That workout was hard but a confidence builder + the do-do rule + time to celebrate!

Tuesday Track Day (not at the track) done and done…

Andrew had another shift at the hospital yesterday so I went running by my parents’ house and Skye snoozed the whole time I was gone.   Josse met me for the workout and we attempted to hit up the track that I used to always go to for my track workouts and it was locked up.  They never used to lock it up and now they do so I’ll have to find another track to use around here.  PS this track was my old high school and I also did my student teaching there which was strange because I would eat lunch in the teacher’s lounge with all of the high school teachers that I had 4 years previously ha.

IMG 2258

Mary told me to bring some lighter shoes for the intervals and so I brought the Hyperions!  I did my warm-up, cool-down in the Launch 5s and switched into these for the workout portion.  I left my stuff on the side of the bike trail and we just ran back and forth on.  The last time I wore these shoes was for my half marathon last April that I did when I was pregnant with Skye but didn’t know I was yet.   FYI if you need a speed/fast shoe, I highly recommend these.  You put them on and they just feel fast… they are super light, have a bit of support and a ton of flexibility in the shoe.  They definitely energize me.

The workout yesterday felt WAYYYY better than my speed work on Saturday so that was a plus.

2 mile warm-up

3 x 600 meters (.38 miles ((I rounded up a tiny bit)) since we weren’t on the track) w/ 2 minute jogging recoveries

3 x 400 meters (.25 miles) w/ 1 minute jogging recoveries

2 mile cool-down

600s = 2:24, 2:22, 2:20 (which were a 6:23, 6:13 and 6:10 pace).

400s= 1:34, 1:32, 1:29 (some of those I went .26 but they were done at a 6:07, 6:00 and 6:01 pace).

7.1 miles total for the workout and it was definitely a confidence building workout for me to see some improvements already and to see my legs move fast again.  It was so fun to do a speed workout with Josse again too because it has been ages since that has happened.

IMG 2265

We stopped at my sister’s house for a few minutes after my run.  Then we came home and Skye was laughing because she caused another wardrobe change for the day.

IMG E2277

Brooke came home and I turned on my old 30 Day Shred DVD to attempt getting in some strength.  I had quite a cheering crew between Beretta, Skye and Brooke but that only lasted 11 minutes but 11 minutes of strength is better than 0 minutes of strength.

IMG 2297

PS while I was doing this I had a flashback to when I used to do 30 Day Shred (while watching Felicity) when Brooke was Skye’s age.  Good times.

DSC 7384

When Andrew is at the hospital, showers don’t usually happen for a very long time.  They are lower on the totem pole of things that need to get done right away ha.  Brooke was thrilled to have nachos at home and I had leftovers for lunch.

IMG 2306

In my opinion the sweet potato makes the best type of shell to hold your taco topping fillings.  If you are wondering why my cornbread looks a little strange it is because I make items like this in a circular dish and Andrew eats the middle out of it and leaves the edges ha.  I love the edge pieces too so it works out nicely.

IMG 2302

Example B from a few weeks ago of Andrew’s love for the middle pieces/hatred for the edges;)

IMG 1749

Somebody woke up very happy from her nap.  Sleep is just good for all of our souls.

IMG 2313

Next on our list was a shopping trip to the mall to get my mom’s birthday present (her bday is on the 19th in case you want to add that to your calendars on your phone).

IMG 2319

Brooke talked me into grabbing a tcby and going to the play place afterwards… it didn’t take much convincing at all.

IMG 2327

And for dinner we had leftover soup and overcooked bisquik biscuits.  I am pretty sure that Skye is 20% bisquik according to how much pancake mix I ate while pregnant with her.

IMG 2329

Both of my meals yesterday were leftovers and I really love leftovers because they require very little time to put together.  I saw this quote the other day and I can relate to it a little too much…. One time in college (I had about 2 cents to my name) I put my leftover costa vida salad in the fridge after a date and my roommate ate it the next day… I came home from class so excited for it and found the tin in the trash.  It clearly was very traumatic for me.  Oh and the time Andrew accidentally threw out the last piece of homemade apple pie when I was pregnant and I was so excited to eat it…  there were tears that accompanied that experience.

IMG 2143

The last part of Moana to finish up Brooke’s night.

IMG 2333

Between the two of us we were sure wearing a lot of gray!

IMG 2337

Another shift in his psychiatry rotation done and done.  He is tired and ready for a day off (well, a day off from rotations but not from school)!

IMG 2342

Beretta’s ready for Andrew to have a day at home too:)

IMG 2300

I get the newsletter from Greg McMillan and I love this Do-Do rule that he shared.  The full article about it is HERE… time to recover well today so I’m not in deep Doo Doo ha.

Screen Shot 2018 03 06 at 1 39 24 PM

PS Happy National Cereal Day!!  I hope you celebrate the goodness of cereal today.

PPS We watched The Bachelor Monday night finale last night together and I stayed up 1.5 hours later than I normally do to do so.


Are you going to celebrate National Cereal Day today?  With which cereal?  What cereal is your all-time favorite ever?  Do you remember what your favorite cereal was when you were younger?

-Today we will be celebrating with Lucky Charms because it is almost St. Patrick’s Day so it just makes sense to.  As a teenager my favorite cereal was Raisin Squares (does anybody remember those, I wish they were still made)!

Have a pair of running shoes that you especially love for your speed days?  

Any strength training DVDs/YouTube videos that you love?  Share away!

Who watched The Bachelor finale(S)?  How did you feel about it?

-That was awful… I felt so bad for her.

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Congrats on a great workout!! Gotta love those confidence-building ones! I had a speed workout yesterday afternoon that surprisingly felt really good, and I was able to push myself faster than I have in a while.

I absolutely will celebrate National Cereal Day. My go-to is always Cinnamon Toast Crunch mixed with Honey Nut Cheerios. SO good. I also recently bought Nature Valley Baked Oat Bites, and they are amazing! I highly recommend!!


One time when my brother was just barely engaged to his wife, I came home from a track meet SO SO excited to eat because, obviously I was starving and because it was my favorite dinner. Now I was a teenager and kind of a dramatic one so this was extremely upsetting to me. I found out my sister in law to be ate it and I was LIVID! She has never eaten my food again haha. At least she learned that from the get go.


NO NO NO NO. She learned her lesson ha;) I bet it took some time for her to regain your love again after that:) I hope you have a great day today Jenny!


Such a cute cheering squad you have! I didn’t watch the bachelor this season but i have been sucked in plenty of times before.


I literally forgot that Bisquik even existed until you mentioned it – now I want to go make pancakes! My dad used to make those for us every Sunday morning before church and I looked forward to it all week.

Also, I stayed up to watch The Bachelor too, and I was a WRECK on Tuesday. I obviously cannot stay up that late anymore! I feel really bad for Becca too, but she is going to be just fine. She seems like such a solid person, and she is obviously gorgeous. I don’t think what Arie did is too terrible (although he shouldn’t have proposed if he wasn’t sure….), but the worst part of it is that he did it on camera! Like, why could it not have been private? I guess that’s what you get for doing reality TV…. And I hate that it entertains me so much, but I can’t stop watching.


I think that is what I was so bugged about… why would they film the breakup? Why did they have to monetize her getting broken up with by her fiance? That was strange. I am very excited to see Becca find someone amazing for her! Last night I said I was done watching the show but now that she is Bachelorette… I think I might watch her season ha. I hope you are having a great day and your Bisquik memory is a lot like mine! My dad made them every Sunday after church for me:) I love it. Thanks for discussing Bachelor with me ha.


Totally forgot about 30 Day Shred! Used to do it all the time in college – gotta love Jillian Michaels


YES!! It’s a hard workout ha. I hope you have a great day Sarah!


I love my Adidas Boston shoes for faster stuff.

I had Lucky Charms last night with Total on the bottom of the bowl. The Lucky Charms sugary-ness goes down to the bottom to make the Total nice and sweet.

You asked a while back about a favorite Friends episode. Your post today reminded me of the leftover “Thanksgiving Sandwich” episode. Ross becomes ENRAGED when a colleague eats his sandwich and throws away the part he couldn’t finish :)

Have a great day!


HAHAH YES…. oh that episode makes me mad for Ross (and it really makes me want a Thanksgiving Sandwich:)! Good cereal mix yesterday! I hope your Wednesday is amazing Amanda!


Definitely celebrating national cereal day!!
Hope and I have cereal mugs, where there is never less than 3 types of cereal mixed. She learned from the best cereal consumer around.


I’m so stuck on the fact that Andrew doesn’t like the edges of things. That’s the best part! Of lasagna…corn bread…brownies, etc.!

Those Brookes Hyperions are such a cute shoe! I love the patterns. For regular days I use the Launch 4 and for speed days I switch to my Newton Fates. When I started running I used Newton Fates for everyday running, but they proved not supportive enough for me. So now I’m loving the Launch’s but the Newton Fates make me feel extra speedy on speed days. And they have lugs on the bottom to push you forward;) (it may be all psychological though…)

The fact that it is National Cereal Day makes me want to eat cereal for dinner so maybe I will do that.

Super proud of your speed workout! Way to get back out there. & I 100% get what you mean by a confidence boosting workout, because I was in a rut like I didn’t know how to run anymore;) (dramatic=me) and then had a great half and it gave me the confidence booster I needed.

Have a fabulous day :)


Hi Janae! I didn’t know about cereal day but i’m baking a cake so i’ll just call it a celebratory cake. Does that work?
I used to watch Felicity while working out too. Other tv shows that kept me company while working out were alias, Gilmore girls and Chuck. Did you watch any of those?
Hope you are having a great day!


That totally counts Patricia… sounds delicious! Oh my goodness… I watched all three of those shows. I watched all of Alias one summer with my sister ha and the other two shows you mention on the treadmill:) The best. I hope you have a great day!


Love those Brooks logo shoes, what are they!? I’m still thinking about getting some Ghost 10’s but I never know when to retire my other shoes (Ghost 9’s that I love!).


Hey! They are the Hyperion! I love them for speed… here is the link:

Oh let me know what you think of the Ghost 10’s! Have a beautiful day!


Skye’s face in that first picture is so cute! It just makes me smile :)
I used to LOVE Raisin Squares!! I too, wish they still made those. I will definitely be celebrating cereal day after my 6 easy miles. My favorite is Frosted Mini Wheats :)
Way to rock your track (non track ;) ) work-out!! I keep saying I need to incorporate more speed work-outs, but never quite seem to know what to do… Time to pull up some ones you’ve posted in the past.
Happy Wednesday :)


Ha! I still have that 30 Day Shred DVD too! I actually used it a few months ago. It seems like such a long time ago that I first bought it. I’m pretty sure I’ve done 100 or so workouts with it!


I love the DO-DO rule! I was just thinking about and getting frustrated over the way I usually get sick when I start adding strength/speed, etc. I must not recover/take care of myself/refuel well enough when I do this. I needed to hear that rule today. Thanks!


YES YES YES… let me know if it helps at all Ali:) Enjoy your day!


Have you seen the special lucky charms that have only green marshmallows? So good!


WE HAVE THEM and they are awesome!! We just got the one with the new unicorn marshmallows… wahoo:) I hope your day is a great one Loribeth!


Well I guess I better have cereal for lunch or dinner today (totally fine by me!) because I ate a pear and banana-chia bread for breakfast. I used to really love the super sweet, junky cereals, but honestly, my favorite cereal now is probably just regular Life cereal. I’m sure it’s not the best for me but it’s my go-to!
I don’t switch shoes between regular running and speed workouts…but since I got 2 pair of shoes for Christmas that I haven’t used yet, maybe I’ll buy a different style to try out! It doesn’t count as spending money because it’s money I would’ve spent anyway….right? :)
FitnessBlender is my absolute go-to for youtube workouts. I either find them on YT or I go to their website and use the search function to find the workouts and then use the YT link from there to cast to my TV. They have SOOO many good options.


Ahh Skye looks like such a joyful baby! Love all the smiley pictures.
I’m not really a cereal person anymore…it never fills me up! I used to love Cinnamon Toast Crunch though.
I’ve been loving my New Balances!
Popsugar Fitness is a goldmine when it comes to strength workouts…they have a whole channel on youtube!


I am into Love’s Crunch cereal these days.

I still need to find a pair of good lighter shoes for track/speed workouts so maybe I will check out the Hyperion..

I didn’t see the Bachelor finale but I definitely read about it…I felt bad for her. I guess you love who you love but honestly at the end of the day – if you aren’t sure don’t propose after 6 weeks (or whatever period the show takes place over). At the end of the day their have been bachelors who didn’t propose – and that’s not a bad thing. He could have taken his time to decide and really spared two women in the process.

Have a great day!


I totally understand being ready for a day off! Work is great, but sleeping at night not so much. Ugh. At least I’m 1/2 way through the work week!

Remember when they used to make Rice Crispy Treat cereal? I loved that stuff when I was little. My absolute favorite now is either plain Life or Shredded Mini Wheats. Unfortunately, I’m eating gluten free and both of those have gluten! So, Chex it is :)

I really like the Fitness Blender workouts that are available for free on YouTube :)


I used to LOVE Cracklin’ Oat Bran, Oatmeal Squares, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs. :) I used the 30-day Shred to get back in shape after I had my kids. I’ll always have a soft spot for Jillian Michael’s. Haha. Lately, I’ve been doing BBG workouts and LOVE them! I don’t watch the Bachelor (I know I’m in the minority in this but can’t handle the drama) but I saw the backlash on one of the Instagram feeds I follow. Really sad. :(


I have heard a lot of great things about the BBG workouts, maybe I need to try them!! Oh Oatmeal Squares… absolutely delicious! I hope you are having a beautiful day so far Marie!


I think I could live on cereal 24/7! HA! I used to love Frosted Flakes when I was younger. Who am I kidding? It’s STILL so good and one of my favorites! I just try to keep it out of the house usually because I’ll easily pour half the box out into my bowl in one sitting! ;) AKA Sugar overload! I I do usually have some form of cereal on hand though, whether it’s Kashi or something close to it!

I totally heard all about the Bachelor last night but didn’t watch any of it this season besides the first episode. I wasn’t a huge fan of him but now I can see that I wasn’t alone in that thought! lol!

Have a great day Janae!!


I did a 4.5 mile tempo run early this morning (training for my first half)! It was my longest tempo run to date, but I felt super amazing knowing that I actually did it.

My favorite childhood cereal is Golden Grahams, most definitely! Sometimes I’ll make a S’mores trail mix for me and my daughter that consists of Golden Grahams, marshmallows, and chocolate chips.


WAY TO GO JAIME!! That is an awesome workout! I am so so excited for your first half, keep me updated on everything. Oh I LOVED Golden Grahams too… I need to try that s’mores trail mix asap!


So do you run a marathon in the lighter speed shoes too? I know you mentioned you did for a half marathon. I’ve just always had one pair of shoes


Hey Mary!! So I think it is just for the shorter stuff to help me really pick up speed that will help me come marathon day… so wearing the lighter shoes for those 6:00ish paces will help me on race day to hit the 6:50s (my dream marathon pace) but in more supportive shoes because there is no way I could do a marathon in those shoes ha. Does that make any sense?!


How did I not know its National Cereal Day. I did eat my mini wheats this morning like very morning. But lets be honest I would much rather have had a giant bowl of Cocoa Pebbles or Cookie Crisp. Skye and Brooke have the same super excited smile. So cute! And I think Andrew is my spirit animal…. the crusts are horrible but I never actually thought about just cutting out of the middle. GENIUS! Is that why he doesn’t like pie because you can’t escape the crust?


Brooke is so good with Skye, it’s pretty adorable! She is such an awesome big sister! I love so many kinds of cereal… cocoa puffs, cinnamon toast crunch, honey nut cheerios… I like to eat cereal dry or with almond milk — so good! :)


I had leftover chipotle and spaghetti in the work fridge overnight when my boss cleaned out the fridge. I didn’t know until I clocked out for lunch and saw the fridge was practically empty. I cried for half an hour (pregnant) until my husband brought me more spaghetti.


NOOOOOOOOO oh that would have made me so sad (even when I’m not pregnant:)!!


I so miss raisin squares.


Oh my goodness. I did this workout after you posted it and it hurts to walk today! But I was so proud of myself for making it through it.


That was one of the hardest things to get used to when i first got married. Someone else eating the food in the fridge. I would think about what I was going to eat after school or class and then it wouldn’t be there. Let’s be honest, I sometimes still struggle with this problem. I’m 34 it’s fine. I’m fine.


I’m so late commenting on this, but I had to comment that my mom and I also loved Raisin Squares! Why did they stop making them?!?
But FYI, Kashi makes a similar cereal called Organic Berry Fruitful. It’s not as great as the original we loved so dearly, but good nonetheless.
Have a great day!


LOL, that’s too funny about Andrew’s eating habits, ha! And that sweet potato looks delicious!!

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