California + 15 Mile Edition of Silentish Saturday!

Hello from California!

Friday morning started off incredibly early and snowy.  I was planning on doing my long run on the treadmill until the sun came up and then finish up outside but Mother Nature had other plans and it was quite snowy and icy so I did all 15 miles on the treadmill.

IMG 6014

I ate some toast, fed Skye and headed to the gym.  I ate my banana and hydrated on the way there.

IMG 6013

It was rough.  But I did it.  Running on the treadmill is currently 30 times harder than running outside for me.

6 mile warm-up, 3 miles @ 7:20 pace, 1 mile easy, 4 x 1:00 minute @ 6:26 pace with 2 minute recoveries, cool-down until 15 miles.  Played around with the incline throughout the run too.

My half-marathon is in two weeks from today.

IMG 6037

I had quite the red face afterwards.

IMG 6033


IMG 6030

Brooke’s art on the way to the airport.

IMG 6038

IMG 6044

We are only gone for three days but when there is a baby… you pack up and bring the entire house with you.

IMG 6054

IMG 6068

She did pretty good on the flight (she just cried for a few minutes towards the end) and Brooke is a flying champ after doing it so many times.

IMG 6072

Hotel life.

IMG 6104

Brooke left with her dad and then Andrew and I headed over to my Bangs friend’s house (remember I hung out with her daily when I lived here?).

IMG 6112

She had ribs, broccoli, bread, potatoes and grapes for us for dinner and it tasted amazing.

IMG 6107

PS I feel like it is my duty to tell you about new candy so I tried these.  They are a big NO.  Go for the Sour Patch Kids Strawberries instead because those are amazing.

IMG 6105

Time for Skye’s first trip to the beach and a 6 mile run.


What are three things that you are doing today?

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You are my hero for running 15 miles on the treadmill! I remember the time when you did an entire marathon on the treadmill! That is dedication. I would have died of boredom along the way ha It shows incredible mental strength for sure! Hope you have a great time in California. Chance of a snowstorm and ice storm in my part of the world! Will go for my run before it all starts!


Yeah, I don’t think I could ever do that again! Thanks so much Mel STAY WARM and I hope the snow/ice skip over your house. Thank you!


Boo to the snow! I’m super pumped because the weather is finally warm enough to run outside for the first time since November and I’ll be heading outside just as soon as I tear myself away from the internets.

The only thing better than having a friend make dinner is a friend who makes ribs for dinner! They looked delicious.


Enjoy that beautiful sunny warm beach! I’m planning on trying a 2 mile run today. And maybe I’ll be doing some work on our camper to get it ready for camping.


Did you see this??? Sour Patch Ice Cream


AHHHHHH I MUST FIND THIS TO TRY!! Not sure it will be good but I must try it. Thanks Beth and I hope you are having an awesome weekend!


Wow!! 15 miles on the treadmill?! I’m debating on if I should force myself to run 8 outside in the wind/rain we have or go to the gym because that’s too long on the treadmill for me! You have great mental endurance! What made you decide to go to the gym versus using your treadmill at home?
I hope you guys have a great weekend in California!


I hope that you had a great run today! So my treadmill is right next to Knox’s room so if I am running really early like I did on Friday (because we had a flight to catch) then I don’t want to chance waking up Knox that early! Thanks and I hope your weekend is a great one so far.


Have a great weekend in CA. Already worked out this morning, some elliptical (rehabbing a knee injury) and weights, major house cleaning and watching our son’s college baseball game. Perfect day for it here in NC.


I don’t think I could do 15 miles on the treadmill even if a bear was chasing me. I would jump off and take my chances with the bear after 6ish miles.
Three things for today: long run (in two chunks because…mom life), track meet, dinner and fireworks with old college teammates.


You. Are. My. Hero!! I could not imagine running 15 miles on the treadmill. (I call it the dreadmill).
I finally gave mine away after it collected so much dust in the garage.
I love the smiles on all of your faces in the first picture you posted today.
Three things I’m going today: painting, putting a new cabinet together, and rearranging a bedroom.
I was going to run but woke up with a terribly sore throat.
Hope your weekend is wonderful!!


1. I ran my 10th half marathon this morning! (My 3rd time at the Garden Spot Half Marathon in Lancaster PA). It is hilly but absolutely beautiful and everyone should come run it next year. Also the volunteers are the variety of Nice People that restore your faith in humanity. And there are free chocolate milkshakes at the end.

2. Then I took myself out for lunch because my husband has a cold.

3. We’re going to see the musical tonight at the school where I student taught years ago!

Thanks for the heads up about the sour patch kids! I highly respect your opinions about candy ever since the tropical Swedish fish.


If you don’t mind me asking, how long ago was it that you ran your very first half marathon? Go you!!


CONGRATS JESS on your 10th half marathon, that is amazing! I want to come run that race–> chocolate milkshakes at the end?! I’m so glad you can trust me with candy, let me know whenever you find something amazing please! Enjoy those post-race endorphins and recover well.


I almost bought the sour patch mango flavour the other day but my instinct told me they would be gross aha. I’m glad you tried them so I now know never to buy them:) Well done for 15 miles on the treadmill!!! I did an 8 mile walk on the treadmill once when I was training for charity walk and that was brutal, let alone running it!!

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