My tips for if you feel like your running is FLAT/boring/lame + life stuff

Hey you guys!  I hope your weekend was a great one… just in case you want to check out the most viewed posts from last week, here they are!

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Another Sunday in the books.  PS I get 99.9% of my dresses at Roolee… they have the best ones (and the one I wore yesterday made it really easy to nurse).

Brooke is the only one that can get Skye to smile this big… Brooke was talking to her when I snapped this picture.

IMG 9893

Church was pretty uneventful and Skye managed to get in a good nap.

IMG 9913

I taught a lesson to the 16-18 year old girls.  Andrew made our favorite Everything Cookies for me to take to them.  These cookies have cornflakes, coconut, oatmeal and chocolate so of course they are amazing.

IMG 9915

It is nice to be eating at home again after eating out so much the previous few days.  We had turkey and bacon sandwiches loaded with veggies for lunch.

IMG 9917

We had a random storm come through so I think the kids were getting a little bored staying inside all afternoon.

IMG 9926

Skye joined in on their card game.

IMG 9925

We had Grilled Lime Salmon w/Avocado-Mango Salsa again (minus the avocado + jalapeños) and I could literally eat this salsa by the spoonfuls.

IMG 9931

This plus a million chips to eat more of that salsa with.

IMG 9933

Skye has a sixth sense of whenever we sit down to eat… it wakes her up every time.  She does not want to miss out on the dinner conversation.

IMG 9938


Every now and then running will feel a little flat/boring for me.  The week or two after my last half-marathon I was feeling like I was in a bit of a funk with my running.  Having a race coming up is something that keeps running really exciting for me and after my half, I knew I didn’t have another for a little while.  Plus, with recovery and taking out the speed work/long stuff… I was just feeling flat and a little bored with it so I have four things that help me to start feeling alive again with my training.  I would love to hear what you do to spice things up with your running when you feel like you are in a rut.

1.  Change of scenery.  Whether that be driving to a new spot to run, hitting the trails, going a different direction than normal… anything to keep it fresh is so helpful when I’m feeling bored with training.  Normally, I am more than happy to just leave from my house most days but when a funk happens, changing it up is necessary.  I went to one of my old favorite running trails the other day and that livened things up for me big time.  In this exact spot is where I used to run a lot when I was pregnant with Brooke and there was a bird that would always dive bomb me as I went by… He wasn’t there anymore but it was fun to remember all of my ducking running memories.

IMG 9253

2.  Light feet.  Maybe this is just me but sometimes I feel like I really sink into each step that hits the ground.  A way that I like to liven up my runs is focusing on having light feet (which also makes me run faster + quickens up my cadence too).  I like to spend less time with my foot touching the ground and feel more excitement with my run.  For some reason mentally, sinking into each step feels monotonous and kind of boring but trying to get off the ground fast again with each step makes it more fun.

IMG 9246

3.  Stay curious about your potential.  Sometimes I get into a routine with my running and when it gets a bit boring I start questioning where I want to go with my running.  I start thinking about the far ahead goals that make up the big picture and then the day to day runs and recovery that might not be as exciting remind me that it is part of getting to see my potential.  Get curious with pushing your limits and dream bigger than you think you should:).

IMG E8723

4.  The other day in the comments, one of you reminded me of the fact to just see the little things during the mile you are in and focus on all of the good around us.  Whether that be a bird chirping, kids riding their bikes to school or your bright new running shoes.  Gratitude changes everything and finding the little things to be happy about during the run is something that always pulls me out of a funk.

One of my favorite pictures of Brooke… EVER.

IMG E8766


On a random note—>  We met the coolest people while we were on our trip.  They bought a bus and then transformed it (all on their own) to their adventure home.  They travel around the U.S. seeing all of the best things and their bus is their home.  The inside was incredible and had a kitchen, washer/dryer, a stove, shower… everything.  They get all of their power from the solar panels on the top of their bus too!  Their IG is HERE if you want to see more about what they do!

IMG 9437

They took this photo of our family at the Coral Sand Dunes… I want their camera (and skills;)!



What are your fitness goals for this week?

-Two strength classes (my goal is to gain some muscle so that these classes don’t make me sore for a week anymore) and to rock my mile repeats tomorrow!

What do you do to liven up your running when it starts feeling boring or like you are in a rut? 

We are in need of some new games again to play with the kids… any suggestions?

A question that has nothing to do with this post… what is the #1 thing that you spend probably too much money on that you don’t really need?

-My eyelashes and eyebrows… these might be a need for me because I HATE putting make-up on every day.

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Love the idea of travelling for a year in a bus! We’ve been lucky with b&bs but it’s nice not to unpack and repack constantly.
Thanks for the ideas on unflattening my runs, need them. I’m getting ready for nyc in November but just can’t “connect” and get my head into it. I love running intervals, then hot shower and dinner but it’s not easy to actually do in real life.
Today I’m making muffins from Shalane’s cookbook then exploring a part of town I just never go to for whatever reason.
Have you thought of taking the kids to the fire hall? Just for a visit and safety lesson? (Where to meet up if they have to get out, how to fight the different types of fires, etc.)
And my credit card statement tells me I spend way too much money at Starbucks and Old Navy and with those darn Lulu people.


I am SO excited for you to run NYC this November, you are going to do amazing. Keep me updated with all of your training and I hope you feel connected soon! I love that cookbook and I need to make something from there again soon. That is an EXCELLENT idea. Knox’s step-dad is actually a firefighter so that would be easy to set up! HAHA I love what your credit card statement tells you;) Have a wonderful day!


My goal is to figure out a better workout schedule. I feel like I’ve been missing a lot of days lately and it’s driving me a little nuts. So figuring out a schedule and sticking with it is probably the biggest goal this week.

I think I also want to start running with people again. Solo tuning is good sometimes but after two or so years of that it makes running seem boring now and then.


I love that goal… I hope you are able to figure out the perfect schedule for you and your schedule right now. Keep me updated! I WANT TO DO THAT TOO… I miss running with people so much and it is so fun to go with people. I hope you have a great day Jenny!


Looks like y’all had a wonderful trip! And that family photo is definitely a framer!!

My fitness goals this week are to keep up with my circuit strength training and to nail my goal paces for my tempo run. And go kick some major mile-repeat booty tomorrow, Janae! YOU GOT THIS!!!!

I spend too much money on clothes (mainly from Target) that I wouldn’t say I actually need. I’m trying to work on that.


Oh thanks Natalie! I LOVE those goals.. you are going to rock your tempo! I’m cheering you on from Utah:) HAHAH yep, I am right there with you on the Target clothes. I hope you have a wonderful day Natalie!


One of my goals is to start adding in strength training into my exercise. SOmehow, I let it fall by the wayside. It’s strange how that happens. So my goal is this week ONE day after I either take or teach an RPM class to do deadlifts and back squats and bicep curls, and the next week TWO days after class to do it, and then the third week out, THREE days to do it. And on Week 4, I need to make a slight shift–stick with three days a week of strength training but on ONE of those days make it one of the body pump classes either right before or right after RPM. And week 5–one day of Pump, one day of freestyle, and one day of my old standby intervals workout that I did weekly when I was at my fittest. If I gradually build the habit to a point of frequency so that I develop the habit (and the skill!) and then shift the “build up” to refining the routine to exactly what it is that I want to do, then I tend to be more successful!

I love the picture of your family in the coral sand dunes…and that picture of Brooke on your run!

I want those everything cookies.

How do you like the Run Rabbit socks that are in your pictures? How do they compare to whatever running socks brand you usually wear? (I tend to wear Balega socks on my runs, so I am curious about other brands!!!)


Isn’t it crazy how strength seems to take last priority… I’m right there with you! I seriously want to come to one of your classes! Thanks so much Stephanie! Oh I LOVE these socks… I wore them again today ha. They feel so great and I just think they are adorable. Get them. I also LOVE features socks too and Brooks always have an awesome selection. I need to try out Balega socks. Have a wonderful day!


Why strength is the first to go…I can not say. I think there is some subliminal dread re: feeling like my legs or upper arms or glutes are sore as heck and I will be CONVINCED hat I will have a sucky run or I won’t be a good role model when I am teaching spin or something. I need to make this totally not true—just proven to be one of the dumb myths I have told myself for too long. I am determined to change my relationship to strength work!!!

I wish you could come to one of my classes, too-for RPM and body flow!!! I am about to sub another spin class, and i just finished my first training day for my part time job at the running store. To celebrate I now have new socks (a different brand—this time Dry Max just to compare…) AND brand new custom insoles. I have never run with insoles before (have you??) so I am excited to try them with my Launches tomorrow morning!!

Why is it that new socks can make a person as giddy as the most amazing new running top or new pair of kicks? I don’t know…but somehow little things make me smile big!!


I liven it up by running at the HS track. The track kids have music playing, and there is just an energy that is unmatched by teens training for sport.


I want to join you at the HS track for a workout… that sounds like a blast. I hope you are having an amazing day!


I have been in a real slump lately with my running. I figured it would a couple of months but I am approaching 1 year of this slump….anyone else experience this? How did y’all work out of it.


Nica, I am so sorry about this… I haven’t experienced this but has anyone else? Would you like me to ask this in my post tomorrow so more people see it so they can help? I hope you are having a beautiful morning.


Fitness goals for the week: Lots of yoga and some strength and rest! I officially finished my spring racing season with a half marathon in St. Michaels, MD. It was a little rainy, but other than having to run through some deep water several times near the end, it really didn’t effect my race. I didn’t PR, but I got 2nd in my age group and persevered even though my legs were pretty tired during the race. You know what is bugging me—I had a decent race, and I got 2nd in my age group (more bling! Yeah!), but I keep feeling the need to say, “But I didn’t PR” to anyone to asks about the race. WHO GIVES A FLIPPING FLIP IF I PRed or NOT? Chances are the people asking DON’T care about that. Ugh. I need to just stop it! lol

When I”m in a running rut, new scenery definitely helps!!! I LOVE vacation running, too!!!!!

What do I spend too much money on? CLOTHES, no doubt. I love, love, love new clothes :)

I hope you have a GREAT Monday, Janae!!!!! :)


WAY TO GO JEN on second in your age group… that is AWESOME! I agree… who cares if you got a PR, you gave an incredible effort and ran through deep water. Be proud of yourself, I am very proud of you! I hope you recover well this week and congrats on some awesome spring racing this year. Can’t wait to see what you do this fall!


I am WAY too much of a home body to ever live on a bus….for any length of time! But I do understand why others would want to take advantage of the beautiful country in which we live!

I liven up my running sometimes by purchasing new running gear, running an unexplored route or taking a break. It just depends on why I’m “flat.”

Have a great day!


New running gear ALWAYS helps! Thanks so much Bridgette and I hear ya, I love exploring and traveling but I LOVE being home too. Enjoy your Monday!


Fitness goals for this week – repeat the schedule I had last week! I had the perfect balance of running and cross training and I need to duplicate that. It fit perfectly with my life schedule and I had great workouts every day.
Hmmm… I probably don’t actually NEED to pay for Dish television… but I do. It’s honestly not too expensive but it’s something I could live without I’m sure!
It looks like you guys had SO much fun on your little weekend getaway! I need to come to Utah, it looks so pretty!


You are going to rock it this week Rhiannon with your schedule and great job last week! You keep that Dish TV going… it makes you happy! Thanks so much and come visit. Have a beautiful day!


Wow that’s a really cool family photo! Definitely frame worthy!

I switch it up for sure. I live in a suburb of Houston, TX and there’s cool running trails here but sometimes I make it an event to go to the big parks downtown and just try different places. It really changes it up for me and it gets me out of my funk!

I spend too much money on cute leggings. And I don’t even run in them because it’s too hot here so I usually use them for when I ride my Peloton or the one week it’s actually cold here and I wear them to the gym LOL


Thank you so much Virjinia! I want to come run in your area! You can never have too many cute leggings. AHHH I want to try out the Peloton so bad… what are your thoughts on it?


Oh man, I LOVE IT! Although I feel bad that it maybe doesn’t get used to its full potential because running is #1 of course. It’s great for crosstraining and there’s other strength and off the bike workouts that are available too. They have a treadmill coming out in the fall with running and bootcamp style workouts too!


When my running gets boring I sometimes have to buy some new gear. Even if it’s something small like a running shirt just the idea of something new makes me excited for my next run.

I spend too much money on drinks. Getting something from Sonic or a 79 cent drink from a gas station is my weakness. I like having something to drink when I run errands or need an afternoon pick me up.


Oh I am totally right there with you… new gear always helps me even if it is just new socks or something. I am just like you… I love having a drink with me and so does Andrew. I hope you get a very delicious drink at some point today Sloan!


Per usual, you have a perfectly timed post! I have been having such a difficult time with motivation over the last few days. And the kicker is that I am on taper! Usually this is the time I get pumped! This time of year I usually pop out of bed in the AM and get moving! I am blaming pms and the gloomy weather we are having ☹ I think that maybe a change of scenery/terrain will really help though! This is only taper week 2, so I really want my mojo back!!


Girl, I am sorry the motivation has been slacking the last few days! This actually happens to me during the taper a lot too… my body is tired and ready to wrap up my training! I hope it comes back soon but pms and bad weather are definitely things that make my motivation drag too! You’ve got this Annemarie and which race is it that you are doing? I


Thanks, Janae! I am doing RnR San Diego marathon. This is actually the first time I am running it, despite living here. Lol. I have traveled for every marathon I have done until now! I know it probably sounds crazy that I am complaining about weather, living in SoCal, but this May gray/June gloom gets me every time! I guess I’m a sunshine addict ?
Btw – Skye totally has Brooke’s same smile! She is so stinking cute!


AHHH I am so excited for you! I’ve heard amazing things about this race, you are going to rock it! Please let me know how it goes. Honestly, the weather plays such a big role in the way I feel so I can relate! Oh I totally agree about their smiles.


Fitness goals this week = recovery. So lots of sleep, stretching and foam rolling.

Whenever I get into a running funk, I remind myself that it is normal and I either take a break, or I make a plan to meet with a friend or try and bribe myself, ie. if I go out for 20 minutes then if it really sucks I will turn around. 9/10 times that works

Oh that’s easy. Coffee, and running related stuff (I have a drawer full of running socks and the other half is trying to make me throw away some socks because he points out…I only have one pair of feet).

Have a great Monday!


Those sound like fabulous things to be spending money on! HAHA that pair of feet requires A LOT of socks with how much running you do! Keep up the amazing recovery after last week. Thanks Kristine, YOU TOO!


I run on pavement–is this going to be really bad for me later on for my knees? Should I start running on grass?


What are your fitness goals for this week? to do some squats and run easy post-half

When running is getting to be a chore, i usually change the scenery of my run and do a route i don’t normally do. it is typically enough to get me out of a funk. also focusing on form and being present, monitoring how i feel makes a difference.

we do a lot of “i spy” and “guess who i am” – and hand games. one is called concentration which is pretty fun.

probably the #1 thing i spend money on that i might not need is some clothing piece that is an alternative to another piece i already have but doesn’t offer anything special. it’s how i end up with too much of the same thing – the excess that i don’t need. so to make a purchase it has to fit some stringent rules like (1) i’ll wear it 1x a week or close to it (2) no other piece in my wardrobe can serve this purpose. mostly it’s being as minimalist as possible b/c when i have too much stuff i don’t even realize what i have and what i don’t and things get lost. trying not to do that.


I hit the gym 3 days a week for strength training and run three days. Last week I ditched out on my Saturday run…. so my goal is to get in an AWESOME Saturday run and not sleep in this week.

We have little kids and my husband and I LOVE strategy board games and are slowly trying to get the kids interested. We play Chicken Cha Cha Cha (works on memory, turn taking etc) Dixit which is SO fun if your kids have great imaginations. Dr. Eureka is another favorite which works on puzzle skills. Happy Salmon is a silly card game that we also love.

I spend a LOT of money on books. I know I can get them from the library and I don’t have to own books, but I love them, what can I say?


Zingo is a game we have. Do you have it? And the classic game of Life? Your kids are probably old enough for it.
Something I noticed in one of your pictures – that HUGE bag of carrots! How long does it last? I’m impressed you guys eat that many. Good for you.


Kid’s Sequence. And when they get older, the adult version. We started playing it again a few weeks ago and it almost became addictive!


I’m training for the Utah Valley 10K, so my fitness goal is to figure out how to fit my training runs into a crazy week of work and family obligations, starting with an early morning run tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Switching up the scenery or the music helps me get out of a running rut.

I spend too much money getting my nails (fingers and toes) done, but it makes me happy. Can you really put a price on that?


How far do you travel to find a trail and your limit for travel? Sometimes I go 40 miles round trip for 4 miles. I feel so guilty, but it is true; new sites make running better.


That is awesome Kathy… Do not feel guilty! Once Skye is a bit older I’ll be able to be away from her for longer and I think 40 miles is totally worth it for a gorgeous run!


I loved all of your vacation photos. Beautiful area on my bucket list for sure.
This is an easy week. I have a short trail race this weekend so I’ll take it easy to have fresh legs.

If I’m feeling less than enthusiastic for a run, I turn off all electronics and focus on the scenery around me pointing out the little things that draws me outside. This helps me to appreciate the beauty around me and why I love being outside moving my body.
Try aggravation, this was one of my favorite family games growing up and it’s even fun as an adult. Be sure to get the classic version not the modern version.


I love your rug off your kitchen…love the bright colors. Details??


Thank you!!! We love it. You can find it here:

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