Skye–> 4 months stuff!

Skye has officially been with us for 4 months and 2 days.

*One of her newest talents is that she loves making smacking noises with her tongue and lips.

*Every now and then I’ll catch her playing with her hair while she eats.  Brooke used to do this too so it brings back some major flashbacks for me:)

IMG 4347

Rewind to Brooke doing the same thing:


*She not only finds a lot of entertainment by staring at her hands but also by trying to figure out her feet now too.  She is grabbing them a ton!

IMG 5225

*My mom sent me this video, Dear husband: One day, we’ll miss all of this and it made me cry and remember to love every minute of the really crazy times that feel so frustrating at times.  Along with all of these smiles there is plenty of crying, trying to figure out what the heck I need to do to help her, long nights and feeling like I’m doing it all wrong but that’s parenting and I love this stage of life.

Screen Shot 2018 04 03 at 11 41 58 AM

*Every now and then during a run I will think about all of the miles we ran together while I was pregnant.  Then I start to miss pregnant running until I remember how awful I felt ha and how much I LOVE having her here with us.

IMG 4557

*Skye has a few different lengths of hair going on in the back.  I think she rubbed off a bit of it!

IMG 4413

*I no longer have night sweats anymore.  Those were crazy and lasted for the first 3 months.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and have to change pajamas and everything because I was drenched from sweating so much.  I have never washed my hair as much as I did then during any other 3 month period of my life.

*A few of you taught me how to carry her carseat without hurting my back.  Thank you so much… you can find out how to do this here.

*Andrew can’t help but tickle and tease her a little bit.  I think it is just in a lot of dad’s DNA to do this kind of stuff and she already loves it.

IMG 4621

*She is mastering that pouty lip.

IMG 4708

*I stare at her little toes often.

IMG 4710

*When Knox is home then Brooke has most of her energy focused on playing with him but when he is away, most of her energy is focused on Skye and doing little things to help with Skye.  She even knows how to get the pump all put together and ready for me.

IMG 4938

*Skye loves any and all attention from the kids.

IMG 4781

*My friend shared this and I loved it.. it just made me really proud of women.

IMG 4984

*Skye is taking the bottle a lot better now.  I am not freezing as much milk this past week compared to what I used to do.  Instead Andrew has been giving her the bottle that I pumped in the morning to her right before she goes to sleep at night in order to get some longer stretches of sleep.  By the end of the day I just don’t have as much milk and she is hungrier than before so the bottle has helped.  I still freeze a little bit but it has slowed down.  She does not take the bottle if she can see me.  We tried to give her one at church last Sunday and she looked at me like, ‘yeah right… you are right there mom’ so I took her out and fed her in the mother’s lounge that they have at my church.

I was thinking yesterday about how much easier it is now to feed her vs those first few weeks when she was so tiny.  Positioning her and myself correctly was like a jigsaw puzzle for each feeding and now that she is bigger, it’s so much easier to sit down and feed her.   Now that my long runs are increasing I am noticing that on the days that I run long and the day after that I really have to get in a ton of calories and water to keep my milk supply up.

IMG 5067

*I think Skye’s favorite thing in the world is eye contact.  The smile she gives you when her eyes first meet up with you each day is something else.  It’s like you just made her life each time you get close to her face and stare into those eyes of hers.

IMG 5061

*Because of those smiles that she gives when you give her eye contact, it is SO hard to not engage much with her in the middle of the night when I go in to feed her.  If I do, then she is up for a lot longer than if I just focus on getting some food in her and then putting her down again.  It is so hard to not start talking and interacting with her but then I remember how much I love my bed and that makes it easier.

*She is waking up 1-2 times during the night and her naps are currently short and unpredictable but we’ll get that figured out again at some point.   We are traveling with her on an airplane again this weekend so I’m just hoping we have nice people sitting next to us again ha.

IMG 5098

*The way she smells after a bath is my favorite.  I just walk around smelling her.

IMG 5249


Talk to me about naps.  Are your little ones good nappers?  Is this just a stage?  It feels like Brooke was this age about 15 years ago so I don’t really remember!

What things have you seen your body do lately that help you to realize that our bodies are pretty dang incredible?

If you are a parent, what are some things that your kid(s) is doing now?

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Love all Skye’s smiles !! Mine is 10 now, but I do remember every time she dropped a nap, we had quite a transition period to get the new routine figured out. Since she’s 10, right now she’s all about slime making ! She’s not liking school or reading this year, so that’s been a struggle. But she’s loving roller skating and swimming. My grand-baby is 8 months and all about showing off her rolling over and babbling skills and saying no-no-no-no-no with the dramatic head shake.


Oh the slime making… that is everywhere right now. I wonder if I should make it with Brooke and Knox? I am SO sorry that your little girl is not loving school this year, I hope that things improve for her soon. You have a grand baby? Oh I bet that is SO fun. I can’t wait for Skye to start saying no to everything haha. Enjoy your evening Michele!


They would love the slime ! So many recipe’s, but there are several that only use a few ingredients and make small amounts. Some turn out sticky – not so fun. But when you get one that’s not sticky – it’s hours of fun. I do have a grand baby, her name is Rylee. It’s funny when you mention smelling Skye, because I try to sneak smells of Rylee so people don’t think I’m weird. But the smell of a baby….ah, nothing like it.


Man- she is SUCH a cute kiddo! I’m glad that she’s doing so well :)


Thank you Caroline! I hope you are having a beautiful day!


My son is almost 2.5, but the first 6 months were such a roller-coaster for sleep and naps! I remember he was all about the 30 minute micro naps and they were so unpredictable and frustrating! But on the plus side, it was a lot easier to be out and about back then because I wasn’t tied to having to be home for nap time! So plusses and minuses for each, I think! I Skye is so freaking cute!


She is so super cute! She can be a baby model! I’m entering teen years with my eldest and I would trade a baby day if I could! Goes by too fast! I know everyone used to tell me but it really does. I miss smelling my babies heads. Lol


I have two girls. My first was a terrible napper. It got slightly better with sleep training though. My little one now is a dream napper. 2 hours or more almost every time. It is simply her laid back nature though. It’s nothing that I did. We have implemented a principle to leave her in her crib the full two hours even if she wakes up early. If she is screaming bloody murder, we will of course get her, but we really try not to.


That photo of Brooke putting your pump together was too precious!! Warmed my heart, what a good big sister!! When my daughter was four months she had NO Schedule whatsoever, when she did nap it would be 30-45 mins, and she woke up 2,3,4, sometimes 5 times a night. So no insight or magic advice from me … just hang in there, you’re doing an awesome job.


My daughter Adelynne is 4 months tomorrow. I love reading your updates because she’s normally doing the same things as Skye!
Naps are good in the morning, she normally gets a really good almost three hour nap first thing. After that it’s a crap shoot. Sometimes an hour, sometimes a half hour. I just go with it and try to not let her nap past 7 so she’ll go down for bed.
I’m surprised how fast I healed from my c section. I have no scar pain, abdominal pain, tugging, nothing. I find it remarkable since it’s a pretty big surgery.
Adelynne has also found her toes and she is always trying to get them up to her mouth. She has rolled over a few times now, once for her daddy while I ran and errand and the other times after I set her down to go to the bathroom. I have yet to see her do it. Stinker! She is also laughing more. It’s so fun to tickle her to get her to laugh!


It’s a stage!! It sucks, but it will end with the “crap naps.” Right now 30 minute naps are normal. In another month or two they will get longer, and when you get down to 2 naps, they’ll be close to 90 minutes each and it will be awesome :)

She’s so adorable. Mine is 10 months and I already look at these pics and miss her being as small as Skye. Right now my daughter is all about walking with her walker all over the house, crawling, standing, pulling all toys out of her toy bin, (not to play, just to throw them around.. and then I put them back in.. and she pulls them out,) and eating all the food. I think she would literally eat all day long if she was able. She’s growing like a weed!


Hi Janae! Would you be willing to do a more in-depth post on your experience with breastfeeding? I know you’ve had different experiences with Brooke and Skye. I just had my little girl a week ago and we’re navigating the breastfeeding together. I’d love to hear about how it’s gone for you, and what challenges you had (if any) and how you overcame or are in the process of overcoming them. I know this can be a very personal topic so anything you’re willing to share would be helpful :) Thank you!


Congrats Bri!!! I would love to write this post… expect it soon! You are doing an amazing job and I hope you are recovering well and getting plenty of snuggles.


Skye is so adorable! The bottle before bed routine really helped my son sleep longer at night when he was an infant. I would give him a full 5 ounces before he went to sleep (he never had any issues taking the bottle, thankfully), and it kept him fuller longer so that he slept for a good stretch. It’s difficult to tell with breastfeeding how much they’re getting, which is fine during the day, but the bottle was a great way to know that he was getting nice and full before going to sleep at night!


Thank you for your comment about night sweats! I had my baby 9 days ago and have woken up drenched a few times in the past week. Not having experienced this with my other two babies I wasn’t sure what the heck was going on!
Daily showers are a must haha :)


I just love baby toes and baby giggles!!

My kiddos are much older than yours, 10, 12, and 14 so it’s a totally different world of parenting in some respects. It’s a lot more emotionally draining, rather than physically draining if that makes sense. But, I have to say that I feel like each new stage and age just gets more and more fun. It’s so cool to see them turn in to real people, with their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions.


I love these updates so much!

My baby is going to be 3 months old this Friday! So he is just a little behind you and Skye. Right now naps are…. not the best sometimes ha. It actually makes me feel a lot better that Skye sometimes struggles with naps because my sister’s baby is 5 months old and sleeps 2 hours every. single. time. It made me feel like, um what am I doing wrong with my baby!!??

But I really think that short naps are a developmental phase if you are keeping the room really dark, using white noise, etc. Like this morning, my baby took at 30 minute nap, was up 1 hour and then went down again and has been sleeping for an hour. He cried at 45 minutes but I let him fuss and he fell back asleep. I don’t know. I just know that its pretty random at this point!!

Right now my baby is being super sweet and smiley all the time! I have a hard time staying straight faced with him too in the middle of the night!

My body is feeling SO MUCH BETTER than it was even like 6 weeks after birth. I remember I started running again and I literally felt like my pelvis was falling apart. That may be because I tore… Sorry if that is TMI :/. But now I just feel so much better and healthier and I am so thankful for that.


We just hit fifteen months and oh man looking back on these is very similar. My milk had dried up by 3 months unfortunately, but I spent many hours with that pump trying to boost demand and supply.

We were very similar on the nap schedule. My little girl would maybe take 2 30-45 minute naps a day and then sleep 10 hours at night waking up once. She transitioned into 2 hour naps around 6 months, and it’s life changing!! You don’t realize how much you can get done in 2 hours until you have a baby.

Now we have mastered walking and are very into dancing. She is getting her bald spot back from moving her head to the music in her car seat.. So much for my dreams about her being in pigtails :)


Our little guy is just over 5 months old and naps have become a total mystery lately. We were always SO good at having a schedule and great naps but now most days we get 30-45 minute naps (3 naps or 4 if they are really bad)… and we’ve started protesting bedtime at night. Sigh. This too shall pass, they are only little once.


My little guy is a month older than Skye. I am STILL having night sweats! Ugh. He generally takes a long morning nap and two shorter ones. If he gets overtired, though, all bets are off. He still wakes 4 times overnight, but I am totally fine with it. I miss him during the day!
I am finishing up my nurse practitioner degree and just passed this huge exam that capped off the entire curriculum! Yay!
Skye is precious!


My oldest was not a great napper – especially once she started daycare (at 5.5 months). She’s 2 years now and naps pretty well usually, but it’s been a long journey. I’m expecting our 2nd and pregnancy is a constant reminder of how remarkable a woman’s body is. At 29.5 weeks, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the miracle of it and dwell on the negatives (like – how on EARTH is this baby going to double or triple in size over the next 10 weeks???? I already feel like there’s no more room at the inn!), but to think about all the changes our bodies go through in a pretty short amount of time, it’s really remarkable.

Skye is beautiful and adorable. Reading these updates makes reminds me of how little they are and how fast they grow! I can’t wait to hold my new little one in my arms. 10 weeks sometimes feels like an eternity and sometimes feels like no time at all.


There’s nothing sweeter than a 4 month old baby!!!


I don’t have any comments on naps yet, but I’m currently at 34 weeks and can’t wait to run post baby! I’m proud of all the miles ive done with Baby J. I was 9 weeks pregnant when I ran my first marathon, so she was there through a lot of the training runs and post marathon runs! I’m so proud of what my body has been able to do, but at 31 weeks I called it quits. It was a half and half run and walk and lots of waddling after. I’m still cycling and doing lots of walks, mostly bc my dog is very spoiled, but especially now that the weather is the perfect spring running weather, I’m incredibly jealous of all the runners out there!! Love reading your updates and sharing your adventures of running and balancing it with life!


i love that you just go around smelling her. i love that new baby smell too. i also love touching their soft supple skin, it’s a dream!

i don’t remember a LOT about naps but she was a regular 2 nap taker, one in the morning around 10 am, and once again in the afternoon around 2 pm. it was like clockwork, we were rigid about the schedule b/c it really just made her more pleasant and thus our lives more easy. around 16 months she stopped the first nap and just went down to 1 afternoon nap.

my body has responded well to physical therapy and is doing well – no pain when running! what a relief. so grateful right now for my body.

my kid is a big kid now but she’s still my baby. she likes to create art, she likes graphic novels, so she is starting to make her own comic strips. she’s active for sure, always doing something. she skis, plays ice hockey, she runs, she bikes, and she loves gymnastics.


She is so cute. I love seeing all the photos of her, makes me miss the infant stage but not enough to have another one! lol. My daughter was the best sleeper/napper! SLept through the night at 6 weeks and never turned back… along with 2 – 2 hr naps during the day until she was 1 year old. My son on the other hand is completely different. He has only slept through the night a hand full of times and he just turned 1 in March! ugh… the first 6 months his naps were very unpredictable and short. Now he either takes 1 – 2 hr nap or a short morning nap with a longer afternoon nap. I wish it was more predictable so I could plan some runs around his nap schedule!


Omg! Skye is so cute! Thanks a lot for sharing all her super cute photos!

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