Sure can’t do that anymore + 8 things we need to talk about.

My best runs happen when I get to go with Andrew!  We did 5 miles together with one walking break and a 9:21 average pace (not including the walking break).

I told you about this on Instagram, but there was a teenage girl that said to me, ‘You Go Girl’ while we were running and it made my morning:)  It reminded me of this older man that I used to see while I would be out running when I was pregnant with Brooke and he would always give me a high five.  Humans are really nice.

IMG 1537

When you can’t take shoe selfies together anymore…  you can at least still kind of see that we have matching shoes ha.

IMG 1563

Post-run fuel… Dave’s Killer Bread, avocado, bacon and an egg.  Delicious.

IMG 1569

Rewind to the beginning of the day—>  Brooke wakes up just as excited about life as I do.  Night time is a different story for both of us, but luckily Andrew (and Knox;) have adjusted to us having the most energy in the early morning!

IMG 1512

Brooke has been saving her money for this pony necklace and she finally earned it.  She was so excited to show it to her friends at school yesterday.

IMG 1519

Lunch was a mixture of pancakes for me and oatmeal for Brooke (she is really into oatmeal lately)!

IMG 1575

Brooke has been asking me about getting edamame for a few days now so we stopped by Costco to get some… AND THEY DIDN’T HAVE IT (I swear they always do).  So we got heavenly raspberries and a new blanket instead.  Pretty much the same thing.

IMG 1598

Brooke took a picture with her little sister (that is sure fun for me to say).

IMG 1604

And we met the sweetest pup while we were out on a little walk.

IMG 1608

At around 4 pm I NEEDED (it definitely wasn’t a want… it was a FULL. ON. NEED.) salmon salad from my favorite place for dinner.  We arrived and it was closed.  I almost cried.

IMG 1609

But I persevered and showed that running has taught me to never quit… and I went back an hour later to get my salmon salad.   I also had that vanilla shake that Andrew brought home in the background from In-N-Out (the one menu item there that I find to be exceptional… the Neapolitan shake is really good too)!


And Brooke was able to have her edamame (now to just find it at a store).


Andrew put up our Christmas lights.  We are trying to get as many things done now as possible so that all of these things will be done before the baby gets here!



I’ve got a few things we really need to discuss today:

1.  If you need something to listen to on your run today… I’m over on Monica’s podcast.  She is the best and her podcast is the best.  She and I talk almost every day and I just think the world of her and wish she would just move to Utah already.  You can find the podcast HERE!!!!

Hungry runner girl and rer blog thumb

2.  Kristine asked for a comparison of size between the Suunto and the Apple Watch (mine is the 1st generation) on my Suunto review post… so here you have it!  Please note the time on my watch… this is when I was getting into bed ha.  I read and watched a show with Andrew before falling asleep… I haven’t been napping anymore but getting into bed early isn’t going anywhere before this baby comes.  Also, please note… I wear socks to bed and I love it.

IMG 1504 2

3.  I read this and it gave me goosebumps.  I hope you know this too… YOU ARE ENOUGH!

IMG 1601

4.  A nice reminder from Hansons Half Marathon Method (one of my absolute favorite books about running) about how important fats are for our training (along with how important they are for our best health)!  Excited to work on a more balanced diet after this pregnancy to support breastfeeding and training!

IMG 1610 2

5.  The other thing I got at Costco yesterday…  go now.  These are incredibly soft blankets for only $14.99!  Perfect for gifts and obviously perfect for yourself too.

IMG 1587

6.  My pre-run fuel was this yesterday.  Andrew isn’t a banana flavored person unless it is a banana/chocolate shake so this box is all mine.. thanks General Mills for the cereal:).

IMG 1527

7.  Can you relate with any of these 10 runner’s problems… I definitely can. (You can make the video fullscreen, so you can see it better.. it’s pretty funny)!

8.  I’m almost all caught up on New Girl now.  I don’t know if I should be proud of this accomplishment or not;)  Watching New Girl while munching on corn bread in bed = a great combination.

IMG 1509


Socks to bed… yes or NO?!?

What arm do you wear your running watch on?  I’m left handed but still wear it on my left wrist, Andrew is also left handed but wears his on his right.  Also, do 2 lefties make a lefty… interested to see if our little girl is a left or right-handed!

When do Christmas lights go up at your place?!

What is on the schedule for your workout today?  I want to hear all about it!!

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Thanks so much Janae – super helpful seeing that comparison! Love ya!!!!


You are so welcome!! Let me know what you end up getting! I hope you have a wonderful day Kristine!


I really want that blanket!! I might need to make a trip to Costco this week. I usually wear socks to bed in the winter but never ever in the summer. Sometimes I’ll wake up with only one on, though—ha!

I always wear my watch on my left hand (I’m mostly right-handed), but I wear the face of it on on the underneath/inside of my arm (hope that makes sense). I think it’s easier to look at the time that way, especially when I’m running! I had an easy run today but am planning to do another tempo run early tomorrow morning, and this one will be the longest tempo I’ve done in almost a year because of all of that kidney stuff, so I’m hoping it goes well!


Trader Jose has the best edamame! In the frozen section you can get it in the shell or out of the shell. My kids eat it like mad


AHHHH You are the best! I totally forgot about their edamame! I need to get there asap! THANKS DANA! Have a great day!


I love New Girl! When I am feeling blue, that is my go to show; Schmidt and Nick make me laugh so hard!!

Hope you and everyone are doing well. So happy for your new addition soon!!



YES YES YES… I laugh so hard every single episode. Thank you so much Amanda! I hope your day is an amazing one!


Your comment on crying because of the restaurant being closed made me laugh. My one true emotional breakdown during my pregnancy last year occurred because the Indian restaurant was closed for reservations the night we tried to go. It didn’t matter that there was another similar restaurant closer to home. The one I NEEDED wasn’t open.


I’m not alone! Thank you Beth for sharing your story when you were pregnant… you understand! I hope you have a great Wednesday!


That’s so weird Costco didn’t have edamame! I swear I always see whenever I go. I don’t wear socks to bed since I manage to take kick them off in my sleep. The only times I wear them is if my feet are really dry and I’m trying to moisturize them.

I’m right handed and wear my running watch on my left wrist. I’m curious to see if baby girl will be right or left handed since both you and Andrew are lefties! Does the hand you write with have to do with genetics?

I live in an apartment so I have no idea if we’ll decorate our patio. We’ll definitely put lights up on the tree and probably the mantel as well. Something tells me my boyfriend will want decorations up right after Thanksgiving. He is Christmas obsessed!


I wear plush slipper socks to bed every night, even in the summer. I am a righty but I wear my watch on my left wrist, I am pretty sure at one point in time I wore it on my right, but can’t remember why or when I switched.
We typically decorate the inside of our house on November 10th, and I have a strict no outside decor until after Thanksgiving.


I need some plush slipper socks asap… that sounds so comfy! That is interesting that you made the switch at one point and haven’t gone back! I hope you are having a beautiful day Rachel!


YES! I need to order like 50 of those Costco blankets! They are seriously the best.
I always wear socks to bed in the winter, I can’t stand having cold feet.
Great job with your running, I love how Andrew runs with you ;)
And fried eggs are EVERYTHING! I love to eat roasted veggies with a runny egg on top, so good!


Oh my gosh, NO socks to bed!! lol! That makes me cringe!! :-) However your early bedtime I am in love with! I love going to bed early and my daughter and I are the same – we are cranky beasts if we don’t go to bed at night but in the morning we are good to go!


I love that quote! And I’m actually reading Rupi Kaur’s new book right now – The sun and her flowers. She’s got some great stuff!

Workout today – Easy 7 miler on the treadmill … Because it’s raining … Again.
I had a pretty good 8 mile tempo run yesterday and took a yoga class last night so took it nice and easy this morning.

Off to work – Have a great day!


I never wear socks to bed, but Joel does in winter! My running watch (and non running watches) go on my left arm. I wanted to decorate for the holidays or at least put up some thanksgiving decor, but I haven’t done anything yet! Aaahhh! Hopefully I’ll get it together to decorate for Christmas!


The light fixture above your kitchen table (I think I see it in the reflection of the mirror in the Brooke/Andrew morning photo) – I need ALL the details: where is it from, do you love it, etc.
Also, I think you just motivated me to get xmas lights up. I have a Dec 17 birthday, so my mom would NEVER decorate for xmas until after we fully celebrated my birthday so that I didn’t feel overshadowed by the holiday season (she loves me!), but now that I’m an adult, I think I’m just too excited about the holidays with my little that I want to get them going NOW!


Hey Sage! We got it at Home Depot and we absolutely love it! We bought it about a year ago but I’m sure they still have it! HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY:) I hope your December is perfect!


New Girl is the BEST. Ever. If I am ever having a sad day, I can just watch an episode and be totally fine again. I think it’s even funnier, because my husband is totally a mix of Nick and Schmidt, so almost everything they say we can totally relate to haha.

I definitely bought one of those blankets at Costco over the weekend…..

That salmon salad looks amazing! And I’m with Brooke – edamame is the best. If you like spicy, some places will make it “fire style” if you ask! I found that out not too long ago and it totally changed my sushi experience.


I wear my Garmin on my left wrist(I’m right handed). Except when I sleep, i wear it on my right wrist. I only do that for my significant other. When I’m laying facing him, he doesn’t like to feel my watch wrapped around him at night. Weird! ;)


YES YES YES socks to bed!! It’s the BEST!!!

I wear my watch on my right wrist, and am right-handed!! It’s just easier for some reason…

In a perfect world…lights go up the day after Thanksgiving!!

Today is my rest day – thank goodness!! The time change has been hard for me this year, so I’ve been feeling more tired lately.

Have a terrific day, everyone!!!


Enjoy your rest day Liz!! I totally agree… the time change has everyone feeling more tired lately I think!! I hope your day is a great one and I love hearing from other socks to bed lovers:)


Pretty sure my boyfriend has one of those blankets and OMG it’s SO warm!


Never socks to bed – I need to feel cool when I am sleeping. I may put them on when I get into bed if it is chilly, but fairly quickly I kick them off – and I usually find them at the foot of the bed when I am changing the sheets.

I am left handed and I wear my watch on my right hand. My dad (who was also left handed) taught me that – so it doesn’t interfere when you are writing. My question is do you use a mouse with your right or left? I do a lot with my right hand – cut with scissors, cut with a knife at dinner (if I am chopping something I use my left), and i use a mouse with my right (so I can be writing at the same time).

My husband usually puts our Christmas lights up the weekend after Thanksgiving, mainly because he has the extra time. I think he did it once the weekend before because the weather over Thanksgiving was going to be bad (we had a white Thanksgiving that year) but I wouldn’t let him turn them on until after Thanksgiving. We don’t do any other decorating until a week after Thanksgiving. My BFF’s birthday is December 6th – her mom would never decorate the house until after her birthday to try to distinguish her birthday from Christmas. She ended up having a son with a 12/18 birthday (he was due 1/18 but he had other plans) so she couldn’t wait until after his birthday to decorate!


My husband thinks I have the coldest feet ever so I do wear socks to bed but I must take them off at some point in the night. I am right handed and wear my watch on my left wrist. Did a 4 mile tempo run on the tread mill today because it was pouring down rain.

I really want that Costco blanket!


WAY TO GO on your four mile tempo run Corrinne! I hope you have a fabulous day and get the blanket asap!


Christmas lights are up and running! so good for my soul now that it is dark outside so early and that everything is turning a brown and grey colour! I had salmon salad for dinner last night, inspired by you! So delicious!


I hate wearing socks to bed or anytime at all haha. I prefer bare feet except when my feet get freezing and then I still fight against having to wear socks. I like having a cozy blanket over my feet. That Costco one looks amazing. Also I’m right handed and wear my watch on my right wrist. Always have. Sometimes people ask me why my right and I don’t know.


Banana Nut Cheerios are BACK?!?! You just made my day!! I’ve been looking for those every time I went looking for the PB/Chocolate Cheerios. You will be very happy to know I FINALLY found them(PB/Choc)…so you don’t have to send them to me HA!
That salmon salad looks so good! I can see why you were craving it.
Might have to make a trip to Costco for that blanket :) Do they have more colors?


AHHH I am so glad you found them… where did you finally find them? I hope you get the Banana ones soon!!! They have a bunch of colors, they are the best!


Found them at my regular grocery store. They had them on a special display :)


Love that quote #womenpower.

I generally don’t wear socks to bed because every time I have, I wake up and they (or one of them) are somewhere in my bed sheets, haha.
I’m a righty and wear my watch on my left, I tried to switch it up once and it felt so weird!
Workout today…a 4 mile run planned with a group I run with. Going to try to chase the fast runners tonight :)

Hope you have a great day!


I legit cannot fall asleep with socks on. Even if it is absolutely freezing! My husband thinks that I am nuts because I will put my feet on his legs in bed and he cannot handle how cold they are. Naturally bad circulation in my feet … good times.

Right handed with watches always on the left!


Socks on at night for sure ! Last year we got really fed up with lights not working, LED’s being pricey, and being so cold to put them up, but mainly getting them up and having them go out ! So we tried that light thing that you point on your house. We loved it. Once you get it set in the right place, it has a remote to control the whole thing. And it looked great ! You can choose one color, both colors, change the size of the dots and such. We didn’t get the motion ones, but so many cool ones out there. So now we just decorate our porch and use the one light we put in the ground pointing at our house, and we are done. Loving it. And it goes up the day after Thanksgiving. Well, we can put stuff up before that for better weather, but we don’t turn them on until day after Thanksgiving. Garmin goes on my left hand, all watches do, and I’m right handed. I will be very curious to see if your baby turns out to be a lefty or not. Oh workout today, will be whenever I get it in. I could not pull myself out of bed this morning for nothing, so I missed my usual time.


NO SOCKS at bed time for me!

My garmin lives on my left arm. LIVES there… lol!

All decoration starts the day after Thanksgiving at our house.


My husband says my toes are icicles so I wear socks to bed (~ 9 months of the year) to save my marriage.
We have never put up Christmas lights before this year. This year we got the kind that can be white most of the year (usually on the deck for parties/night light/etc, then switch to red/green for Christmas. So the white version will go on the front of the house this weekend but absolutely no red/green until at least Dec 1st, then back to white in January, then probably back on the deck February onward.
4 miles with the stroller planned for this afternoon. Flat loop, thank goodness – my legs are sore from two stroller/mega-hill runs already this week.


I have a Garmin and I wear it on my left wrist (I am right handed).

Sometimes I wear socks to bed. I wear slippers until I get in to bed. As it gets colder the slippers stay on in bed or I put on socks – love it. If my feet are cold then my whole body is cold.

I ran 4.25 miles this morning, 4.6 yesterday and a half marathon on Sunday :) **I need to send you my half marathon story from Sunday for your racing accomplishments for your Friday post :)


I rarely wear socks to bed – I can’t even have them on to nap! I usually only keep them on for a bit if my feet are really cold but I have to take them off before I can fall asleep.
I’m right-handed and wear my watch on my left hand.
I don’t really do much outdoor decorating (too hard with just one person and too risky on my roof!) but the indoor Christmas decorating will happen after Thanksgiving.
Strength training for me today! I went for a speedy 4 mile run yesterday and I was so sad that it was dark by the time I finished, and it was only shortly after 5! So depressing!


Hey Janae! I still read you every day but life has become crazy around here and haven’t had the chance to comment as much as I used to.

I LOVE that blanket:) Just wished I had a local Costco near to where I live.

I never wear socks to bed but on my recent trip to Colombia I definitely needed them as it was extremely cold down there.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


NATHALY!! Oh girl, I hope it is a GOOD crazy going on in your life:) I hope your Wednesday is an amazing one!


Well Ross and I are both right handed, but 2 of our 3 kids are left handed. So anything is possible ;)


No on socks, if I start out with them on they inevitably come off at night.

I wear my watches on my left arm, I am right handed.

Today is strength training and I have a social for my business group tonight so I need to figure out when I’m going to get this workout in. (Probably mid-afternoon. I actually love working out then and the gym is generally empty after 2:15pm).

I put up decorations the first weekend in December and the tree goes up the following week. (It’s too much to do all at once).


First, I tried edamame for the first time this week and I didn’t know what to think. It didn’t taste like anything to me.

Also my husband is a lefty and so far it seems that all 3 of our kids are rightys… our youngest is still a little too young to tell though. I’m interested to see what you’re little one ends up being now.

And let’s add all banana flavored things (except pie and bread) to the list of other stuff is give you all of (almond joys…all yours)


I hate wearing socks to bed, even though I typically have cold feet. socks make my feet feel suffocated.

Today is a rest day for me, so I got to sleep in. It’s a good thing because I didn’t sleep very well last night.

That blanket looks incredibly soft and comfy! I’m not sure if I would have been able to resist it either.


I cannot wear socks to bed, no matter what the weather is. I also always have to have my feet out of the sheets/blankets. They just like to breathe! Lol

I’m a righty and wear my watch on my left. We have two lefties in my family, both boys.

We usually put up Xmas decorations (tree/lights) the day after thanksgiving. But, if we’re not going to be in town I like to do it ahead of time. So that includes this year….hmm i guess I need to think about it since we’re leaving next Wednesday!

Today I’m attempting my first run in 2.5 weeks….my chiropractor told me to try it out. I’m a little nervous but optimistic!

Have a great day!


AHHHHH GOOD LUCK LAURA! I hope your run today feels like a million bucks! Let me know how it goes! PS Andrew says that about his feet too… they need to breathe haha! I love it! Enjoy your Wednesday!


Thanks, Janae, you’re so sweet! Unfortunately, the run did not go as well as I’d hoped. I only did a mile though, so hopefully I didn’t do any further damage. My next stop is an MRI….hopefully just to rule out anything serious. Fingers crossed!!


Your guest appearance on I’ll Have Another has by FAR been the best podcast episode. :)


Oh thank you so much Molly! I had so much fun talking with Lindsey:) I hope you are having a great day so far!


We will be putting up our outdoor lights soon. Just waiting for a little break in the weather. I’m looking forward to hearing your podcast. I have never heard that podcast before, but I’m always looking for something new!


Socks to bed… yes or NO?!?
it depends – did i remember to take them off? then no… if not, then yes :) also if it is cold i will wear socks to bed. otherwise no.

What arm do you wear your running watch on? I’m left handed but still wear it on my left wrist, Andrew is also left handed but wears his on his right. Also, do 2 lefties make a lefty… interested to see if our little girl is a left or right-handed!

i wear it on my left arm and i’m a righty.

When do Christmas lights go up at your place?!
2 weeks before christmas if i’m lucky. i’m a procrastinator and also hubs thinks it’s too much to have it up for too long.

What is on the schedule for your workout today? I want to hear all about it!!
today will be tempo run in winter tights, the first time i’ll do this b/c last week i was in warm weather in South America running in shorts and a tank. the northeast got a blast of winter in my absence though so this is a bit of a rude awakening coming back to this! however, i have had a bout of food poisoning while abroad. i started to eat normally yesterday and this all started last Thursday. i have a race this Saturday so i’m going to just take it easy. i was training up until Wed of last week but the last bit of my training (tempo and long run plus fast finish) were alas not in the cards. i will just have to practice my “long run plus fast finish” this Saturday :p i’ll be running a half marathon with a fellow mom friend and our fellow dad friend who likes to run. hopefully our spouses will all show up at least at the end of the cold race with the kids.


I wear my watch on my right hand. I am also left handed. However, I read an article about switching the hand you wear your watch on to trick your brain and these little tricks can eventually help prevent Alzehimers. There’s lots of other “tricks” you can do to help, according to the article. So now I switch mine up.
Socks yes to bed then an hour in I take them off and always have to “collect” my socks next day:)


I need to read this article, that is really interesting Christina! I’m going to have to try that out! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


NO SOCKS TO BED!!! It makes me cringe when my kids wear socks to bed! haha :)

My dad will put our lights up when he’s here for Thanksgiving – he loves projects so it’s the perfect 1 for him!

6-7 miles on trails for me today. We’ve have a wet week in Seattle so it’s going to be muddy!!


Your organization is amazing–even with all you are juggling! You’re so ready for your new little girl :)

Socks to bed… yes in the winter, until I wake up hot sometime around 2 a.m. Then it’s hard to find them in the tangle of blanket in the morning, LOL!

I’m a righty who wears my watch on the left, but the face is always on the *inside* of my wrist.

Christmas decorations MUST wait until after my birthday (11/30) and ALWAYS down before what was my brother’s birthday (1/3).

I probably won’t be running or working out today with my head cold, but always walking the dog!


I love a when random stranger starts cheering you on! So encouraging! Today’s run was 5 miles, easy!


Wearing socks to bed is a huge YES, even in the summer! :)


I’m an after thanksgiving girl for Christmas decor but my 4 year old son wants it up now because he sees it in stores and such.
Cheerios makes all kinds of flavors these days! We are hooked on pumpkin Cheerios right now but those sound good too.
So do you like the Hanson marathon book too? I’ve heard you talk about the Half book but have you used the full one?


Hey Mary!! I have not used the plan for the full one and I have used the Hanson plan for the half and LOVED IT. It is an awesome plan and I had a great race at the end of the plan. I have their marathon book and it is great too but I just haven’t tried their marathon plan. I hope that makes sense! Have a beautiful day with your four year old:)


Socks to bed… NO!!!

I’m left handed and wear my watch on my right wrist. My mom was a lefty and I’m the only one of 4 kids who is left handed.

I haven’t done a lot of Christmas decorations the past few years (we’ve been gone the past 4 Decembers) but I think I just might get to decorate this year – right after Thanksgiving.

I had planned an 8 miler around Diamond Head but I’m losing a toenail so I cut it short and walked more than I ran. It’s crazy how much that hurts. Thankfully toenails grow back!


Love that you teach Brooke to earn her money to buy that necklace :) I don’t like socks to bed, I like my feet cold!


No no no no no to socks to bed!!! Even if it’s so cold that I need them to fall asleep, I always wake up with them off. I can’t stand it.
Can’t wait to go listen to your podcast episode!!
I’m right handed and wear all watches on my left wrist.
Everything Christmas goes up Thanksgiving night for me. That’s how my parents always did it and that’s what I enforce in my own house, much to my roommate’s dismay hahaha If it were up to her, we would already have decorated. (I own my place, which is why I get so much say. I’m not a tyrant, I swear).


I hate wearing socks to bed!! Totally left handed wearing my Garmin in my left wrist. ❤️


Yes, sock to bed; CLEAN socks, not the ones I wore to work.

Your post-run fuel looks delicious.


The post-run fuel and pup look fabulous!

(The salad looks good too, but it’s done by professionals.)


YES Socks to bed! Even in the summer. I have a company put my lights up for me and they are coming TODAY! Christmas lights are so beautiful and I’m definitely a “take down immediately AFTER Christmas” type so I like to put them up as early as is (somewhat) tasteful :)


Too funny Andrew wearing shorts while putting up Christmas lights! I have 2 kids (1 boy, 1 girl) and they are both left handed…my husband and I are both right handed!


I just finished rewatching New Girl last week! It was my go-to in the morning for breakfast and/or strength workouts before work. I tried to convince myself that just watching it was a sufficient workout for my abs :P

Socks to bed are a no for me. I find that my feet get so hot (and sticky? humid? is that even possible?) when I wear them to bed. Also, I generally dislike wearing them around our apartment, even though my feet get ridiculously cold. So that’s when I put on my penguin slippers :)

I’m a lefty too and I’ve always worn a watch on my right wrist. I tried it on my left wrist it would get too annoying whenever I tried to write. If I think back to that dominant/recessive chart in biology class I think that two lefties make another lefty so that’s exciting!

Christmas decorations can’t go up until after Thanksgiving for me. I actually just had a giddy moment at work where I realized that this the last day of my self-imposed Christmas music ban and the next time that I am in the office I can rock out to Christmas music.

Quick two mile run this morning followed by some Parks and Rec over coffee. My new morning go-to!

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