15 things to talk about today!

1.  It’s my sister’s birthday today!  I really wish you could meet her in real life, she is the best.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!

Picture from last year… I can’t wait to work out together again!

2.  Brooke joined my mom and I for a Saturday morning mall walk.  We didn’t go for very long but she felt pretty cool to join us and it felt really good to move after a long night;)

IMG 6363

3.  These two are so close.  I’m very glad that Andrew has agreed to never move farther than a few miles away from them.

IMG 6355

4.  Just telling me some stories about the new kid in her class and why she believes that recess should be longer than class time.  She has some valid points with her recess argument;)

IMG 6349

5.  Brooke saw this movie with her dad last week.  She begs to listen to it anytime we are in the car.  She knows a lot of the lyrics already too.  I REALLY need to go see it (and Brooke wants to come and see it for the second time)!  We are loving the soundtrack!

IMG 6345

6.  We ran into Andrew out on the roads getting his run on.  I am so happy he is back to running again!

IMG 6344

7.  Andrew had a busy day of school but Skye, Brooke and Beretta made sure to visit him throughout the day to keep him motivated.

IMG 6368


IMG 6371

9.  If I could make you each a box of my favorite things and send them to you, this salmon salad would most definitely be included in the box (along with other things like chocolate covered gummy bears and Victoria Secret Lipgloss).  Jess brought these over and we got to catch up on everything!

IMG 6370

10.  We are out of marshmallows!  That needs to change soon but this hot chocolate tasted perfect during our rainy day (ps how are we getting rain and not snow?!)!

IMG 6297

11.  Remember how I used to make sure to get in a shower and makeup first thing a few weeks ago because it helped me feel like a human right after having a baby… well, now the showers happen later and later (ehh 5 pm yesterday) and that’s great too.

IMG 6374

12.  Brooke’s reward for finishing her chores yesterday… nail salon day.  She got quite the hand massage and some bright nails.

IMG 6393

13.  Delicious cheeks.

IMG 6398

14.  Just doing everything possible to try to get Skye to stay awake for a minute yesterday evening so that she would sleep during the night!

IMG 6410

15.  We got really crazy with our Saturday night!  Andrew ran into Cafe Rio and brought dinner to the car!

IMG 6400

Chicken tortilla soup and most importantly… these nachos that we all split.  Not sure how we managed to not spill at all while eating this parked in the car… it was a miracle.

IMG 6402


Who else has a birthday in January?  

Have a favorite movie soundtrack?  

What is the highlight of your Sunday going to be?

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Happy Birthday to your sister- I hope she has the best day!! That salmon salad looks so yummy, I might try to make one soon!
I have a ton of schoolwork to catch up on today and cleaning out my room. Every start of the new year I feel the need to do a massive cleaning out and reorganise everything that got a little messy over the holidays. Have a fab Sunday:)


I love that soundtrack. I really need to go see this the movie. No one has said anything bad about it yet. The nail salon after completing chores sounds like a good Saturday to me.

Happy birthday to your sister!


It’s not a movie sound track, but I am LOVING the Hamilton soundtrack lately. And there’s a remix soundtrack too I love. I remember in 8th grade when the Romeo and Juliet sound track came out I could not get enough of it.

I’m so jealous of your rain. It is literally zero degrees here and windy. I think the wind chill is -15. It’s insane. This is NJ I don’t have running clothes for this cold. My best friend and my tri training buddy are running the Disney marathon today. And I have major race envy. So I’m about to go run 2.62 miles on the treadmill and think of them.

Happy Birthday to your sister! It’s my Uncle’s birthday too and we are having a huge family dinner tonight with all my siblings and cousins and their kids.


I want to see that movie!!! Hoping to today! And, Happy Birthday to your sister! :-)

Have a blessed Sunday!


My kids and I went to see The Greatest Showman on New Year’s Day and we all loved it! The songs have been constant in our house- especially This Is Me! I am meeting my buddy in a little bit for a long run outside which is tricky in Montana right now. We have gone from 2 feet of snow to ice to slush. I will be using my Yaks Trax but it is a balmy 31 degrees at sun rise-yippee!


Happy birthday Sissy! Wishing you health and happiness! Have a great day Janae!


Happy Birthday to your sister! Today is my husbands birthday and my baby girl turned 2 on Thursday!! January is a special month :-)


I sure wish I could get a mani/pedi for cleaning our house! HA!

Happy birthday to your sister!!! I hope she has the best day!!


Happy birthday to your sis!! My birthday is this month too. Skye is looking so big already. So cute!


Happy Birthday to your sweet sissy! SIsters are the BEST:)
I haven’t seen the showman movie yet either….my sister has seen it 3 times….once with hubby and taking different sets of her kids;) LOL.
What color is the Victoria Secret you love?…I know you have shared it many times but I have never written it down.
Happy Sabbath:)


I actually really love the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack from the 1996 version (or whatever year that was). Also the Cruel Intentions soundtrack (1999).

Going home from this Virginia trip I’m chaperoning today. The kids have been beyond fabulous but I’m ready to be home. Looking forward to that part of this Sunday!!


You MUST go see the Greatest Showman! The movie had me hooked from the opening number. Hugh Jackman is AMAZING!


I hope your sister has an amazing day! January birthdays were so lame growing up because you could either go to the movies, or go bowling…that was it. Although I was one of the first ones to get my driver’s license, so I guess I had the last laugh after all. :)
Mine is the 19th.
I really want to see that movie as well! My daughter (6) and I really love listening to the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat soundtrack. We saw it live together this summer.
Hope you have a fabulous week!


Happiest of birthdays to your sister! She really does sound so amazing and so full of kindness! I hope she has a wonderful day and that this year is her best yet! She is so gorgeous BTW! I didn’t realize her bday is so close to mine. Mine was last Thursday. :) I can’t wait to watch that movie. I love music so much. We have Alexa upstairs and downstairs and always have her playing music. I love anything Disney puts out, Grease was a great one. Save the last Dance, too. Enjoying our last day before my kids go back to school tmrw. :( Hoping to get in another bike ride today. Have a great day Janae!


Happy birthday to you sister! We have a lot of January birthdays here. My husband’s birthday is tomorrow, 2 of my nieces just turned 21 (4th and 6th), and my mother-in-law’s birthday is the 27th. I also have a few friends celebrating this month.

We are doing some birthday celebrating here today.


I wanna see that movie so bad! It looks and sounds amazing. Trevon got me tickets to the phantom of the opera broadway in slc for Christmas so we are going in July (it’s a wait but will be worth it) and I was really excited about it so my girls have asked to listen to that sound track several hundred times lately.


Highlight of my Sunday is being with my husband and not at work! I like 80’s movie soundtracks! Back to the Future, Pretty in Pink… Happy birthday to your sis!


Happy Birthday to hungry runner girl sister and have a nice sunday!

I was asking myself if midwives come daily and later frequently in the US. I’ve never read about this topic on your blog.

Yes, my husband’s Birthday is in 6 days. :-) Let it go is our current favorite movie song.


Happy Birthday HRG Sis! I hope you have a fabulous day! My birthday is in 7 days…the 14th. Love that song! I just looked it up on YouTube.


Happy birthday to your Sissy!! My birthday (and my mom’s and grandpa’s!) is coming up on the 25th! Last year of my 20s ?
I’m obsessed with that soundtrack. So so good!! If you need a sitter for Skye so you guys can all go, I mean I guess I could help you out ?
Highlight is that I no longer have a calling that requires me to be at early church meetings so I get to lounge all morning. It’s wonderful and so needed with the rest of my week being so crazy.
Have a wonderful Sunday, Janae!!


My brother’s birthday is at the end of the month.

I love the soundtrack from Halt and Catch Fire (it’s a TV show) if I have to do any work or studying. It’s very 80’s and doesn’t have any lyrics so I don’t get distracted (words always seem to break my concentration).


Happy birthday to your sister. My birthday is on the 29th.
I love moonriver from breakfast at tiffany’s , dirty dancing and the sound of music. I grew up with those.
Have a great week!


Highlight of my Sunday – having no concrete plans. It’s raining here in Vacouver and I got up early and went for a run (was supposed to meet a girl friend but she slept in) and I ended up doing the run solo and then bumping into another friend.

We made breakfast at home …bacon and eggs and bagels and fruit smoothie. Now I am in a heap by our fire place. We might venture out, we might not.

No January birthdays in our family. Also, no favourite movie soundtrack, but many of my favourite songs have come from the movies (can’t think of one off the top of my head)

Happy Sunday!


Happy Birthday Sissy! My sister and her husband were born on the same day…Jan 2nd.


Herzlich Geburtstag to your sister!!!! I hope she had a super fun day!

We saw The Greatest Showman today!!! It was sooooo good and I’m happy we found out it was playing. My son went with us and after a few minutes I started thinking that I am probably due to take him to some guy movie soon. Afterall, he went to Pitch Perfect 3 with us, too.

When a friend says they are grocery shopping at the store 15km away, one asks if they can get a ride *home* and hurriedly changes into running gear and runs to the store. Of course, the friends of said runner thinks this is not weird at all and is quite used to the arrangement and keeps a bottle of water in the car……Despite the remarkable headwind, it was a great run! Then coffee, mini mm’s, and the movie made for a pretty great Sunday!


Hi Janae!

First off, you look amazing! I know you said you’ve had some long nights, but you really do look refreshed! I can only hope! I was wondering if you could give me some insight on how you felt running during your 3rd trimester. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and have been running 3 times a week and going to barre twice a week. Of course it isn’t always easy to get going, but overall I truly feel great physically! However, I’m just starting to notice an achey upper back a few hours after running. Nothing major or totally uncomfortable and I guess it’s to be expected at this point. However, I still feel very comfortable while running and would like to continue as long as I can. Did you ever feel some slight aches and pains? I’m just trying to figure out what’s “normal”. Any insight or tips you can offer is appreciated :)

Thanks!! Have a great day!


My birthday is not until July BUT I have a group of 5 really close friends from growing up and we are all turning 40 this year. One of my friends’ birthdays is today (Monday as I’m reading this). She is the first one of us to turn 40!! Crazy that we’ve all been friends for 30+ years. And even though we don’t see each other that often, when we do see each other it’s like no time has passed.


I have a January birthday – it’s the 28th! As a kid I hated it but now I sort of love it :) Happy birthday to your sister! Agh that baby is giving me all the fever! So scrumptious!


Those nachos – holy moly!! I want some!!! :P


My mom’s birthday is January 10th. Unfortunately she headed home today and I won’t get a chance to see her until the end of the month. I think we are planning to celebrate when she get back.
On Sunday, I ran 16 miles and then I came home -showered, ATE (most important), napped, and then CLEANED. I wish there had been a post cleaning manicure/pedicure with massage afterwards. HAHA!

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