I Feel New + Starting THIS Soon + Monday Matters!

Last week’s most viewed posts were these in case you missed them!

*Can we talk daily nutrition?  I’d really love to hear your thoughts + Tuesday Tangents.

*My tips for if you feel like your running is FLAT/boring/lame + life stuff.

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I hope you have had a great weekend and that you have a beautiful Memorial Day!   I am so grateful for all of the men and women that serve our country now and in the past.  Memorial Day and everyday I’m especially grateful for those brave men and women that have sacrificed their lives so this can be a free country.

I feel like a new human.  I fell asleep at 9:30 on Saturday night (I know, I need to stop being so cool) and woke up at 7 on Sunday morning.  Andrew got up with Skye at around 5 and gave her a bottle and I snoozed through the entire thing.  My body needed that.  Brooke was up before everyone and put on her church clothes and then came into our room ha… she looks forward to church a lot (I’m guessing partly because of the snacks she gets in primary;).

IMG 0619

We had some breakfast and I asked Brooke if she remembered how I NEEDED pancakes/waffles every day while I was pregnant with Skye and she responded, ‘you need them everyday now too mom.’  She has a point.

IMG 0630

Church is right during Skye’s nap time so that always makes it an interesting experience.

IMG 0636

Post-church meal= sweet potatoes roasted in olive oil, Costco chicken skewers (you just heat them up in the microwave, buy them now!) and a banana/almond butter sandwich.  It was a win meal and something I’ll be having on repeat because I felt great after eating this.

IMG 0649

Some book reading happened followed by Air Bud watching for Brooke.  Skye napped and so did Andrew and I because clearly almost 10 hours of sleep the night before wasn’t enough.

IMG 0647

Happy girls.

IMG 0658

It won’t be long until Skye is joining in on all of the craziness:

IMG 0662

My family didn’t have a big dinner last night so we went out for walk instead.  Beretta, Brooke and Andrew had their normal park race.

IMG 0667

Like usual, Beretta won.

IMG 0668

Maybe I should have gotten a double running stroller, or a triple.  I can’t even imagine running with a double or triple jogging stroller.  Those of you that do that, wow.    It started raining when we were about .5 miles from our car so that was nice.

IMG 0674

Another meal with Costco orange chicken. We are big fans of this stuff.

IMG 0678

And then we FaceTimed with Andrew’s parents:

IMG 0681


I have a few Monday Matters to discuss with you:

*I timed it and it currently takes me about 45 minutes from when my alarm clock goes off to get out the door for a run.  Between feeding and pumping, eating and getting in my running stuff…  that is how long it takes me.  I’m interested to hear how long it takes you.

*I tried on some OOFOS at the running store and oh my goodness, these are amazing.  Do any of you have these, do you love them?  I want a pair to wear around the house.

IMG 0295

*My half marathon was on April 28th and this is how my mileage has looked as I recovered and started building things up again.  This is what I love about having a coach, she keeps me running smart.  Slowly building back up is key for keeping me injury free and while 50ish miles a week is my favorite, this is what my body has needed.

IMG 0676

*While talking about mileage, we are going to Kentucky soon for my family reunion and we will be gone for about a week.  I have no idea what my running will look like while we are there so I’m bringing my running shoes and going to just run the mornings that I can.  We are going to run with all of my siblings a few of the days too so I probably won’t be doing any speed.  And then when I get home, I think marathon training will be close to starting.

It has been so long since I have been training for a marathon and I cannot wait.

*GWEN JORGENSEN LOVES COTTAGE CHEESE AND GRAPES TOO.  I wonder if she learned about this magical combo from my blog;)

IMG 0319

*These are a yes.  If you are ever making the decision whether or not you should try these, the answer is yes.  100%.

IMG 0677

*We bought the Roll Recovery (from this post) after hearing so many amazing reviews from you guys.  I am counting down the hours until it arrives.  I have a feeling my quads/IT band/hamstrings are also counting down the hours.


If you are a morning runner, how long does it take you to get out the door for your run after you wake up?

What are your Memorial Day plans?

Ever tried OOFOS?

Who else will be training for a fall marathon this year?

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I am going to Kentucky soon too! Lexington June 6-7.


NOOOO WAY!! We are going to be near Louisville and then traveling over to Missouri! How fun would it be to bump into you:) I hope you have an amazing day Tonya!


I have Oofos flip flops and am obsessed with them. I wear them constantly. So tempted to buy the sneakers for when it’s colder. But they are so extra ugly. I need to draw the fashion/comfort line somewhere….


HAHA I don’t think you need to draw the line anywhere! Comfort is key and if it helps our running… Thanks for letting me know Sarah, I’m going to get some. I hope your Monday is a great one!


It used to take me about 7 min to get out the door ;) I would sleep in my running clothes, which I still do but now I like to get up and have a cup of coffee otherwise I am too groggy.

Today is my baby’s 11th birthday!!! We are celebrating him with a family bbq and swimming. We’re also meeting friends to run/tour through the flags at a local park.

I will be training for St George too!


7 minutes… that is amazing! I want to go back to those days ha! We should have a post-st george celebration at Cafe Rio! You in? Happy birthday to your baby. Sounds like the perfect day! Enjoy Marissa!


Thank you, he loves that he was born on Memorial Day. And heck yeah, I’m in :)


It takes me about 10 minutes to get out the door for a run – but I still set my alarm about 20 mins before I plan to be out so I can lay in bed a few extra minutes ;)
I have the oofos flip flops and cannot say enough good things about them. I wear them after every run and just for every day shoes and my feet/legs appreciate it SO much.
I am headed to the gym in a bit to do “Memorial Day Murph”, crossfit hero workout. Each hero workout honors a service member who died in action. This workout consists of 1-mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, and another 1-mile run. They have different scaling options that i will take advantage of – no way can I do all that without some modifications!
I just started training for NYC in the fall – so excited to be training again and still cannot believe I will be running NY this year!!!
Have a wonderful Memorial Day!! :)


Good to know about OOFOS… thanks Laura, I need them. Your workout today sounds amazing… way to go. SO excited for you to run NYC. Best experience ever. Thanks Laura, you too!


It takes me about 15 min from alarm clock ringing to closing the door behind me. 5 minutes of this time are used for standing / sitting in the bathroom with closed eyes while brushing teeth or doing a pony tail ?


HAHAHA YES… I do that with my eyes too sometimes. It helps make the getting up ordeal feel a bit easier. Have a wonderful day Sarah.


You’re going to love the roll recovery! It’s my favorite thing ever! I use it every day and it hurts SO good. It’s also a good arm workout ;)


I seriously cannot wait! It’s good to hear that it is an awesome arm workout too! Thank you and I hope you have an amazing Monday.


I run every Sunday morning at 630 am with my running gals to beat the Florida heat! Set my alarm to 543 am, roll out of bed about 6 am, (2 snoozes). I have everything set out, right down to hair ties and sunscreen so as not to disturb my husband, potty stop and then head downstairs for toast and peanut butter and water and our the door by 615 am to meet my running group!!!


I LOVE that your alarm is set for 5:43… I love setting mine at random numbers too ha. You’ve got your morning run routine down Lori. I think you are a rockstar for running in the heat you guys have even at 630 in the morning. Enjoy your week.


If I’m running early it takes me about 10-15 mins to get out the door (but these are not long runs so i don’t eat first).

I have 2 pairs of oofos flip flops and I basically live in them, especially in the summer time!

Haven’t seen those brownies but they sure sound good!


Thank you so much for letting me know about your OOFOS love. I need them. Try the brownies and let me know what you think. Have an amazing week Laura.


I have heard of those flip flops but I don’t have a pair. They look comfy!

I am a morning runner – so maybe 20 minutes? 30 if I am procrastinating – but I don’t really have any excuse except hitting snooze on the alarm clock. I like running at sunrise (on the days wit no sunrise…mornings become a lost cause haha).

Our long weekend was last weekend – we don’t have Memorial day in Canada – but going to meet my baby niece for the first time today!

No fall marathon this year – but maybe next year! Have a great Memorial day and happy training :)


AHHH have the best time meeting your baby niece today, that is so exciting. Thanks so much Kristine and I hope you have an amazing week.


OOFOS are THE BEST!!! I am on my third pair (flip flop style) because I wear them as house slippers. I have really high arches and they are able to support them. You need a pair — or three — in your life!


That’s what I’m planning on doing… wearing them all around the house! Thanks for letting me know Amanda. I hope you have an amazing week.


I don’t have Oofos, but I do have a pair of Hokas recovery slides that I love. My boyfriend wore his Oofos flip-flops all the time, but switched to the Hoka slides to be able to wear socks with them in the colder months. :)


Oh Ill have to try those on too. Thanks Valerie for telling me about those. I hope you have a great day!


This morning it took me about ten minutes because I slept in and had to rush out so I could finish the run and be back home with our daughter before my husband had to leave for work. Usually it takes half an hour.


I am a HUGE fan of Oofos, 5 pair of flip flops and just bought a pair of the shoes last month. The shoes are actually cuter on than the pic shoes. Definitely give them a try. Now you have me wanting to try the Kodiak brownies!!! I love the pancakes and the frozen waffles.


It takes me around 10-15 minutes to get out the door. I’m not really sure why. It can’t take me THAT long to get my running clothes on haha.

I love that you’ll be doing group runs with you family on your trip!


I have the OOlala’s. They are cute and amazing! Love them especially since I am recovering from an injured foot.


I love love love my OOFOS – worth every penny. I have the exact pair in your photo and the kids and I jokingly call them my “tire shoes” but make no mistake, they are so spongy and comfortable. I think they’ve helped keep plantar fasciitis at bay, too, because they have a nice arch and are so much better than flat flip-flops or sandals. I have slate floors so I wear them around the house all the time but especially post-run.


im Hoping to do a late fall marathon – not until dec 8 so i won’t be starting training until August but I haven’t run a marathon in 7 years, so I’m a bit nervous about being able to do it and now I
Have kids and life is different busier because of that. But the challenge is exciting to me.


I’ve also wondered about those flip flops! I think I want a pair.

Takes me 7 minutes from wake up to out the door.

Doing my first marathon ever this fall!! Got any advice for me??


When I’m not wearing running shoes I’m wearing Oofos. Truly. I’ve had multiple pairs of the flip flops and now have two pairs of the sneakers, too. My mom has horrible PF (hers is not from running, just her foot shape) and I insisted she try these and she, too, now wears them religiously! Oofos forever!


OOFOS are AMAZING!!!!! I don’t even care how kinda ugly they are—-I wear mine all of the time!!!!!! :)


I am definitely a morning runner. It takes me about 20 minutes to get out the door most days. It helps that I lay my clothes out the night before. On the weekends it takes longer since I want to eat something before my long run.

I love my OOFOS. I bring them to races to change into afterwards and wear them around the house.

And in a few weeks I start training for the Marine Corps Marathon (last weekend in October). This will be my second marathon and my first race I have to fly to.


i am a morning runner – on average i would say it takes me 30 min to get out the door. on days that i run to work (like today), it takes 45. during that time mainly i just try to drink a lot, use the bathroom, eat if i don’t feel i have enough in me from the evening before, stretch a bit and take inventory, and put together logistic stuff (carry TP for port-a-potties and keys if i plan on coming back, add sunblock, lip balm, work ID badge, water bottle if i run to work )

Memorial Day consisted of waking up at camp, eating, breaking down camp, so much driving and unloading/unpacking all the camping gear, putting it away in its proper place and so much cleaning. then after that, cooking. and more cleaning.

Have not tried OOFOS! Your training plan looks amazing, so much mileage! it’s inspiring to hear how much you’re used to and how much of a break you’re giving your body (or your coach is!) Good idea about the Kentucky family reunion. i thought i would run during our camping trip but i was way overly optimistic that i could fit in a long run during a long weekend camping trip. i should have taken the half hour and gone for a shorter run. i probably won’t plan to run if i am traveling next time, but bring shoes JIC it works out.

yes! i’ll be training for a fall marathon. it will be my first. i am so scared and yet psyched. i hope i love it.


My husband bought me Oofos clogs to wear around the house and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! Now I want to get two more pair!
I’d like to use the clogs for work (I’m a nurse), plus get the slide sandals to wear around the house and the flip-flops to wear around this summer. I have been dealing with achilles tendonitis that comes and goes for the past several years and these really help.


I love my Oofos! I actually wore a pair out and am now on my 2nd pair. Let us know what you think if you decide to get them!


I’ll be doing the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon on October. I’m getting over a couple injuries but hope to start training soon.


I’m an evening runner and sometimes it just takes me ages to get organised and out the door. If I do run first thing I can usually be out within half an hour but I only do this for fairly short runs.

I got some Oofos las summer and I love them. I wear them after my long runs and they’re so comfortable.

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