Silentish Saturday!

Four miles @ 8:35 pace on the treadmill at home!

I ran while Brooke was giving Knox gymnastics lessons (ps our 3 month old is sleeping better than our 5 year olds haha… is that normal?).


School for Brooke and then Knox, Skye and I hung out until he left with his mom!

IMG 1906

Ready for the weekend.

IMG 1917

IMG 1925

Brooke and I ran some errands after school.  She is pulling off a new fashion statement.

IMG 1933

Roasted broccoli + sweet potato + coconut curry chicken from Costco.

IMG 1937

Brooke went to a friend’s house and watched out the window waiting for them to pick her up.

IMG 1938

Skye was pretty excited for some one on one time with me.

IMG 1941 2

Picked up Brooke and went to the park for a bit.

IMG 1944

Stopped at my sister’s house for a little while too!

IMG 1952

IMG 1966

And then told Brooke we were going on a date and she requested Panda and

IMG 1971

a froyo picnic at home (a few years ago when it was just us we used to do this all of the time together).

IMG 1977

Skye is already trying to reach for it.

IMG 1974

Andrew had another shift at the hospital.  He said it was a slower than normal day and yet he still walked 5.7 miles while there!?!  That is amazing and it is amazing that it was at 11111 steps when he got into bed.

IMG 1899

What I’m listening to today on my run.  What are you listening to?  PS wouldn’t it be fun to all do our long runs together one day… we should make that happen.

IMG 1907

Time for some SPEED WORK!


What are three things that you have going on today?!  I’d love to hear!

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I’ve been listening to the Babes and Babies Bachelor girls podcast hahaha


I’m going to have to check that one out asap! Thanks Susie. Have a wonderful rest of your day!


Skye is adorable and getting so big already! That Fro yo looks delicious.
I am trying to motivate myself to get off the couch and go for a long run its super windy here following a noreaster that blew out to sea last night. After that happens, reading a good booking and relaxing in my sweats all day. Getting take out for dinner and watching something on netflix. Just got back from an awesome trip to Akumal, Mexico so trying to get back to reality and nasty weather :(


HEY DAWN!! Did you get out for the long run? I bet you rocked it (and even in that wind)! Oh adjusting back to reality after an awesome trip is rough. I hope that you are enjoying sweats and your book right now!


I’m in! We do have Cafe Rio here in AZ, so maybe one of those famous sugar cookies instead:)




OK that park backdrop is gorgeous! I think I want to visit Utah to see those mountains!

On the schedule: nothing, nothing and nothing!!!

Okay, maybe a short run (raced last weekend) and a trip to the park with my nephew.

Oh and Brooke’s hair: my sister and I used to call them bun balls. She looks adorable with them.


I think that you should come visit Utah and I’ll take you to Cafe Rio. Nothing days–> the best! Bun balls.. I’m totally going to call them that now. Thanks Dana!


The backdrop to your park is unreal, amazing and simply stunning. I’d have a hard time keeping an eye on my kid while there. In IL, we do not have scenery like that. Wow, just wow. Skye’s cheeky smiles are so cuuute. Hoping to get done 1. Little work and a little cleaning, 2. Outside scooter and park and dog walking time, it’s pretty nice here today and 3. Going to the school play that the high schoolers put on at our school. Hope you guys have a good weekend too.


We tried to get out of the house yesterday but my kids were having an off day. Today I’m going to try swimming to replace my run, it feels like a lifetime since I’ve run haha. This’ll have to do until I can get back to it.


I listened to that podcast yesterday! Thank you so much for getting me onto podcasts — so inspirational. On Thursday I listened to Ali on the Run with Gabe Grunewald — if you haven’t already, I highly recommend it.
Going for a shortish run today — 7 km — bringing my weekly total to 77 km — a record high for me! Just over 6 weeks until Boston!!
Have a great day Janae!


Oh that is next on my list for podcasts, thanks so much Wendy! WAY TO GO ON 77km this week, that is AWESOME! You are going to rock Boston and I can’t wait to hear all about it (please keep me updated:)! Thanks Wendy, you too.


I have rehearsals from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. for the show if we were birds being put on at my University! It’s going to be a long day with Tech, lights, running cues here and there, Transitions, and finalizing the acting intentions. Wish you could come see the show come next week!


The photo of Brooke with the mountain in the background is super cool. This weekend I’m having lunch with a friend, then getting a few errands done, and then Joel and I are going to the movies! After a terrible storm yesterday I any excited to enjoy the nice sunny weather ?


Lots and lots and lots of homework. But first a workout and a get together for my cousin’s birthday for lunch. Potentially some carpet cleaning too. Grown up life is so exciting ;)
Hey I’m curious how you decide what your run is going to be and how far you’re going on any given day, especially when you’re not in training for anything specific and aren’t following a training plan. Is it mostly just how you feel? Do you have a strategy for what types of workouts you do each day (speed vs normal vs long run, etc)?


HEY GIRL!!! I hope your homework is going well. You are rocking grad school! For the last few weeks I’ve just been doing things based on how my body feels (some days it wants to do short fast stuff and some days easy and some days tempo) and how much time I have:) I did just start working with a coach so she is planning everything now wahooo! I’ll talk more about that soon. MISS YOU!


Yes, yes, yes to long runs together. Virtual running club!

Dreaming of a long run while I heal my turf toe.
Swim lessons.
Go out to dinner. (As always, I have yet to inform Chris.)


Three things I have going on today:
1. Spring training for my running club started today!! 10 miles done!
2. Back to back yoga classes with my friend. She’s also in teacher training with me and we figured we might as well knock out some class requirements today.
3. Meeting up with my bff who I haven’t seen since February 13th because life has been so insane. Can’t wait!

Have a great weekend!!


WAY TO GO on your ten miles today Arthi, that is awesome!!! Enjoy your time with your bff!


It would be SO fun if you put together a running weekend or something!
Skye is really starting to show her personality – so cute! I used to work in a daycare in college and I mainly worked in the infant room and it was my favorite! It’s so amazing watching how much they change and grow in the first year! Plus baby cuddles are the best cuddles.
I’m finally feeling over the flu – I think – and it’s supposed to be near 60 degrees so I’m hoping to get outside for an easy run today. Fingers crossed!


Have you listened to “The Shakeout Podcast” with Mario Fariolli? He had Shalane Flanagan on this week and it was SO GOOD. His other interviews are good too, a relatively new podcast I think.

I am loving all those Sarah Marie Design sweaters/tanks you have! I’ve been eyeing them forever but the CAD price is steep. Did you order a bunch or is it a sponsorship thing?

P.S: I think Skye looks like Brooke


WHAT?! I haven’t heard about that podcast… adding it NOW and can’t wait to listen to this podcast with Shalane! Thanks so much Jenn. She sent me a few things (not sponsored but just sent them as a friend… we message back and forth on IG) but I have a few more things I want that I’m going to buy! I do too… thanks Jenn and I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Hey Janae!! This is my first time commenting but I am a long time reader. I am a 23 year old living in Spain. Love your family, so cute, it makes my day to see your pics and thw mountains aare lloking so beautiful too!
I love lindseys podcast too and listened to that interview on my run yesterday and thought sarah was so great and inspiring! I think you would like the girls gone wod podcast, the two girls doing it are crossfittwrs but they are jusst so fun and relatable and have awesomd guests on.
I am racing a 10k tomorrow, so excited!
Hope you have a great weekend xx


Maria!! Thank you so much for reading and for your comment today, it means a lot! I am totally going to check out that podcast, it sounds perfect for me. Thank you and GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!! Please let me know how it goes:) You’ve got this!


I love those Sarah Marie design studio shirts too and want to splurge and get one but haven’t made the jump and can’t decide as I would only be able to get one right now.
You need the one that says “run all the miles eat all the donuts”! Haha.
I did a long run of 7 miles today. It’s short compared to others but long for me right now.


I TOTALLY DO… that would be perfect for me. Mary, that IS LONG! Way to go on your LONG run, you are doing amazing and I hope you have a beautiful day!


Today: Work (about over now), sandwiches for dinner, then double checking my gear for tomorrow’s half marathon!!!!!!!! so excited, but a little nervous…..


I took a trip to Costco JUST to get that coconut chicken curry. And Being from India I’m super picky about my Indian food so I’m hoping it’s good. I’m getting ready for a vacation so it’s a lot of packing etc today and hopefully I can get a book reading in. Hope you have a great great of the weekend


No way.. now I’m nervous, I really hope you like it! Let me know what you think. I hope you have an amazing vacation. Thanks Molly!


so I tried some of the curry for lunch along with some nann bread. it was DELISH! you shouldn’t have felt nervous. it changes up my normal menu of Indian food- which is normally Chicken Tikka Masala ( which Costco carries) I’m hoping to have a good vacation too, it will help decompress after parent teacher conferences. also we are turning it into a destination race- we have the family signed up for a 5k


I just finished grinding out an interval work out in the cold that I was not in the mood for (I bribed myself with hot chocolate at the end, which I am enjoying now). Getting ready for NYC! I got in via lottery! Yay!
Oh, do I wish to could make my legs do 8 minute miles!
Janae, do you tell your legs something to get them going that quick or is speed natural for you?
Have a great day, thanks for the inspiration.


Today’s three things:
My daughter’s softball practice, where I actually made myself put my phone down despite none of the parents i knoe being there and had a great conversation with one of the moms.

The mall and Target with said daughter to buy a birthday present for a friend and use some of her accumulated gift cards. (This took hours!! Even longer than expected and I expected hours.)

Can debating going to the gym count as a third thing?? That’s where I’m at right now. Reading blogs and stalling ;-)


Hey again girl!! {I left a comment on your post yesterday about those awesome Usborne children’s books!!} I am SO glad you want the link to browse! I’m tellin’ ya, these books are amazing, I’m not just saying that! We have several and my favorite thing about them is that so many of the books are interactive. I’m trying to get my kiddos into less technology and more fun books PLUS easter’s coming up and they make awesome book stuffers!!

So here is my shopping link – my online party is ending very soon so if you have time, check it out and place your order tonight!
If you do order, select “Our wonderful mystery hostess customer group” upon checkout!

Oh! Here’s a youtube link on the bestsellers – it’s very short but super helpful. Much love to your sweet family! Yay for panda express & froyo! ;)


CAN SKYE GET ANY CUTER?! Totally dying and having baby fever over her! Three things today = ten mile run, eating a vegan lasagna that I am obsessed with, and a movie with the hubby tonight! Hope you have an awesome day, Janae!

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