These things drive me crazy, a date & eating before the run!

I’ve got a new Skye update HERE!  3.5 months!


Tuesday morning:  run done and then on to the mom stuff.  It was 27 degrees during my run so that was fun to have frozen fingers;)

I did six miles yesterday at an 8:27 average pace (w/ 4 x 20 seconds fast with 1 minute walking recoveries) and on Monday my run was at an 8:29 pace.  I guess that 8:27-29 pace is just where my body wants to be right now.  During my easy runs, I don’t really look at my watch besides to check distance to see when I need to turn around etc.  I just let my body tell me where it is at for the easy run and go with that.   My coach told me good job for sticking to my easy day paces and not going too fast on those days.  I am a big fan of easy runs so I am not tempted to push the pace because I love to just zone out and let my body relax so I can hit the fast day paces when those days come.

I’ve got a post here all about the benefits of easy running!  Don’t forget to get plenty of easy running in because it sure does a lot for us:


Also, somebody asked recently if I eat before I run and right now the answer is ALWAYS.  Breastfeeding makes me so hungry it is crazy.  When I wake up I have to have something or else there is no way I could run.  Usually it’s just a banana because that is easy.  Sometimes it is cereal or toast or something simple like that.  When I’m not pregnant/breastfeeding I usually just head out the door if I leave early and eat when I get home unless I’m doing a long run, hard workout or I leave later on in the morning.

I had a banana before and these Kodiakcake waffles from the freezer aisle at Costco.  Breakfast made fast and 29 grams of carbohydrates and 12 grams of protein in the waffles (not including my warm syrup on the side).

IMG 4293

Lately Brooke has been asking to hold Skye more and more.  I think Brooke is really loving that Skye is becoming a bit more interactive and wiggly:)

IMG 4267

It was sheet washing day.  Overall, my body is handling building up my mileage and speed really well.  My right hip flexor is a bit tight but that tends to happen a lot for me and this stretch helps me a lot.

IMG 4290

Fast forward through a few hours of the normal and Skye and I got ready for a date with Andrew.

IMG 4304

My mom has one of my nieces staying with her for the week so my mom called us up wondering if she could take Brookie with them to Kangaroo Zoo.  Brooke was thrilled and Andrew has a few days off from school because he is now in between classes so we decided to go on a date.

IMG 4331

We decided to go up north to go to Taqueria 27 and that was a really smart decision on our part.  This guacamole had bleu cheese, balsamic and portobello mushrooms and it was incredible.

IMG 4316

I went with the tacos (don’t mind the one with a bite… I almost forgot to take a picture ha).  If you ever go there, their carnitas tacos are the best.

IMG 4319

We asked for the check and the waiter said something about churros and we couldn’t say no.  Another very smart choice that we made yesterday.

IMG 4323

From there we walked around the mall that is right next to the restaurant.  Skye held on tight to Andrew ha.

IMG 4324

The most exciting part of our time at the mall was finding Skye’s blessing dress.  This is something that we do at church to give her a special prayer:)  All of our family that lives close by will be coming and it is a very exciting day for us.

PS I have a Gap credit card and it gives me the best deals/rewards… we got all of the below items for $12.  The dress alone is normally $40.  I love a good deal.

IMG 4339

The second most exciting part of our trip to the mall was to the new candy store that they have there.  The kid’s Easter baskets are officially all ready for Sunday.

IMG 4326

From there we met up with my mom to get Brookie and Skye experienced her first eskimo kiss.

IMG 4338

Gotta love having dinner prepared and ready for you when you get home.  We had THIS salsa verde honey lime chicken and put it on top of spinach for a salad.  The chicken was so good.

IMG 4340

Kindergarten homework + foam rolling took up the rest

IMG 4342

Just Facetiming while I’m at the computer and Skye is snoozing on Andrew.

Screen Shot 2018 03 27 at 7 29 04 PM

During my run yesterday I was thinking about my three biggest running pet-peeves currently and I wanted to hear yours too!

*The large amount of chafing happening from the band of ALL of my sports bras!  It doesn’t matter how much glide I put on or what bra I wear, I’m chafing.

*When cars don’t look both ways before turning so you just end up waiting until things are clear in every direction even if you have the right of way because I am nervous they aren’t going to see me.

*Hitting the lap button on my garmin when I don’t mean to and it messing up my splits.


Random talk—> Two new fitness things that Andrew is doing:

*50 push-ups when he first wakes ups in the morning.  Mornings are a little harder for him (we are the opposite.. night is rough for me) but he says this really helps him to wake right up.

*He started listening to audio books while he runs and he is currently listening to The Third Option by Vince Flynn and loving it.

Time for me to go attack some MILE REPEATS!


One more reminder of a new Skye update!


What about you, do you eat before a run?  Does it depend on what time you run or what type of run you are doing?  

Do you have any credit cards where you get really sweet benefits?   

Have you ever listened to an audio book while running?  Have any favorites that you’ve listened too?

Have any running pet-peeves lately?

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Before a run during the week (after school), I’ll usually have an apple with peanut butter around 2:00, and then a filled Clif bar (the chocolate PB are my fav!) around 2:30. Then I usually run between 3 and 3:30. I NEED to eat something.

I do have a Gap card, too. I like that you can use it at ON, BR, and Athleta, too. I’ve been mad lately though b/c I want a certain pair of green jeans (my fav color), and the website keeps telling me that my rewards codes don’t qualify for that order. What the heck?! lol

Running pet peeves—this is totally selfish. Track practice going on when I have speedwork to do!!!!!


Another running pet peeve—I’m just TIRED right now! I forgot to say that I hope you have a great day, Janae!!!!! I need some Easter vacation :)


I haven’t shopped much at Athleta but you are inspiring me to check them out! HAHA YES, that is a current pet peeve for me too (that happened last week;)! I hope you start feeling better and more energetic asap. Easter vacation come quick!


Banana for the win for me too! I learned the hard way that I can’t run on an empty stomach by passing out during a hilly race because of low blood sugar. But I only need a piece of banana to avoid all the drama haha


Same here! I always eat before I run and it is usually toast with butter.
I agree, cars that don’t look both ways scare me! That and when you are running in the dark and a runner pops out of no where and scares you – that isn’t really a pet peeve, just something that feeds my “ah!” feelings at 5 AM haha
Have a great day!


I do usually eat because I’ve been running in the afternoons (taking advantage of one of the few benefits of being in law school rather than a full time job).
Cars that drive through puddles and splash runners, even though they could easily have gone around the puddle. Another pet peeve is when the volume on my headphones is too low and every single bus/truck drives past me so I can’t hear my podcast. And crosswalk lights. I hate having to wait for them.


I usually run super early, so I eat breakfast after my run. Sometimes on the weekends I’ll sleep in a little on Saturday and have a few handfuls of granola and Wheat Thins before my run, but my stomach can’t handle much more.

Skye’s new dress is too precious!! Can’t wait to see the pics of her in it! :) I have a Target credit card, which is so dangerous—ha! But it gives 5 percent off your purchase each time you use it, which is always nice!


I always eat something before I workout. Lately it’s been my breakfast and then I workout when the baby sleeps during her morning nap.
I also have the old navy credit card and love their rewards! Especially since going through a pregnancy and postpartum body changes. I have saved so much money by using my rewards!


Banana and PB or a Lara bar! Ever since having kids, I cannot run on an empty stomach anymore, no matter what time I go running!

I’m intrigued by your run yesterday, (w/ 4 x 20 seconds fast with 1 minute walking recoveries). Is this included in your total distance or did you do it after your run? If it’s included, when do you do them in your run? I really need to start including speed work into my runs so any advice on this would be much appreciated ?


Hey Jessica! Try it out, it is fun! So I do it at the end of the run… so I did 6 miles and then I did the 4 x 20 seconds fast! So I didn’t include that part in my total mileage for the day. You can seriously try these out anytime during your run though as long as you get a warm-up in! Let me know if you try it and I hope you are having a wonderful day!


If I am running 3-4 miles before work (which would happen at 5 am), I have a fruit cup just to give me a little sugar. I don’t like to run over 5 miles without something more substantial and because I refuse to get up any earlier than 4:30, I don’t run more than 3-4 miles during the week :) Before a long run I have a waffle with PB about an hour before I run.

We have the Disney VISA which gives us points we can use at Disney. We’ve been going to Disney about every 2 years for either a short or a long trip – right now we have 1500 points! But at the same time we are trying not to put too much on the credit card right now. When we first got it we put all our food and gas on it because you get more points that way, but we got ourselves in a little trouble so we stopped very quickly!


Jessey, you are amazing for getting up so early to get in a run before a busy day at work! I hope you are having an amazing day! Good call on the fruit cup too! I hope you are having a great day!


Running before 8am, eat nothing. Running after then yes.

Love her blessing dress. I would have told you to purchase deal or no deal.


Thanks for reminding me to add some pick-ups into my runs!! I’ve been so awful about speed training lately it’s not even funny.
If I’m planning to run after 7am I usually eat a light breakfast…but usually I don’t eat before I’m running!
I love the cash back on our Amex card :)
Currently listening to an audiobook right now!! Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah – I highly recommend it! This is my third book by her and it’s definitely my favorite by far!
My running pet peeve is forgetting my gloves this morning and dealing with frozen fingers that wouldn’t work…no fun!
Have a great Wednesday!


Right now I am always eating before my runs and it has mainly been the Superhero Muffins from Run Fast, Eat Slow, which I love!

I listen to an audiobook on my long runs when I am not focused too much on pace and don’t need music to motivate me. I then often associate certain parts of a running route with certain parts of books because the story line was so memorable at that exact spot on my run.

Pet peeve lately is cyclist on roads who do not obey the rules of the road. I have often found myself either slowing down or coming to an abrupt stop in the middle of a pedestrian/light crossing because a cyclist did not feel the need to stop at the red light.


I usually eat a little something before a run if I go first thing in the morning. My go to is half a rice cake with peanut butter and honey. And if I’m doing a long run, I’ll usually do toast with peanut butter and honey. I basically use my pre-run snack as an ability to get even more peanut butter into my life!

Running pet peeves- When bikers rush by on the trail without signaling that they are coming up. When my garmin takes forever to pick up a signal or when I sync to Strava and it doesn’t pick up the full run (like saying I ran 7.2 miles instead of 8 when I know I ran 8 based on my Garmin/ the route- and then it makes your pace look terrible). And I agree about accidentally hitting the lap button. Also, I hate ending runs on something other than .0 or .5 so when I get to my house and it’s not an even number, I have to run around the block until it is. Haha apparently I have a lot of running pet peeves!

I got really into listening to audio books when I was training for my 50K last winter. Two of my favorites were Wild and Ultra Marathon Man. I was doing a lot of long easy runs for that training cycle, so having the books to look forward to helped a lot!

Hope you’re having a great day!


Eating before a run is really dependent upon how long I am running and what time of day I am running. If I am in training mode and heading out for my long run first thing in the morning, then I always put some fuel in the tank beforehand. If its an after-work, mid-week run then my last meal before my run is usually whatever I had for lunch earlier that day.
I had to smile when I read about Andrews push-ups. I have been getting up at zero dark thirty for work (I work in finance on the West Coast but follow East Coast hours) for about 17yr s. A few years into this I realized the best way to wake up is by dropping to the side of my bed and busting out 50 push ups. Hands down it is the best way to wake up-better than a cold shower or coffee ever will be. Way to go Andrew!


My running pet peeve sounds kind of lame.. but it bothers me. I feel like I haven’t found my perfect route near home. I really want a flat 3-5 mile loop or out and back. But I run a bit downhill and a bit uphill the whole time. More downhill than I would like. I have the perfect trail 3 mile loop by my work so I try to run there as much as possible before or after work.


I LOVE Skye’s new dress!! She will look like an angel!! :)


Oh thank you so much Sara! I hope you have a great day!


Eating definitely depends on what kind of run I’m doing. I have a sensitive stomach so I have to be really careful how I time my runs and meal/snack times. When I do early morning runs (especially when it’s the warmer season) I very rarely eat unless it’s a long run.
Pet peeves – when people walk in the middle of the path/sidewalk. MOVE OVER. PICK A SIDE. Drives me bonkers! Also, people who don’t see traffic coming so they think they don’t have to obey the rules of the road and roll through stop signs. I slammed my hands on the hood of someone’s car yesterday because they were too busy eating their ice cream to pay attention. I scared them and I’m glad I did!
It’s supposed to be 58 degrees by the time I’m off work and to say I am excited to run in those temps is an understatement! I’m actually looking forward to a speed workout!


We have the Costco credit card and it has paid itself of and then some every year! I love it.

My running pet peeve is that I’m injured haha. My other pet peeve is that my kids are in this no cleaning phase.

Spring break can’t come fast enough. I’m so happy it’s going to be warm so I can have them all play outside!!


I love how Skye is still smiling in the background of your taco picture. :) Oh my gosh, her dress is perfect! That’s such an exciting day and so nice that your family will be there! I suck and couldn’t wait to give my kids their baskets so I did it during spring break two weeks ago. :( One of your pet peeves reminds me. I saw a car honk so rudely at some teenage girls crossing the street even though it was their right of way. The honk startled me and I was in the turn lane on the other street. Rudeness gets me worked up. Ooh, I like Andrew’s push-ups. My husband started doing 100 push-ups a day since last November and love it. It started as a 30-day thing but we loved it so much, we continued. We’ve skipped a couple days here and there due to my back, but otherwise we’ve kept up with it. I’ve gotten compliments on my back from my acupuncturist and I’ve never gotten compliments on it before. Have a great day, Janae!


GO MARIE ON YOUR PUSHUPS! You guys are rocking it and you are inspiring me. OH YES… I am not okay with that rudeness either. Not okay.

Thank you so much and I hope you have a beautiful day Marie!


We have a Kelty carrier and LOVE it. Comfortable for both of us, it also has a removable sun/rain shade. It was $$ but totally worth it. Not sure if you can get it in stores; we had to buy ours online.


THANK YOU LIZ!!! I need these recommendations big time. I hope you have a great day Liz!


Has running ever been the same for you since after you had sky?


Eating before I exercise totally depends on the time of day that I exercise.
That blessing dress is adorable. I love how simple it is! I also have an Old Navy/Gap card and I love it!
I thought Taqueria 27 was just okay. Their salsa was freaking bomb! But I wasn’t super impressed with my taco or my salad. BUt I didn’t get churros and I that could have been a game changer.


Sports bra chafing is the worst! My sister gave me a runners box for Christmas and there was a sample of Run Goo in it. I never used it on my feet (I don’t get blisters) but it really stopped sports bra chafing! It’s really thick and kind of messy, but worth it. I slathered it on where the straps would irritate me, where the band rubs, and on my thighs for my recent marathon and came out without a single bit of chafing.


Well that sounds like something I need… finding it on Amazon right now. THANKS ANNE!


Skye’s little smile in the background of the taco picture is way too cute. I’m glad she already likes tacos.E


HAHA right!? She loves being part of our dates and she can’t wait to try those tacos! Have a great day Eleanor!


I NEVER chaffed before doing runs longer than like 15 miles. THEN I got the dreaded sports bra chafe. I usually only chafe on the under side and I have found better bras but it took trial and error. Although I need new bras soon so I’m kind of weary of going through the process again. I have scars from bad chaffing accidents!

I had this happen to me this weekend! It was my turn to go and a car stopped short a few feet from me. Then they waved me on with an annoyed face. Some drivers are not very nice!

I’ve accidentally stopped my watch mid set during a hard workout and didn’t realize until I was finished. I was SO annoyed!


So cute! What a nice little date.
I can never ever eat before a run. I always run first thing in the morning and otherwise its canceled. Haha. Sometimes if something hard is going on and I need to run out emotions I’ll just make sure to not eat for a good 3+ hours before a run in the afternoon/night.
I got the new uber credit card and LOVE it! I get a ton of cashback and no international fees. I get 2% cash back whenever I use ApplyPay to buy something, they give you subscription credits back, so I get free stuff from ITunes and Amazon, etc. It’s great if you shop online a lot and travel.
I haven’t been running at all! The only time I remember running in the past 3 months was the last 3 miles of my sister’s first marathon! It sucked for me and I had to keep remembering she’s been running 23 miles already hahaha


I love your blog, just don’t comment often ;) thanks for writing about easy runs! I never used to run easy (probly because I’m not a super fast runner, so my easy runs are quite slow), but I’m working on it!! I have to eat before I run ( mornings or afternoon) otherwise i feel super sick afterwards. My go to is homemade instant oatmeal! Also listening to audiobooks while running is the best thing. As for running pet peeves… right now it’s the Canadian geese in the park. They’re right on the paths & I always think they’re going to attack me! Have a good Wednesday!


HEY LIBBY!! Thank you so much for reading:) I am so glad you are taking easy runs now! Oh I would be so bugged by those geese too! HAHA! Enjoy your day and thanks for commenting!


Instead of answering your questions, I just want to say THANK YOU! In one of your recent posts, you shared your trick to get you through things you don’t want to do–the whole “if I have time to _______, then I have time to ___________” sentence. So this morning I woke up at 5 AM and went from bed to sofa and got straight to work grading essays. I spent half an hour playing silly iPhone games as I ate breakfast and had to get back to work. I was all set to forego a workout this morning (because I have way too much grading that must get done today…for all 110 of my students this term…), but hten your sentence Mad Libs-ed its way into my mind. I knew I didn’t have time to drive 45 minutes to and from the gym I love for my favorite spin class, but I DID have time to go on a run–even a short one that’s the smallest loop on a trail not far from my apartment.

If I had time to play a round or two of Candy Crush, I have time to go for a run. If I had time this morning to read the blogs I like, I have time for a run! If I had time to make a list of errands I wanted to run today, then I have time to go for a run–AFTER one errand and BEFORE the next! Even a short one.

And you know–that run in the warm weather and with so much sunshine after a few really grey, depressing days–man oh man I AM ALL SMILES!!!

So thank you for that mental trick and thank you for–well–being you!



Okay, your comment made me SO SO HAPPY! I am so glad that trick helped you, seriously this makes me so happy! Way to go girl getting out there and thanks for being a teacher… your students are so lucky to have you! Continue to have a beautiful day Stephanie!


No one has ever thanked me for being a teacher before. That seriously made MY day! Sending love from Atlanta out to Utah. :)
PS: my favorite local running store just issued the call for pre-orders for the special editions Brooks shoes that are coming out in June–my birthday month–for 4th of July (and I am running a 10K on the 4th!). One of the models is Adrenalines, which is MY running shoe. I might have to–well–buy myself a birthday gift. They’re super cute!




I definitely need to eat before the long runs or I will bonk. Our days on the trails tend to be long. Shorter runs, sometimes yes, sometimes no.

I don’t listen to music or audiobooks when I run – I find I get too distracted.

Running pet peeves – when 3 or 4 people block the sidewalk or the trail, oblivious to the fact that there might be other runners, hikers bikers etc. It’s like common sense goes out the door. One time, I said excuse me, excuse me to the group, but nobody moved so I went through them :p. Most people are pretty good though.

My credit card gives me points – so right now I have enough points to overseas. I don’t have credit cards with specific stores.

Have a great day!


My biggest running pet peeve is when I pass other runners/joggers and they look so serious and never respond to a wave or a smile. I understand that going for a run may be tough, but unless we are competitive athletes, most of us are running for fun, right?!

Also, on an unrelated note, I read that Dirty John is going to be a TV show on Bravo starring Connie Britton!! I loved this podcast based on your recommendation and can’t wait for the show!


We just got our Alaskan Airline credit card to earn free airline tickets! And I totally understand about yielding to cars! I’m so cautious so I don’t get hit I make sure to wave and eye contact before I cross but even then sometimes they think I’m telling them to go! So I need a new sign like me first!
Maybe you can sew temporary padding on the straps to reduce chafing? I’m so lame and put my Gu in my bra and didn’t take my last one during my marathon ouch! Bad bad chafing in between my you know what’s . Lesson learned.


If I run before 8am I usually just drink a cup of coffee. That’s of course running under 5 miles. If I do more I generally like a half bagel.

Have you tried Sweaty Betty bras? Advanced warning..they are super expensive. I have one that’s only used on my long runs or races. It really helped especially running when I was nursing. I hand wash it because the thought of buying another makes my bank account cry. The things we do to avoid chaffing. Lol


My biggest running pet peeve is accidentally saving a run while I’m stopped for something. I always stop my watch at stoplights, etc. so my avg pace/running time isn’t messed up and it seems that is when the touchscreen of my vivoactive becomes hypersensitive. I look at it wrong and it will save the workout. GRRR. My Strava and Training Peaks currently have a lot of “Long run – Part 1 and Long run – Part 2″s.


i have been starting to eat super-small portions before a run, particularly a long run. sometimes i will forget or i won’t have time, oh well. i’ll also bring fuel with me on a long run!

chase sapphire reserve has been a great credit card for us! plus the citi costco card.

i have the same running pet peeves that you do – in NYC everything is an intersection, so i just keep making turns so i don’t have to wait at a light. however, several turning vehicles have nearly run me over b/c they are super aggressive here and don’t think pedestrians have right of way when they have to make a turn (oh yeah, and they don’t put on their turn signal either!). it’s very frustrating! in one run, this happened to me 3-4 times. i would say this is a good reason why i typically go to the park for loops, or the waterfront, so i can bypass vehicular traffic. and yes i always hit the lap button on my garmin by mistake. i have no idea how. but yes this happens to me always!


ohmygosh…reading everyone’s pet peeves is making me feel so normal. thank you for asking this!!! and learning so much from everyone’s answers on eating before a run.


My 3 running pet peeves:
1. In races, loud runners. Whether it’s super heavy breathing or loud feet, it’s motivation to run faster to get away from the noise!
2. Not stopping my Garmin at a red light/forgetting to restart my watch after stopping it for traffic/stretching/whatever.
3. Days where my breathing is off when my legs feel great/when my legs feel dead but my breathing is perfect.


yes this!


If I run within an hour of waking up, I’ll eat afterwards. Unless it’s longer than 6 miles, then I’ll either eat a banana or some shot blocks. If it’s more than an hour of waking up, I’ll usually either eat a power bar or toast with peanut butter. If I run in the afternoon, then I’ll try not to eat an hour before my run.
Pet Peeves, when I hit lap on my garmin or forget to start again after a break (either at a light or when my dog is taking a potty break, which sometimes take a few mins bc apparently she’s picky). Also when it snows and people don’t shovel their sidewalks!
We currently have the Southwest CC and it’s awesome! Due to taking advantage of work travel expenses and making updates to our house, we were able to get companion pass for my husband, which means that anytime flight that I’m on, I can add him on for free (plus tax)! (Including flights where I use my points!)


On short or easy runs I don’t eat anything before. I’ll have a GU or some other kind of gel before long runs – my stomach doesn’t handle much else too well.

We have a Hawaiian Airlines Miles credit card that we use all the time. We’ve taken over 30 trips to Hawaii in the past 5 years for Les’ job and I have probably flown free at least 15 times.

I only listen to music when I’m running and I don’t even do that on every run.

My #1 running pet peeve is when other people don’t share the sidewalk or trail. It bugs me when they are walking 2-4 wide and they won’t skinny up for anyone else. I hurt my ankle a while back because I stepped off the path to avoid a collision. I’m really tempted sometimes to just plow right into someone, but so far I have not done that ;)


So I totally had the chaffing problem too with my sports bra. I tried a few different bras but it kept happening. I started putting deodorant on the front of my chest where the band rubs. No more chaffing!!!! Seriously! It’s a miracle.


Deodorant?!? Okay, I’m trying it today! Thank you!!!!!


I love my AmEx rewards. I’ve tagged them to my Amazon Account and was just able to buy new sneaks for no cash thanks to my rewards. Free money!

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