Challenge to CHANGE & I’m in Trouble.

I have a new SKYE UPDATE!!  She is five months old now and I have a million pictures and thoughts to share with you—>  HERE!


It was 55 degrees during my run yesterday.  I felt crazy hot by the end.  I’m in trouble.  I’m also kind of a warm-weather running wuss.  While I love summer with all of my heart, my body loves running in the cold the most.  BUT this is one of the many beautiful things about running—>  with some training and adjusting over the next little while, I’ll be a warm (my definition of warm is probably very different than yours if you live somewhere that is actually hot ha) weather running expert.

It really is amazing how our bodies can adjust so well to our environments. I have adjusted really well to cold weather running this year so I just gotta get out of that now ha.   The St. George Marathon is most likely going to be toasty at some points during the course so I need to get ready for that.

This article about heat acclimatization is awesome.  It talks all about what is going on that causes running in the heat to feel so difficult, how our bodies adapt and some great tips to help you as you are adapting to the warmer weather.  They offer this adjustment chart too which might be helpful for you if things are getting hot where you live.

Screen Shot 2018 05 08 at 10 39 40 AM

6.74 miles for my morning which is the farthest I have gone since my half-marathon 1.5 weeks ago.

2 mile w/u, 6 x 2 minutes @ 7:00 w/ .25 recoveries (around 8:00-8:15 pace), 1.5 mile c/d.  It felt good to get my legs moving again BUT the last two were not easy.  That half took it out of me!

PS I listened to Man Bun Run’s interview with Sarah Sellers during the w/u & c/d.

IMG 8310

I ran early and then got home.  Brooke woke up earlier than normal (because she slept so much the day before) and felt so much better so we went to the park before school started ha.

IMG 8365

Once Brooke was at school I made a protein smoothie.  Then when Skye went down for her nap (Andrew was home studying), I made it to the gym for a 45 minute strength training class.  I did not want to go.  At all.  The thing that got me out the door for the class was reminding myself that if I don’t have time to strength train then I don’t have time to train for a fast marathon.  During the half that I just did I could feel the fact that my muscles are not really there anymore so it really won’t be possible to hit my goals without taking strength training seriously now.

I knew I was in for a hard class when during the warmup we were doing burpees with the sliders followed directly with 20 second intervals of mountain climbers with the sliders.  Also, I think I’ll be feeling those hamstring curls with the stability ball for the next week.

I am just going to have to play it by ear when I can make it to strength training classes each week based on kid stuff but I hope to go at least once a week because I push myself so much harder in a class vs strength at home.

PS the music MAKES or breaks a group fitness class for me.  The instructor yesterday was playing the best music which made it so much more fun for me.

IMG 8371

Beretta just hoping and praying that I will magically drop this bowl on the ground and she will be able to enjoy it.  Sweet potato, chicken, guac and bbq sauce… I’ve missed you.

IMG 8437

Skye woke up from her nap pretty happy about life.

IMG E8454

We did a bunch of errands and stopped over at my parents’ house for awhile to check up on them.

IMG 8458

And Skye helped me out in the game of Uno.

IMG 8461

We are loving the frozen orange chicken from Costco these days.  Add some rice and roasted broccoli and boom=

IMG 8463

After dinner we got out to the park for a little while and Brooke practiced with her new baseball mit.  I’m really interested to see what sports she ends up loving and wanting to stick with over the years.

IMG 8471 2

IMG 8464

One should never go this long without Yogurtland in her life.  Remember when froyo used to be the base of my food guide pyramid?

It melted a bit on the drive home but partially melted ice cream/froyo is the best way to have it.

IMG 8472

PS Brooke has been helping Skye learn to read so that’s been fun to watch;)

IMG 8304

Oh and Beretta is doing a bit better on where she is choosing to sleep since we last talked.

IMG 8438


I’m a big fan of Allie Kieffer and love following her IG account.  Something that she said the other day made me really think:

IMG 8148

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you. <— YES x 1,000,000.  I want the changes and to see my speed increase but sometimes I don’t love the way the challenge makes my body feel ha.  It’s a nice reminder that I need to embrace the challenges if I want to see the changes.  During my mini-speed workout yesterday I repeated CHALLENGE-CHANGE a few times to myself to get my legs to keep moving.


Don’t forget to check out my latest update on Skye!


Random question of the day—>  Do you chew gum while running?

-I did yesterday and it made me even more thirsty so I think I am done doing that.

Would you rather run in REALLY hot temperatures or REALLY cold temperatures?

-Really cold (as long as I have my hand warmers in my gloves).

Who goes to group exercise classes?  Which ones?

Last treat/dessert that you had?  

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I always run with gum. Funny that it made you more thirsty….


I think I’m just crazy haha! I hope you have a great day!


The heat chart cracked me up, just because here in central Alabama if we didn’t run in temps over 80 degrees we wouldn’t run outside from May through September! It has been mid-80s all week and lunch time runs with buddies at work is a daily thing. So funny how we are all accustomed to different things!


I used to chew gum while running and felt like it kept my mouth from drying out, but I gradually stopped wanting to chew gum overall–not even sure why.

I LOVE to run in the heat. I don’t love to race in it, but on our first 90+ day last week, I couldn’t wait to get out for a 3-miler between work and school pickup. It was rather slow, but I didn’t care. The gradual warmup that takes a mile or two when it’s cold doesn’t have to happen when it’s hot :)

I mostly do CrossFit now, and running happens when it happens (and for my annual half marathon girls’ trip at the beach). It’s a lot easier to be accountable in a class and to not have to think about what movements to do.

I ate ProYo ice cream last night. The dark chocolate toffee flavor is good, especially for one of the trendy high-protein frozen desserts.


Okay, you are my hero for getting out there in 90+ … teach me your ways! I want to join this half marathon girls’ trip:) How fun that you guys do that! I totally agree with you… I don’t quit in a class but when I’m home, I do most of the time! I will have to try out ProYo. Have an awesome day Corey!


I take a strength class at the gym, too, and when the teacher breaks out the sliders, you KNOW it’s gonna get ugly. ha ha AND you did those hamstring curls with the stability ball?! I guess you’re feeling a little something today. ha ha You’re so right though–it’s all good. Sometimes I get so mad the day after strength class b/c I’m all sore, and I’ll be like, “I don’t get this sore from running! Grrrr” But then I remind myself that those sore muscles probably aren’t worked during running and NEED that strength!!!!

I have been using Run Gum before workouts, but otherwise I don’t chew gum. I don’t know if it really gives me a boost of energy or it’s all in my imagination. lol

I’m definitely a warmer weather running girl. Yesterday I had speed work, and I did it after work while it was kinda toasty. It felt good though, and the half I’m doing in 2 weeks could be warm, so I told myself that it was good prep :)

Last dessert—a big sugar cookie frosted and shaped like a butterfly—quite a great reward after that speed work!!! :)

Have a beautiful day!!!!!


I could barely run today because I was so sore haha! Thanks for the reminder:) Okay, I want to know your thoughts on Run Gum.. ever used it for a race? Hey, it could actually work but the placebo effect works too so either way it is a win. Now I need a sugar cookie. Thanks Jen, YOU TOO!


I LOVE Allie Keifer too! She is so inspiring and LOVE LOVE LOVE her view on body image/fitness in general! I used to chew gum while running, but I found it made me more thirsty too, so I don’t anymore ;)

Last dessert I had was a vegan, lavender gelato and it was amazing! Landon surprised us with a little gelato date out, and it was perfect. Also, I am with you, I would rather run in really cold temps than really hot ones. The hottest temperatures I’ve ever run in was 113 degrees and it was on our honeymoon. I thought it was hot, but didn’t know how hot, until I felt like I was going to pass out. We checked the temperature (much to our surprise is was over 100 degrees) , grabbed some water, and walked the rest of the way back. Long story short, I don’t do well in the heat ;)


Allie’s IG is awesome, love the videos she posts of her workouts. So bummed she got injured but cannot wait to see her next race. So happy she’s sponsored. I love her story of why she started running marathons — to win money to travel!

No desserts here for the last while, too much deep-fried Vegas fun last month.


That pic of Skye when she had woken up is ADORABLE!!!! I’ve read more than once that gum makes you thirsty, and I’ve definitely experienced that. I tried running with gum once, and that was the last time. It was too much work—ha!

I would much rather run in warm temperatures. I HATE cold weather, and I love the feeling of a good sweat! Racing in hot weather is much harder, and I can’t say I would love that, but I do like it better than the cold.


Trying to get back into group exercise classes (my favorite is power yoga and spinning) but i haven’t had as much time as usual due to final exam studying and other work going on. I love delegating the thinking part of my fitness! I do like Fitness Blender videos which I watch sometimes at home and just do the ones w/o weights or use my dumbbell set.


I would rather in really warm weather, East Coaster so used to the humid weather and I usually take it to the trails to stay out of the direct sunlight. Was in Arizona a month ago, and the direct desert sun is no joke so not sure what I would choose if I didn’t have the option of shade. Lol.

Favorite strength class by far is TRX based. Took my core and glutes to a new level and improved my running by leaps and bounds!


I’d prefer REALLY hot. Hmmm… I consider every meal a treat :) Applejacks and rice krispies for dinner last night were pretty darn tasty.

I ran one season of indoor track and ran every meet while chewing gum. My coach did not comprehend how this was possible :) It relaxed me I guess.

I met up with my running group this morning… what got me out the door was this thought “I’ll go to the base of the hill [ actually heartbreak hill! the last newton hill ] , say “hi” and then run home.” Every wednesday a group meets there to run up and down 4 times. Of course once I got there, I ran all 4. Sometimes, I just need to go with a small goal and then exceed it rather than go for this large goal and fail :) Ha! That’s my random thought that I don’t think has anything to do with any questions you asked! :)


that is such a great trick –
our group run coach did that today. she kept saying – you just have one more repeat (even tho we had more) – and it totally worked.


I’d take the heat any day <—-you know this already ha!
I used to go to Kara’s class at golds but I don’t have a membership anymore and I miss it so much! It was a pump class and then she also did a R.I.P.P.E.D class that I loved.


I could never run with gum! I cannot chew anything while running. Not even Clif Shot Bloks – haha! It’s only gels for me.
And I totally relate, I am a warm weather running wuss. I don’t like running in the freezing cold but just above freezing is perfect running weather. The beginning of the summer is always hard but we will adjust!

x Elise


Thanks for article on heat acclimation! This is always really difficult for me each year. I love running in the cold and actually get kind of down and sad when it starts to get warm because I know my running will be affected. I’m training for a fall marathon (my first 26.2 EVER!) so I’m going to have to learn how to train in the heat. Early mornings will become my best friend haha.

I take BodyPump every Tuesday/Thursday morning and I’ve been doing that for almost two years. There is another runner in the class and we both agree that it helps our training and running so much!! I’m really adamant about getting in my strength training for physical and mental benefits. I am definitely going to work around that schedule for my marathon training.

I just bought like 10 pints of Ben and Jerry’s Moophoria ice cream because it was on sale for 2.88!!! If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend! It’s a lighter ice cream with 70% less fat and 50% less calories but still taste like ice cream! And it’s Ben and Jerry’s so you already know it’s good! :)


MADDIE… I am so excited for your first marathon. So exciting and please keep me updated with all of your training. That ice cream sounds amazing, I will try it asap! So good to hear that body pump is helping your running so much, I’m hoping it does for me too. Have a wonderful day!


Maddie i am in your boat. i will be tackling a 26.2 in the fall for the first time so i will have to learn to train in the heat. not looking forward to it at all :(


I HAVE to chew gum when I run. I have issues with dry mouth and it really helps me. I always chew Trident Layers the strawberry and orange one, it’s what works best for me and lasts pretty long. On my first marathon I went through 4 or 5 pieces of gum and my jaw was soooo sore the next day haha.

I very rarely do group exercise classes. I follow a lot of female weight lifters on Instagram that post what they do and get workouts from there. I have been doing that since probably January and can definitely see a difference in my strength and think I have built a good amount of muscle.

I would definitely rather run in really hot temperatures. For some reason the heat and humidity don’t seem to affect me as much as it does other people. Which is great because I live in Iowa and our summers can be brutal with temps in the 80-90s with really high humidity. On those days I try to run early in the morning or at night after the sun has gone down.

I’m going to count my breakfast as dessert. I had Kodiak Cales pancakes and added mini chocolate chips and put almond butter and sliced banana on top. Sooooo good!! Have a good day!


I live in south florida so I have to take the HEAT over the cold. Is it bad that I kind of laughed at over 85 degrees, dont do it? Many of my runs occur during lunch time so a lot of them are in 80/90 degrees. Finding a shady path is KEY. I don’t mind the heat, but when the sun is BLAZING – that can be a killer. I have never chewed gum while running – i think i would be worried about choking?? lol. The last treat I had was last night – a few bites of raw cookie dough =)


I chuckled at the over 85, don’t do in (it all caps) too. I lived in south Alabama and I’m sure it is hotter where you are, but likely pretty similar!


I know, I’m a total wuss. Good call on the shady path and seriously, you are my hero for getting in those lunch hot runs. Raw cookie dough = Andrew’s absolute favorite. Have a wonderful day Christine!


I run w/ gum sometimes, but very rarely. I’ve not noticed it making me more thirsty though. Ha! I think I would rather run in really hot temperatures. I am a cold weather wuss for sure. I wonder how much of that truly does have to do w/ where you live and grow up being used to? It’s over 80 here most of the summer, but rarely under 30 during the winter. I used to be all about the group fitness classes (like in college). I LOVED step aerobics! I don’t do any group classes currently. I try to do my strength stuff at home (and also I just keep it super simple), but I could definitely see where having friends and music would make strength training better (just like it makes running better!). My current treat is fudge. I seriously could eat it every single day.
Oh and P.S.! I’m going for that sub-3 this fall too. I’m looking at a few races the first weekend in December, but I just looked at the St. George website. I wish it was a tad later, because we could totally run together :)


AHHHHH COME DO ST. GEORGE… I’ll pay you to come;) How fun would that be to race together? What marathon are you going to do? I used to do step aerobics a bunch too… oh the good ol’ days. I need to send you some fudge from the college near us. It is the best. Have a wonderful day Sam!


That would be a total blast. I feel like I am going to need a friend/pacer/motivational speaker to get me to the finish line. Ha. I haven’t decided which one I am doing yet. Looking at two smaller races that are within driving distance and then my “pie in the sky” race would be CIM. All of those are the first weekend in December. Not gonna lie though, that St. George course looks very tempting at this point!


I go to spin class in the winter sometimes when it’s to snowy/cold to get on my bike. In the summer, I’ll recruit friends to exercise in a park together! I have BeachBody on demand and we’ll usually pick from that list.

I love running in the heat!! Yesterday was my first warm run of the year and it made me so happy. But if there is any humidity, I’m done. I moved from the southeast to Colorado and I don’t think I could ever go back!

Frostys from Wendy’s are my summer weakness! I had one last night and it was glorious!


I forgot about Frostys… now I need to take the kids and go get one. I hope your summer is filled with warm runs and I am glad you don’t have humidity where you live now. I cannot do humidity either. I hope your have an awesome day Susan.


I also live in south florida, where 55 is about as cold as it ever gets for us. This past winter we had a few weirdly cold nights where it got down into the 40s, and I was freezing on those early morning runs. It’s all about what you’re used to, and you can get used to anything. Right now I’m looking forward to a summer of hot and sweaty runs!


That is crazy that it cooled down so much for you guys a few times this last winter! I am so happy you have your hot and sweaty runs up ahead for the next few months (well, probably more than a few months for you guys:) Have a wonderful day Jenny!


My last dessert was the golden graham s’mores you posted – I made them and brought them in to my coworkers on Monday! Everyone (including me) LOVED them and demolished the whole tray in two days :-)


Oh I am so glad that you made them and loved them! They are so ridiculously good. Have a beautiful day Meesh!


50-65 is my running happy temp. Warm enough for shorts and a sleeveless top but not too hot.

Weights are so good for us but oh man I struggle to get them in. It’s funny to me how much I look forward to every run and how much I complain about weights even though I know how much they help running. You’re so right that if we don’t have time for strength we don’t have time to run!


ME TOO… you are not alone Beckett! I hope your Wednesday is a great one!


Love your blog……a long-time reader from ND! What book did you recently mention on your blog……in past week or so? can’t find it! Keep up the great running…… are such a hard worker! Enjoy your sweet family!! Great job to your brother……what an accomplishment!


HEY!!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment and thanks for reading:) I have mentioned two books that I really love… Girl Wash Your Face and Deena Kastor’s book (Let Your Mind Run). Both are beyond amazing and if you read them, please let me know what you think!


I’ve been going to HIIT workout classes and have been loving them. I notice that it helped significantly when I was training for my half too!!


That is awesome Jess! I’m hoping these classes help me out big time. Have a wonderful day!


You make me laugh with your “hot” temperatures! :) When I ran yesterday it was about 78 degrees. But it was breezy and not overly sunny so it actually felt great! The humidity is kicking in here in the Midwest, so that’s what I’m adapting to.
Can I pick neither really hot nor really cold?!? :) I guess really cold because you can always wear layers and you warm up while running. I’ve done some runs in hot weather and I don’t enjoy it.
I was going to group classes (TRX and HIIT classes mainly) for awhile but it didn’t work with my training schedule for my half marathon, so I need to get back into them now. I’m honestly really motivated on my own to workout at home and do strength/cross training, but it is nice to go to classes too!
Treat – I ate a leftover wedding cupcake last night. DELISH!


W.H.A.T.?! 78 degrees… I really am such a wuss with the heat. I need to get over it ha. That is so awesome that you are motivated at home, every now and then I am and it is amazing. Oh I bet that wedding cupcake was delicious. Have a great day Rhiannon!


I do much better running in cold temps.

The last dessert I had was divine: warm brownies with peanut butter chips alongside peanut butter/chocolate ice cream!


I am actually drooling while reading about your recent dessert… that sounds heavenly! Have an amazing day!


I cannot chew gum while running. I always end up biting my cheek or my tongue. Plus I am a hard chewer so I am sure that is not great for my teeth.

I definitely agree that cold weather running is better. Especially for long runs, those are never enjoyable in hot weather and we have extreme humidity here in IL.

I don’t do many group exercise classes anymore. I taught them for over 5 years so now I just find myself critiquing the instructor. But I am pretty good at doing strength training on my own.

And I just ate a jelly donut. It was super yummy and then 2 more boxes showed up at work so there might be a round 2.


that is super funny that you find yourself critiquing the teacher! that sounds like my cousin’s wife, she was an advanced yogi, and at some point she was like, i need a good yoga session and i don’t like the classes i’m taking, you know what? i’m just going to teach it.


Thanks for the info about pace adjustment in the heat! No wonder it’s always way harder to run when it’s hot outside ;)
I hate chewing gum while running! Makes me so thirsty!
Really cold for me too! I always run faster when it’s chilly out.
Last treat was….I can’t even remember! I have been not into sweets at all lately!


Brooke is looking more and more grown up every day! I love how caring she is with Skye. They are going to be best of friends. I love that it’s warming up now! I am a warm weather gal through and through :) I would rather run in heat over cold any day of the week! :D


I hate to run in the heat. My performance kinda goes down. I take more breaks than I would if I ran in colder conditions.
Gum chewing did not work for me aswell


I totally agree with you about running with gum. Plus, I can only chew gum for about 3 min because the flavor is gone.
I am CRACKING UP about those running guidelines! If I didn’t run when it was over 85 degrees, I wouldn’t get to run very much HA! I’d probably choose cold weather running over really hot, but 45-55 degrees is just about perfect for me.
I used to go to Body Pump 2x a week. Now I have my own weight program that I do at the gym. I love weight training! The only time I go to classes is for yoga.
I’m eating dark chocolate sea salt caramels from Whole Foods right now!! They are addicting!


I seldom go to group exercise classes -but yoga when I do once in a while

Not a gum chewer during exercise or in general.

Last dessert – last night I had this amazing vegan zucchini chocolate muffin with frosting at a friends’ birthday picnic. Also, I discovered a recently released flavour of skittles – – think skittles with a bit of spice. I might have eaten an entire oversize bag in one sitting (they are called Skittles sweet heat ).

Have a great day!


I had dessert yesterday! I was sitting in Barnes & Noble grading a few student essays as I inch closer to finishing ALL final grades for the term, and I had this whole oreo cookie brownie bar extraveganza that was like a calorie-laden HEAVEN. I HAVE ZERO REGRETS no matter how my clothes felt for the rest of yesterday evening!

I love that “Challenge to Change” saying and it’s one I use OFTEN. The word CHANGE is even part of the word CHALLENGE, right? And I think that’s a great mantra to help you through the tougher parts of your run.

Group fitness for me is totally where it’s at. Aside from running (which is a solo thing) and REALLY INCONSISTENT attempts at strength training and weight lifting at my gym (I need to get better at that…), all of the rest is group fitness classes–Les Mills RPM (which I teach), Les Mills Body Flow (which I teach), a barre class a few times a week, an occasional yoga class, and a weekly HIIT class on a spincycle. I just love the energy of so many people coming together, and I really love the music. It’s fun!

A question for you: next time I go to Costco, aside from your current love of this frozen chicken, what’s something I should look for and try out?

Have a GREAT day, Janae! :)


I would way rather run in the cold, I’m a big wuss when it’s over 65 degrees. And somehow I feel like I run faster when it’s really cold to stay warm. I love group fitness classes, it’s the only way I’ll get strength training in. My husband’s gym has “bring a friend for free” this month so I went to a class with him Monday night and I can still barely walk ;)


I always chew gum while running!

I would much rather run in colder weather. It’s harder to get out of bed when it’s cold, but running in the heat is no fun! Although, I coach xc in the fall and it’s pretty much always over 85! You do get adjusted to it.

Last treat I had was a milk chocolate sea salt covered caramel from Costco. Holy guacamole, it’s delish!


I need to try that orange chicken from Costco – it looks delicious!

Honestly, group classes are like, the only way I can workout now that I am pregnant. They just motivate me so much more than doing something on my own and keep me moving way longer than I would otherwise (I would probably choose to strength train for like, 5 minutes lol). But I can walk outside for hours on my own. Funny how that works!


I ran later like 9:30 in the morning last Saturday for 9 mile long run. It was 65 and cloudy and I wasn’t dying! I was just so thirsty. I’m so glad it wasn’t sunny that day or I would have really been dying. A couple months from now and the humidity with that temp will be even worse. I think I’ll pick cold running over hot with appropriate warm clothing on.


Chew gum while running? I’m terrified of choking! I even choke on water sometimes, never mind gum. I would much rather run in REALLY cold temperatures–they give me adrenaline to run faster and I warm up anyway!


I prefer warmer temperatures over cold but then again I live in Texas so you have to like the heat, lol. However, with half marathons and anything more than that it needs to be cooler. I ran in the Silo District Half Marathon (Fixer Upper!!!!!) this past Sunday and the temp moved up quickly. Started around 60 but was in the mid 70’s when I was done which did feel pretty warm . When Chip finished it was 83, no thank you!!
My last dessert/treat was last night – my mom’s homemade zucchini bars. However, I do keep Yogurtland in business, my favorite!!!!!


thanks for posting that chart. i don’t know how much slower or faster i should go, and i guess i just rely on effort. but it’s good to check every now and then to make sure you are getting it right – esp in a race situation when your senses are elevated.

i agree with Allie Kieffer as well about the hard stuff. today i tried implementing the stuff i read in deena kastor’s book. i was mentally thinking frack this is so hard i’m not able to hang on – then i saw a straightaway to the endpoint and i forced myself to think, this is a beautiful morning to test my limits and went for it. after, i wanted to die. i’ve never been so happy to c/d.

my husband has said it too. he once told me if i’m smiling / happy or have a bounce in my step after a workout, i’m probably not doing it right ;) an experienced runner friend also told me to make sure the easy runs are easy and the hard runs are hard. trying to remember to do all of that.

i don’t chew gum generally – i bet you become thirsty probably b/c you are running/breastfeeding 24/7 and maybe your brain tricks you – like “you’re eating something (chewing signal)! i need a drink right now!”

definitely prefer running in cold temps!

i used to do crossfit long ago! but now it is just yoga and run group training for the hard workouts.

just had a key lime pie slice with some real whip. super good.


I LOVE running in the cold. I think that is what my body knows, well use to know. I grew up in the north and went to school in WI. Then my hubs and I moved south a few years ago and I can’t adjust, I try so hard but I prefer the treadmill!!!
The last treat I had was an organic coconut frozen bar. I can’t chew gum while I work out and the last class I took was a yoga class. I use to think yoga was a joke but then I started doing it because it forced me to stretch and now I am addicted!!!


You mentioned your hair falling out. Have you ever tried MONAT?


I haven’t… I’m off to google it now!


Where do you get those cute infant headbands Skye is wearing? They look so soft and comfy! I have a new precious granddaughter arriving next month and I would like to have these ready when she arrives.

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