Weekending. She’s Home. Bounce in My Step.

*I’ve got a REALLY good post for you tomorrow morning… you do not want to miss it.  I’m just going to leave that little teaser for you;)

I think May is officially my favorite month in Utah.  We are currently experiencing the perfect running weather which is clearly the best way to judge which months of the year are the best.   While Andrew went for his run, I walked with Skye and Knox as he rode his bike.

I started my day with my running friends.  I’m still in recovery mode after my half-marathon (I have two short speed workouts next week but most of my miles are easy next week too) so we just chatted and soaked in the sunshine.

IMG 8104

I have missed running with these girls so much.

IMG 8109

I’ve been wearing the Levitates (my review for them is here) this week during my recovery and they have felt really good.  I’ve been really sore this week (from the race and then from strength training) and they have been great to get some bounce in my step again.

IMG 8107

6.17 miles @ 8:14 average pace.  My coach scheduled 50 minutes for my run and we almost planned the perfect 50 minute loop… we were just off by 52 seconds.

IMG 8118

Josse’s gorgeous dog.  Beretta needs to have playdates with him.

IMG 8113

We ran later than usual so Skye was awake and ready to eat when I got home.

IMG 8129

We eat a lot of eggs at our house.  It’s one of my favorite ways to transport veggies into my stomach.  When you wrap them up in a tortilla, it’s even better.

IMG 8146

Yesterday a ton of Andrew extended family all got together up at his parents’ house for a bbq so we spent the day up there.  I love their back deck.  I need to convince Andrew to build one for our house.

IMG 8160

Skye is really interested in her feet lately.

IMG 8164

Finally, we made it to bbq season.  I always celebrate surviving winter and this is a good way to celebrate.

IMG 8166

We had hamburgers and I had way too many of these cookies but I can’t resist s’more items.

IMG 8168

I would just like to point out that I got dressed first yesterday… Andrew is an even bigger fan of matching than I originally thought.

IMG 8170

At about 9 we picked up Brookie.  She wasn’t gone for very long but it sure felt like a while.  She had a great time and was probably most excited to get back to Knox ha.

IMG 8178

Skye was so happy to first see Brooke again.

IMG 8174

Time for a rest day with lots of laziness.

*Did you see that the 5 non-elite women that finished in the top 15 at Boston originally left without any prize money but the Boston Marathon came out a few days ago saying that they now will get their prize money!

Screen Shot 2018 05 05 at 11 14 49 AM


My RECOVERY after the race looked like this:

Monday:  Off

Tuesday:  Off

Wednesday:  30 minutes on the treadmill—> 3.5 miles.

Thursday:  5 miles @ 8:32 average pace.

Friday:  Off from running but I did take a strength training class!

Saturday:  6.17 miles @ 8:14 average pace with friends!

Sunday:  Off

14.67 miles total for the week and about 30 miles next week.


What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

What is on your Sunday agenda?

What’s your favorite part about your house/apartment/place of residence?

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Favourite thing about my house – my yard. A peaceful 2 acres, no neighbours, a hammock, big raised deck, huge trees, birds chirping … it’s paradise!


TWO ACRES… okay, that is incredible. Can I come visit?!


This weather really has been perfection. I might even try doing my morning runs outside this week (usually i go to my parents house for my morning runs)

The favorite part of my house is by tiny backyard. We rent so it’s one thing I have control of.


YES… get outside, it is perfect running weather. So glad you love your backyard–> necessary with kiddos. Hope your Sunday is beautiful Jenny!


I only had three runs last week and one was a half marathon, yesterday on the trails was probably my fav though.

Sunday agenda is church, lunch, naps, and family dinner.

My favorite thing about my house is either my patio or the awesome bike path that runs through my city.


CONGRATS ON YOUR HALF MARATHON–> On trails too! That is amazing! Sounds like a perfect day Marissa, ENJOY!


Favorite thing about my house is we live across the street and around the corner from a park so my older son can walk with friends to play ball or I can take all my kids to play there. And I’m exactly 1 mile from a Starbucks ;)


Okay, that is PERFECT. How nice to have that park so close and for that Starbucks! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Christina!


Your eggs & veggies in a tortilla look SO GOOD (except for the black beans, because I am allergic; I’d probably cook up, though, some chorizo chicken sausage to keep the protein high in a way that will not ignite bad reactions for me!)!!! I also love BBQ season and can’t wait till Tom and I own our own place with a back deck or porch and get a grill. One of my FAVORITE things to bring to a cookout we go to is a strawberry salsa I make. I think you’d love it, actually–it’s literally just strawberries, jalapenos, shallots, cilantro, and lime juice. It’s so simple, but it is amazing on fish tacos (cooked on the grill!), grilled scallops, grilled chicken, pork chops–EVERYTHING! And when I bring it to cookouts, friends always say it’s the best salsa ever. It’s like a total Tex Mex Summertime Party in your mouth and brightens up any and every kind of protein!

This morning I ran 3.5 miles–half trail and half road–in my Launches, and I am more in love with these shoes than how much I loved running in them on Thursday. Adrenalines still have my heart, but these need to be CONSISTENTLY in regular rotation! For someone who runs relatively short distances, would it be too much to have Adrenalines *and* Launches (*and* Glycerins, because I love how cushy they are on my feet…so good for ‘longer’ runs) on my shoe rack and as my regular rotation?!?!?

I think whoever the chief shoe designer is at Brooks and I need to seriously become BFFs. And if I also became besties with the chief sports bra designer there, the three of us would have ourselves a gal pal brunch group. You should be part of that! ;)


Can I please have your strawberry salsa, that sounds like heaven and on fish tacos… I’m drooling! I am so happy the Launch are working so well for you! Great job today! I’m definitely joining that gal pal brunch group:) Enjoy the rest of your day!


The salsa is easy. I always go by sight at this point–I had a recipe once upon a time, but I don’t know where it went. I tend to feel comfortable modifying amounts on taste and who I’m making this for, and it’s easy to do that. In GENERAL, though, you want to mix together:

–about 2/3 pint of strawberries, diced
–about 1-1.5 shallots, papery outer skin taken off and diced
–about 0.5-1 jalapeno, seeded (unless you’re making for a crowd of hardcore spice-lovers…) and diced fine
–about 0.25-0.33 c cilantro (or one huge handful of cilantro leaves), chopped up into small happy bits
OPTIONAL: juice of 1/2 big lime

…literally you dice everything up, throw into a bowl, and mix together. The recipe itself is versatile–I bet it would be good as a pineapple mango salsa if you find both of those looking amazing and at a good price at the store instead of strawberries!

I often tend to use salsa instead of salad dressing when I meal prep salads for my lunches. I bet especially if you squeezes a bunch of lime juice (and maybe prepped the strawberries with a tablespoon or so of sugar to get them all macerated and juicy), this salsa would make a GREAT “salad dressing” of sorts for some yummy tex mex salad, maybe with chicken and goat cheese!!!


If this is too personal, just ignore it please. Haha How does it work with Knox and Brooke’s other parents, can anyone take them to do things like getting a hair cut or does it have to be okay with both parents? Just wondered how that works! They both look super cute with their new hair cuts!

I’m not running a ton right now, just 5 miles twice a week. I am 4 months pregnant and one of my runs was soo hard mentally this week so I cut it to 3 miles.
Today we are relaxing and going to church!
My favorite thing about my house right now is also a negative thing ? depending on the day. Haha we have 4 kids and having our 5th and our house is tiny…1200 sq ft and sometimes it gets a little crazy but I really do love that it brings us closer and we can’t really hide from each other if we wanted to! Haha that said, we are moving soon, but I can see myself missing this part of our lives!


Great question Loren! For Knox, Andrew works with Knox’s mom on any decisions like haircuts etc and with Brooke my ex is fine with me just letting him know when I do something different/new for Brooke. With him living out of state it’s a little more difficult to make all of the little decisions together etc.

CONGRATS on your FIFTH pregnancy and way to go getting in two runs a week, that is awesome! So my brother had that same size of home when they had six kids and they were just like you… they said they LOVED it because it meant they spent so much time together but there were definitely struggles too. You are amazing and keep me updated on how the rest of your pregnancy goes!


That makes sense, I think it’s awesome how you guys make it work! Thank you for answering!

Thank you so much! Yess, I will definitely miss that part of it, I’m glad I’m not the only one that has enjoyed that part! A lot of people just think we are mostly crazy. haha It’s nice to be able to see some positives in it and great for paying down debt. haha I love your blog! Thanks so much for your posts!


What was your best run last week? Hardest run?
I’ve been training for my first half marathon, which is in two weeks! I haven’t been doing any long runs as an effort to taper and avoid injury. My best run was a 3 mile treadmill run which felt great. Hardest run was a 2.5 mile run yesterday because I just wasn’t feeling it.

What is on your Sunday agenda?
Leg workout today and making buffalo chicken lasagna!

What’s your favorite part about your house/apartment/place of residence?
I love our back deck and yard. We have 3 acres and just love sitting out on the deck looking into the woods, or hearing the birds chirping. It’s very relaxing.


Mercedes, I am so excited for your first half marathon… you are going to do amazing! Way to go on getting in that run yesterday even though it was so hard. I need to try buffalo chicken lasagna, that sounds so good. AND THREE ACRES… we are a bit jealous:) Enjoy the rest of your day!


So, my favorite run of the week was today :) It was the OC half marathon and it is a great course, although with a super early start! 6:15am for the half, 5:30am for the full!! It’s really pretty, and running by the coast and harbor is soooo my happy place! And running with my husband is always something I love <3 We cam in at 1:47, so not our fastest, but today's run was all about running for the pure enjoyment :) And bonus… I ran a little bit with Monica (Run Eat Repeat) up the last hill at mile 11! I always love seeing her out there on our local courses! But we were both questioning why do the race people torture us with putting in a really good hill at mile 11 ?? ;P
There are a lot of parts of our house that I love. The family room with the big comfy couch, the front yard, the little pond in the backyard…. But my favorite thing is that it's not too big. I love that it keeps us all close. I've seen this quote many times, but I think it is so true… "Love grows best in little houses."
Have a great Sunday!! :)


GO WENDY GO!!! Congrats on the OC half… I want to do that one someday. You rocked it today and Monica is THE BEST. I love her. Yeah, that is cruel to have a hill at mile 11. Huge congrats and you better take an amazing nap today! I love that quote… that is perfect for us too!


Favorite run this week was on Saturday 10 miles to ocean and back felt great in the sun.
Volunteered today at Special Olympics so inspiring.
Love my backyard pool and my dead end street that you can walk one mile to bay .


Oh that is so awesome Dawn that you volunteered at the Special Olympics. We are doing that in June… I can’t wait. You have a pool and you are close to bay… amazing! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Have you ever been heartbroken and left late for something important in the most doshearyened condition?

How I’m feeling right now. But I read your blog as a great distraction. Thanks Janae!


Do you wear your Garmin all the time or just four runs? I just got the 735xt after my sad 35 died after eight months. I’m afraid I killed it with overuse, and I’m curious how the rest of the running world does it. Thanks!


You may not get down this far in the comments to read this, but I wanted to remark on the Brooks Levitate shoes. I’ve been wearing Brooks Launch for the past couple of marathons, both Launch 4 and then 5. Prior marathons were Saucony Kinvara. I’m trying the Levitate now, my first venture into them, thanks to your blog. I agree they are slightly heavier but I’m hoping that the extra spring they seem to provide will make up for the weight. I plan on training for the Chicago this year in them and unless they prove a problem in the longer miles, I’ll get a fresh pair to break in for the race. They are a bit expensive, but one can expect greater miles from a pair–400 or more, I believe. So far, so good. Just thought you might like an opinion!


HEY ! I am so glad that you love the Levitate! So excited for your Chicago training and please keep me updated on how it all goes. Thanks!


Today’s weather was amazing. I got in my long run before sunrise – well I started before sunrise and then went to cheer on friends at the BMO Vancouver Marathon which is held every year in my home town. A girl I know qualified for Boston and this was her first marathon!

We live in a very central location and it’s so easy to run or bike everywhere. And almost everything I need is within walking distance – it’s a beautiful neighborhood. Only downside is the city is super expensive haha.

Hope you had a wonderful day!


– My best run and hardest run were the same: The whole Skyline to Sea Trail from Saratoga to Waddell Beach on Saturday. With a couple of trail detours, we think it was about 30 miles. No, we didn’t run every step – hiked the uphills and a few of the steeper downhills that were full of rocks and tree roots – but feel-good longevity and finishing in good shape was the goal, not time, and it was an incredible adventure.
– I love my laundry room. Not being in it doing laundry or hanging out but just the fact that I have one and all the laundry mess is not all over my house.


wow, what a gorgeous view from their deck!!

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