I can’t believe I’m saying this + oh how runners LOVE this.

I’ve got a new Skye/Postpartum update for you!! You can find it HERE!


First, and most importantly… Andrew rocked his test yesterday.  We were all really hoping it went well (because if you don’t pass this test then you are put back 6 months in the program) but he came out victorious so we celebrated by going to the movies:

Monday night I made Andrew sleep downstairs so he could actually get in some good sleep before taking his test.  It’s a good thing he did because both girls ended up in bed with me way too early.

IMG 8756

Brooke went to school, Skye fell asleep, Andrew got in some studying so I went outside for a run before he had to leave.  PS I tried hot water with lemon and honey yesterday and it helped my cough so much (I also tried warmed up grape juice with honey at night and that was great too) . THANK YOU, you guys are my problem solvers!

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but I overdressed for my run in JANUARY!?  How is that even possible?  It happened and I was wishing I was in shorts and a tank for 25 of the 26 minutes of running.

IMG 8782

I did my FIRST PROGRESSION run in forever.  I didn’t plan on doing a progression run until after mile 1 when I realized I needed to really hurry to get in my run and get home in time.   My splits were like this—>  7:37, 7:31, 7:14 and then 7:16 pace for the last .5 miles (so almost a complete progression run;).   It was really hard and really fun at the same time (only runners can understand how those two things can be felt at the same time during a run;).  The next few days I’ll take it easy and then maybe pick it up on Friday/Saturday again!

There is a quote from Marathon Man that I absolutely love and 100% agree with—>  “Here’s what you have to understand:  For runners, progress is the root of pleasure.  While progress in life can be hard to see, sometimes impossible, all I had to do was open up my ten-cent running diary and peer inside.  My physical evolution was clearly laid out before my eyes- where I was when I started, where I was now.  It was a way of grabbing the reins of life: I ran five miles yesterday, I ran seven miles today, and next week I will run ten miles.  The more work I put in, the stronger I became.  It felt good.  I felt fit.  Now I was really tapping into my human potential.  No substance on the planet can rival a rush like that.”

It really can be super hard to see the progress we are making in life (even though it is happening… ) but I love how easily we get to see it in our running.  Maybe this is why I love progression runs so much, we get to see the progress so clearly in just one run.

IMG 8764

After my run I was walking around the house picking up a few things and noticed there was dirt/mud all over the floor.  In my brain I was questioning how in the world the kids could make such big messes without even noticing… and then I realized the dirt/mud was coming from my running shoes.  Oops.

Skye was still asleep so I did some supermans for a few minutes.  I’m noticing that these are really helping my back out.  Carrying a baby/breastfeeding has made my back sore/tired so I am focusing on doing things to strengthen it.  Anyone have any other great exercises for strengthening your back?

IMG 8799

And then she woke up.  I fed her right away.  I made a big mistake and didn’t pump before leaving for my run (because I only had a short amount of time). I learned my lesson while running.

This is the face that Skye makes at me when I sing/dance La Cucaracha for her.  Funny story… I specifically remember instances when I was young (like 5 years old) when my mom when do the same thing to me… just doing my part to continue the tradition.

IMG 8810

Then I did weighted (using an 11 lb baby ((she was not okay sitting by herself any longer)) squats and lunges.

IMG 8816

Skye got to work on her pattern staring after that.

IMG 8820

We picked up Brooke from school and went to do a few errands together!  Of course, Target was included.

IMG 8824

A walk happened a bit later too.

IMG 8833

And then we went to go see The Greatest Showman once Andrew was home.  This was Brooke’s 3rd time seeing it and Andrew’s first time.  Andrew thought he would like it but he said it was way better than he expected.  Maybe now he will appreciate the fact we listen to the soundtrack all day long.

IMG 8856

On Tuesday’s the ticket price is only $5 and the popcorn is $1.50 (sadly the soft-serve is still normal price) which is why we are all about going to the movies on Tuesdays.  Also, this theater has a cry room so we brought Skye with us.  I was in there with her for the first 40 minutes and you get to see/hear the movie perfectly even if your kiddo is being crazy.

IMG 8860

Post-movie= Brooke danced to the soundtrack for a solid hour.

IMG 8867

The other day my sister-in-law sent me the link to the most delicious looking dinner recipe and it included many of my favorite ingredients!

IMG 8877

PS this was the salsa that we used for the recipe and it was so good (from Target)!

IMG 8869

I had to have it last night and she told me she added avocado and used green sauce instead of red sauce so I copied her.  Sweet Potato, Corn and Black Bean Enchiladas!

IMG 8871

We will definitely be making these on repeat.  They are so easy to make too!

IMG 8872

Skye is busy over here working on her strength training goals too.

IMG 8873


Another reminder for a new baby post covering a lot of topics—>  HERE!


Any great back strengthening exercises?

How often do you eat meatless dinners?

-I feel like it is rare that we do but I want to start doing it more often!

What progress have you seen in your running/fitness lately?

What type of run do you have today?

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Good Morning!!

First – YAY ANDREW for killing that test!!!
Supermans are great for the back – deadlifts are pretty awesome, too!
I am pescetararian and haven’t eaten anything other than fish for over 20 years – those enchiladas look AMAZING!!
It has been so bitterly cold that I haven’t been able to notice much running improvement; I hope that I will see the results of consistency and hard work once temps become more normal!! Running in subzero ‘real feel’ temps with 326 layers is hard…!
I had a hard speed/track workout yesterday – today will be rest from running but maybe some yoga/stretching later!!

Love your blog – it always cheers me!!!

Have a great day everyone!!


Oh thank you so much Liz! Oh you are going to have huge results from all of your training in the crazy cold (I can’t imagine running in those temperatures)! Way to go on your speed workout yesterdayI I hope you are having a great week and let me know if you try the enchiladas!


So happy for Andrew!! Congratulations! And that movie outing looks so fun—I need to see The Greatest Showman!

I’ve definitely seen a lot of progress in my running lately, and it’s been very encouraging. Last year was full of running setbacks because of my kidneys, but I’m able to run faster paces again more easily, and it feels SO GOOD. Even my tempos are starting to feel right again, which has been a huge help!


YAY Andrew!!! That sounded like a very stressful test. Good Job

Those enchiladas look amazing. Trying it for sure. Also, a CRY ROOM???? I have never seen that before. How is that set up? As far as running, luckily I have a treadmill in my house. I am running at least 1 mile daily for 365 so gotta keep it up!!


Congrats to Andrew on his exam results! I LOVE that marathon man quote- even if you’re a slow runner (aka me), you still see quantifiable progress, and that is super cool. I’m also going to add supermans to my routine- I have a 5 month old, and my back hasn’t been the same since little miss was born. I’ve been so scared to work my core postpartum, but i think it’s time!


AHHHH I’m not alone with the back lameness after having a baby! I hope that yours starts feeling better and better! Thanks Jessica!


Congrats to Andrew on passing his test! As for back strengthening exercises, dead-lifts are great. So are bent over dumb bell rows.


Thank you so so much Danielle!! Going to be incorporating way more of these now! Enjoy your day!


Oh girl, I remember the back pain that accompanied breastfeeding! That was NOT fun! I hope your stretches help out.

Your movie theater with the cry room is awesome!! I wish we had one of those around here!! What a great idea!

I am SO JEALOUS of your weather! Michigan has been awful this winter and we have had so much bitter cold that getting outside is impossible unless you’re bundled under 10,000 layers. I am hoping for a mid-February warm up (sometimes we get that)!


Oh and congrats to Andrew!!!!


Oh my goodness, Skye’s little sweatshirt looks so cosy, I want an adult-sized one for myself!

We try to do meatless suppers at least once a week, and sometimes more often, because they’re easy and fast. Occasionally it ends up being breakfast-for-dinner (pancakes, potatoes, eggs, smoothies).

I haven’t been running in forEVER, and I’m starting to really miss it. I stopped when my mom died (the endorphins reversed on me – so much crying instead of feeling good) but my therapist has been encouraging me to get back into it, so I’m aiming for at least one run this week.

(I love the shot of Brooke running in her boots – she looks so much like you and your sister in that pic!)


Jill, I am so beyond sorry that you lost your mom. My heart breaks for what you have been through. Thinking about you and let me know how your run goes this week! Thinking about you!


Opposite arm/leg reaches. Done on all fours.
Deadlifts with 5 lb. weights.

Wish I was coming over for a play date with the girls too.


I love the idea of $5 tuesdays but I never utilize it. And the fact that popcorn is only $1.50 on thos days!! My husband doesn’t like popcorn so we never get it. Someday when my girls are both in school and my son is old enough to sit and not run around for a movie I’m going to start going!

Also, I love and relate to that quote 10000%. I get frustrated when I’m not seeing the progress in life!


Ooooh, that recipe looks delicious! I try to do a meatless meal once a week, but I made this recipe (https://www.simplyquinoa.com/slow-cooker-coconut-quinoa-curry/) it’s amazing and made a HUGE batch, so we are having meatless meals for dinner 3 nights this week!


Okay, I just clicked on the recipe and it looks AMAZING!!! We will have to try it asap! Thanks so much Chelsea and enjoy the leftovers!


WAY TO GO ANDREW!! One step closer!
Supermans are the best for your back! Use those resistance bands! And it helps if you keep that core strong ;)
We rarely do meatless..my husband doesn’t consider it a meal if there’s no meat!


Honestly, when my back bothers me, the best thing I have found is yoga. There’s some great videos on YouTube if you just search “yoga for back pain” and they work WONDERS!
Progress in fitness – I am just getting back into a regular running routine after taking some time off to do other things, and I am pleasantly surprised by how much the other types of workouts have kept my stamina up! Of course, there’s nothing quite like running when it comes to training for a race, but I did my first speed workout in FOREVER today and I was amazed at how much I could power through and not feel tired. I really thought I’d want to take a break but I didn’t, and I think I could’ve done more! But I am paying attention to a training plan and not overworking myself too much this time around.
I just did 3 miles of 400m sprint repeats with 200m recoveries but it felt GOOD to sprint!


THANK YOU RHIANNON!! I will totally be doing this tonight! My back will thank you later:)

WAY TO GO on your speed workout today, that sounds way tough! How awesome is it that your other workouts helped you to keep up your fitness so well! Enjoy the post speed-work endorphins and the rest of your day!


Back strengtheners, hmmmm. Last year I suffered through some back pair. Cat-cow stretch is amazing for me. As far as strengthening, my PT actually had me work on my core with side and regular planks to help strengthen my back. Gotta love planks. ha ha

I would lOVE those enchiladas you posted, but everyone in my family loathes sweet potatoes other than me. I know–what is wrong with them?!

Today is an off day for me with running–I have strength class later! I’m back at it with 6 easy tomorrow though :)

Congrats to Andrew, and I hope you have the best day! Hope you picked up some Funfetti cake mix/icing when you were at Target ;) ;) ;) Have you tried the red velvet Kit Kats? I haven’t. I’m skeptical. ha ha


I am a vegetarian, so meatless dinners are an all the time thing! I love the blog Love and Lemons, she has sooo many yummy, fresh meatless recipes, and you can filter by ingredients so you can even come up with ideas just based on what you have on hand. :)
I had to take off about three weeks of running in December because of an early pregnancy complication, but my doctor gave me the OK to run a couple weeks ago. Since I started again I’ve been running super easy and ignoring my pace entirely, but I have noticed that I’m feeling better and better and my average paces have gone down! I’m definitely not trying to run faster, but it’s just nice to know that my cardio fitness was able to bounce back pretty quickly from three weeks of sitting around. :) Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to run throughout this pregnancy! This is week 12 so I’m ALMOST done with the first trimester, yay!
Today I am just doing a nice easy four miler. The weather is perfect here in Texas today so I’m excited!


Yum! I will totally make the enchiladas. I eat meatless meals often (not super into meat and leftovers freeze better). I want to start making more meatless meals for my family, we’ll see how that goes. Congrats to Andrew for his awesome test result!


Skye is SO cute! I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant and CANNOT wait to meet our little girlie :)

As for back exercises – any type of row, reverse flies, supermans, front plank, side planks, deadlifts. Also, make sure you’re doing lots of stretching like cat/cow pose, child’s pose, seated twist, etc.


KERRI!!! I am so so excited for you! Keep me updated on everything and THANK YOU for the back exercises/stretches. I’m going to be doing these tomorrow after my run! Seriously, thank you!


Congrats to Andrew! That sounds like a nerve-wracking test so way to go!
We don’t eat meatless dinners that often but I want to start to save money. Please share any good recipes that you find!
Fitness progress: last week at 10-11 weeks postpartum I feel like I can finally push myself and kick up the intensity in my workouts. And I’m actually following a strength training plan! I’m the worst at following any kind of plan so I’m pretty proud of myself for that :)


I try to feed my family meatless meals a couple times a week.

I have been a slacker since October with my fitness. I’m a cyclist living on the coast in New England. Once the temperature drops I become a big baby and I don’t know why but my stationary bike and I hasn’t been alluring to me. I recently joined a gym called 9 Round. It kind of a kickboxing CrossFit. I LOVE it! I have a question for all you runners, what kind of underwear do you like to wear when running? Sitting on a bike I can get away with any underwear but with moving around I find it so uncomfortable! Please help a sister out!


That dinner looks amazing! I love that it’s also super simple. I need more easy & delicious recipes in my life. Does Utah have movie pass? If so it might save you guys some bucks for movies ?


Yay for the test and yay for cry rooms at the theater! I’ve never seen that. Very cool.
We do meatless A LOT! My husband wants us to eat more vegetable forward. Not necessarily vegetarian but veggies definitely take the lead in our meals. Last night we had mango red lentil dal and it was awesome!
I’ve started doing the strength workout you shared and I’m loving it! And I’m lock g how good it feels to run the next day! Thanks for sharing that!


ALI!! I am so so glad that you are loving the strength workout… way to go! Your dinner last night sounds amazing! Maybe we will come over for dinner one night ha;) Enjoy your day Ali!


Those enchiladas look amazing!!

I’m not a huge meat eater, so I probably go about 50/50 with meatless meals :)

I am just so excited to feel 1/2 way normal while running :) First it was coming down from marathon training and a super mad tendon, to being sick, so yeah. I’m excited to be out there :)

Today, I did a run with a local running group. Fairly easy 6 mi out and back with a faster back. Oh, and we got to see the moon and it looked super cool!


I’m in a meat kick so no ;)


Supermans are SO good!!! I need to do those again! Thanks for the reminder!!

Skye’s little sweatshirt is just too cute!!

I have a short run planned for today, but with the gorgeous weather it may turn into a longer one! :) Who knows what will happen once my shoes hit the pavement!

Those enchiladas are totally making me hungry!! YUM!!

Have a great Wednesday Janae!!


Oh my gosh, I saw The Greatest Showman last night and (maybe weirdly) I thought of you and your kids!! It was soo good and I’m contemplating downloading the soundtrack to listen to when I run :)

The only time we do meatless dinners in our house is when we are feeling lazy and put together a cheese plate with bread, which to be honest I could do every day. I love cheese. Otherwise there is always some kind of meat; my fiance wouldn’t have it any other way. When we go out to dinner, I’ll usually get seafood though. My fiance doesn’t eat seafood so it’s the only time I get to have it. Also those enchiladas look amazing!

My running has been spotty lately so I’m not seeing any progress there but I started doing yoga (at home through the glory of YouTube) at least once a week. My flexibility and balance has never been good but I am definitely seeing progress. I hardly ever fall over anymore ;)

Congrats to Andrew!!


Thank you for thinking of us, that makes me so happy and I’m so glad you saw it. GET THE SOUNDTRACK NOW… it’s so fun to run to! A cheese plate with bread sounds heavenly right now and so does seafood haha! Have you found a favorite yoga YouTube video… I want to do it at home more. Thanks so much Kate!


I like Yoga with Adriene. She has soooo many videos to choose from and her voice and mannerisms are so soothing. Today I did one that she shot on the beach and a dog ran up to her in the middle of it haha. That is all I want out of life now!


Thank you Kate! I am totally going to try her out:) HAHAH I hope you get out to a beach soon and that a dog will run out to you too:)


Way to go Andrew!! Congrats on ROCKING your test!!
Brooke’s The Greatest Showman dance is the best thing I’ve seen all week! She is really good.
Those enchiladas look AMAZING! Bet they are good leftover too.
I’m feeling a lot stronger during my runs this month. It’s still hard, but I feel like I’m fit enough to really concentrate on my workouts instead of just getting it over with. That is the BEST feeling!
Easy run tonight. I had a hill workout last night and I am feeling it today :)


Oh I am so glad the hot water honey and lemon helped your cough!

Mmm, I definitely like my protein so we haven’t done lots of meatless dinners…

I ran 7km to work – this is a down week in running before my mileage goes up for the next 3 weeks…

I don’t know if I have seen huge gains yet but definitely building a solid base – spent most of the Christmas holidays playing in the mountains, snowshoeing etc…and less running.

Congrats to Andrew on his test! And Skye is soo cute. Have a great day!


I’ve started doing meatless Monday’s this past year. Just need some more ideas. Don’t have many vegetarian recipes. I have a black bean enchilada recipe but not with sweet potatoes so that sounds good!


Congrats to Andrew.

I see Brooke is still rocking her boots!

Bird dog is a good back strengthener and it stretches it right out. (on all fours, lift up opposite arm and leg – hold for 5 seconds, repeat on other side. do 5 – 10 sets)

I used to be a vegetarian and I can go several days without eating meat. (my energy levels were really low, I didn’t feel great, and I was gaining weight when I was a vegetarian).


Gosh, Skye looks like Brooke! And I frequently eat meatless but try to get the protein in other ways. Recently, I’ve been using Quorn Meatless Grounds from the freezer section in stir frys etc. and it’s hard to tell the difference from ground beef if you season properly.


We’ve been doing lots more meatless meals lately and have been feeling really good. A few of the sites I use for inspiration are Oh She Glows, Minimalist Baker, and Blissful Basil.

And one stretch that could help is doing childs pose with your hands outstretched in front of you, and then placing right hand on top of left and sliding both hands over to the left, more in line with your knees. Then switch sides. This helps stretch out the sides of the low back that can get pinched from breast feeding.


Good job, Andrew!
I had to google “cry room” because I had never heard of it before. What a neat idea!
No time for a run for me today (unless it’s at 2am… no thanks) but tomorrow I’ll try to sneak a few treadmill miles in while my son is napping.
I used to be a vegetarian, but now that I’m married and have gone back to eating meat, I feel like all of our dinners contain some form of animal protein. I try to make my lunches vegetarian most days of the week.
Skye is so cute!!


Congratulations to Andrew on the test!! The mat Skye is on looks awesome! What brand/type is it? We have a two week old and are searching for a mat. Thanks!!


I’m vegan and my husband is pescetarian, so we always eat meatless around here!

I did a fartlek run today – it was really tough but rewarding!


Whaaaat! A theatre with a cry room??? That is freaking genius!! Mind blown. Why are there not more of those!?


Skye is looking more like Brooke every day! You do not look like you just had a baby. You already shrunk! My 17 year old son loved the movie too, so I hope to take the girls this weekend.
Thank you for reminding me to see the progress in my consistency. It is harder to measure success as a mom or teacher like I can in fitness. You are wise beyond your years Janae :)

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