What does a really poor/awful/lame/ridiculous run mean + Skye can do something I can’t do +this makes me so happy to see.

We’ve sure got a lot to catch up on!  So let’s start with Wednesday!

Skye slept straight through the night until 5 that morning (and 6 Thursday morning—>  AHHHH) so after I fed her, I jumped on the treadmill for 7 miles @ 8:30 pace.  I just kind of zoned out listening to music, daydreaming about summer running and reading on my iPad.  It was nice and it felt good to be done with my workout so early!

IMG 1100

A bit later we picked up Knox!  He is always up to joining me at the counter with some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

IMG 1120

Skye took her morning nap in my arms because we have officially spoiled her.

IMG 1129

THERE WAS A LOT OF THIS EATEN all day long.  Costco sells the Boom Chicka Pop in huge bags and we go through these bags a little too quickly!

IMG 1133

Andrew and I made it over to go see Dr. Bennett.  He’s helping me to get strong again after having Skye (hallelujah… postpartum rehab/prehab is crazy important) and Andrew is getting a few things worked on too!

IMG 1115

Skye has a talent that I do not have nor do I think I could ever figure out how to do it… she blows these little bubbles randomly throughout the day.  She loves smacking her lips together too.

IMG 1137

Wednesday night I went out with the youth girls at my church.  We went laser tagging which was a blast.  But before that, Andrew and I watched some of the Olympics together and…

IMG 1141

Had my new favorite chili, it was so good.  We used this recipe (the only change we made was using ground turkey instead of ground beef)!

IMG 1168

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see Brooke loving sweet potatoes too (Knox ate it too but he doesn’t love SPs quite as much as Brooke yet;).

IMG 1171

Topped with cheese, sour cream and avocado.  Try it if you like sweet potatoes!

IMG 1169

Knox showed me how he practices his meditation.  He is also starting karate soon so that is exciting.

IMG 1145

And of course Brooke practiced her gymnastics.  PS we got this mat for her and she is really loving it.

IMG 1153

We were happy to watch:

IMG 1157

Thursday morning:

I listened to this Ali on the Run podcast with Dr. Meggie and they talked all about hormones, birth control, periods, egg freezing etc and it was VERY interesting.  I love learning about our bodies and why they do the things they do so if you like that too, listen to this one!   <—— This podcast was the best part of the run, that is for sure.

Yesterday’s run was HARD.  It was the kind of run where you feel like you lost any and all fitness that you’ve ever had and like you are running in mud up to your hips!  When I start to feel defeated during a run because I’m just not feeling great, I think about two things:

1.  THIS HAPPENS TO EVERYONE.  Even Shalane.  Even people that have been running for 50 years.  Even people that love running with every cell of their body.  It happens, it’s normal.  I tell myself to deal with it.

2. It’s our body’s way of telling us something.  Our body isn’t telling us that we feel not so great because we magically lost all of our fitness overnight or that our race goals are silly because there is no way we will run that pace again… Our body could be telling us a few different things.

It could be telling us that we’ve worked really hard already this week and need to avoid burnout/overtraining/injury, to go nice and easy instead.  It could be telling us we need to fuel better, drink more water or get a bit more sleep.  It could be telling us that it is doing everything possible to recover from our last hard workout so take it easy so it can keep doing it’s job with recovery.  It could be telling us that we’ve got a lot of stress in our life at that point outside of running and our body/mind just needs to relax.  It could be telling us we are coming down with something or it could be telling us that we just need to get working on our mental toughness by finishing the run even when our body tells us to stop.  In this situation, take a few minutes to think about what our bodies are telling us and sometimes they are telling us that they are just tired and to cut our run short or take an extra rest day too!  So, I cut my run short, went home and stretched/hung out until Skye woke up.  I think the Yassos that I did on Tuesday are requiring more recovery than normal since my body isn’t used to speed work.

Today is another day!

IMG 1184

It sure was nice to be outside after three days on the treadmill… even though it was 20 degrees!

IMG 1188

Two highlights from our Thursday:

Going over to my parents’ house for family night (something we try to do each Thursday..) and asking my mom how they can help her out around the house.

IMG 1223

And then we ordered pizza and watched a movie.  Skye enjoyed herself too.

IMG 1227


How often do you feel like you have one of those really really hard/awful runs?  What is your body usually trying to tell you when this happens?

Are you a popcorn person?  What is your favorite kind/brand/flavor/variety?

Was your last run excellent, very good, good, average or poor (that is what my watch asks me at the end of each run)?! 

Have any Friday night plans?

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Hi! I read your blog everyday and I must say I think Skye is getting cuter and cuter by the day – those cheeks!! Have a great weekend! :)


HALEY!!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment, it made my morning! I hope you have a wonderful weekend:)


OH my word! The pic of Skye sleeping in your arms. Eeeeee!!! Her little face is so cute!


Oh thank you Nicole. Her smiles melt me:) I hope your Friday is a great one!


This post is SO timely! I woke up this morning and my legs felt like like led. Yesterday was a tough workout/day in general for me. 7 mile run in the morning … Two yoga classes during the day … And then teacher training at night, which included another yoga class. I didn’t get to bed till about 11:30 and I was exhausted! I definitely need to ease up on the workouts today!

Friday night plans: RELAXING! It’s been a busy week and there is nothing more that I want than a low key, quiet night in. Dinner/catching up on The Bachelor/early bedtime.

Happy Friday!!


YES YES YES.. you had a killer day yesterday Arthi, your legs better feel like led after that ha. ENJOY all of the relaxing and The Bachelor:) Thanks girl!


I have terrible, horrible, no good, very bad runs about once a month and it’s usually right before I start my period or right after. My body is just going through that rough spot and it takes a couple of days to get over that hump.

I haven’t always been a popcorn person, but lately I have been. I’m more of a classic butter/salt popcorn girl.

I am coaching track at my old high school and I’m trying to run with the kids every day that I can. I’m getting back into speed workouts that I tend to skip out on when I’m training on my own so it feels good to get that in. Yesterday we did a ladder and it felt really good. It was hard and I could definitely tell I hadn’t done speed like that in a while but it was a good hard.


YES, I totally agree that is definitely a reason for awful runs… those cycles of ours sure take a lot out of us. I love that you are running with the kids you are coaching and great job on the ladder workout, I want to come do it with you guys:) Thanks Sloan and have a beautiful Friday!


My daughter who will basically eat anything HATES sweet potatoes. They literally make her gag if she eats some and it’s kind of funny!
IKEA sells tumbling mats, too, for cheap. My girls are gymnasts so the mats are constantly out at our house.


NOOOOOO Oh I hope she gets over that quickly;) Oh really, sorry to make you come back and answer me but how much and are they at all Ikeas do you think? Or I could go google it haha! I hope you and your girls have a great day! Thanks Dee!


I got them at the IKEA in Draper. They are green and if I remember right $30. We have two and they’ll make one really long mat out of them, have one folded up and one flat to do certain tricks or set them up and put a blanket over top to make the best forts!!


Thank you SO much Dee!! We are going to have to go and get them. Perfect! I hope you are having a great weekend!


We are a huge popcorn living family. Just about every night I make fresh popcorn. We have one of those old fashion whirly pops that you use in the stove. Popped in coconut oil, topped with a little butter and salt.

Friday plans: Make sure my kids are rested it was tech week(kids are in the play Aladdin Jr.) been very late nights. Show starts tomorrow, even in theater they get rest days. Not so much theirs bodies more their voices and minds.
Oh and I get to make a first birthday cake for a friends son. ?


Okay, I want to come over at night for your fresh popcorn… it made me salivate reading about it:) Oh that is so exciting that your kids are in a play! Have so much fun watching the play and enjoy birthday cake making. Thanks Samantha!


I have hard runs all the time! Usually my body is telling me that I’m tired or I need to eat. So I’ve been trying to eat a little more before my runs.
I love popcorn! I eat it everyday…but I like really plain popcorn. Just a little salt and I’m happy :)
My last run was awesome! It was 60 degrees and I went on a 4 mile run with my dog before the sun came up. I was originally going to do 3 but I had to just run one more because I felt so good.
Tonight I’m planning a new recipe – Southwestern Chicken Casserole from Fit Foodie Finds! So excited :)


Good call on eating a bit more before you head out on your run. Way to go on your last great run, I want 60 degrees:) I’ll come stay with you! That dinner sounds SO good. Let me know how it turns out!


Yes! Good tips on thinking about why our run is hard on a particular day. Too often, I just assume my mental game is off. I think I just needed to hear someone else point out that there are many factors to consider so next time, I will actually consider them!
My last run was very good! It was super short, but it was my first run outside in 2 months! It felt great!


Oh I totally agree, mental game plays a HUGE role in how our runs go! Thanks for sharing Elizabeth and I’m so glad you got to go outside! Fresh air is the best!


I needed to read this post today! When my runs feel off, I usually need to take a few days off. I used to ignore those cues and run anyways, but now I’m listening to my body more! My last run was just below average; it was hill repeats in 70 degree weather (in boston. in february. so weird!) so it left me feeling SO OFF. So I’m taking it easy today/tonight to get ready for my 18-20 mile long run tomorrow:)


Kerri, that is so awesome that you are listening to your body more… way to go girl! 70 degree weather, what is going on!?! You are going to rock your long run tomorrow, let me know how it goes!


Now I have to make some popcorn… I just discovered that you can make popcorn in the instant pot so that is amazing. My girls love popcorn with the shaker flavors that you can put on them. I am sure they likely aren’t the healthiest but it is okay every so often.

I am having trouble really listening to what my body is telling me and sometimes I am glad I did as the workout made me feel better. Not doing anything makes me feel yucky but I know those recovery days are important. I know those days of a slow paced workout are also important.

I have a 7 year old with a stomach bug that has just left her in pain, she also has reflux and she just fell asleep saying her chest was on fire. Poor kid. I was supposed to do last minute set up for our school carnival and I had an interview to volunteer at a childrens bereavement camp. Doesn’t it always seem like when you have things going on this happens?? This is her first day missing school since she was 4.. so I certainly can’t say she doesn’t deserve a sick day. On the bright side it is not a work day for me!


IN THE INSTANT POT!? Okay, now I really need one and I love those shaker flavors too! YES, those slow/easy days are so important… just hard to remind ourselves that! Oh I hope your little one gets feeling asap… I hate it when kids are sick, it breaks my heart. I am glad you aren’t working today! Thanks Carrie and I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that no one else gets the stomach bug in your family!


Love your perspective, Janae. Whenever I have those tough/crummy runs, I try to remind myself that life is a lot like running—sometimes things go really great, and sometimes we feel down in the dumps about them. Either way, we can chalk them up to experiences that help us grow, and sometimes in running, that growth simply comes from acknowledging that it wasn’t the best run and moving on to the next one.

No big plans tonight—hopefully an early bedtime! Happy Friday!! :)


Love the idea that our body is telling us something when a run feels rough! I never thought about it in quite those terms. I definitely have tough runs but those make us appreciate the good runs even more- and usually after a bad run I know a great run is coming right around the corner!

And OMG I love boom chica pop. A costco sized bag of that in my house would be so dangerous! My favorite Friday tradition is coming home after work and having a big bowl of that with some La Croix and catching up on my shows. (Crazy Friday night over here haha) Can’t wait to do that later!


How are you liking that watch?? Do you think it’s pretty accurate on the treadmill?
I’ve stopped wearing my garmin on the treadmill because, no matter how fast I run, it says 9 minute pace. Haha. My Apple Watch was never accurate either. I’m seriously considering an alternative.


Hey Mollie!! I just wear it on the treadmill so that I can get my steps in… I don’t push start on it anymore because I get frustrated when they are off. Hopefully the treadmill is right about distance/pace/speed ha! For outdoor running I am obsessed with it! Let me know if you get it! Have a great day!


I love popcorn made on the stove top but not a fan of microwave popcorn. I add nutritional yeast to my popcorn. Health benefits plus deliciousness :)

This post is so perfect and thank you for having such a positive perspective. My friend and I kicked off training for our next half marathon last weekend. We meet every Saturday for long runs. Both of us were struggling and just had a poor run. Hopefully this weekend we will come back refocused and have an excellent run.


I am loving Brookie’s love for gymnastics. I was that way when I did it as a kid, flips over the couch, handstands everywhere, cartwheels everywhere, etc. That picture of her makes her look so tall!!

Almost always my body is telling me that I’m overtraining when I have a really hard run. It usually comes after I’ve had a few hard workouts in the week and then I try just a tiny 3 miler and my bodys like nope. I have a hard time running my easy runs slowwww so I’m working on that. Otherwise this happens when I’ve been eating a lot of junk!

Love Boom Chicka Pop. Love both the sweet and salty flavors. Mixed = better. I prefer the pre popped bags like that instead of microwave popcorn. Although movie theatre popcorn triumphs all.

My last run was very good. It was my first run back from my concussion where I’ve felt like “me” again as a runner. It’s so funny you mentioned like your mind automatically jumps to “omg I’ve lost all my fitness ahhhh” because thats how I’ve felt this wk coming back, so it was nice to feel like myself again the last run.

Tonight I’m going to a fun beach restaurant with some friends from church!

Hope you have an amazing day and weekend!


That boom chica pop popcorn is SO addicting. Agree that bad/hard runs can mean so many things! During marathon training for me, it usually meant overworking myself, extra stress, lack of sleep or poor nutrition before the run!


I have had those awful runs more frequently than in the past. I think it’s usually a fueling issue (if I wait to late to run then I eat first and then my body is not happy and I know this completely makes zero sense) or a lack of sleep issue if my kids haven’t been sleeping well.
Last weekend I had one and quit 3 miles early and it was definitely because I was getting a cold. No idea what our Friday night plans are but probably something pretty low key.


My last run felt average. But my body told me to take a break…I’m injured BOOO! :( I don’t think it’s very severe at this point so I’m going to try some cross training for a while and hope and pray that a 10k is still going to happen.

I love popcorn but mostly just buttered popcorn. I don’t mind others but butter popcorn is my favorite


First of all, I’m so happy to see Knox again! I hope he never cuts his hair again lol
Second, Sweet Potatoes in chili?? Brilliant!!!
My bad runs are usually a result of not enough rest or a nutrition issues. It’s weird that what you eat the day before a big workout really effects the way you feel. Sometimes I get nervous during a long run worrying if I ate enough (or the right food) the day before.
Popcorn is a BIG YAY!! I like salty. sweet flavors, but not fake cheese flavors.
My last run was good. Easy miles with a few strides at the end. The strides feel so good and really boost my confidence.
Great post today! I hope your next run is good one!


I tend to have those hard/awful runs when I am on my treadmill. I get so cranky that my favorite shows/movies irritate me. If I have a hard/awful run outside it usually means I have not been stretching. Sometimes I just feel like I’m too busy to take time to do it.
Definitely a popcorn person. I make it on the stove top in some olive oil and I put salt on it. Probably a little too much than I should ;).
Last run was poor. Treadmill – we have been iced in here in Oklahoma.
Friday night plans include a run at the park!


Boom Chick pop opened a distribution/facility in town a couple years ago. It’s near the gym where my daughter takes swim lessons from. It always smell so good when they are producing it! Occasionally, you do smell burnt popcorn. I buy the big bag from costco 2 at a time!


We love boom chicka pop! I like the sweet and salty flavour best. This brand seems to be a staple of our Costco runs.

Well, my last run was actually a shuffle to work (and I mean shuffle). It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t great either..

Mostly my runs are reasonably good – maybe I don’t push hard enough ha.

Friday night plans – dominoes and watching the Olympics. It is usually pretty quiet – also I have a race tomorrow (and the course will be covered in snow ha) so we hopefully won’t have a late night.

Have a great weekend! P.S. Skye is super cute :).


My Friday night plans include yoga and relaxing. This weekend my work has a party since they don’t do a Christmas party and I am looking forward to spending the night away at the hotel and dressing up.


That is my favorite chili! I have made that so many times since this fall!

I am definitely a popcorn person! We had a popcorn bar at our wedding as the favor.

Friday night plan is to survive my last night of the week alone with the baby while my husband works his night shift. Then it’s tag teaming tomorrow! I need a break!


Whoa, your run watch lets you track MOOD?!


LOVE what you wrote about listening to our bodies and recovery and your Yassos and how you just might need more recovery time because you aren’t used to that. I’ve had kinda the same type of week. I had a strong speed workout Tuesday–more speed that I’m used to that went well, but then I went to strength class Wed, and the lunges we did there have TRASHED my legs. I’m so sore that I can hardly walk. I need to start thinking about recovery and if strength class is really recovery. But, at the same time, I know strength is good. And, I like my arm muscles. ha ha It can be so hard to find that balance!!!


I always assume my hard runs are because my mental game is off – but I like your perspective on it! I will have to pay more attention the next time that happens to me.
I am FINALLY feeling a little bit more back to normal and over my illness, so I am hoping to go for a run tomorrow at whatever pace my body feels comfortable at and not stress about anything.
I love popcorn but I have braces right now so it’s been almost a year since I had it last – they come off on April 17th and I think popcorn is going to be one of the first things I buy!
Friday night plans – enjoy one last night of illness-induced laziness. Probably watch a movie and go to bed early because that sounds like the perfect plan! Have a good weekend Janae!


This post came at the PERFECT time. I had a very similar run yesterday. It was one of those runs where you want to throw everything out the window and quit running. Yesterday beat me. When I have runs like that I often try to pinpoint why and sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t. Yesterday I was tired. Mentally and physically. And my body was telling me so. It’s nice to know that everyone has those day and that it’s just part of being a runner.


Skye is such a cuddle bug, I love it! Is she a good sleeper? The sweet potato soup looks really delicious. We are fans of sweet potato around here. I’ve had plenty of bad runs — not recently though since i am taking a break from running at the moment (21 weeks pregnant and zero desire to run for whatever reason so opting for other forms of exercise) –> bad runs are like bad days, they happen sometimes to each of us. it was probably wise of you to cut your run short. Sometimes our bodies just need a bit of a break and then they will be ready to go after some extra rest! :)


oh my gosh! This totally happened to me yesterday too. I started running and got a 1/2 mile in and was like “nope” this isn’t happening. So I came home and did yoga and it was amazing how good it felt to get some stretching in. Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t alone!!


Yes yes and yes. I have been in a rut lately and I need to remember that winter running just isn’t my jam and that’s okay! I had 2 really good runs this week and honestly that’s the first time I have felt that way since early December! Running comes in seasons for me and I need to remember that I need a little more rest and TLC Jan-March :)

I love Boom Chicka Pop! It’s definitely the best I’ve tried!

Friday night is bringing dinner for friends who just had a baby and hanging with my youngest because the big kids are a church camp this weekend! So pizza, hot cider, and ice cream is on our agenda :)



Thank you SO MUCH for listening and sharing my podcast with Ali! I am SO GLAD that you liked it! I am hoping people were able to learn something that can help them or, at least, interest them :)

I, similarly, LOVED your podcast with Ali and especially loved listening to your period of coming out of a relationship and into a new one. I am so happy for your growing family.

Ironically, living in LA, I’ve been running more on a treadmill than ever, and love seeing our treadmill tips!

Thanks again :)



Well, this just made me soooo happy to hear from you!!! I can’t wait for part 2! I just want to come out and go on a run with you:) thank you SO much and please keep in touch. I feel like we should be real life friends… I sound creepy ha!


OMG, that picture of Skye napping in pink is just about the most adorable thing in the entire world!!! How do you stand the cuteness?!?!?!

I don’t usually have awful runs, as I only train 3 or 4 days of week and take lost of my days as easy days. But when I am increasing my long runs they really hurt, and most of it is mental (though my body is super fatigued after). Treatment: after run peanut butter goo-goo cluster, shower, then soak in the tub with Bath salts.

I am totally a popcorn person! I prefer no chemicals or additives, so I make my own. Usually with coconut oil and salt, and even 6-8 week I’ll make a batch of caramel corn caramel corn (butter, brown sugar, vanilla, salt, baking soda).

Today’s long Run was very good! 14 miles, first half with the dog, second half with podcasts.

Friday night my son’s best friend came home from school with us. We played, had pizza, ice cream cones, watched Monsters Inc., played Monster Push, then practiced writing numbers. We also found out which school our son will be going to next year for Kindergarten, and now know the schedule is 07:45-3:00 p.m., so we now can start to figure out drop off and after school and pick up schedules, but this will also depend on our jobs when we move back to America….so much excitement!!!


Ugh I had one of those runs yesterday!! Four miles at 11:39 pace, but after the first two I had to stop and take walk breaks!??
You do have some good points. That was super encouraging, thank you! ❤️


Skye is SO adorable! My son was born the day before her and I’m jealous of how well she is sleeping at night hahah ? just curious, is she on a nap schedule during the day or still just sleeps however much she wants during the day? Trying to figure out something that will help us to get longer stretches at night ?


What watch do you use? It looks so pretty! Absolutely love your blog!


Hey Mattie! Thank you SO much! I use this one:


Have a fabulous day!

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