Sentence Per Picture!!

Let’s chat about Wednesday!

Good morning from Skye.

IMG 2346

Her mohawk game is going strong.

IMG 2398

5 miles on some dirt with some wind with some sore legs (especially my hamstrings) from my speed workout the day before.

IMG 2374

Back to using my Garmin for all of my running because it automatically loads my info up to my calendar for my coach to see each run.

IMG 2397

Picked up Knox and we all went to visit Dr. Bennett to have my hips worked on (look at me working on injury prevention).

IMG 2401

Knox has been asking to go on a Waffle Date so we went back to Joe’s Cafe…

IMG 2448

Ordering pancakes for an appetizer is always a good idea.

IMG 2460

I had another omelette and we were all full for a good 6 hours after this meal.

IMG 2470

Stopped by my sister’s for a few minutes to hang out.

IMG 2483

And then I crashed (the last two nights have been rough and I hit the wall yesterday afternoon like mile 20 in the marathon) so I went home and took a short nap while Skye slept and Andrew and the kids went to the park.

IMG E2485


IMG 2479

Unicorn marshmallows… these made Brooke’s life, thanks General Mills for sending them to us.

IMG 2420

We need to stop watching Shark Tank because we end up getting stuff that we probably don’t need but that we think are so cool on the show.

IMG 2487

Dinner was a big ol’ salad mix from Costco with some chicken before I left to go do an activity with the youth from my church!

IMG 2490

I bought these for Andrew’s bday (sour punch straws are one of his favorite treats) but I couldn’t wait that long to open them.

IMG 2489

Brooke has a little journal that she likes to write in and I found this page.  It made me happy… I think she loves Beretta the most because she talks about her the most ha.

IMG 2423

Need an incredible story for some motivation… Brave Like Gabe is one to check out.  She is a 4 time cancer survivor and has an incredible story of continuing to move forward in her running and all areas of life even when times are tough.  She is amazing (oh and I loved her podcast with Ali).

IMG 2488

I’ve been loving these episodes about Gwen Jorgensen’s training and a new one just came out:

*A few of you recommended this book to me and I got it last Sunday.  So far so good… you guys always give me the best recommendations, thank you!

IMG 2142


What’s your sentence of the day?

What book are you currently reading?

Random Q of the day… do you watch your sodium intake?

-Andrew does because of his blood pressure (Andrew has hypertension and you can read about that here) but I do not… just wondering if this is something you think about?

Have any cool kitchen gadgets that you love?

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Make sure Andrew watches that episode Gwen just put up so that he knows he needs to cook for you all the time so you can be a top marathoner. Still working on convincing my husband this is the way for us to go.


Hahahaha yes! I seriously was thinking that while watching:) I hope you have a great day Victoria… PS I think we have been internet friends now for 7 years!


7 years! That’s so long!


I have to go get the unicorn lucky charms, so cool! We have a super handy pineapple slicer that you twist into the pineapple rind and it is wonderful. If you are careful and don’t cut thru the bottom of the rind then you can pour 7up and some juice in there and have a fun drink in the pineapple husk/rind!

And those tie dye shoes are awesome! I managed to snag a pair of the st paddy’s day launches and I love them! So festive.

Have a great day!


Oh you did?!? Oh I am jealous… they look awesome! I need to get that pineapple cutter, it sounds perfect! I hope you have a great day Loribeth!


I don’t watch any part of my food intake really.

It’s going to be warm today! Enjoy running in that. I’ll make sure to get out and do something even if I can’t run.


I know!!! I can’t wait!!! Enjoy Jenny!


Sentence for the day: I finally watched the season finale of The Bachelor last night and I just don’t even know what to think anymore.


Right? It was awful. I am super excited for Becca though! I hope you have a great day Arthi!


Happy Thursday! Sentence of today is “Yay snow day… gross shoveling…”
Growing up, my parents struggled with their blood pressure so everything I ate was very low-sodium. When I first started working out I got really bad fatigue and dizzy spells, and my doctor asked me if I was getting enough salt… and it turned out I wasn’t! I still sort of watch my sodium a bit, since hypertension runs in my family, but I’m much more aware of what my body does and does not need.
As far as kitchen gadgets… I really love my ninja blender!


More snow?!? Crazy!!! Oh that is really interesting about your sodium intake/working out, I’m glad you got that figured out! I need to try out the ninja blender! Have a great day Kerri!


Now I want the Fry Wall! Is it worth it or just another gadget that will collect dust?


Hey!!! So we just got it yesterday so we haven’t tried it yet… I’ll let you know once we do but I mainly wanted it for when we cook bacon. I can’t stand cleaning up bacon grease on the stove! Have a fabulous day!


That is exactly what I was thinking! I hate the mess from frying bacon. I have tried baking bacon to avoid the mess. It isn’t awful, but just not the same as frying it.


I WANT THAT SALAD!!!! I just ordered Live Fearless on Amazon yesterday, and it’s supposed to arrive today. I’ve been needing something new to read, so I’m hoping it’s a good one!

Sentence for the day: Give me all of the cake batter froyo. (It’s been that kind of week.)


With CF I lose a ton of salt in my sweat so I have to be careful especially in the summer and add some to my sport drinks and my food. Thanks to you I discovered Vega hydrator last year and it’s been such a game changer! Thank you so much for that!


That is very interesting Mel! I am SO glad you are loving Vega hydrator, thanks for reminding me about it… I need to start using it again! Enjoy your day!


My sentence of the day is I need to get out of the house! Definitely having a lot of cabin fever.
Little fires everywhere is so good! You should read The Wife Between us next. Started it last Friday and almost done. It keeps you guessing the whole time.
Funny you ask about sodium, I track what I eat in MFP and I have been trying to keep it below 2300 which is turning out to be a challenge.


My sentence for the day is: Shoveling snow counts as cross training, right?
Yes, more snow in NY yesterday and a ton of shoveling with a little more to do today . We got well over a foot. My arms are like, POW! :)
The unicorn love won’t go away for a long time and it is so cute! My daughter is 8 and is still obsessed with unicorns. She started horseback riding a few months ago, but there is enough room in her heart for horses AND unicorns.


Love the salad! I’m glad Brooke is ok with you sharing her journal – maybe she’ll have her own blog before long.
I just finished reading Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo. Great story, set in Nigeria about a couple dealing with childlessness.


I’ll have to read Stay With Me next.. thank you! Hahah I tell Brooke all of the time she can take it over in a few years:) I hope you are having an amazing day!


You guys with your T-shirt weather! And how is Skye 3 months old already? Her little face is looking so mature all the sudden. And Brooke’s journal is the best (Mom can run)! Sentence for the day: I just finished Dirty John podcast (thanks for the rec!!) and holy smokes!


I agree… Skye’s face is totally maturing:) Oh I hope that you liked Dirty John! Andrew is listening to it now and we just had a discussion about how in the world she went back to him!!


Sentence of the day: “It’s Thursday which means it’s almost Friday which means it’s almost the weekend!” It’s been a loooong week for me!
I just got an alert that the book I reserved from my library is available, so I just need to download it – “The Last Mrs. Parrish.” It’s a thriller that I saw recommended on a list somewhere and I’ve been waiting for my library to get it!
I don’t really monitor my sodium – every now and then I use MyFitnessPal and track my food to make sure I’m not going overboard on calories (which happens a lot when I’m hardcore training – runger is real!) and I like to look at my macros, but I don’t do it regularly. Diabetes and high cholesterol runs in my family but so far, I am at the low end of the spectrum for both blood sugar and cholesterol, so I’ll enjoy not having to worry about anything while I can!
I LOVE my spiralizer! And also, any of my cake decorating tools.


Oh my gosh Brooke is learning to write so well! Where has the time gone?!
My sentence of the day: Thank goodness it’s Thursday this week is almost over!
I’m reading True Colors by Kristin Hannah right now and I’m loving it…we also just started Wonder at school and I can’t wait to see what my students think of it. :)
I don’t watch my sodium intake at all but I probably should!
I love my apple corer, garlic press, and ninja blender!


My sentence is, “It’s my FRIDAY!!! And Chipotle for dinner…no cooking!!” :) I just started reading, “Seriously…I’m Kidding” by Ellen DeGeneres. I don’t really watch my sodium intake but we generally don’t like food that is too salty; maybe it’s because we don’t eat out much but when we do, we can definitely feel it. Bloating, drinking lots, etc. Have you guys tried Pink Himilayan Salt? Hmm, cool gadgets..prob not but we have been using more of the appliances we do have, like the rice cooker, sous vide, and instant pot and love them. We just got some All-Clad nonstick pans that were Amazon deals of the day and love them for making eggs and bacon. ;) Have a great day, Janae!


Just finished a book called ‘The Fire Line” by Fernanda Santos and I have another one to start called “Lion.”

I’m terrible but I basically eat whatever I want – having said that I don’t live off junk food. I am more of a sugar than salt person anyhow.

My favourite kitchen gadget is the kitchen aid my sister and brother in law bought as a housewarming gift a few years ago. It is the best. My partner also has some gadgets – he brought with him a magic bullet and also an onion slicer and apple corer (I never really used those gadgets and still prefer to chop fruit and veggies by hand!)

Have a great day…


I’m a dietitian so I think being aware of sodium comes with the territory, lol. Sodium can get super high when you’re going out to eat and using a lot of pre-packaged foods, so I’m not really concerned about it too much unless I’m falling into one of those two categories.


Not exactly a gadget but I love and adore parchment paper! I use it almost every time I bake. I bake bacon in the oven on a sheet pan with parchment paper. It turns out perfectly every time. No mess.


Really!?!? I need to try that… thanks so much Rachelle! I’ll buy some next time I’m at Target (ehhh tomorrow;)! Enjoy your day!


The way Skye looks at Andrew is super adorable! She’s such a little sweetheart. Brooke and Knox look like the best of pals (and Beretta too hah) –> i love it!


Little Fires Everywhere is good! it’s a little bizarre in the pacing but if you aren’t bothered by that, should be an engaging read.

What’s your sentence of the day? Run the mile you’re in.

What book are you currently reading? i’m reading two books (i can never just read one!) – history of wolves (it was up for the man booker last year) and city of brass (a fantasy type of tale stemmed from arabian nights).

Random Q of the day… do you watch your sodium intake? nope not at all…my husband also has high BP and he opts for no salt most of the time, but sometimes adds a pinch if needed.

Have any cool kitchen gadgets that you love? yes! ice cream maker from cuisine art. mom friends had it and i was wondering why. then we got it and made vanilla ice cream from scratch. our lives will never be the same!


I want that ice cream maker, that sounds delicious! The books you are reading sound great and I LOVE your sentence for today… such a good reminder. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!


I love Brooke’s journal!!

I just finished The Wife Between Us and it was pretty good.

I actually have super low blood pressure and I don’t really watch my sodium intake, but I don’t do a lot of fast food/pre-made food – so not a lot of salt.

I just ordered a vegetable slicer and I’m excited to see how it does!


Totally loving my can opener because to buy canned food and not be able to eat them sucks!


I was just wondering how does Knox’s mom feel about his name and photo and some personal info being on the blog? I randomly thought that while reading today. I know some people don’t like their kids on the internet at all. Was that an issue when blending families and lifestyles?


Sentence of the day: I love starting the day with an ocean swim!! (Living in Australia, so currently enjoying a beautiful 30C – 86F). Just been reading magazines lately, I need to find a good book again!
I do watch my sodium intake a little, both so that it isn’t super low on high intensity days when I sweat a lot and also trying not too eat too many high salt foods on one day. Cool kitchen gadgets.. Not really.. But I couldn’t live without our blender! Or sandwich press.. Or French press! Or milk foamer to go with our coffees ;)


My favorite kitchen gadget are my kitchen shears. I use them on cutting everything food related. I have multiple pairs for all different types of jobs.
I’m reading The Great Alone by Kristen Hannah.
I don’t watch my sodium intake but do watch my husband’s since it things in his family similar.


This is kind random, but where are your grey slip on sneakers from? Are they comfy?

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