Monday Matters + Maybe One Day + I Can’t Wait for This!

In case you missed out last week… the top three posts were:

*Skye’s Birth Story

*They Met!

*12 Things from Our Day!


Good morning!!! I hope this week is a great one for you. Can you believe that Christmas is a week from today?  Are you ready (if you celebrate)?!

Let’s get started today by talking about our Sunday!

The kids were really excited to hold Skye for a few seconds:)

LRG DSC01670

We started off the day with pancakes!  I saw a friend on IG make snowman pancakes so I attempted them for the kids.  They told me they liked this one more than the dog pancakes (ehhh because of the marshmallows) so I called it a success.

LRG DSC01647

While I fed the baby, they were busy being crazy.

LRG DSC01652

And a bit later on we drove over to my sister’s house!  Skye LOVES the car… when it is moving.  As soon as the car stops, she starts crying.   As we were coming up on each light along the way the kids would say, ‘please stay green’ because they didn’t want the car to stop because of Skye’s crying and if we did have to stop they would cover their ears! (Below the kids re enacting their response to her crying, ha!)

LRG DSC01679

My sister had some snow at her house!

The kids went to church with my sister (Andrew was at the hospital all day) and then Skye and I went home.  She and I won’t be going to anything where there are a lot of people (to avoid getting sick) for a few months but these two needed to get out of the house:)

LRG DSC01683

My niece and nephews saw Skye for the first time yesterday for a minute!

LRG DSC01687

We came home and did what we currently do best right now…

IMG 4539

Once the big kids were home we watched one of those Air Bud movies since Andrew was gone (he can’t stand those movies so we have to get them in while he is gone;)!

IMG 4548

And our meals for yesterday were all pretty simple and/or leftovers.  I haven’t gotten to the point of being able to cook meals with three kids by myself ha… maybe one day.

IMG 4557

Andrew got home around 8 from the hospital and

IMG 4556


I’ve got some Monday Matters to discuss with you today:

*Because my treadmill is missing me (I’m sure), the kids have gotten in some walking on there (with Andrew right behind) and Andrew has put some running miles on there too!

LRG DSC01419

*You guys told me to get this seasoning and once again, you are brilliant.  This stuff is so good.  We added it to our egg, cheese, potato, pepper, avocado and spinach bowls the other night and it was heavenly!

IMG 4342

*Turns out that hot chocolate is just a constant craving and not just a pregnancy craving.

IMG 4084

*I asked you guys on my Instagram Saturday night an important question and 57% of you were right;)

IMG 4487

*A friend of mine noticed that ANDREA BARBER (aka Kimmy Gibler from Full House) was liking my pictures on Instagram.  My siblings have never been so proud of me… we grew up on Full House!

IMG 3949

*My family just planned our next little reunion (my parents now have 24 grandkids and everyone will be there)!! Our last one was 1.5 years ago. I forgot that Knox and Brooke were so little when they first met! From the last family reunion:

IMG 0162

*I saw this at Women’s Running… where are you as far as fitness and the holiday’s go?



Do you have a favorite seasoning that you love to add to your meals?

Does your family do a family reunion?

If you celebrate Christmas… are you ready for it all?  Still have some shopping and things to do?

What about your workouts during the holidays?

-I usually maintain my fitness during the holidays and my sis and I usually do a short run together on Christmas but this year is different!

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Andrea Barber is a marathon runner!!! If you follow her back you’ll see her and her bf met running! I heard her on Ali on the Run podcast actually. You prob already know all this :) so awesome though!!!!!!!

Skye is so cute! Serious baby fever over here!


I still have a bit of shopping to do, not to much. I step it up a bit. It is summer by us and the kids got summer holidays, the schools closed end of November and will re-open mid January, so I don’t have to take the kid to school or get him ready and that means I’ve got more time to run!!


Your daughter is so gorgeous! Congratulations on the new little one.
Favourite seasoning: Herb de provence on any chicken dish or soup/stew. Such a classic herb mix.
Yes, almost ready for Christmas. We are hosting my whole family this year so I need to baby proof our house to keep my 15 month old nephew from hurting himself but other than that and groceries we are ready to go!
Ill try to play with my nephew in the snow and get in some walks but I mostly take the week off from working out.
Merry Christmas to your family


I want to hold that precious little Skye—she is just so adorable!!

I saw people mentioning that seasoning from TJ’s and tried it, too—it’s so good! I love putting it on top of salads and my avocado/ketchup/Wheat Thins snack. :)

I can’t believe Christmas is practically here! I haven’t finished all of my shopping but probably won’t be able to until almost the last minute because I don’t think I’ll be able to fit everything in my suitcase when I fly back to Texas later this week.


Crazy what just 1.5 years does when they’re this young. They look so teeny!
I am all done with my Christmas shopping, which is a miracle!! I’m also running around in December 23 finishing up haha I’m the worst Christmas shopper.
I hope you’re able to get better sleep soon ;)


That pic of Skye laying on your chest is so sweet, how adorable!

I keep forgetting to pickup that Everything but the Bagel seasoning. My dietitian recommended it to me a few weeks ago – thanks for reminding me I need to buy it today!

Since I don’t see my doctor again until Jan 3rd I won’t be getting my stitches out in time for a Christmas run which kind of stinks. I have been getting back into strength training though and it feels good to be challenging myself with something fitness related. I got a new squat personal best over the weekend – 160lbs x 4 reps! :D


That was really sweet of your sister to bring Brooke and Knox to church! I bet it was helpful to have a little break of all 3 kids for a while. I think you will all have to manage how to jump out of a slow moving car so that Skye doesn’t start to cry. It’s a totally normal thing to do right?!
All that I have left to do for Christmas is some wrapping! It would’ve been done already but the gifts are at my parents house in Chicago and I live in New Jersey so it’s a slight dilemma.


The everything seasoning is SO good – TJs has these pretzel bagels that are beyond yummy, and if you add cream cheese plus sprinkle on that seasoning = DELISH! It’s also really good on mac and cheese. I really enjoy cooking and exploring new flavors so I can’t really pick a favorite.
Not so much with the family reunions but a majority of us live in the same town or same area so we see each other frequently. We used to have big extended family reunions but that hasn’t happened in years.
All ready for Christmas! I finished my shopping three weeks ago and have had everything wrapped for almost that long. I was super prepared this year!
Workouts are pretty much non-running, but I’m working out almost every day, so it’s going great!


I am totally done, but feel like I should be busier because I usually am not. Hope loves to shop and wrap so it has been our entertainment for the past couple weeks. I am going to have to step up my week before Christmas creativity now, or find some empty boxes to wrap.


Your pancakes rock! What a great mom you are ;-) My family is 8 hours away so Christmas is always a big reunion! My little guy is so happy to reunited with his cousins! I do workout but I am way more flexible… I focus on recovering, sleeping and eating well to be ready to accomplish my goals for the new year!


Ohhhhh – Skye is so sweet! I found having a newborn to be so terrifying and overwhelming, but the pictures of her make me remember all the amazing moments as well. What a lucky girl to have such awesome siblings to love and snuggle her!


Skye is so beautiful!!! Is that a picture of Brooke and Knox together at your last family reunion? I am confused haha.


I did not explain that well hahah! Yes that was from our last family reunion! Have an awesome day Georgia!


Skye is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see her and Brooke and Knox grow up together.
All I have left is a few stocking stuffers, we usually pick up scratcher lotto tickets for everyone. It’s really fun if someone wins big!
I always try to keep up with my workout routine, I get it done before everyone wakes up! And that’s how I stay sane ;)


Those first pics of the kids holding Skye is so cute. Seriously, both your kids (and Skye later, I’m sure) have such gorgeous hair! Your family reunion sounds so wonderful! I am definitely ready for Christmas but still looking around for online deals. I can’t stop. ;) We haven’t been very regular with our workouts but hope to get back into the swing of things this week. My eating suffers too when I don’t have my regular workouts. I’ve been doing great with my 30-day 100 push-ups challenge (last day today!) and cardio on the bike, but lacking in circuit/weight training. I hope you have a wonderful day, Janae!


I’m hoping to step my workout game up but with kids home for Christmas break I’m not sure that will happen. We will just have to see.

My husband jokes that every week there’s a family reunion for my side. We are all always together. And before we were all married, I lived with in walking distance to all but one of my cousins and we were all always together haha.


Andrew didn’t get any time off to be home with you and baby did he? I guess because he’s in school and has to keep going. That must be hard for both of you guys. But I’m impressed he’s still keeping up his running and not too tired.
And don’t worry about not cooking meals with 3 kids in the house! Give yourself some grace and just be!


Hey!!! So he just did his last shift for a while! He will still have to do school at home but yeah, no official break since it is school! Thanks Mary… that means a lot! Have a beautiful day!!!!


I can’t believe Christmas is a week away. I need more time!!!

My favorite seasonings depend on which family we’re talking about — my Hubby’s mom puts Nature’s seasoning on everything and it’s SO good! My mom has an affinity for Gochujang, sesame seeds, and sesame oil. My dad puts Lowry’s Seasoning salt on everything from eggs to potatoes! I love them all!

We travel quite a bit — but I know I’ll get a few Hotel Gym workouts in (dumbells and treadmill stuff, maybe some biking) other than than I’m not sure what we’ll have equipment for or weather for. I’m hoping to run, but there’s no telling.


I’m pretty basic with my seasonings – garlic salt and black pepper.

We haven’t done a family reunion in years. Les’ family does every Thanksgiving – his three aunts are now in the 90s so we try to go every other year.

I have one more gift to wrap and I need to go grocery shopping for Christmas dinner. Ready to relax and enjoy some time at home!

I definitely keep working out during the holidays – with all the extra goodies around it’s a must!


YES!!! Everything but the bagel! That, the 21 seasoning salute, and the Everyday seasoning are my go-tos for every meal :-)


I always feel like I have a brush with celebrity when you comment back on my posts (kidding, sorta :) but you get KIMMY GIBBLER??!! How cool is that?! Hope you’re having a great day!


HAHA You are way too nice! Seriously… it’s probably a little strange how happy it made me when I found out the Kimmy thing;) Thanks so much Tracy and I HOPE YOU are having an amazing day too!


My mother-in-law tells me my husband had night and day confused for a while. (and she had a 1 year old as well so she also had to be up during the day). She said it was a rough time but he did adjust.

I’m part Sicilian, garlic goes in most everything. I love that Everything But the Bagel seasoning and use it frequently

I maintain my fitness routine. It helps with stress and I just feel better when I workout or run.

I am pretty much done shopping, we need 2 Starbuck’s gift cards and one for Carvel. Since they aren’t big stops I’m not worried about them. Most of our gifts are wrapped and I’m baking today. (I’ll probably do a little more baking over the weekend).


I am obsessed with black truffle salt right now, it’s amazing!

My gifts are all officially bought and wrapped :) I finished putting bows on the rest of them yesterday.

I LOVE working out during the holidays. It seriously keeps me sane!


Ah that salad does look good.

I’ve been craving hot chocolate or honestly anything hot lately. With the drastic change of weather, I feel like I love the warm things.


I think the last family reunion we went to was for my mom’s side of the family and it was nearly 30 years ago! I was pretty little and only remember bits and pieces. We need to make that happen again soon! I hope you have fun at your family reunion.


I noticed she was liking your pictures too and thought it was SO cool!! I still have a few gifts left to buy but am definitely ready for the break from work. It’s my grandma’s 70th birthday this year (on Christmas Day) so all my family are heading to France to celebrate! Skye just gets cuter everyday:)


Oh my word, Skye keeps getting cuter every day. How is that even possible?? So sweet of your sis to take the kids to Church and give you and Skye a little quiet time. Hope your little night owl lets you get some sleep soon!


I need tot ry that seasoning! everyone keeps talking about it!! Right now I use a lot of dill and a lot of adobo.
I wish my family did a reunion! We are not that organized, sadly.
I still have a few more christmas details and a whole lot of wrapping to do before the big day. I mostly maintain my normal fitness routine during the holidays, but I have a individual tradition of running 3-5 miles on Christmas morning just to de-stress. The holidays are not the easiest for me and so I have some really good strategies to keep myself smiling!!


I LOVE to cook. . .seriously it makes me soooo happy to entertain because I get to cook for more than just my hubs and I. So I have used many seasonings but hands down Everything Bagel is a staple in our house! It goes on everything!!

Christmas is right around the corner and we are done! It feels so good to just enjoy Christmas festivities and movies all while we wait for Christmas to arrive!
We have not done a family reunion in 5 years! Definitely something we need to get back at doing! I think its such a wonderful thing!
And right now I am maintaining my running!!! As long as I can get in 4-6 miles daily right now I am happy!!!!!


I know you’re adamant about keeping Skye away from germs…however I think you should read these two articles. Research backs that children who are experienced to germs are less likely to develop allergies. Also, the earlier babies have a taste of food allergies (like nut butters, eggs, dairy, etc.) the less likely their to develop an allergy towards it. Just thought you would be interested. You do you though! I love reading your blog each day and look forward to each post!!


Congratulations!!! I just love your updates and love the stories. My daughter is a huge Paw Patrol fan would love you baby name too! Congratulations!!!!


You’re making my ovaries explode!!!!
My favorite season on….well… life is Yumm Sauce. It’s from a cafe here in Portland Oregon area


PS don’t let people tell you what is best for your baby. Only you know best. Trust your gut. :)

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