My Dramatic Brain, the Track and Ain’t Gonna Die This Morning.

I made it back to the track!

My body knows that whenever I step on a track, it is in for some pain.

Skye woke up and ate/fell back asleep at around 5:15 and then I got to work prepping to get out the door for my run.  I had half of a jelly sandwich and a drink that included a bit of clean energy (from Vega.. 1/4th of a serving, I don’t want to become reliant on caffeine) and some nuun.  I actually really liked the combo of the two things and I’ll be doing it again for hard workouts.

IMG 3310

My coach had me do A-Skips and B-Skips after my warm-up to get nice and ready for the speed portion.  If you’ve never done these, try them:

This is what the workout looked like.  It has been a long time since I have done 800s and I decided to completely forget what I used to do these at a few years ago and just focus on my journey N.O.W.

For the 800s—>  3:10, 3:10, 3:11, 3:10, 3:13, 3:07.

For the 200s—> :43, :44, :43, :43, :44, :40

I took my recoveries as a VERY easy jog.

Screen Shot 2018 06 20 at 10 33 10 AM

I love this track because you cannot beat the views here and there are always people here in the early mornings (I just waited until they were out of the frame to take the picture).

During my first 800 the song ‘Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight’ by Macklemore came on and I decided that was going to be the theme for my workout.  When I was feeling really tired for the last minute of each interval I kept repeating to myself Ain’t Gonna Die This Morning.  My brain loves to be dramatic about how hard the pace is feeling so I just needed to remind myself that this was definitely not going to kill me.  I can keep pushing it because I was just tired, not dying.

Learning to be comfortable with uncomfortableness.

IMG 3314

PS Amy Cragg, Jared Ward and Shalane Flanagan have worked out at this track so it must mean it is a good one.  Too bad they weren’t there yesterday;)

Screen Shot 2018 06 20 at 11 48 42 AM

Back to this scene afterwards!  Breakfast for all of us.  Speed work makes me so much hungrier than the normal run.

IMG 3433

Followed by some good ol’ rollin.  Skye is going to grow up thinking it is normal for people to use this painful contraption after a workout each day ha.

IMG 3436

A few more HIGHlights from the day.

*Brooke is all signed up for her race this weekend!  AF Canyon has an awesome race for kids too so we will be cheering her on.  I can’t wait to see her skills.  I’ll have her wear my garmin too:)

Screen Shot 2018 06 20 at 6 44 09 PM

*WE FOUND WHERE THE TRADER JOE’S IS BEING BUILT.  It is right next to Costco too.  All of our grocery needs will be met right next to each other.  I’ll be here opening day if you want to meet up together:

IMG 3449

*We went to the mall for something and could not pass up Chic-Fil-A without an ice cream cone.  My winter daily hot chocolate has obviously been replaced with a daily popsicle or ice cream treat.

IMG 3455

*When Skye stretches I can’t even handle it.

IMG 3461

*Mindy sent this to me and it made me happy.  Anyone do this?

IMG 3438

*Skye is so interested in everything right now.  She grabs onto everything within her grasp and is showing more and more interest in toys.

IMG E3447

*Kristi told me about the podcast Run This World with Nicole Deboom and recommended Kara Goucher’s episode (#87) for me… I am SO excited to listen to this during my run today:

Screen Shot 2018 06 20 at 6 55 30 PM


Ever tried nuun?  What do you use for electrolytes for your training?

How often do you use caffeine before a run?

Tell me what YOUR run is today!.  I tell you all about mine so I need to know yours:)

Is procrastinating a run a normal thing for you or not so much?

-In the past absolutely but right now I am on Skye’s schedule ha so I gotta go when I gotta go.

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Great workout. Nice paces! Question – when you run on a track which lane do you run in?


Hey Lynn!! Thank you so much! So it totally depends on who else is at the track. I usually run on the inside lane and do my recoveries a few lanes out so I’m not in anyone’s way. If I am on my own, I do the entire workout on the inside lane. If there are faster people then I do it on the second or third lane in:) I hope you have a great day!


(On the lane question – one place i used to run had a rule about no training in lane 1, because it is the most heavily used in races and they wanted to minimise damage to the surface. If that’s the case, I guess they will probably have a sign, but you could always check with the caretaker. I figure the extra few metres distance from running in lane 2 or 3 doesn’t really make that much difference when I am training for 21km)


Great job on your speed workout!! You are such an inspiration. I’ve just recently started back running after having some physical problems and yesterday I ran a mile at a 9:30 pace. I just kept telling myself that “I can do hard things!” and it helped my mindset by staying positive! I still have a goal to run a half marathon in the fall and it’s going to take a lot of hard work to get myself where I need to be but “I can do hard things!” Today’s run will be a short run and I’ll probably take it easy, but every mile I get out there and show up for us helping me in the long run. Have a wonderful day, Janae!


Thank you so much Shelby! I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK!! You can do hard things and you are showing up. I love it. PLEASE keep me updated with how you are doing and I can’t wait for you to rock your fall half marathon. I hope your physical problems are all better. Have a wonderful day.


Love nuun!!! Both my daughters have been using it now for years for soccer! So much better than all the sugar in traditional sports drinks


I didn’t even think about having our kids use it for their sports in the future. Such a good idea. I hope you have a beautiful day!


You nailed that workout!! SO awesome, Janae! I have some speed work tomorrow, so today will be an easy 5 or so after work. :) I’ve had Nuun before, but usually I just drink Gatorade for electrolytes. It’s more in my price range—ha!

And I’m so excited for you that you’re FINALLY going to have a Trader Joe’s near you! AND it’s right next to Costco?!?! That’s perfect for you!


GOOD LUCK TOMORROW NATALIE!! You are going to rock your speed. Thanks girl, have a wonderful day!


I want to try Nuun! I’ve been using propel or Mio electrolyte powders/drops, but I’ve heard amazing things about Nuun and I’m definitely going to try it.
I use caffeine a little bit before runs, and I really like taking in a little extra on race day. Before my last marathon I totally cut out caffeine for 2 weeks prior, then had a few cups of tea on race morning. I felt AMAZING!
I procrastinate with two things in my life: going to bed and going running. I get everything done in the end, and I’ve broken most of my other procrastination habits, so it’s all good:) No run for me today; I’m resting up for a half marathon on Saturday! Got a yoga class in before work, though:)


I want to try out the Mio electrolyte drops! That is an awesome idea about cutting out caffeine out leading up to a race and then using it on race morning. Andrew is just like you with those two things… I wish I procrastinated going to bed a bit ha, I fall asleep to fast. GOOD LUCK ON SATURDAY! I want to hear all about it! Have a fabulous day.


NICE job on the workout!!!
What is repetition pace? I’ve never heard that term.


Hey Bridgette, thanks so much! So my coach uses Vdot and repetition is from their charts:

It also explains it more here:
Repetition pace- “To improve your speed and economy. Current mile race pace (not sprinting). In order to improve your speed and economy you want to get in lots of work running fast with relaxed form. It’s possible to run faster than your VDOT Rep pace for 200m and 400m but that’s not the point. The idea is how much work can you get in with relaxed form or good mechanics?”

I hope you have an amazing day!


I LOVE Nuun – I’m actually an ambassador for them. I have a discount code for 40% off that I can share with friends! Let me know if you’d like it! :)

Unfortunately, I cannot function without coffee. I have half a cup to a full cup before I run each morning. My husband and I have been getting up at 3:50 to get our runs in before he goes to work, so coffee is necessary!

I’m always SO much hungrier when I do a workout, it blows my mind!

Happy Thursday! :)


Send it on over, I would love that. Thank you so much Chelsea! Okay, 3:50… you are my hero. I’ll think of you next time I’m complaining in my head at 5:15 hahah. Good to know I’m not alone with the extra hunger after speed. Have a wonderful day!


Not a super fan of nuun; prefer Vitamin Water or Powerade Zero (or Mio vitamin drops). I couldn’t find a good nuun that didn’t have a bunch of table sugar or add-ins…

Use caffeine before a run– psh! Drink coffee e’erday, girl!

Nice workout!!!


I need to try the Mio vitamin drops… I’ve heard about those. I didn’t even check out the table sugar/add-ins in nuun oops ha. Thanks and I hope your coffee was perfect this morning! Have a beautiful day!


I LOVE your rug!!! Where did you get it?? We have a gray couch too and I think a similar rug would accent it perfectly!


Hey Lauren! Thank you so much… I am obsessed with it! Here is the link:


Thank you! :)


I’m a Nuun ambassador too! And love it, especially for long runs when other drinks tend to sit in my stomach. I’m also in love with their new Immunity line which I use every time I fly. The one time I didn’t, I ended up with a cold.

Nice 800’s! I have repeat quarters on deck tonight. They used to be my most hated workout, but lately I’m loving them. No idea why, so I’m going to go with it! And I can promise you, I’ll most likely procrastinate. :)


Oh I want to try the immunity line, that sounds awesome! You are going to rock your 400s (teach me how to love those;)! Have a blast no matter what time you get out the door to do them;) Have an awesome day Amy!


I’m a huge fan of Nuun! I tend to get headaches if I’m dehydrated. I’ve had a lot less of them since I started using Nuun.


Okay, that is AWESOME Fiona. I am so glad they have helped you so much. Have a wonderful day!


My husband and I love Nuun! We always have some in the house, but have cases of it during marathon training ?
I have never done speed/track work, but would love to try! Where do I even begin? If you have any tips, please let me know! And yes, the view at that track is beautiful!
Have a great day ?


Hey Wendy! That is awesome that you guys love it so much! Great question about going to the track… it’s fun to switch things up! This article has a few workouts perfect for a first time track goer:
I also love to recommend doing a straight/curve workout for first timers. Sprint the straight part and recover on the curve of the track. Also, my post here has my track routine from start to finish and that might help. Let me know if you make it there! Have a wonderful day Wendy.


Awesome!! Thank you so much!


I had a tempo run this morning. I always like tempo runs.

I always think about doing my speed runs on a track but I’m never sure if they are open. I tried to do one at the old Provo high a couple of weeks ago and it was locked up :( I’m going to have to figure out a track schedule.


YES… it’s so hard to know when things are open. BYU is open pretty early and last I talked to their runners… track practice starts at 8 or 9! Have a beautiful day Jenny!


Question on your track workouts – do you run your warmup and cool down on the track? I find if I run 1-2 miles as a warmup at the track, my mind is already like “GET ME OFF OF THIS TRACK” so i was wondering how you deal with that. I started parking at a park or my parents house which is about a mile away from the school where I do track workouts so that I can run there, do the workout, and run back without too much track time.
I love nuun! I alternate between that and G2 gatorade (I prefer less sugar).
I don’t usually have caffeine before a run in my everyday runs or training, but I tend to have a small coffee before races. It also helps make sure you…ah… get things moving in your intestines (sorry TMI).
I 100% planned to get up and run today, but my stress/anxiety peaked last night (lots of stuff going on at work) and I had a minor freak out. I took advantage of the fact that I could get an extra hour of sleep and give my brain/body a break this morning, so I did. I needed that extra sleep and feel much better today!


Great question, I should have talked about that! I usually do not do my warm-up and cool-down at the track. I can’t handle it. Yesterday, I actually did the cool-down at the track because it was short and I just didn’t want to deal with crossing roads etc but usually I am just there for the speed part. Great idea to park at the park or your parents house and then running to the track. Haha never tmi with me. I am so sorry that work is so stressful right now, I hope things improve big time today. Thinking about you!


I used to love Nuun. My favorite was to have a cooler with a cold water bottle in it in the car, then drop a Nuun tablet in and drink it right after a run. But at one point Nuun changed to using stevia, which for some reason tastes really awful to me. Does anyone know if Nuun makes any flavors without stevia?


I definitely like caffeine, but I run after work, so I don’t drink it specifically for running. I have tried Nuun but I am not sure I like it…..still in the process of experimenting with it. I love Huma gels, and I prefer the ones with caffeine!

Today is no run. I did 6.5 on Tuesday and 7.5 on Wednesday……….both days were in the upper 80’s and 60-70% humidity. They were tough (Tuesday’s was worse than Wednesday because Wednesday there was a breeze). Today is a rest day and tomorrow’s run will hopefully be in the rain!


Cannot wait to see how Brooke does in the run.
Also surprised to learn that your brain goes all dramatic too. I thought it was just me! My brain still doesn’t believe I can actually run hard.
I’ve started writing all my excuses/explanations/justifications in my training journal — some are so lame! Okay, all of them are so lame.
Massage today.
Nuun? I don’t love it (sorry, nuun) but I do drink it during flights because it does keep me well hydrated. One nuun and later, one pack of vitamin c drink powder with electrolytes.
Have fun today!


I use nuun (and skraatch and bonk breaker) – Going to try tailwind next.

I don’t use caffeine specifically pre run but I drink a lot of coffee anyhow!

Not so much procrastinating as skipping it altogether ha!

I ran yesterday – our run was 7km up and then 7km down on the trails. It was hot and sticky. My run today will be more of a hike. We have a local trail called the Grouse Grind (think Mother Nature’s stair master). A good friend of mine is doing as my Grouse Grinds as possible today to raise money for our local children’s hospital (she started at 4 am and is on her 4th or 5 th lap right now) so a bunch of her friends are going throughout the day to join her for a few laps I will go after work. It is just under 2km up hill. Each up hill has 2800 feet of elevation gain. I think last year she did 13 in a day! You hike up and then tram down.

So cool that Brooke is signed up for a race! Have a great day!


I use nuun (and bonk and skraatch). Might try tailwind too.

I don’t procrastinate as much as skip the run altogether haha!

No caffeine specifically but I drink a lot of coffee and I think that it is enough caffeine!

No run today – ran yesterday – 7km up hill and then 7km down in the trails with a training group. It was so hot and humid! A good friend of mine is doing something called the Multi Grind Challenge. We have a local trail called the Grouse Grind (Think Mother Nature’s stairmaster). My good friend is doing as many laps as she can to raise money for Children’s hospital. Each up hill is just under 2km and 2800 feet of elevation gain. She started at 4 am this morning! She is on her 4th or 5th lap already. Last year she did 13! A bunch of her friends are going throughout the day to join her for a few laps. I will go after work, and see how many my legs will let me do ha.

It is so cool Brooke is signed up for a race! Nice work on your speed work and have a great day!


Great job on the track workout! I am going to the track next week, after a long time off. I’m filling in as a sub coach for a training group, so I need to run the same workout this week…just to reassure myself that I’m not going to embarrass myself in front of others!! Well, it still might happens, but fingers crossed it won’t…. :)


Question – You have been talking about activating your glutes while running. I have a lot of hamstring issues so I am trying this out. Do you actually squeeze them while running? LOL – I don’t know how else to put it!! Thanks!


Hey Jenny!! Yep, that is how it feels like to me. This is from a previous post I wrote but it might help!

I learned this from my coaching class and it has really helped my glutes to stop being lazy during the race;) They taught us to pretend like we have a $100 bill held in-between our cheeks (sorry, that sounds weird) and we can’t drop it while we are running… it really helps me to keep my glutes activated during the run and working rather than letting all of the other muscles do the work.

Let me know if that helps. Have a beautiful day!


Baby stretches are the CUTEST! You’re workout looks like it was a KILLER. Nice paces :-)
I love Nuun and I use it during hot runs and long runs. I am a VERY salty sweater – I could probably fill a ziploc bag after a hot workout. Haha. And I drink a little caffeine – usually just a shot of espresso – before very long runs and speed workouts. I need the extra little boost in the early AM.
Today I had a speed/strength workout: 2 mile w/u, 8 x 100m strides (20 sec rest) increasingly faster, 3.5 miles @ tempo pace, 5 mins rest, 8 x 100m again, then 2 mile c/d. My prescribed tempo pace was 7:25 and I managed 7:22 was I was pretty happy! Surprisingly, my very last 100m stride was my fastest! I think the hardest part of this workout was actually the cooldown b/c my body did NOT want to run anymore!
Procrastinating is not usually an issue for me when I am on a tight schedule, but right now I have tons of time in the AM and I haven’t been getting out the door until like 7:30 or 8. Luckily we still have June gloom right now or I would be dying from the heat!


I’m old school and have a cup of coffee before I run :) I like using nuun after a long run but I don’t like much sugar so I’ll choke it down only if it’s over 7 miles or so.

Can I just say HOW ADORABLE your photos of Skye are right now? All your kids are always super cute all the time but for some reason she’s just blossomed recently and it makes me smile when I see her lil’ face!!

I am also a stepmom and I just wanted to say you are doing a fantastic job. It can be very challenging (!!!) – keep up the good work.


Well, Heather… your comment just meant the world to me! Thank you so much! It can be very challenging and I feel like I’m doing it wrong a lot but you just pepped me back up. Thank you for taking the time to write to me today! I agree about Skye:) Have a wonderful day!


This image pretty much sums it up for me :)


Bahahah 100% yes!!!! Sending that to my sis-in-law! Thank you!


good luck to Brooke on her run!
Skye is so cute!
omg i totally want ice cream looking at the photos.
trader joe’s opening next to costco will be so amazing!
your workout sounds so so hard, congrats on getting it done and done well!
that’s so cool that all these elite runners have been to this track to train :)
i can never get the A Skip or B Skip right. i’m positive i look like a hyper kid on a ton of sugar.

yes i have nuun! i have not taken it on a run, but before and after a run. i don’t love the taste and i can’t tell if it’s working for me, but i suppose i keep trying…!

i know people recommend coffee before a run, but i can’t. i had a tiny sip before the BK half and i ended up using a port-a-potty for less than a min but still i wasn’t too happy about it. now, i’m too afraid of bathroom problems while running so i never use coffee/caffeine…

no run today, full rest day, but yest evening i did run a 5K and PR’d by a minute! i am hoping for another minute (dare i say two?) before the summer 5Ks are done. will definitely have work to do!

i always procrastinate a run if there is good reason to. i use weather as an excuse. also at the last minute, i will run to work if i’m running low on time. early mornings are hard to keep up with! esp. with work and the kiddo


I’ve been using Nuun a lot lately. I get bad headaches after workouts – I think I sweat too heavily and lose too many electrolytes? Nuun is a lot easier than stocking up on tons of Powerade Zero.

Can you talk a bit about your Roll Recovery gadget in another post? I’m debating getting myself one. Does it replace foam rolling for you? Do you feel better for using it? I am pretty good about stretching post workouts, but I still have a lot of little aches and pains.


I totally can do a review on the blog soon about it! But for now, I am 1000% in love with it. I fully recommend it. It does replace foam rolling for me and it really gets into my legs DEEP. It feels like a sports massage. It’s easier for me to do than foam rolling too. I can’t say enough good things about it. Expect a longer review soon! Thanks Jen and have a wonderful night!


I use Nuun Performance for all of my long runs. over 2 hours. LOVE it! It really keeps me going with the added calories. I use Nuun Electrolytes and Vitamins to hydrate before or after a run! I focus on strength and conditioning on Thursdays, so no run today, but looking forward to tomorrow morning’s run :) The only time I use caffeine during a run is in the middle of the night during an ultra. Otherwise I steer clear of it and purposely run when tired to get ready for long races of 50 miles or more! I definitely procrastinate runs. Unless I’m meeting someone, I never leave on time. haha

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