Silentish Saturday (WE ARE IN ARIZONA!!!) & a Fast Finish Long Run

We made it to Arizona yesterday afternoon!

10 miles done and done in the morning.  For some reason it felt crazy cold out but in a few months I’ll be missing these brisk mornings when the sun is trying to eat me alive during my run;)

IMG 3147

First 7 miles were done at an easy pace and then I had a fast finish scheduled for the last three miles.  I did those at a 7:07 average.

IMG 3145

Ready for her St. Patrick’s Day party.

IMG 3141

An omelette with cheese, mushrooms, peppers, spinach and bacon for me…

IMG 8175

Still using my water bottle from the hospital!

IMG 3166

Best little helper.

IMG 3161

Ready to get her vacation on…

IMG 3181

Brooke is staying with my sister (and Knox is with his mom) for our quick trip to Arizona so I dropped her off!

IMG 3199

And then we made it to the airport.

IMG 3203

Skye was a little unsure about getting on the airplane.

IMG 8178

Things went well for her… I fed her during the takeoff and landing.  We had one blowout and one spit up all over me but she was pretty happy the whole time.

IMG 3211

My sis-in-law picked us up and then once my brother was off work they took us to one of their favorites—>  Backyard Taco!

IMG 3215

The crazy potato was beyond good and their salsa bar was heaven.

IMG 3220

Andrew and my brother picked up Bosa donuts on the way home so I got my fix.

IMG 3222


PS they have an awesome home gym so it is motivating me to get some weights in after my easy run today.

IMG 3227

Love this.  Source:

IMG 3208


What are three things that you are doing today?

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Just finished a short 2 miles. Making my way back.
Going to a little league baseball game.
Celebrating our anniversary with my sweet husband at dinner tonight with our whole family. Yes, we got married on St Patrick’s Day. I’m Irish and it is an easy date for him to remember. Haha. We are all wearing green beads, hats, suspenders, and bracelets.
Have a great time in Arizona!!


Happy anniversary Kate! Oh I LOVE how you celebrated and the fact that you got married on St. Patrick’s Day. So fun!


Wish I was able to run today, but I’m coming off a bout with the flu and get winded walking up 10 stairs. Ugh! So instead I’m aiming to do a little laundry, a little Facebooking and then a little socializing at our local Dogtopia. Our pup gets to play while we meet some other dog parents. Fun!


I am so sorry that you had the flu! I’m glad you are getting better though! I want to go to Dogtopia, that sounds amazing!


Those water bottles are the best. I still use mine too.

Have fun and enjoy the warm weather. And all those donuts


I was thinking about you guys yesterday… so glad the flight went well and Skye was a happy traveler :)
Today is race packet pick-up day for the LA Marathon!! Then it will be a lot of hanging out on the couch, hopefully ;)
Enjoy your weekend, and hopefully the rain we’ve been having out here in SoCal will bypass Arizona so you can enjoy some warm sunshine!


GOOD LUCK WENDY!! Please let me know how it goes, I am so excited for you! Thank you so much. You’ve done your training… it’s time to go and celebrate your hard work for 26.2 miles!


Your omelet is impressive!
Three things – HIIT workout at the gym – done! The weather is gross today and it’ll be nice tomorrow so I switched my long run and cross training days.
I’m throwing a bridal shower for my best friend tomorrow so the rest of my day includes cleaning/setting up the place for that, and making food!
Have fun in Arizona!


I love love that quote.

1. Cutting my hair off (grew out for my sister’s wedding and it’s crazy long now) 2. donations to a local charity 3. cooking an Irish dinner for my run group


That’s a nice home gym! Glad your flight went well. Have a great mini vaca
There things
Long run 9 miles done
Going gambling with my dad and husband then lunch after we win lol
Booking our excursions for LA and San Diego trip in 2 weeks, any must dos?


Three things I will do today: run on my sisters treadmill, see my husband for the first time since Thursday!, and celebrate my nieces 5th birthday with all the family! Today’s going to be a fun day!


Just wanted to say that I was living in SLC when I had an emergency surgery at Intermountain over a year ago, and they gave me the same water bottle. I use it every single day. Seriously the best bottle! ?


Good to know I’m not the only one obsessed with these water bottles… they are the best! Move back to SLC and let’s go run:)


Oh y gosh, how are you able to CLOSE that gigantic omelette monster so perfectly!?


Green run with Hope this morning. I hope she continues this streak with pastels or something for Easter.
Swim lessons with coffee.
Maybe a nap if I am lucky!


Fun trip to AZ!! Your baby is so super cute!!
Barre class today and massage and corned beef for dinner.
Back to running tomorrow to get ready for our St. Patty’s Day run next weekend! ??


Haha Love Skye’s unsure face for getting on the plane and the pouty lip. Wow, that home gym is nice. Today, we invited a friend over for my daughter so hopefully they play their little hearts out, as I have a big project happening. I’m switching from Blogger to WordPress. Please pray for me that it doesn’t go too bad. Have fun at your baseball game(s).


Had the BEST 11 miler out at San Tan mountains. If you’re still here on Monday morning and want an awesome trail run – let me know, I’d love to meet for a run! It is my happy place here in AZ.

Backyard Taco is very good, we were right by there on our date night last night. There’s also a great Thai restaurant a block down the road from there called Talew Thai – highly recommend!

Have a great trip!


WAY TO GO KELSEY!!! That sounds like an amazing run! So I’m running with my brother on Monday (our first run ever together) but can we PLEASE do that trail next time I am here? We are bringing the big kids back soon. I wish I would have seen you last night:) I NEED Talew Thai asap. Enjoy your Sunday.


Running with a sibling is so fun. I used to run with my brother here all the time, we became so close! Anyways, YES – let me know or I’ll try to reach out next time your in town. If you love running the canals, you will LOVE running trails at sunrise! Have a great run tomorrow – no doubt the miles will fly by!


What an incredible birthday gift for Andrew! A little warmth and sunshine sounds nice too! My husband is out of town and I am not lucky enough to live by my mom like you so stuck with a treadmill run. Where is Skye’s adorable plane outfit from? Looks so soft and cute! Have a great trip!


Oh I hope that your run on the treadmill went great! Hopefully your husband gets home soon too! I got it from here… I’m obsessed:

Have a great Sunday!


I do love Bosa but have you guys been to Hurts Donuts in Tempe? They’re my favorite in the valley! They have all kinds of crazy flavors.


AHHH I have not tried those… I’m going to have to find Hurts. Thanks Lindsay and I hope you have a fabulous Sunday!


Omelet looks so good! Nice work

Have a good time in arizona-

Today was 1. Easy run 2. Pick up bib at the nyc half experience and get the course run thru 3. Bike ride with families and kids –

Still to do: setting aside food and throwaway clothes. It will be below freezing the entire race. Ack.


AHHH GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!! I am so excited for you. I hope you can stay as warm as possible and PLEASE let me know how it goes. Oh and can you take some hand warmers with you? Those are my favorite. Enjoy those 13.1 miles!


thanks so much – it ended up being an amazing race despite the cold. totally got your comment too late and didn’t get hand warmers, but so many people did and i saw them discarded along the way. instead i opted for wearing two running gloves and that worked at the start and the first few miles. wrote more on your Saturday post! that ball game looks like it was so fun!


Three things I already did (since it’s late now):
Run – one 9 miler with 3 mile uphill finish and one 4 miler with 2x1mile tempo.
Take Kid2 to his track meet – it was nice we only needed to be there for 4 of the 7 hours.
Sushi for dinner. The best carb/protein refuel ever.


AMAZING runs today! Sounds like the perfect day:) And now I want sushi!


I saw Backyard Taco when I took my daughter to an even and I have been dying to go try it. You’ve moved it up on the priority list now. And Bosa is so good. My favorite doughnuts.

The weather has been soooo nice here these last couple weeks, even with a couple cool cloudy days thrown in. I am also relishing these before it gets unbearably hot! Have a great time here!


Welcome to Arizona. This is definitely the time of year to enjoy the beautiful cool weather. The heat is around the corner. If you head to the west side visit beautiful Verrado at the base of the white tanks and enjoy a great meal at my favorite Tempo bistro.
Enjoy your weekend.
My three things were cross training day.
Shorts shopping with my girls.
A lovelybdinner alone with my husband


Good job on the run!!

Three things I did yesterday:
-11 mile treadmill run
-Baked a bunch of goodies because my family friends were coming in town for the weekend
-Celebrated St. Patty’s Day !!! Chicago celebrates St. Patty’s day hard so it was a fun and crazy day to be in the city!

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