and Andrew drove around in the middle of the night and got donuts :-) You are my kind of people!


I live in a weird part of the state now close to Minnesota and Minnesotans call it pop, but where I grew up (near Milwaukee) we called it soda despite the brand.
My first job was as a dishwasher at a local cafe in Genesee Depot, it was and still is the best job I ever had because the people who owned and worked there were like a second family to me.
Song on repeat lately is Work This Body by Walk the Moon – awesome upbeat song great for my running pace.
I sweat instantly when the temperature is above 70 no matter what. Then yes both my husband and I will sweat during our run, but we definitely see an increase as we begin our cool down walk or stop moving LOL. I wear a sweat band on every run to keep it out of my eyes.
My sentence of the day is from my Sieze the Day Calendar: “Let us learn to appreciate there will be times when the trees will be bare, and look forward to the time when we may pick the fruit” ☺️
Have a great day!! And safe travels home!


I am the same way with sweating! I am a sweater (lol) anyway, but after running or exercise, as soon as I stop, I am super sweaty! It’s weird!
First job – worked at McDonald’s – sometimes I still have nightmares that I have to work there as an adult…
I call it pop – not sure if that’s an Iowa thing?
It looks like you guys are having so much fun on your vacay! There is nothing like a little break from the normal, and family time is so important – hope the rest of it is just as fun!


When I was younger I always said pop. But I think in college I must have hung around too many southern people and started called it soda. I really want a BobSweep for my dogs’ shedding. I have heard though that you should run it when you know your dog is crated or outside because I have read (and seen pics) of some those vacuums vs dog poop. Not pretty!


As soon as I saw you ate at Red Pepper I knew what part of KY you were in! I used to work very close to there so it was a favorite lunch spot.

And yes, I am the same way with sweating. I get home from a run and my toddler daughter makes a face and calls me sweaty and stinky, especially in this humidity! Ha!


I call it soda… Wow I can’t get over how green it is there. I live in drought ridden California.


I grew up in STL and call it soda, but my friends across the river in Illinois called it pop!
We have an off brand room a, iLife that we got from Amazon for like half the price and it’s awesome for just daily clean up. Still gotta run a vacuum once a week or every other week for a deep clean. We have all hardwood and one rug and it works great. We also have a yellow lab mix and it’s great with dog hair!
Sentence of the day- Thank goodness God made babies so cute! Newborns are hard work! We are at 1 week and 3 days!


YES to your question about sweating – I’m always a mess as soon as I start stretching after my run! I’ve always called it soda, but I remember finding it really entertaining when I visited my family in Vancouver, Canada and they all called it “pop!”


I lived the first 10 years of my life in Ohio and I called it pop!

I have eufy the robot vacuum and I love it! It is one of the cheaper ones- so you can’t program it or get it to start while you are gone but it does a good job! My little kids are obsessed with it too! I did a bunch of research and it gets good reviews. It does not work on loop carpet though.

Right now I am all about the song Take it All Back by Judah and the Lion.

My first job was at Target- I was a self conscious teenager so I was so embarrassed to shop there in my off time. And it definitely took some of the fun out of target for awhile. But happy to report that I enjoy it now!


I have a Eufy also and love it!


My first job was at McDonald’s! I am grateful that it helped me overcome my shyness at the time, especially since I was on my way to become a professor. Sentence of the day: why do I turn into a zombie on rest days? When I don’t train in the morning, I feel like I never wake up haha


We have a Roomba, it is great for keeping the dog hair at bay. It isn’t a replacement for good cleaning but it does keep the floors clean enough that we only clean them once a week. It will pick up a full load of dog hair daily, and she goes under beds, couches, chairs which is awesome! It is noisy in my opinion so schedule her to run when you are not home ;)


We have twins and drove the streets of Riverton and South Jordan ENDLESSLY in the middle of the night. It was the only way to quiet them down and get them to sleep. My heart goes out to you!!!!


Roomba is absolutely amazing! She is expensive, but you will LOVE having clean floors at all times. Our black lab sheds terribly, but you would never know because Roomba does such a great job on our floors. We run her every night and she is completley full every morning. We didn’t get ours from Costco, but I think that Costco sells a model that is made specifically for Costco.


Your pics from Kentucky are beautiful, so fun to see. Sorry about your middle of the night driving date…I’ll be sending thoughts of a long nap to all of you! I did a ton of babysitting when I was younger, but first real job was as a lifeguard at the local pool.


Going to mimic the other Roomba comments. We have a golden retriever.. so tons of long hair and let’s not even start about the amount that I shed. Granted, for pets they recommend the higher end 800 or 900 series (we got the 900 when it was on sale at target) and if it broke today, I’d be at Target tonight buying a new one. That’s how much we love it.

My first real job was working at the Gap at the Mall of America. I loved that job.


My FAVORITE race is in Louisville! Kentucky Derby half of full marathon is amazing!!

Soda for sure! :)

I got a Roomba for Mother’s Day ( we have 4 kids and 2 dogs) and it is the BEST THING EVER!!! My hubby got it at Costco. You will love having this especially when Skye starts crawling! Not so much dog hair.


I call it soda and my first job was Braums ice cream store. We have the neato vac. It is awesome with a Springer Spaniel and a cat that sheds so much, I don’t even know how he has hair left. We have one upstairs and one downstairs. Absolutely love the vacuum and it has helped so much! I can’t imagine listening to a song on repeat, I prefer podcast or just quiet.


I bought the Roomba at Costco and I LOVE it! We have a yellow lab and I run it every morning. I love Costco because I can return it for a new one anytime.


I’m from Arkansas so I’m used to lots of humidity, I just can’t figure out how you can breathe running when it’s so cold in the winter!
We have a shark robot vacuum and it’s done great with dog hair, it was quite a bit less than a roomba also, which was a plus for us.


That photo of Brooke and her cousin is amazing-they are twins!!!

Growing up we called it “pop.” Now I tend to say soda.

My first job was at a tennis racquet club deli. I loved it!



bussing tables was the first paid gig. babysitting followed after that, strangely enough.

i’ve not listened to songs, but i have started listening to podcasts on runs. doing something i swore i’d never do! i like it but don’t like that it distracts me from stuff i should be paying attention to while running…i’ll probably keep doing it b/c i’m spending a lot of hours out there. :)

sentence of the day? to quote Taylor Swift “Shake it off”


Crazy enough my sister’s first job was at Fazolis and you two are the same age I think. She still talks about how she would come home smelling like breadsticks. We still have one where I live now.


Robot vacuums are amazing! We have one–in a carpeted apartment with two cats. My husband’s second job is in the appliances department at Best Buy and he knows a lot about the different brands and models. Apparently, many of the super inexpensive ones (and the ones that are, these days, typically on sale near key holidays…) aren’t good for pet hair (and have motors that can burn out easily); the neato, which is the brand we have, and the iRobot Roomba tends to be pretty good. I’m happy to get more suggestions if you want! What I love about the Neato, though, is that we can control it from our iPhones. We have it scheduled to run two times a week, but if something’s going on–friends coming over, or picky parents, etc., and we want the apartment to look as fresh as possible–we can start it from our phones, wherever we may be!


We love our Neato vacuum. My sister has the same one and she has two large yellow labs and it works wonderfully. After having a robot vacuum I will never go back! (We got ours off of Amazon.)


Growing up in Louisiana and parts of Tennessee folks say coke and then you specify what kind (mello yello, sprite, dr pepper, etc). But I think more people in the South say soda now…….maybe because more people are moving here from other places.


I have a Roomba 980. It’s expensive but absolutely life changing!! I love love it. With two cats, it has been the best purchase of my life!


Hey – looks like you are at Union Station in STL. Just a few blocks from where I work.

Love the iRobot – we have 2 dogs and it picks it up pretty well. You just have to have all the toys and randomness picked up off your floor first and with kids and their toys… that can be a challenge.


COKE all the way!! My dad has worked for Coca-Cola for 45 years so we are little partial!!!!
And my goodness Brooke and her cousin could pass for identical twins!

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