Running is Humbling + A Tease + Quarantined.

You know what’s harder than doing 5 mile repeats?

Doing 5 mile repeats and then giving your 5 year old a piggy back sprint from the car to her class (which felt longer than normal yesterday) so she wasn’t late (there is always time for a selfie).  My legs were hurting big time at the end of this ha.

Let’s talk about this workout of mine that was quite humbling.  PS my Levitate review is coming soon but for now I’ll just tell you they feel like you are running on a trampoline.  They definitely are energizing.

IMG 4366

My coach had me do a 2 mile warmup, 5 x 1 mile with 1 minute recovery and a 2 mile cool-down.  In the notes of this workout my coach said, “Keep the pacing around 6:55-7.. there is only a 1-min rest, so if you’re not careful with your pace, it will nip you in the butt!!!”  Yes, I was nipped in the butt.

When looking at the workout I thought oh this won’t be too hard.  I’ve totally got this workout, heck I’ll feel like a million bucks during those mile repeats.

Turns out that 60 seconds of recovery goes by incredibly fast.

My paces for those miles were—> 6:59, 6:52, 6:52, 6:56 & 6:59.  I hit the goal times for the workout but goodness gracious that workout ate me alive.

That 1 minute recovery is a tease.  You finish a repeat and the recovery reminds you how good it feels to not be running fast and then you blink and you have to accelerate all over again and start the next one.  It was hard but it was fun and I was happy to have a body that let’s me run but I was reminded that running is very hard.  It made me thankful for my easy runs today and tomorrow ha.

It was one of those workouts that you have to remind yourself that hurting in that moment is going to make race day hurt a little bit less (or hurt the same amount but you’ll just be going faster because these hard workouts made you stronger;).

Oh and of course I used my ‘pumping my arms faster when my legs wanted to slow down’ trick.

Screen Shot 2018 03 28 at 9 38 43 AM

With the warm-up and cool-down I finished with 9 miles (for the 1 minute recoveries I just stopped my watch and walked) for the day.  Can’t wait to see 5 miles in a row with no recoveries at this pace:

IMG 4354

SPRING.  Too bad this outfit only lasted for about 45 minutes yesterday.

IMG 4390

Mid-morning Andrew took Knox in to our pediatrician to find out he had Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.  So we decided that I should leave with the girls (neither of them were in contact at all yesterday so I doubt they will get it) while Andrew stayed home with Knox to help him to get feeling better.  Poor little guy.  I hate it when kids are sick, I would so much rather be sick myself because they are just so little and innocent.

We went and grabbed some lunch at Corner Bakery.  Brooke is also a breakfast all day long lover like me.

IMG 4395

Breakfast foods just put you in a really good mood.

IMG 4398

So does Target.  We walked around there for a very long time.

IMG 4401

We are in charge of the family Easter egg hunt this weekend so we picked up the goods for that.  I’m just thankful that there are now different types of jelly beans than the gross kind that I grew up with;)

IMG 4404

Speaking of Easter egg hunts… THIS x 1,000,000:

IMG 4393

And then the girls and I went over to my mom’s house.  I brought my foam roller because I didn’t stretch or foam roll right after my run and my body needed it big time.

IMG 4408

We had a pretty chill afternoon.  Brooke was happy to get to play with her cousin that is staying at my parents’ house.  She was also very happy that my mom has the perfect area for us to all watch her gymnastics.

IMG 4410

Skye and I attempted to get some things done on the floor a bit later.

IMG 4409

And then my parents started making dinner.  Yep, pancakes.  Turns out it runs in our family.  Breakfast for all three of my meals yesterday;)  Also, my dad is allergic to eggs so he just adds this packet of apple sauce to replace the egg for his pancakes.  I think my dad is to blame for my pancake obsession—>  EVERY Sunday when I was a kid we could come home from church and my dad would make a pile of pancakes and we would eat and talk together.

IMG 4414

This scene below from my parents’ yard is a love/hate relationship…  I am so excited to see that spring is arriving but I am so not excited for my allergies to kick in.

IMG 4405

Here’s to hoping that this little guy is 100% soon.  He leaves again tonight but I think he loved his one on one time with Andrew all day yesterday!

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Anyone else with a husband that is sending this note out today too:

Image 1


Who else has seasonal allergies?  What helps you?  I’m not sure what I’m going to do this year since I’m breastfeeding?!

Had a humbling workout lately?  What was it?

What’s your workout today?

-4 miles at an easy pace.  Wahoo!

I would like to hear your thoughts on black jelly beans.  What percentage of people do you think like those?

-My mother is one of the three people that I know that likes that flavor of jelly bean.

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Kids can pick up those eggs in record time but it’s also interesting that they can find them fast but when they are looking for something at home it’s nowhere to be found ever until they have help.

Feel better Knox!! It’s no fun to have sick kids.


Way to go on that workout!! Mile repeats give me serious anxiety…
I get allergies sometimes, but a good nose spray and sometimes Claritin works for me. I don’t like to take medication so I usually just suffer through!
No workout for me today! It’s my birthday so I’m taking the day off :)
I’m guessing black jelly beans taste like licorice??


Happy happy birthday Erinn! I hope your day is perfect and you do everything that you want to do!


Mile repeats give me anxiety too. The expectation is REAL.


Oh man, those mile repeats! I’m in Boston training and my coach has had me doing workouts like FIVE miles warm up, 5 mile repeats! It was BRUTAL. They’re so deceiving! You think that break would help but it makes it so much harder! Haha. Great job Janae! I hope Knox feels better. HF&M sucks. :(


Mollie, I am so excited for you to rock Boston! I better hear all about it! Ummm yeah, five miles before the repeats… OUCH!


Okay, I hardly even noticed that bag of Swedish Fish jellybeans in your cart because of that cute little smiling face behind them! And, that’s saying a lot b/c I’m a sugar addict!!!!!! lol

I liked reading about your mile repeats b/c I’m running a 5 mile race Saturday that I’m pretty nervous for. I know I should be in shape for it, but I haven’t RACED RACED in over a year. I think the more you do something, the more “comfortable” it becomes. I’m just out of practice. Trying to muster all of my strong mantras for Saturday. Weather is looking great, so that’s a plus! I’ll remember to pump my arms!

I kinda like black jellybeans. I LOVE Good and Plentys. I did an Insta poll in my story on them 2 weeks ago. It was like 70% to 30% NOT liking them. What’s wrong with people?! It made me very sad. ha ha My youngest daughter is a sugar addict, and we have a candy dish that she can’t resist. I put Good and Plentys in it last week, and I was like, “I finally found a candy Sydney won’t like!” We had her try one, and she actually kinda liked it (must be in the genes ha ha), but she said, “It kinda tastes like medicine.” HA HA HA HA HA

Have a great day, Janae! Hope Knox heals up soon, and great job on those 5 x 1 miles! You persevered!


Ahhhh good luck on Saturday! I want to hear all about it! I need to get racing more too so I become more comfortable with it! Hahah I’m with Sydney, those taste like medicine! Thanks Jen!


Oh man hand foot and mouth is the worst! We got it in the fall my 18 month old and 4 year old were miserable for at least a week. Smart to leave the house!
Black jelly beans gross!

I wanna try these workouts you post. I’ve never been good about getting speed workouts in. It would probably be a good idea though


Try it out and let me know what you think:) oh that is awful that two of your kids got it.. our doc said it can last for a week too nooooo!


I like black jelly beans, although I’d rather have the Swedish Fish ones in your pic. I haven’t tried them yet, but they are a GENIUS idea. =)


Try them ASAP! They are amazing!


*raises hand* I have seasonal allergies and they have been off the charts lately. I take a pill and use a nasal spray and they are still pretty bad. My doctor told me to limit my time outdoors, but that’s impossible since outdoors is where the running happens :). If you hear any other good tips let me know!

EVERY single run for me is humbling right now. After like nine months off from running because of compartment syndrome and then surgery, just a two mile easy run is humbling! :D It’s okay though, I just keep reminding myself there is no where to go but up from here! I’m always impressed by how fast your fitness comes back after you take a break from running. I hope my endurance comes back half as fast as yours does!


I LOVE the Levitate so much! I got them when they first came out and they are my new go-to running shoes (after 15 years of wearing Adidas). I just ordered another pair and I’m so scared they are going to change them, I am thinking of ordering more! Really hope Knox feels better soon! It’s the worst feeling when our little ones are sick!


Thanks Mel! Oh I want to order 20 more of these shoes ha.. so glad you love them! I hope you have Ana amazing day:)


Try eating a spoon of local honey each day for allergies. I need to get some because I forgot to and my allergies have already kicked in and I’m miserable!!

Hand foot mouth is awful! Feel better quickly Knox!!


Oh no… I’m sorry your allergies are already bad! Thank you for that idea, I will totally get that and Andrew will be happy because honey is his favorite! Have a great day Erin!


Way to nail that workout, Janae!! You are kicking major tail! I have a speed workout that I’m doing this afternoon, so please send good thoughts my way for that!

I actually don’t like any jelly beans at all. But I recently discovered the Starburst: Summer Splash, and they are really good!

Hope sweet Knox feels better so soon!


Feel better Knox.


Great work out girl! You are just so speedy- great job!

I swam 80 lengths in the pool last night and it took about 50 minutes and then I sat in the steam room and was feeling wonderful and then this morning I woke up and I AM SO SORE haha…all I wanted to do was stay in bed and not go to work (boo) but today is my Friday because I’m off tomorrow so looking forward to sleeping in a little past my alarm tomorrow ;)


Wow! Amazing job on your swim! I wouldn’t be able to move for a week after that. Enjoy your day off tomorrow and sleeping in wahoo!


Oh yeah, workouts like that are so sneaky! In the beginning you’re like yay I got this and then a few reps in it’s like- wait no, I’m dying. My coach who runs our track groups does a lot of workouts like that with limited rest in between. And he said the rest helps mentally, but makes it physically harder because it’s justtt enough time for that lactic acid to start to build up and then you have to go all over again! Great job getting it done and sticking to your paces though! The hardest workouts always feel the best when you’re done.

I just started getting seasonal allergies a few years ago. I always forget that they are a thing and then when the seasons change I’m like- why do I feel terrible all of a sudden? And then I remember haha.

And hard pass on any type of black candy (jelly beans, licorice, etc.). They should definitely replace that with another color that people actually like :-)


Okay, you nailed it… I feel like that is exactly what happened to me yesterday! I want to come to your track group! I agree, they just need to get rid of the black jelly beans/licorice etc. I hope your allergies are better this year. Have a great day Diana!


You should absolutely come to my track group if you ever find yourself in Philadelphia!! The best coaches and group of people – and it makes doing speed work 50292 times more manageable when you’re doing it with all your friends :-)

Hope you are having a great day and Knox gets better soon!


lol seasonal allergies hit me the exact same way. i totally forget i have them until i feel awful and then i’m like oh, i should probably take something for that…!


Yes, exactly! Cue me searching through my drawers and purses to try to find my allergy spray from last season haha


Oh no! I hope Knox feels better soon! Oh, and I have to say we finally watched The Greatest Showman and loved it so much! We’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat! Such good stuff!
I have the worst allergies, as in I ride my bike using a cloth face mask. A little embarrassing but better than being miserable later. I used to do two Zyrtec pills, nasal spray, and shots but it didn’t seem to be helping and I was hating the shots. I started seeing an acupuncturist and got off the nasal spray immediately (and of course the shots). Now I do the pills and some herbal pills she gave me and the herbal pills help out so much. Spring is the worst but I think by summer, I will be able to get down to one Zyrtec and hopefully off completely some time. Let me know if you want to see what I take and I’ll DM you. Ooh, we do not like black jelly beans at all. We laugh because it totally ruins your taste buds to where you can’t taste any other bean after that. Have a great day, Janae!


My dad loves black jellybeans too. I can’t stand them.


Oh boy, yesterday was 6x800s and they sure were humbling. Only 1-2 seconds below goal pace but I had to work for them! Great job on the mile repeats! It sure is a journey coming back post baby but it’s still progress. And I’m a sucker for Trader Joe’s jelly beans. No black ones in there!


WAY TO GO on your 6 x 800s… those are so hard! I have never tried TJ jelly beans, I need to!


Oh no Hand Foot & Mouth. My daughter got that when she was just over a year old. Then my husband got it from her. She recovered quickly….he on the other hand got knocked out hard for a few days. Its not common in adults but apparently can be much worse for an adult who does get it. Hope Knox feels better soon.

I did a speed workout. 1 mile warm up, 4 x 400m with 1 minute recoveries, 1 800m, and then for the last 3/4 mile I did some stride/pick up things for 15 seconds each with 15 second recoveries. I am doing the Boston 5K in two weeks and it has a hill at the end so I have been ending my runs this week by running up the hill in my neighborhood. I am sure the Boston hill is bigger but hoping this will help too.

I was able to take Claritin while breastfeeding. But don’t take Claritin D since the decongestant has “drying” tendencies. I used Flonase too but only on the days I was struggling and took Fenugreek to help with supply. And black jelly beans are awful. The only person I know who likes those are my mom.


Awesome workout!

I’m going to a treadmill class today! I’ve only been to a couple but I really like them. They’re helpful when it’s gross outside and I find I push myself harder in these classes than I would if I was on my own.

Jelly beans are probably my favorite candy and I do like the black jelly beans! Growing up they used to be my favorite, but now I’m more of a pink or orange jelly bean person. I also don’t mind the classic jelly beans, but I do love all of the varieties now. I love the Starburst ones! And I really want to try the Swedish fish ones!


My grandma always ate the black jelly beans, so we thought she liked them best. Turned out she didn’t, she just couldn’t stand the thought of throwing anything away and she saved the good ones for everyone else. We used to buy her bags of all black because we thought they were her favorite! I feel horrible about that now!


HFM is the worst! I hope Andrew and the rest of you don’t get it. It can be contagious for over a week. Ugh.


Poor Knox! My nephew had hfm recently and then my brother got it. Awful. I LOVE black jelly beans! I did four easy miles before my baby woke up. Can’t wait for spring!


Oh poor Knox! Hand, foot and mouth is a rough one. Lots of ice pops and cuddles works well.

I love black jelly beans. My whole family thinks it’s disgusting and every year they gag when i eat them. Lol I look forward to grossing them out in a few days.
Today was a zone out with Netflix for 5 miles. We are in the middle of break here and my kids needed the play space at the gym…I needed some solo miles. Everyone’s much happier and trying to set up plans for the rest of the day.
Hope you have a great day!!


What a humbling run–something even more humbling is to not BE ABLE TO RUN AT ALL GAHH! Also, when you eat, do you generally multitask and check your phone, or watch videos?


I love breakfast too! Has your dad tried baking with flax eggs??


Hmmm he hasn’t! I need to get some for him… THANKS JEN!


I use it baking when I forget to buy eggs! ;) I like the taste!


Hand, Foot and Mouth disease is the worst…. Kid2 brought it home from the high school his freshman year. Totally mild for him – slight sore throat and three blisters on his hands. Kid 3 (3 yrs old) got it – hands and feet blistered, throat and mouth blistered, fever, crying, didn’t want to eat, just soft foods and drinks, miserable for a week. Then I got it – two weeks of misery, couldn’t swallow, couldn’t chew, struggled to avoid dehydration, lost weight…I think HFM is worse than the flu and almost as miserable as pneumonia. It is also super contagious so you might consider asking Andrew to sanitize the house before you go home.


Oh my goodness. That is so so scary! Skye and I are home now and Knox has only been in the downstairs (even came in the downstairs door) and we have just stayed upstairs and Brooke is with my mom. Andrew has carried clorox wipes around with him so hopefully that helps. I am so sorry you all went through this. It’s scary stuff and I had a nightmare last night that Skye got it. I hope you are having a great day!


Allergies are the worst – I have learned that I do not ever stop taking my Flonase. Even when it’s not the season of allergies… it helps me keep up an immunity to them. Also, I saw someone above post about local honey – they are right, it does help!
Humbling workout was last night – I was going to go to the track and do some speed work but it was raining (and today is sunny and nice) so I swapped out and did a 45 minute HIIT workout instead. It was an EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout with a bunch of different moves in a range of reps and oh my goodness I am so sore today. A 45 min run would have been much, much easier for me. Which is why I know the HIIT is good for me!
Workout today is a speed workout… haven’t quite decided what I will do yet. :)
YUCK to black jelly beans.


Hand mouth and foot is the worst! It’s going around daycare now (knocking on wood.) My daughter had it when she was a year old and then I got it from her. I had the worst sores on my hands and under my nail beds. It was so painful I couldn’t do anything with my hands for 2 days. After that my skin from the sores peeled away and my nails would lift from the ones under there. I don’t wish it on anyone. I’m glad you’ve isolated yourself and the girls from Knox (poor guy!) I’m sure you’re taking every little precaution with Skye since she probably constantly has her hand in her mouth. Good call.


I feel you – because I had the worst seasonal allergies. I did try some of the meds, but I read (and tried the following) – more fish, local honey, ginger, berries, n peppers etc as those foods are supposed to help with the histamine reaction. Also, as soon as I came home I would throw my clothes into the wash and take a shower (supposed to get the pollen out). We washed all our sheets – did this a bit more frequently.

My workout today was just under 10 easy km (it’s a recovery week for me) as I had a 23 mile trail run this past weekend (which I am still recovering from haha).

Oh, and I feel for your family – my friend had foot in mouth – he got it from his toddler! It is a good thing you are at your moms now. I hope Knox feels better soon and none of you guys get sick! Disinfect the house :).

Have a great day!


Black jelly beans are a hard no from me!!


yes! also have seasonal allergies, usually taking claritin and zyrtec is what i do to help the situation, but after awhile they don’t do the job and then i have to figure something else…hope you find something that is compatible with breastfeeding!

that is such a bummer about Knox getting HFM, hope he feels better soon!

that work out sounds so so so hard! that is so awesome that you did it though. no humbling workout lately – been taking it easy b/c i tweaked my left ankle last week – sob! i only noticed it when walking and cycling after a run. went to see the podiatrist and physical therapist this week. nothing is broken/fractured (thank goodness) but it looks like an ankle sprain as there’s swelling and pain. they suspect overuse injury. i have to back off the weekly mileage, do some treatment/exercises. ugh. apparently several runners have been coming in to the PT i went to, all of us are training for the BK half and he says 90% of his runners come in while training. so sad, but i suppose a really common thing. if i feel good, i will run this weekend and test the waters (my last run was Mon), but i’ll stay away from hard stuff for the time being.

i cannot say i like jelly beans but my daughter is addicted to those things. any candy will do for her!

have a great day! weekend for me starts tonight, looking forward to 3 days off!


Seasonal allergy solution/ partial solution (breastfeeding compatible) => streaming Ocean spray. Uhh, it feels good!

I wrote the details in a comment here =>

Happy spring for all!


Our house had HF&M this fall and it was the sickest I’ve been in a long time (aside from first trimester of pregnancy . . . . ) So sending fast recovery to you!

Also, black jelly beans (black licorice in general) is probably the only chewy candy I like. I love Easter because the whole world gives me their black jelly beans! Having an unpopular opinion is definitely a win.


Clean every surface in the house. That is highly contagious, Door knobs, toilets, sinks, dresser pulls, remotes….


Wishing Knox a quick recovery!!!

Growing up a baseball fan, I can totally relate to that note…my mom would take us out of school and bring us to opening day every April.

Great job on that workout — I haven’t done speed repeats for YEARS because I am haunted by the pain!!!! But there really is nothing like that completely burnt out exhausted lay on the grass jelly leg feeling of accomplishment!!!

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