Long Run DONE/Best Race Expo/Sentence Per Picture

It’s race day for Andrew and Brooke… Skye and I can’t wait to cheer them on!

I plan my routes based on the best drinking fountains.

IMG 3655

10 miles easy + 6 x 20 seconds FAST (6:00 pace) with 60 second recovery walks…  Brookie will be wearing my Garmin today:)

IMG 3663

Went to the coolest new park.

IMG 3676

Yes, my bum did skid across the ground as we went down the biplane.

IMG 3678

Knox left for the weekend so it was just the girls.

IMG 3704

Now Costco has massage chairs?!?!

IMG 3710

Wanted to stay in the chair but decided to join Andrew in shopping.

IMG 3687

Got to hang out with my grandma and her pups.

IMG 3706

Brooke said that the AF Canyon is the best race expo ever—>  Free snow cones!

IMG 3714

They are ready to go!

IMG 3733

Yep, she can lift more than I can.

IMG 3724

Awesome race swag!

IMG 3727

Skye loves race expos too!

IMG 3740

Night before the race tradition!

IMG 3742

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and feel free to cheer Andrew and Brooke on:)


What are three things that you are doing today?

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Go Brooke and Andrew race fast and have fun!!! Can’t wait for an update!!!


Go Brooke! Go Andrew! Please have Brooke do a rave recap! I’d love to hear about a race from her perspective.


YES!!! We are going to work on it right now:) Thanks so much Lee and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


Good luck Brooke and Andrew! Have Fun! You are lucky to have the best coach ever haha Crossfit Team workout for me this morning. Always fun to share the pain ;-) Hope all of you guys have a great day!


Good luck and have fun Andrew and Brooke!!! ?


I feel like the af marathon always has amazing swag. I need to start running that one.

How are we not running into each other on our runs? Haha!


Go Brooke and Andrew!! Love those hats!
3 things today: Run, shiplap the drop zone, and make dessert for a bbq. Enjoy your day!


GO BROOKE AND ANDREW!!! I can’t wait to find out how they did.


YAY!!! Good luck Andrew and Brooke! Have fun! We’re hitting the pool and church tonight. :) Have a great day guys!


Go Andrew and Brooke!! I can’t wait to hear all about their races!!
Janea, have a great time being the cheerleader with Skye ?
Happy Race Day!


Three things today:
1. run ✅
2. Go to day #3 of the USA Track and Field Nationals (they are being held in Des Moines, Iowa which is about 2.5 hours from where I live so my husband, dad, and I got tickets for all 4 days. It has been amazing so far! I met Tyson Gay, Lauryn Williams, Kevin Young (400 hurdles world record holder from 1992), and Molly Huddle and I have my eye out for a pic with Jenny Simpson and Shelby Houlihan) I’m totally fangirling/geeking out over all this track stuff.
3. Cheesecake Factory for dinner (hopefully if I can talk the hubby into it ;)

Have a great day and good luck to Andrew and Brooke!


I’m at USATFs, too! Lauren Fleshman and her baby are sitting right by us, so I’m kind of geeking out. Seriously, amazing woman to bring a baby to a full day of track! The stands are just packed with big names.

Side note- Lyles 100! wow!


NO WAY!!! Ahhh did you talk to Lauren at all Kathy!? So happy that you both are having such an amazing time at USATF and Tara, now I am craving Cheesecake Factory ha!


I have seen Lauren and her baby too! She is just to the left of my seats. I am in the first row in section S!
Lyles was AMAZING!
Also, Shelby Houlihan and Jenny Simpson in that 1500. Wow.


Oooh I hope Brooke and Andrew have great races today!!
Three things for me: I ran 5 miles which felt GREAT after this crazy stressful week, and now I’m going shopping with my best friend, and then spending some quality time with friends.
I hope you guys are having as wonderful of weather as we are in Iowa (finally it’s not super hot/humid!)


Go Andrew, get that PR and go Brooke! I’m reading this on eastern time zone so they might be running right now where you are.
We are driving back from our beach vacation. Ugh drive back is the worst. We are all tired and cranky.


Go Andrew and Brooke! Have an amazing, fun, and memorable race! :)


1) Ran. Did not “take the hill” back home (started back up the hills after the turn around but then the wind hit…so we turned back around, ran flat until we hit our miles, and called for a pick up…our theory was better to run the miles flat than walk them uphill into the wind).
2) Grocery store.
3) Fold all the laundry.


I totally agree with that theory! Great job! Wind is my worst enemy. Good luck with the laundry, come help me with mine after you finish haha! Have a wonderful day!


Woot!! Go Andrew and Brooke!!

Went and cheered on runners at the NYRR and NYC Front Runner’s PRIDE RUN! Check it!: https://twitter.com/hashtag/FRNYPrideRun?src=tren


That is AWESOME!! Sounds like an amazing time. I loved all of the pictures! Have a wonderful rest of your day!


I hope you both are run happy, Andrew and Brooke! It’s a lot of work to cheer so good luck to Janae and Skye too :-)


I’ll be hanging out with my little 7-week old baby! Doc cleared me to exercise so now I can work out more in earnest. She’s great in the boba wrap, so we get lots of walks in wearing that. My little girl has the same little teal-rainbow sunsuit. It’s soooo sweet! Good luck to your daughter on her race!

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