I Found an ANSWER to My Problem + 2 FORM Things + Monday Matters.

In case you missed out on last week, the top 3 viewed posts were:

*Andrew Enables + Friday Favorites + YOU are amazing!

*Running is Humbling + A Tease + Quarantined

*Skye! 3.5 months!


Skye’s first Easter was a good one…  I swear it feels like it was just Brooke’s first Easter!

We had a lazy morning of conference (and pancakes of course).

IMG 4830

Instead of running shoes… I slipped something else onto my feet:

IMG 4852

Brooke rode her bike and I rollerbladed.  I used to rollerblade a lot more a while ago and I’m wanting to get back into it this summer to keep up with the kids on their bikes.

IMG 4850

Andrew walked with Skye in her little pack.

IMG 4839

Brooke was pretty excited about wearing her new jelly sandals that the Easter bunny brought for her!

IMG 4853

Back to more relaxing at home.

IMG 4856

For dinner we went over to my sister’s house to eat dinner and prepare for the Easter egg hunt.

IMG 4870

My sister’s boys were quite speedy chasing around finding eggs.

IMG 4873

IMG 4872

IMG 4895

And then my nieces cuddled Skye.

IMG 4861

She is already very loved.

IMG 4862


I’ve got a few Monday Matters to share today:

*I found an answer (thanks to Holly telling me about it) to my chafing problem—>  deodorant.  I have been chafing like crazy where the bottom band of my sports bras hits so I rubbed this all over that area and oh my goodness.  I had my first three chafeless runs in what feels like forever.  You guys are the best by sharing your secrets with me.  I’ve tried so many different bras/glide/vaseline combos and this finally worked (even on my 14 miler)!  My post run showers don’t make me want to scream anymore ha!

IMG 4424

*While I was running the other day I looked down at my shadow and realized that I am back to running with chicken arms.  For some reason, my body naturally likes to run with my elbows out to the sides with my hands crossing in front of my body with each arm swing.  It isn’t very efficient at all so I’m back to paying attention to moving my arms forward and backward with my elbows pointed backwards (not outwards).

IMG 4432

The other form thing that I am working on is a slight forward lean (from my ankles) especially during speed work.  I tend to fall back into my stride when I am doing speed but the second I notice this and add a slight forward lean, I speed up.  Not only does it help me to run better/more efficient but I think it helps me to feel more confident and like I’m running INTO the pace rather than leaning back into it (does that make sense?).  It helps me mentally and physically to speed up!

Screen Shot 2018 03 31 at 8 44 03 PM

*The look of determination that Brooke has when she runs is pretty great…

IMG 4565

*She is always wanting to race lately, I don’t know where she would get that from?!

IMG 4716

*These Christmas socks are a year round thing for Brooke and they always go over her pants so that they can be seen easily.

IMG 4578

*Andrew’s parents love to FaceTime Skye!

IMG 4808

*Andrew’s next rotation for school is Obstetrics/Pediatrics so he has started on some of the assignments.  One of the things he needed to do was watch the Miracle of Life (a live birth plus a bunch of other things:)… he watched it while running on the treadmill.  Can anyone else say they have watched a birth while running?  I can’t.

*Thankfully Andrew is okay with the section I set up in our budget for ‘Children’s Holiday Attire.’

IMG 4821

*Did you see the April Fools joke that Brooks did?  They said that the new Pureflow 7.5s were voice-enabled and included light sensors… I hope someday they really do come out with shoes like this ha.

Screen Shot 2018 04 01 at 9 52 13 AM

*I am getting my hair done today. The last time I did this was last May… I’ve got some grey hairs to color and I’m in desperate need of a trim.  I can’t wait.

*Does Brooke’s new hair cut make her look younger or older?  I think it makes her look younger but my mom thinks it makes her look older.

IMG 4876


Have anything that you are working on with your running form?

If you chafe while running, what do you use to help?

Who has an April birthday? An April race?  

How often do you get your hair done?  Do you color it?  

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I think she looks older, and adorable!
I use deodorant or vaseline to prevent chafing. My last two half marathons I chafed really bad under my right arm….I thought the first time that it was because of the ridiculous humidity (almost 100% and 75 degrees, in November) but after my March race I realize that sadly it is my favorite tank that has the Tennessee flag on the front! I still love that tank and will continue to run and race in it, but maybe a bandaid is in order for the one spot that rubs.
No April race this year, but I think I will be doing the full marathon in Nashville in April 2019!


By the way, I bought and tried to rollerblade and fell on my butt……..I am determined to learn but I have zero balance!


I think Brook looks a little younger with her shorter hair, and she looks SO SWEET! It’s a lovely haircut on her.

I color my hair (greys) but don’t get it trimmed enough! I’m trying to fix that! :)


LOVE Brooke’s new jelly shoes!! And I think her hair is adorable and maybe makes her look a little older.

My left arm tends to flap out when I run, so I’ve been working on that for years. But when I get really tired, it gets worse.

Hope you have a great start to the week, Janae!


I have 5 April birthdays in my family!

Your oldest niece and Brooke are twins!


FIVE APRIL BDAYS… you are busy this month! I totally agree, people think they are sisters when they are together:) Thanks Sara and have a beautiful day!


I used to chafe like crazy on the bottom band of the sports bra area as well…painful while running and even worse while showering after! But I bought seamless sports bra and I haven’t chafed since. This is the one I have! http://www.brooksrunning.com/en_us/justright-racer-sports-bra/300574.html


I haven’t tried that one Tess! Thank you so much and I am so glad it has been a game changer! PS there is nothing worse than the pain of showering after chafing! Have a beautiful day!


I LOVE Brooke’s new hair cut..I think it makes her look younger. My four year old cut her hair just like it a couple months ago! I need to get my hair done too..I’ve been noticing a couple greys lately :( I usually keep it my natural dark brown color for the winter months (and to save some money) and go lighter with highlights for the summer months. I haven’t been on roller blades in months..you are brave:))
Have a great day


Years I mean!!


Brooke’s hair is adorable and I agree with your mom, it makes her look more grown up :)

I dye my grays about every 6 weeks myself, and then I get my hair trimmed and colored about every 6-8 months. Low maintenance is about the only way to go for me!


Andrew better watch out! After my dad did his nursing OB rotation, he got the privilege of delivering a baby by himself. We lived in this tiny little town – no doctors and one nurse (who had worked in a nursing home her entire 30-year career). A huge spring snowstorm blew in and the one pregnant woman in town went into labor. My dad headed over on his snowmobile, got lost, got back turned around, hit a car parked on the street and delivered the baby. It was 3 days before they could get her to the hospital!


NOOOO WAY!!! That is the craziest story ever! I can’t even imagine. Your dad is awesome! Thanks for sharing Jackie and I hope you have an amazing day!


Do you find that male nurses are few and far in-between? :-) it’s awesome that your dad did that!


My dad was a nurse anesthetist is is my uncle and my cousin’s husband. But all three also worked the floor during their careers. It was very rare when my dad went through school but getting to be less so.


Body glide! No April birthday for me – but it is my mom’s b – day in April. My hair is jet black – so no colouring. I would have to bleach it to get any colouring to show. I get it cut every few months..

Form – trying not to swing my arms across my body when I run!

Have a great holiday Monday!


My husbands birthday is April 6. I still have no idea what to get him.

I think any time you cut your hair short it makes you look a little bit more mature. I love it on Brooke!

Body glide is my best friend! I put it all around where the bottom of my sports bra rests on my body. I should have been training for the first order challenge at Disney on the 21-22. Don’t know how I’ll catch up. Have a great day! Cute pictures from m Easter!


I’m dying over your chicken arms! A few weeks ago, I took a shadow picture of myself and I wondered why I run with T-Rex arms! I tend to tense my shoulders and bring my arms in really tight and I swear I look like I have dino arms! Arm swing is definitely what I am working on right now.


HAHA YES!! Let’s work on this together… our chicken and t-rex arms are gonna be outta here soon:) Have an amazing day Elizabeth!


I think it makes her look older! It’s a very cute cut for her! I feel like I only get around to getting a haircut twice a year.


Thank you Meagan! I hope you have an awesome Monday!


I asked my husband this past weekend to watch my form during my speedwork and apparently I have chicken arms too! I am going to try to work on those. I’m also trying to work on short fast strides instead of long heavy ones.


LET’S WORK ON THIS TOGETHER… goodbye chicken arms! Have an awesome week Nicole and keep me updated with your form changes.


When I saw her haircut my first thought was, oh, she looks so grown up with shorter hair. But I didn’t want to mention it and make you sad! LOL I got a couple comments from family yesterday on how my 13-year-old son is taller than me and his voice is changing. I hushed them up and told them they were wrong, he’s still just a BABY! LOL He’s my youngest, and there’s just something about the baby of the family growing up that pains my heart. So I’m doing something I said I would never do, getting a puppy. I plan on training it to love me the most.


Chafing tip that I discovered accidentally – if you know you chafed, then when you get in the shower keep the chafing out of the water, wet the bar of soap and lather up the chafed area really well without getting it wet (other than the wet soap). Somehow this seems to create a barrier. Then when the water hits it it isn’t nearly as bad. I discovered this accidentally when I was procrastinating letting the water hit, but it really seems to help.


I think she looks younger. Thank goodness, she was looking to grown up. :)


Okay we are soooo going rollerblading together this month!! I asked for new rollerblades for my birthdays (April 13th!!) so I can blade with the stroller while the kids ride their bikes! And Brooke’s hair makes her look so much older! They grow up too fast! She’s such a little beauty!


I get my hair cut about every 8 weeks, 6 weeks when I was pregnant because it grew so fast! I also get it colored about every other time, just some highlights. It’s funny I mostly started coloring it to add damage to my really soft fine hair. It’s really helped me add volume and texture to my hair.


I’m a chicken arm runner too, but I’m working on it. I used to bend my wrists and it looked so awful in pics. I had a coach that pointed it out to me and that really helped me stop. H rides his bike when I run and he will remind me if I start doing it. He also tells me “RELAX YOUR HANDS” when I look too tense haha!
My worst chafing is from my chest strap HRM. The only thing that will prevent it is first aid tape for sensitive skin. Body glide irritates my skin in that area and I think I sweat so much it doesn’t last anyway.
We have three April birthdays in H’s family. I can’t wait until we celebrate later this month.
I’m racing a 5k this Saturday!! Trying to get back into regular racing again while the weather is nice.
I get my hair done every other month, cut and highlights. I have bangs so I have to get them trimmed every 3-4 weeks.


I don’t color my whites and I trim/cut my own hair. I hate color maintenance and trying to schedule appointments so it works for me.

My very most favorite anti-chafing item is called Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel. It goes on smooth, never gets sticky, and is amazing along bra lines, inner thighs/knees, and the one weird spot under my right arm that always chafes when I wear a tank top (doesn’t matter which tank top – it’s something with my arm).


Well, first of all, I had my 5 mile race on Saturday! A 24 second PR and 1st in my AG! Whoop! The prize was a big bag of hard-boiled eggs b/c the race was sponsored by an egg company. ha ha They could have at least put in one chocolate egg! The course was rolling hills–some nice downhills but some tough uphills. The PR was great and the AG award, but more important were the mental victories that I had. There were two times on hills where it felt TOUGH, and I WANTED to just walk, but I DIDN’T! I told myself that if I whimped out, I’d never know what COULD have been. THAT was the biggest part of the race for me–sticking it out.

Form—-I think about my posture. Sometimes I slouch!

I started using Squirrel’s Nut Butter for chafing. I like it, but I think coconut oil works just as well, too!

I get my hair done every 6 weeks, and I get blonde highlights. After my stylist is done, I’m like, “Ahhhhhhh, BLONDE again!” and feel so happy. ha ha ha ha Hair is very important to me!

Glad you had a nice Easter, Janae—-your pics are great! Oh, and I’m thinking Brooke’s hair is making her look older! Sorry!!!!! :)


Learning to relax my body during speed work. I subconsciously tense things because I think there is power in the tension.

I am pretty frugal with kids clothes until it comes to a holiday dress. Chris knows to not even mention what he sees on the cc bill.


I’m so glad you mentioned the chaffing remedy this morning. My friend was just talking about some bra chaffing issues so I’m happy to share your findings. As we were leaving I mentioned to Kelsey that your hair is so long!!! Didn’t notice any grays though. ?


Alyse, thank you so much for this morning! That run went by too fast! Let’s do it again please. You are going to rock St. George! Thank you so much.. it was too dark to see the greys haha! Have a beautiful day:)


REALLY….deodorant?!?! Mind blown…and an extra stop for the way home! Thanks for sharing!


Let me know if it works for you! Holly also let me know that Dove is what she uses and that’s why I’ve been doing:) Have a great day!


I think she looks older and it’s a SUPER cute haircut!
Question for you – have you ever had issues with your Achilles tendon? I think I was struggling against the wind so much this weekend that my left Achilles is a little strained (if that’s possible?). I’m doing the usual elevation/ice/ibuprofen routine and I found some stretches to do but I am not sure what to expect for recovery because there was a lot of conflicting information online. Any advice? I noticed that my entire left side feels a little “off” so I’m wondering if maybe a chiro adjustment would help.


So this weekend I did my first outdoor runs in a few months… I used to run outside every day (often 80+ miles/week) but for several months the elliptical has just suited my schedule and body better. I loved being outside again but oh MAN, the soreness! I kept my endurance up on the elliptical so running for a few hours was no problem, but I forgot that my legs are not used to the impact of real running. I could hardly walk for a day haha.

Also, chafing. It was real bad. I use zinc oxide cream both to prevent and treat it, it works really well for me.


I think Brooke looks older, but super adorable with her new haircut!

I’ve used Body Glide for years and it’s always worked well for me. I definitely need more when running in Hawaii.

My sister and I both have April birthdays – she’s on the 23rd and I’m on the 27th (5 years, 4 days later.)

It’s taken years for all the silver in my blond hair to be noticeable. I’m okay with it, it’s the wrinkles that have gotten more noticeable that are starting to annoy me.


I think Brooke’s new do is PERFECT for her and her age, such a pretty little girl!
April Birthday here…am doing a half this weekend to celebrate. I need to work on driving from my hips and getting my knees up, no better time to do it than 13.1 miles, right?
I want to color my hair but it lightens up so quickly with as much time I am in the water and the sun.
Have a great day Janae and all! :).


Wow Brooke looks so much older!!! As far as the chaffing I use the rubber medical tape that you can get in the medical section, rubber because it will not move and doesn’t hurt when removing…..I love it!


Turning 29 on April 23rd!! The final year of my 20s! :)




While I was in school I waited at least a year between haircuts. Now that I’ve graduated and have a bit more time a money I’m planning on going every 6 months. I actually have to make an appointment for April.


Thanks so much for sharing your chafing remedy – I never would have thought of trying deodorant and chafing is something i have really been struggling with as I’ve been increasing my mileage lately. I’m going test it out this weekend when I conquer the Cherry Blossom 10-miler!! Please keep your fingers crossed for super nice running weather – DC has such a limited amount of time where the weather is perfect for running AND this year the peak Cherry Blossom bloom is coinciding pretty nicely with the run which should make for a pretty scenic 10-miles!!


All of my fingers and toes are crossed for you Cheryl! I hope the weather is perfect! I want to hear all about it:) Let me know if the deodorant works for you (Holly told me to use Dove too so try that:)! Have a great day!


I used to rollerblade all the time! And used to play roller hockey growing up..it was pretty intense. Looks like y’all had such a fun Easter weekend with family!
I’ve always run with chicken arms! No shame in my game lol. I am always trying to work on my cadence, I feel like if I have a faster turnover, then I don’t heel strike as much, does that make sense?
I’ve used deodorant in the past for chafing, it works great!
I’m running my first race with my dog on Saturday – it’s just a 4 miler, but it should be fun!
My hair gets cut about once every 4-6 months…I used to get it highlighted, but I got tired of keeping up with it/how expensive it was.


I think she looks younger, but she looks beautiful with it short. I love that she wanted it short and you were ok with that. As a hairstylist so many kids want a short cut but Mom won’t let them. It’s the only real decision a kid can make regarding their appearance . Let them choose the length of their hair. It’ll grow back :)

Side question. I saw you mention you use little poppy for bows each month. I’m pregnant with a girl due in June & love the idea of bows on a baby girl!! Are they good quality? Do you love them? Do you buy the head wraps from a different company that you put Skye in?


CONGRATS Laura on your pregnancy, I am SO happy for you! Andrew teases me about how much I am obsessed over Little Poppy bows. They are excellent quality and I love how different each bow is (color/design wise). He says that it is like Christmas morning for me each month when they arrive. I fully recommend them. The other head wraps that she has worn were from friends so I’m not sure where those came from!
YES YES YES… as much as I don’t like change, I felt like Brooke wanted to have a say with her hair so I let her choose. But not only is she so happy with it, I am too… I love it short. I hope you are feeling well!


Body glide for chafing but I also use deodorant on top of that under my arms because I chafe so bad in that spot.

I think Brooke looks older with her new haircut, and very cute ?

And lots of April birthdays here, my Dad, and three out of four of my greatest blessings in life, my triplets who turn 17 on April 24th ?


Hi Janae!
Right now I am working super hard in engaging my butt and hamstrings when I run. I’m especially weak on my right side and it led to a bad injury. It flares up every time my form slips so it’s a good reminder to keep everything together! I’m trying to build my base to start training for NYC in May.
I chafe something awful and deodorant or bodyglide seem to work best. Bring it with you on long runs to reapply!
Happy Monday!


Good luck to Andrew on his OB/Peds rotation. I was not a fan of either (peds was before I had kids and I was super awkward) and you can’t unsee a vag delivery **shudders**

But some RNs love those areas so you never know!


I have to find a new stylist! I just had my hair cut and colored on Saturday. I’ve been going to the same gal for 13 years. The last three times she has cut it, it has been wrong. I called her after the first time and explained to her how it was not what I had asked for. Second time was a bit better, but Saturday was all wrong again, same mistakes. :-(


I mentioned yesterday how mature Brooks haircut makes her look. I like it, she is adorable and you can tell she is happy with her new look.
I get my hair cut every 6 weeks and colored every 12. My hairdresser is amazed that I still don’t have any gray hair (I’m almost 49). I’m not sure where I got that from, but I am not complaining. They will unexpectantly start popping out one day.
OB rotation was fun even though far from what I wanted to specialize in. Peds was harder for me.
Andrew is great with kids so I bet he will do great!


My birthday is next Monday! I am doing a fun Color Run on April 15th. I’m not a very good runner, but I will do some sort of run/walk combo.


i actually laughed so hard at the thought of Andrew watching a live birth video while running on the treadmill. oh school! but it certainly makes ya concentrate!
i just got my hair done for the first time since May also, and damn it felt so good! the color was drab and it was beyond dead on the ends. enjoy it girl! (btw…catching up on posts…it looks fabulous :) )

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