15 Pics from Our Day + Training Log

Good morning!  I hope you were able to sleep in a bit this morning.   Andrew and Brooke both had an awesome race yesterday.  They have written their race recaps and I’ll post those tomorrow morning so check it out.  But until then, let’s talk about everything else that went down yesterday!

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Andrew left at about 3:40!  Skye woke up a bit later and I couldn’t fall back asleep so I hit the treadmill.  Six miles @ 8:35 average pace and I think that was my hardest run in months.  I have lost my treadmill endurance big time.  Maybe this next winter I’ll build it up again.

IMG 3748

I was out the door by 6:35 with the girls to go find Andrew.  They both were champs.  I am very glad I put them to bed VERY early on Friday night ha.

We learned yesterday that spectating with kids might be more tiring than actually running the race ha;)  I don’t know how Andrew always seems to do this so seamlessly.

IMG 3754

Skye agrees… it was exhausting for her too.

IMG 3876

We saw Andrew at about mile 9 and he looked really strong.  Brooke ran up to him and gave him a high five.  The weather was PERFECT at that point for runners.  We were a little chilly so it was just right for them but things really warmed up for last two miles.

IMG 3759

We made it to the finish line somehow in time to cheer him on in.  Seriously, race spectating is so inspiring for me.  Usually I have race FOMO if I’m not running but yesterday it was so fun to see so many friends out there working hard!

IMG 3783

Candice did awesome!  I should have brushed my hair.

IMG 3818

I met Rylee (I was episode #47 on his podcast) and an awesome PR at the race!

IMG 3813

Knox had a tee-ball game that we were going to but we had a few minutes to spare so we just stopped by the Farmer’s Market for a bit since it was close!

IMG 3900

This mango juice is life.

IMG 3909

Brooke insisted on this purchase below.  A new binkie with lips.  It is hilarious to see her sucking on this thing.

IMG 3904

Another easy Costco meal that was delicious along with some roasted broccoli!

IMG 3916

Andrew and I snuck away from the girls for a little bit to go on a date.  It has been forever since it was just the two of us. It was so nice and kind of weird to not have anyone to worry about while we were out ha.  Dole Whip for the win—>  mango and pineapple swirl for me.

IMG 3967

And we picked up some apples for my parents.  It’s always funnier when you aren’t the one that is crazy sore and struggling going down the stairs because of a run/workout/race.

IMG 3961

She loves her blanket tags!  Andrew told me that Knox was the exact same way!

IMG 3972


Here’s what last week’s training looked like!  After watching yesterday’s race, I am more excited than ever to get MOVING this week!

Monday:  8 miles @ 8:45 pace with Josse.

Tuesday:  6 miles @ 8:35 pace.

Wednesday:  1.5 mile w/u, 6 x 800m (3:10, 3:10, 3:11, 3:10, 3:13, 3:07) and 400m recovery jogs, 6 x 200m (43 second average) and 90 second recovery jogs, 1 mile c/d.  8.75 miles total!

Thursday:  6 miles @ 8:30 pace.

Friday:  10.37 miles @ 8:12 average pace.  10 miles + 6 x 20 seconds fast (around a 6:00 pace) with 60 second recoveries.

Saturday:  6 miles on my treadmill at way too early in the morning o’clock.

Sunday:  Off!

45.12 miles for the week!  Getting back up there again.


What was your best run last week?

What is your relationship like lately with the treadmill?  

What does your Sunday morning involve?

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Oh goodness that binkie!! My daughter loved the blanket tags too :-)
Can’t wait for Brooke’s race recap!
This morning I slept in a bit but even when kids are old enough to sleep in dogs insist on going out. It means I have a very quiet house with coffee and time to catch up on blogs though which is nice.


Thanks Kristen! I am so glad that you got to sleep in today and that sounds like the perfect morning to me! xoxox


That paci is amazing?
Ok so I have never run a race but your recaps and photos always make me feel like I should. I can’t wait for their recaps. Farmers Markets are my favorite thing ever and I always find something that I have no idea how I ever lived without. I haven’t ran in almost 2 weeks because my 12 year old had her tonsils out and it was a lot worse than I had anticipated it would be but I’m headed out today and amazingly it’s 70 here in Oklahoma right now so I’m super excited it’s not 100+. Have a great Sunday!


I love the new binkie ? it’s hilarious.

Well, I get on the treadmill out of necessity because of the heat here in Oklahoma, but I literally hate it. I don’t know, I’ve tried all the tricks out there but I still just love being outside so I would rather be running on a train any day!! Except when it’s like 100 degrees…

I’m a Children’s Minister, so my Sunday’s are really crazy. I get to church early to make sure everything is ready to go and then I spend my morning corralling kids, singing, teaching, etc. with a baby on my hip hehe ?. It’s usually pretty fun and really exhausting lol. Can’t wait for my Sunday nap!

Hope you have a great day today!


Trail…. not train. ?


Amanda, that is SO awesome that you are the Children’s Minister. WOW! I hope your nap today was amazing. You are amazing for getting in your running this summer and I hope that the trails are yours again soon:) Have a beautiful week!


Glad you and Andrew got some one on one time!! Gosh your days are so packed full ! Excited to hear about the race :)!

Treadmill has been ugh– do if need to do. Been traveling recently quite a bit for conferences, and I do treadmills then for safety concerns. It messes up my leg though. (Trying to recover still, and I guess the motions I lock into on a treadmill [and my obsessive need to keep ramping the pace up, otherwise I get bored] kill me!)

Have you tried Larabars?? They’re amazing! And there’s a really awesome pod with the creator on “How I Built This”– she seems so great! https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/national-public-radio/how-i-built-this/e/53754667


I listened to that one… SO GOOD!! I need to get some more larabars! They really are so great. That is a huge bummer about how the treadmill messes up your leg. I get the boredom/need to change pace big time. I hope you have a great day and PS I am loving bookbub. THANK YOU for that.


You should be proud Janae, both of your athletes PR’d!!! :-) Hope you guys have a good recovery day today! Just finished my long run, including 2 long hills (2 miles up total). Great for the lungs!


That is so true… I didn’t think of it like that:) Both athletes haha! Thanks Mel! Way to go on your run with those hills, you are tough!


I don’t have a relationship with the treadmill right now but we will get back together again when it’s cold.

I did a 9mile long run yesterday and that was my best run I think. I keep forgetting to start the gps on my phone before leaving


Love the lips! Haha made me laugh out loud. I hope to do that race next year. It is on my bucket list. I have broken up with my treadmill. No relationship any more. Mostly because I have moved and it is still in storage. :). Good Job at the race!


That paci is too cute!!
I’m really into the treadmill because the humidity here has been insane. With all the kids home for summer, I’m loving my alone time while they play at the kids club.


Lauren, if I lived somewhere with humidity, I would always be on the treadmill… and even then, it is harder than running here! I’m so glad you get that alone time, keep enjoying it. Have a beautiful day!


My Sunday morning involved an early wake up haha. I got to run some really beautiful trails! We were out there for about 6 hours ish and climbed 7000 ft. My afternoon has involved a nap and lots of food!

Haven’t been on the treadmill in ages – most of my runs are on trails or roads.

Congrats to Andrew on his race! And I am glad you two got a date just to yourselves. Hope you had a great Sunday!


The pictures are on the race website, but they aren’t categorized yet. I saw some great ones of you and Brooke running across the finish line. You’ll love them.


Hi janae! I’m training for my first marathon (whooooop finally right!) and am right about 45-48 miles/week with 2.5 months to go till race day. How high does your mileage get for marathon training? I realize I’m a newbie and you’re way more experienced, but just asking around! Thanks.

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