15.22 + PREP + My Training Log!

Running with Candice for my long run made the time go by so fast.  The 15.22 miles yesterday with her made my solo 14 miler last week feel like it was 3 times as long.  The miles kept clicking by and my long run nutrition was much better this week so overall, it felt so much better.  I’m talking a bit more tomorrow about my nutrition during the run!

Long run morning—>  Feed Skye, put her back down to sleep, pump 1.5 bottles just in case she needs it while I’m gone (and if not then save the bottle for the night for Andrew to feed her), eat a banana and a piece of toast with jam on it, drink almost 24 ounces of water, get dressed, do a few dynamic stretches and then get out the door and run.  Running takes just a little bit of prep work these days.

Andrew had this note out for me when I woke up which pepped me up.  PS Andrew has WAY better handwriting than I do…  My sister says that my handwriting hasn’t changed since the 3rd grade and she is correct.

IMG 5477

And then we were off.  It had rained all night and started raining again once we finished so it felt kind of humid outside.  Utah is normally VERY dry so it always feels strange when we have any type of moisture in the air.  It almost felt like my body couldn’t sweat or something.  It reminded me of the fact that many of you run all summer in crazy humidity and heat… you are my heroes.  For us yesterday it was about 45 degrees and we stuck to pretty much a flat course the entire time.

IMG 5502

The run included 5 x 90 seconds with 3:00 minute recoveries.  The pace for my 90 second intervals (after a very long warm-up of 8+ miles) was around a 6:26 and I felt pretty strong during them but I definitely needed those recoveries to get my breathing back to normal again.   I’m hoping that by going 2+ miles over the race distance I’m training for will make race day feel easy.  Cross your fingers for me.

I wore my Levitates (my review is HERE) and that deodorant trick has saved my skin—>  You can read about it here but a reader told me to use deodorant to help my chafing and it has completely solved my problems!   I put it on my inner thighs (they have been chafing a bunch) where my sports bra band hits on my chest and I finished with ZERO chafing yesterday.

IMG 5525

When I got home I found a duck in my front yard.  There isn’t any water close to our house.  I’m not sure why he was there but he just strolled the neighborhood.

IMG 5526

Turns out we encountered some mud.

IMG 5530

Skye went down for a morning nap and actually took a long one!  She has the best post-nap hair.  While she was napping and the kids were playing I got in some quality stretching, foam rolling and glute/hip/core work—>  Side planks, single leg bridges, squats, lunges, clamshell, Jane Fonda’s and donkey kicks!  I tend do do more strength after my hard/long runs so that I’m sore for the easy/off days rather than doing strength on the easy days and then being sore for the hard workouts.

IMG 5540

Protein shake post-run and this salad for lunch.  It included chicken, rice, veggies, avocado and goodness.

IMG 5553

And then we were off to get a few errands done.

IMG 5550

We are having about 20 people over for breakfast this morning so we picked up the goods at Costco.

IMG 5555

Do you ever have deep regrets after going to the store?  They had these dark chocolate covered mangoes for samples and they were amazing.  I am kicking myself for not buying them but I guess a trip to Costco tomorrow is going to be mandatory.

IMG 5556

The big kids were playing, Andrew was doing school and Skye was taking an afternoon nap so I got out my book to read… and then 45 minutes later I woke up.   I didn’t even remember falling asleep.

IMG 5560

After that we had the kids take showers (OH MY GOODNESS it is so nice how fast it is to wash and dry Brooke’s hair now that it is short).

IMG 5570

Then we cleaned the house before everyone comes over today.  We didn’t want to mess up the kitchen so Andrew picked up pizza instead.

IMG 5579


Here is how my running went for last week!

IMG 5172

Monday:  7.26 miles @ 8:36 average pace with friends.

Tuesday:  6 miles @ 8:44 average pace.

Wednesday:  1.5 w/u, 3 x 2 miles @ 7:03 average w/3 minute recoveries (of walking and jogging), 1.5 mile c/d.  The miles for the speed looked like this—> 7:14, 7:10, 6:59, 7:02, 6:57 & 7:02

Thursday:  30 minutes easy = 8:29 pace for 3.54 miles.

Friday:  6 miles @ 8:54 average pace.

Saturday: 15.22 miles @ 8:04 average with 6 x 90 seconds at 6:26 w/3 minute jogging recoveries.

Sunday: OFF!

47 miles for the week and 20 days until my half-marathon.


Who else has a rest day today?  When was your last rest day?

Who deals with humidity when they run?

What are your plans today?

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I’m having the same regrets with those Mangos. We were there yesterday as well and I tried one and they were so good! I was kicking myself last night for not getting them when I wanted an after dinner treat.


Why didn’t we buy them?!? I hope we learned our lesson;) Have a great Sunday Samantha!


Wow! Amazing job on the long run! Seeing you run in shorts and a tank top gives me hope that the weather will get better here too at one point! Recovery day including yoga tune up today.


Enjoy your recovery and yoga day! I am hoping shorts and a tank top are in your near future Mel!


When I first saw the picture I thought you had wrote it until you said Andrew did. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guys handwriting look so pretty. ??


Hahah if I had written the note you wouldn’t be able to read it;) Have an awesome day Kourtney!


Kind of embarrassed to say this but it has never occurred to me to add my strength training to my hard days so I’m sore on my easy days. Genius! I learn so much from you!
We love those chocolate covered mangoes too! Be careful with them, though. My 8 year old got one stuck and it was really scare for several seconds…


Good to know about the chocolate covered mangos! Let me know how the strength on a hard day goes for you!


Awesome long run!! Plans include cleaning, driving kids to activities and running hopefully at some point. In my running clothes so there’s no chance to miss an opportunity.
I bought the choc covered strawberries at Costco yesterday and they are amazing. The Boom Pop popcorn and milk motivate me to go to Costco. New find the grilled chicken kabobs. So easy for lunches or dinner. Check them out if they sell them in your store.
Enjoy your brunch!!!!!


I must find those chicken kabobs! And I need the chocolate covered strawberries! Thanks Lauren and have a great run when you get a chance to get out!


Ha! Super humid year round here (in Florida.) You get used to it though, and we don’t have hills, so that’s something.


Humid and hot for you!! If I ever complain about the heat here this summer just laugh at me? I hope you have a beautiful day Jenny!


You’re killing it with training! So impressed! Humidity is the worst…I grew up in the northeast and I don’t think I can every move back :)


Hey Janae! I hope things are all well with you and Andrew’s schooling and everything!

I have a Q regarding your training mileage/duration now.
First GOOD JOB knocking out an awesome LR!! Also it’s so much easier to run long and faster too with others!! (Not to say it’s easy– y’all are in it together tho!)
Now, I noticed just generally pre-coaching that you kind of just stuck to an hour run; whatever mileage you hit in about that time, that’s what you tended to do in a day. Even when you were pregnant we saw that! Your body put in about an hour (but at the pace it was maybe 3 miles or so instead of ~6.5-8!) I thought it was pretty cool actually.

In fact I think generally our bodies (including our brains) are so interesting because there just seems to be a time/pace/mileage that just seems to gel. Regardless of circumstance it seemed even for you– you were pregnant!– your body and mind went with that rhythm. It’s a physical and mental thing.

For a while, modulo pregnancy!, you kept up ~50mpw; I think there was even a post where you mentioned that… And I see now, even with these longer LRs, you’re keeping it up by dialing back –mileage– on other days. For me, and perhaps this is a failing and why I end up injured right around the end of my marathon training ha, I dial the pace back but keep up ~1 hour of running per day (~8mi), even when incorporating workouts (longer workouts too) and marathon-type LRs (e.g. 18mi-22mi+).

How are you liking dialing back some days (taking them easy in the sense of mileage and it seems pace)? Do you think about ramping up to say 70mpw to train for the half, or is 50mpw a solid cut-off, no questions asked?

I find it really interesting you’re sticking with the 50mpw; given again that it seems the 1 hour/day tended to be your thing for so long, I’m just wondering how it is adjusting to shorter in duration days or if you make up for the exercise time in some other form?? (I only skimmed some of the posts during the weekdays, sorry :3!)

Sorry for the long comment!! If you don’t get back, no worries OBVIOUSLY. Maybe some food for thought up there though, or at least reflection! I hope you have a great day, and seriously Skye has the most rockstar hair of any baby I’ve ever seen!! She’s got it!!!!

Best wishes,
R Kay~


Running in the humidity is AWFUL!!! Whenever I go back down South, it kills me, hahaha! People talk about altitude taking a hit on your running, but for me it’s humidity!


I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS!! Never apologize for a long question! Right now, I’m just kind of trusting whatever my coach tells me to do! In the past I have always gotten injured anytime I went about 60 miles so maybe I’m just afraid to try that out again. Mentally, I kind of love those short days too and it gets me eager for the longer days. I do a little stretching and maybe some core work on those short days but that’s it… it’s nice on the kid schedule too to have a shorter day. I hope that my coach can get me up in my miles because I think that will help a lot for the marathon! By doing different preventive things maybe I’ll get those miles up and avoid injury! We shall see. I hope you are having a great day!


This is my 3rd rest day in a row. Being injured has made me a little lazy. I did walk all over the discovery gateway yesterday. And not that it was hard or challenging but I was a little disappointed when I looked at my phone and realized I’d only walked around 1.5 miles.


The past couple weeks have been nutty so I haven’t gotten many workouts in. I also haven’t slept well so I’m just being kind to myself and calling them rest days. Yesterday was one of those days.
Last night though I was able to sleep so well and I’m going to get to the gym for a good workout!! I’m also doing groceries etc…
I live in Florida so it’s always humid but everyplace is air conditioned which is super dry…worst of both worlds for hydration but I love it so much!


Rest day today! Yesterday I ran 20 miles. I had a rest week last week while we were in Spain (we stayed on a sailboat that was 2.5 K from the restaurant/coffee, 3K from the bus stop, so we walked at least 10 miles each day. And our 5 year old held in there with us!

I was used to humidity in Tennessee, but after 4 years in Bulgaria not so much. Similar to Utah we had a lot of rain and then a dense fog for my run yesterday, which held in all the smells (cigarette, cigar, sewage, yuck)! Good news is that my sinuses have cleared out and I can smell again!

Today is Easter in Bulgaria so we did the traditional egg fight and then when to a mineral springs pool “for healing.” 21 days till my marathon, 31 days till we move home to America!


Why do you always say that Andrew is “doing school” instead of studying or doing homework?


Great job on your training!

I may be the minority but I love humidity.. I have super dry skin. I probably shouldn’t live in Colorado! im visiting Seattle this weekend and I love the cool humidity. Perfect for walking and running


I don’t know. I do a lot of things that are strange:) Probably because he is either writing a paper, taking a quiz, studying, doing online simulations, labs… it’s not just two things so I just group it all together into saying he is doing school:)


I took 4 unplanned rest days last week – I sprained my ankle on Tuesday (it is still swollen.) I also had my physical on Thursday where I got two shots (Tetanus and pneumonia) so both arms were sore. I finally got out on my bike this morning. I didn’t feel great, definitely not ready to run on my ankle yet, but it felt good to move for a while.

I run in extremes – high humidity in Hawaii no matter what time of year we are there and low humidity here in So Cal (often below 10%)

Plans today = bike ride (done), church and nap! The perfect Sunday!


Today is kind of an impromptu rest day. The hubs got home super late from his induction dinner last night so we decided to sleep in and it was heavenly!

There’s rarely humidity here but yesterday was downright miserable.

Today is church, family lunch, and relaxing.


Great job on your long run! Very inspiring. Also, those mangoes sound absolutely delicious.


I have a rest day today! It was soaking for our run yesterday – think apocalyptic rain, thunder and we crossed multiple raging rivers haha. I also fell down on wet rock in the creek ha. I have never been so wet and muddy and cold but it was such an awesome adventure .

I am still in bed with coffee, but hopefully we are crossing the border today, to pick up some stuff! including picking up my donut shoes.

Hope you have a great day and glad you had a good long run!


My rest day is a Monday since Sunday is my long run day – 20 miles today and now time to taper for my marathon in 3 weeks.

Scotland is definitely NOT humid, which makes the couple of weeks I spend in Florida every summer pretty interesting when it comes to running. It’s so humid there I swear my eyeballs are sweating ?


I ran my first half marathon this morning!!! I finished in 2:52, with mostly walking the last 2 miles. In was in the 20s, and I was cold and sore, but I made sure to run through the finish line. :)

After eating some pizza and a cookie, my plan is to stretch and foam roll the rest of the day!


C.O.N.G.R.A.T.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.S!!!! Jaime, that is awesome, I am so so happy for you! Way to go and enjoy those post-race endorphins all week! Thank you for telling me!


I actually take Fridays as my rest days – the day before my long runs. I usually am so burnt out from work all week and so tired, I feel better taking that day off. Sundays are usually yoga or light cross training days for me!
Sounds like you nailed your run – that’s awesome! I’m very jealous of your weather…we’re getting snow again today UGH! But it’s supposed to get into the 60s this weekend, can’t wait! The humidity will kick in here in the Midwest soon…and once it starts, it stays until late fall.
PS thanks for the inspiration last week – just made a giant bowl of salad and have prepped toppings chopped and ready to go in the fridge!


Skye’s facial expressions are just too cute! Great job on your long run-I know you will crush your half!!

I ran my 10th half today, and my second in 2 weeks. The course starts and ends literally right outside my apartment building so I can never not run it, hahaha. It is a SUPER hilly course and today was my fourth time running it, with a course PR! I totally ran by effort, didn’t look at my watch for time once, and had the hugest smile on my face coming into the finish line once I saw the time on the clock.

I hope you have a great Sunday!!!


Happy Sunday Janae! I did a 3 mile recovery run after my long run yesterday and some weights at the gym. I reeeeally should do more weights but it can be a lot on top of running! I am also training for a half marathon! Mine is one month from today. Looks like you’re ready to kill your half!

The rest of my day has been pretty relaxing. Lunch with the bf, walked my dog, working on a blog post, getting ready to start the week!

x Elise


Andrew’s note is Awesome!

Spring cleaning, deep conditioning hair, and taxes over here. It’s warmer this weekend. Here comes the warmth.

Strength workouts on long days => recover to the max on easy days. LOVE!


I love your dark hair! I also love it lighter though – like in the pic on the right-hand sidebar. It seems to suit your face and sunny disposition :) xx

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