Getting back into racing shape hurts + not exaggerating + my training log for last week!

Skye’s morning/all day hair always makes me pretty happy.

I set out for my run once the sun came up and once I talked myself into going out in the wind.  At least it was warm out compared to the last few weeks… I wore shorts and took my gloves off!

During my intervals yesterday I kept thinking about how HARD GETTING into running shape feels during my speed workouts.  But really, running/speed work is just hard anytime you are trying to get better no matter how fit you are. You are just doing faster paces and running for longer but it is still really hard.  So yes, it’s hard getting back into running/racing shape again but I just need to get comfortable with the feeling of wondering if my legs are going to fall off because that is what it takes to hit the goals I want (plus those hard feeling runs are where the endorphins really kick in).  My definition of hard is just going to = faster paces with the more and more work I put in.

IMG 1985

This is what my run looked like.  3 mile w/u (and then I pushed the lap button on accident twice) and then did 7 x 90 seconds HARD effort (8-9 out of 10) w/ .25 miles of recovery.  The tricky part about this workout was doing a faster pace than I normally do for my recovery portions of workouts.   I was still able to recover after each interval but not as easily as normal.  I finished up with a 2 mile c/d and ended with 8.45 miles.  The 90 second intervals averaged out to about a 6:22 pace and I stuck to pretty flat course for the run.  It hurt but felt good to push myself again.

Screen Shot 2018 03 03 at 2 45 26 PM

During the cool-down I ran into one of my really good friends while she was out on her run.  My Brooks could eat her Brooks;)   I’m seeing how my feet do in the PureFlows for speed and so far so good.

IMG 1994

I got home and Brooke was putting on the finishing touches for her present for Knox that she made.  Lately she has been making him something each time he leaves for him to come home to.

IMG 2001

I got out my mat and then Brooke brought out her mat.  She is about 58 times more flexible than I am… someday I’ll touch those toes of mine.  I’m working on it.  I also did 3 sets of 15 squats (w/ my bands), 15 lunges (per leg), 15 single leg deadlifts (per leg w/5 lb weights) & 15 push-ups (on my knees)!

IMG 2027

It was then time to get ready for the day, do chores and get this baby fed before we left!

IMG 2022

We went to my new current favorite restaurant in my city.  It has been years since I last went to Joe’s Cafe and I don’t know why I am not there more, it is amazing!

IMG 2039

I had the western omelette, Brooke had the french toast and Andrew had the biscuits and gravy with eggs on top.  Everything was perfect and we all shared with each other so we could try it all.  I promise this is not an exaggeration, it was the best omelette I have ever had in my 32 years of life.

IMG 2044

Came home and did the kid thing.

IMG 2063

They told a few secrets to each other.

IMG 2072

And then I got some work done before Andrew left for the rest of the day.  His mom invited us to go snowshoeing with her and I was planning on going too but Skye is not taking the bottle very well anymore and I would be gone for 7 hours if I went.  I decided to stay home with the girls.  He had an amazing time with his mom and nephews so it worked out really well.

IMG 2088

While Andrew was gone we hit up the park for a bit and Skye watched jealous of all of the kids running around from the bench.

IMG 2078

The girls both had bath time and I even blow dried Brooke’s hair!

IMG 2083

And then we had dinner.  Sometimes I add spinach to my spaghetti to get some more greens in.

IMG 2085

Finished off with watching Leap for the #434 time with Brooke.

IMG 2090


Here’s what the last week of training looked like for me!

Monday: 7 miles @ 8:12 average pace.

Tuesday:  1 mile w/up, 4.29 miles @ 7:00 average pace, 1 mile c/d.  6.29 miles!

Wednesday: 7 miles @ 8:40 average pace.

Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:34 average pace near my parents’ house.

Friday:  4 miles @ 8:35 average pace on the treadmill.

Saturday:  8.45 miles.  3 mile w/u, 7 x 90 seconds fast (6:22 average for those) w/ .25 mile recovery runs after each one and 2 mile c/d.  This was HARD for me, I’m telling ya… those long intervals feel much better for me vs short quick stuff.  It’s weird.

Sunday:  OFF!  Rest day.

38.74 miles for the week and about 8 weeks until race day!


What’s the best thing you have eaten this weekend so far?

Have a favorite breakfast/brunch spot in your area?  Do tell so we can all try it if we are ever in your area. 

Ever been snowshoeing?  Any love to ski or snowboard?

When’s your next rest day?

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Hi Janae! We don’t go out much so I had to look it up!

Best thing I ate was Papa John’s pan pizza. Doesn’t sound like much but I LOVE pizza. Haha. I have only tried snowboarding but I sucked. I’d like to try skiing some time. Gotta hurry and get ready for church now! Our church is having fun Go Texan activities and food after, too! Have a great day!


Okay, Papa John’s is seriously my favorite delivery pizza. I love it so much and I ‘m so glad you had some:) I hope church was great and the food after was delicious:) Enjoy the rest of your day Marie!


I have been craving a sub from the sub shop from where I used to live in Maine (Amatos for any Maine readers). I live in Florida now but my Dad brought me a jar of their pickles for Christmas so I bought all the sub fixins and used those pickles to make myself a copycat Amatos sub for dinner last night. It was amazing and made me so happy!


Oh I love that you made the copycat sub. I need to try Amatos if I’m ever in Maine. Thanks so much Kristen and enjoy your Sunday!


Blue’s egg. And if you are ever in our area, we better be there together.
Solid run Janae!
Girls nights are a must do sometimes, the 3 of you are cute.


Oh you know we will be going to Blue’s egg together. Thanks Erica and I hope you are having a beautiful day!


It’s fast Sunday Janae! Putting pictures of that amazing looking good is just not fair. I’m just kidding!! But really that brunch looks incredibly amazing. I’ve never been there but I’m going to have to try it.

Yesterday was beautiful weather and then we get several inches of snow this morning. Come on Utah.

Have a good Sunday!


Oh I am SO sorry! I feel like I haven’t fasted in years between breastfeeding and pregnancy! You have to try Joe’s! Seriously, maybe Spring will come by June;)


Haha I know how that goes. And then the first week back to fast mug feels like you’ll die. It’s supposed to start warming up this week but I can’t say it will last haha


Somehow I managed to bang out about 6 km today despite feeling under the weather. There’s a cough in my chest and a tickling in my nose that I can’t shake off. You inspire me to do intervals of 90 minutes working!


I hope you get feeling better soon, take care of yourself Linda. Oh the intervals were 90 seconds:)


I had half a Crumbl cookie yesterday and half a Swig cookie (saving the other halves for today) and,after not having treats all week, they were heavenly!!
Have you ever been to Penny Ann’s Cafe? There are 3 locations up her in the Salt Lake valley. The BEST pancakes I’ve ever had and I don’t even like pancakes. But I crave these ones regularly.
Sooo excited for rest day today. My body is exhausted. I will probably get the foam roller out a little later…or maybe just get some good stretching in. But man oh man I really need rest day this week.
Enjoy the snowy day!!


AHHHH WHAT DID YOU THINK OF CRUMBL? They are the best right? Okay, now I must find Penny Ann’s Cafe. I can’t wait for their pancakes. I hope you are having a great rest day after a busy week. Thanks Alyssa!


SO yummy!!! I need them to deliver up in my area now!! haha
You too, Janae! Hope your Sunday has been restful.


That omelet sounds so good. I haven’t made omelettes in a while but this makes me want to have them again. The portions at that restaurant are nice and generous, which is always nice too. I have never been snowshoeing but my husband has been wanting us to go. ?


YES.. we couldn’t believe how much food they brought out ha. Go snowshoeing with your husband… it’s fun (and a great workout)!


Good Morning! That omelette looked amazing yesterday! A fantastic way to celebrate a week of working hard towards your goals!
I think the best thing I ate yesterday was the homemade pizza my daughter made with mozzarella and fresh basil. It was so simple but so delicious. It tasted amazing after my trail run, I had a personal victory yesterday. I’ve been running a certain trail for a few years and love it but it’s almost 7 miles of hills and I’ve never been able to run it without a few walk breaks on some of the really long hills. But yesterday, I finally did it and made it the whole way! All the work is paying off! I may have given a little ‘woohoo’ at the top of the last hill. ;)
I’m heading to the gym today to put in some slow steady miles on the treadmill, your Netflix suggestion last week was perfect and I’m actually excited to spend more time on the treadmill to see what comes next! Rest day tomorrow.
Happy Sunday!


I LOVE that you made pizza with your daughter yesterday, that sounds so good. HUGE CONGRATS on your trail run yesterday, I am saying woohoo as I write this for you too. That is so awesome. I hope your run was great and let me know what you think of the end:) Thanks Christina!


There’s a place in the Quad Cities (about 30 min from me) called Baked and it is the best brunch food I’ve ever had!! They have a hot chocolate bar sometimes on the weekends and you can literally make a meal out of just the things to add to hot chocolate. It’s amazing!
I finally got a 4mi run in yesterday and even though I had to stop and blow my nose a few times and had some coughs during it, it felt so good to get back to it! I have a strength training workout planned for today.
Brooke has gorgeous hair! My goodness.


A HOT CHOCOLATE BAR?! I must try Baked at some point in my life, that sounds amazing. I am SO glad you were able to get out there and get some miles in Rhiannon. I hope you continue to feel better and better. Thanks girl!


Best thing I ate recently was breakfast the other day where we had our favorite biscuits and they knew I just celebrated my birthday so they brought us two iced cinnamon pecan biscuits with sprinkles on top
….on the house! So nice! It is our favorite brunch place and it is called maple st biscuit company….based out of FL but they have a few TN locations….so so so delicious! And tomorrow and Tuesday are rest days because I ran my 11th half marathon today!


Okay, that is SO nice! I must try it someday:) HUGE CONGRATS on your 11th half marathon Loribeth, you are amazing. Happy birthday and enjoy those rest days!!


French onion Soup at Burgoos – we went last night with my dad. Also, they had these biscuits that were amazing.

Next rest day = tomorrow. I did my long run bright and early this am and got hailed on haha. But glad to get my miles in.

We love to snowshoe – we pretty much do it most weekends in the winter. I grew up skiing but now I board because my partner is a really good boarder and he is trying to teach me to be better. It is a work in progress.

Sophie’s Cosmic cafe for brunch and Burgoo for a delicious home cooked lunch or dinner.

Have a great Sunday!


I LOVE FRENCH ONION SOUP… turns out I need to go to Burgoos someday:) Way to go on getting your long run done in the hail Kristine! I love that you guys snowboard together:) Thanks, you too!


Thanks for the reminder that it’s hard for everyone! It will help me push through next time :)


I think the last time I went snowshoeing was in elementary school during gym class. It’s clearly been awhile. I should try going again this winter. With the amount of snow that’s on the ground here right now it’ll be awhile before it all melts.


I had Panera Bread that blew my socks off! So fresh and tasty. I LOVE Papa John’s, too. I’ve never been snowshoeing, it sounds interesting. The older I get the more I can’t handle being cold, so I don’t think I could do it. Plus, I’m not in the best shape. It would probably be the death of me! Lol


Looks delicious! I really enjoy snowshoeing but haven’t gone for the past couple years. If you are in Chicago for breakfast/brunch I would highly recommend the Eleven city diner on Wabash. We go memorial day weekend when they shut down Lake shore Drive for “bike the drive“. After riding for about 35 or so miles the food is heavenly! My friend and I will share. One of us get something savory in the other one get something sweet. ?


My new favorite salad dressing is the Green Goddess Dressing from Trader Joe’s! It’s super light. I also love yogurt dressings.

I sprained my ankle a couple years ago and it’s still funky and looks big.

My Tuesday Tangent is last night after grocery shopping the baby fell asleep in the car so I sat in the garage for a few minutes enjoying the quiet before I went in the house. And this morning I woke up before the baby and it was amazing! It’s the little things lately!

Our babies are just a few days apart! Adelynne will be 3 months on Monday!

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