14 Stories from my iPhone + they’re back + don’t try this at home!

ANDREW and BROOKE got home yesterday after a long drive + a few extra hours due to traffic!  It felt so good to have them home!

IMG 2596 2

My Sunday consisted of a whole lot of nothing until they got home.  I taught a lesson at church to the youth girls and ate food and that is pretty much it.  Time is winding down and my body took full advantage of doing nothing and it was great.

Last night was Curly’s birthday party though so we did go to that to celebrate her!

IMG 2621

He was pretty thrilled with the fruit snacks that I brought him!


My sister made such a good dinner (my niece’s favorite)!  She did a big stir-fry with rice noodles and she makes the sauce by the SMELL!  She doesn’t have measurements for anything but there was fresh garlic, hoisin sauce, fresh grated ginger, soy sauce, rice vinegar, fresh lime juice, some red pepper flakes and a little bit of vegetable oil in the sauce.

IMG 2610

My nephew’s preferred way to stay warm during these winter months;)

LRG DSC00952

After the party we came back home and Beretta was so excited to see Brooke.  Her tag was wagging so fast that it is just a blur in the picture!

IMG 2643


In case you missed out last week… the top three posts from last week were:

*37 Weeks + 10 Random Pregnancy Thoughts!

*Our Kitchen Remodel

*WATCH THIS if you need to be inspired + an all day date + some random topics!


*Go ahead and add this to my Suunto Review… if you accidentally throw it in the wash (because it was in your pile of running clothes and it was way past my bedtime when I started the wash)… it will survive and actually still work perfectly afterwards.  I do not know how it would have handled the dryer though and I never want to know the outcome of that…

It’s extra clean now too;)  But maybe don’t try this at home.

IMG 1838

*Just a sweet sibling moment where I found Brooke trying to help Knox tie his shoe.

LRG DSC00897

*Really happy to have her home again.

LRG DSC00733

*I think we will both be wearing beanies all winter long.

LRG DSC00725

*Many of you have CIM coming up and plenty of marathons in the next few months and the spring… but this is what marathon I’m currently doing an amazing job training for.

IMG 1889

*Brooke had a ‘Dad Day’ at her school a while ago.  Getting this pic of them together at school made every part of my heart melt.

IMG 1867

*Glad to see this scene again… we just need Knox home soon!

IMG 2194

*Andrew and I were Facetiming one of the days he was in California and realized we were wearing matching shirts.   Our brains were thinking the same thing that morning even though we were in different states ha.

Screen Shot 2017 11 22 at 11 55 16 AM

*My favorite post-run activity.  I learned it from my sister.  To do this—> Just lay on the ground and think about how awesome you are for just running x amount of miles.  Try it today.  It is guaranteed to feel great and improve your mood even more.

IMG 2547

*I AM OBSESSED.  OBSESSED with Shark Tank right now.  I want to come up with an invention just so I can go on the show.  I also want to buy everything they feature which is kind of a problem.

Eating chocolate cake while watching is especially entertaining.

IMG 2514

*I found the wrapping paper that Andrew bought to wrap my gifts for Christmas.  He gets me.

IMG 2559

*Don’t mind my lame answers back (I was just about to fall asleep but woke up very excited about it;) but look who wants to do a marathon next year!?  ANDREW.  I’ll get on board with this idea of doing a bunch of races together.

IMG 2590

*PS he has already started training for our race against one another that we are doing next year (he says the winner gets $500 ha)… you can read more about that here (this race idea started when the kids told him I am faster than him;).  He is starting with some Yasso 800s to prepare:)  I’ve already reached out to my old coach for a training plan for me to do to prepare for this race.  Who is going to come watch?

IMG 0548

*My mom sent this to me telling me that I needed this shirt for when I was in school.  When I was in high school my sister was once the English substitute for my class for about two weeks.  She had to move me so many times until finally she just put me in the very back by myself ha.  Even with my sister as the teacher, I had a hard time stopping my talking (so now I just force people to read what I want to say each day;)

IMG 2580


Ever washed something that you didn’t mean to or REALLY did not want to!?

-Fun fact… if you put your cell phone in the washer like I did one time on accident (it got folded up into my sheets) it is not a happy ending like it was for my Suunto.

What was the highlight of your weekend?!  

Any other Shark Tank fans?  Have a favorite product that you’ve seen on the show?

In school were you a talker or not so much?

-It depended on the class I was in but I definitely deserved some karma from students when I taught high school myself.

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I JUST had a washing incident yesterday… I bought a new scarf that’s mostly wool and instead of separating it out, I just threw it in the wash without thinking… my scarf shrank :( I’m hoping since I caught it after washing and before drying that soaking it and stretching it will somewhat restore it. Definitely felt dumb after that!
Highlight of my weekend was spending extra time with friends and family. It was great, and I was simultaneously ready and not ready to come back to work today.


I LOVE that sweet picture of Brooke kissing your forehead! ADORABLE!! The highlight of my weekend was definitely getting to see my family and friends back home in Texas. We went dancing Saturday night for my sister’s husband’s bday party, and it was a blast!!

I was for sure a talker in school. I got detention from one teacher almost every single day during my sophomore year for talking too much. Even though I’m not in school, I need a shirt like that—I talk to pretty much anyone and everyone.


l was just in PT for my shoulder and my therapist told me to lie on the ground like that after my runs- it’s good for shoulders … so there you go! It’s legit!


No way… that is awesome:) We will keep doing it then! I hope your shoulder is doing better! Have a great day Hilary!


Glad to hear Brooke and Andrew got back to Utah safely!
Back in the summer, I put the nozzle for the power sprayer in the washer and dryer! I could not figure out what the small clank sound was until it was completely done. I can’t way whether or not the nozzle with still fit though…gues we will find out when it warms up in 6 months!
I love watching Shark Tank when I’m in hotels. No idea why but it probably has to do with that it’s on during when I fall asleep. Some of the products are so creative!


Once I washed my iPod shuffle (it died). And I have washed lots of money (still good after).

The highlight of my weekend was our 19 person Thanksgiving dinner. We wanted to share my favorite holiday with all of our Bulgarian friends before we move back home in 162 days.

Never watched Shark Tank. I did rewatch all the Friends Thanksgiving day episodes!

In school I was a talker and they always had to rearrange the seating chart but it didn’t help. My junior year English teacher said, “class, I would reorganize the seating chart again but I am afraid I am at a loss for where to seat Tonya. I would put her by the window but then she would probably talk to the birds!”


The limit does not exist for the amount of times I have washed my husbands wallet! I also accidentally washed and dried his headphones Sunday. Thankfully they still work! I have also washed his cell phone… and just like you it was not a happy ending!
The highlight of my week was setting up all my Christmas decorations! Normally I work seasonal in retail and am only putting my decorations up the week before Christmas.
I love Shark Tank!!! My favorite invention and purchase to date is the scrub daddy! In school I was a talker, if I was with my friends. I am teacher now and I definitely feel I am getting pay back… Except for today! The school district I work for has school today and the kids are so quiet!


Also… Brooke’s home… Where is Knox??? And where the heck is that baby?!? I haven’t been able to read the past two days and I kept thinking I wonder if Janae had her baby!


HEY ABBY!! Yep, I’ve washed Andrew’s wallet a few times now too! That is awesome that the headphones survived. Yep, cell phones don’t love the washer/dryer ha! I am so happy that your decorations are up:) I need a scrub daddy asap. HAHAH pay back… yep! Knox comes home on Wednesday! I’m hoping the baby comes soonish… I can’t wait to meet her! I hope your day at school is fabulous and that the kids keep being good!


Love Shark Tank! Got to interview the @NightRunner270 Shoe Lights inventors at the Wine and Dine Expo for one of my latest Quick Bites on my Podcast! They were awesome and they said they prepared hard core so they’d be ready and targeted someone on the panel who was a runner. So smart! Did you see their episode? Renata and Doug are awesome and so are their lights for early morning or late night runs. My husband uses them.


I haven’t seen their episode yet… now I have to! Thanks so much Aimee for telling me about that one and that is so cool that you were able to talk with them! I’ll have to listen! Have a beautiful day!


Oh glorious day, they’re home! I’m sure you’re every bit of happy and feeling complete again!

WASHED —-> The first iPod Nano that fulfilled my every wish (a clippy so I could run with it without stuffing it into my sports bra). DOA and RIP.:(

I love Shark Tank, but I don’t go out of my way to watch it (or anything that comes on TV, really; other than “The Walking Dead”, and even catching that on time is a challenge). A friend of mine (ummmm, actually friend and also major crush from middle school) was on it once. He was sporting the Freeloader child carrier — check it out if you’re bored; it’s kind of cool!

I think that I was just the right amount of talk and hushed. I want to say it was different for each subject —-> NO TALKING DURING MATH, I NEED TO LISTEEEEEEEENNNNNNNN.


Obsessed shark tank fan here…SERIOUSLY OBSESSED. Some of the products that I have found really interesting are from 2011 shows, when are they going to be new episodes? I am worried I am going to start seeing reruns soon ?.


NOOOOO to reruns. They better start up again soon:) I didn’t know that they started back in 2011… wow! Have a beautiful day Amanda!


Hope threw up on Chris 3 weeks ago, he took of his hooded sweatshirt and straight to the wash. Yep, phone was in the pocket. Oops.


This weekend I ran my first half marathon at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi!! I want to thank you for your blog! I read it every morning with my coffee and I used so many of your tips during my run! You are a great inspiration!


CONGRATS MENDY!!!!! Oh my goodness, that is so exciting! Thank YOU for telling me about this and for reading. Please keep me updated with how you are doing and your training:) Recover well and treat yourself for your huge accomplishment!


I washed my iPod last week. Not only was it okay, it actually fixed an issue it had with some weird discoloration on one part of the screen!


NO WAY… hahaha that is so awesome! Who would have thought that the washer would have fixed it!?! Enjoy your day Kiersten!


I love Shark Tank! But I would be way too intimidated to present in front of them. Haha
I was not a talker. I can remember the 2 times in all of my school career I got in trouble for talking – once in 2nd grade and once in 11th grade. I even had a 9th grade teacher tell my parents at parent teacher conference that I needed to come out of my shell more hahaha I’m not a quiet person!! I was just a super obedient kid!
PS it seems unfair for Andrew to already be training. That shouldn’t start until 6 weeks post baby. But I’ll totally come to the race. #TeamJanae


HAHAH I agree but I’ll let him start now to help him out;) Oh I would have loved having you as a student ha!! Your parents were lucky;) I hope you are having a great day Alyssa!


I can’t believe that watch made it through the wash! I’ve washed items of my husbands before (because he leaves them in his pockets) and I always feel so bad…
Highlight of my weekend was hiking on Friday! And of course getting a TON of my Christmas shopping and wrapping done.
I’ve never watched Shark Tank, but I think a lot of their products are awesome! The edge brownie pan is where’s it at!
I was not much of a talker in school, but I can think of a lot of current students who would be proud owners of that shirt!
Enjoy your day :)


I Almost always lay on the ground after my runs. It feels so incredibly good and rewarding :)

Hope you have a wonderful day Janae:)


Great weekend mix of activities! I would’ve believed ya if you said that was Brooke modeling that “Dear Teacher” shift :D


I have washed a set of Bose Headphones before which surprised me when they came out working just fine! :)

The highlight of my weekend was definitely our super awesome weather we had ALL weekend long! It was super sunny and warm but still had a cool wind so we had lots of extra outside time!

I LOVE Shark Tank!! It’s so addicting once you start one episode, you just can’t stop!


I totally agree, I’ll just start one episode and then three episodes later… haha! I hope that you get some great weather this week too and that is amazing about the Bose Headphones! Enjoy your Monday Chelsea!


My mom washed her phone a few times because it was in the pocket of her pants. I started panicking when I couldn’t reach her. I had to drive to her house to make sure she was okay!
I did so much relaxing this weekend. I was way overdue for some alone time. I’m hoping it will have me ready to face the hectic weeks that are coming up. I also ate lots of good food and got in some good running. Pretty much perfect combo for me!
So glad sweet little Brooke is back home! Beretta is going to go crazy when she sees Knox again!!
I’m sending all the good vibes and prayers for the arrival of Baby Girl! Have a great week Baron Family!!


Sounds like an amazing weekend Elizabeth!! Glad you were able to recharge (alone time and good food = the best) and I hope the next few weeks go great for you:) Oh I would have drove over to my mom’s too if she didn’t answer her phone ha! Thank you so much… that means a lot to us!


I’m so excited for you with Andrew going in for the marathon! I love racing with my husband, even though we don’t race “together,” we can share the experience and have a fun weekend of it.


Oh Victoria, I love that you and your husband do marathons together… I can’t wait! Now to just find a babysitter;) I hope your Monday is a beautiful one!


We mostly do triathlons together, haha, I mentioned something about an ironman next year and he was like “um that’s going to be a solo effort for you, lady.” He’s a little more normal than me. Hope you also have a great Monday with Brooke back! It’s officially Christmas cookie baking season now!


HAHAH yeah… I’d have the same reply as your husband;) Thank you Victoria and we gotta get baking!


your sister’s stir fry looks INCREDIBLE! I need a big plate of that in my life at this moment. We used to watch Shark Tank all the time, and this makes me want to catch up on episodes! I have never washed my watch in the laundry but I take showers wearing my garmin all the time and it has never had an issue! :)


A couple months ago, my BF bought a new (expensive) Garmin and got the pod thing that goes with it that you put on your shorts to count steps, etc. After the FIRST run with them, I washed AND dried the pod ?. It survived, thankfully, but that feeling finding something that wasn’t supposed to be in the washer is the worst!


OH I AM SO GLAD it survived the washing! Yep, my stomach drops when I realize I put something in there that shouldn’t be ha. Looks like we aren’t alone in doing this at least;) Enjoy your day VT!


I once left lipstick in my pocket… that was not fun! Mostly money, and in my family, whoever found the money in the laundry got to keep it!

The highlight of my weekend was a rocky hike I took with family! I had my (15 pound) dog in a backpack on my back, and we just went along the Central California Coast! It was beautiful!


I washed and dried a lip balm, it did not turn out well. I have washed a lot of $ (which probably needs it anyway) and my ymca card. (which I found before it hit the dryer).

I have had an ugly stomach virus since Thursday evening. My big highlight was finally feeling a little hungry yesterday.

I was a chatterbox, too. In fact when Ms. C, chatterbox, was introduced to us in kindergarten my parents told me the picture should have been me. :)

We do have a few products that were featured on Shark Tank, I’m not a big fan but my husband is.


NINA.. I am so so sorry you have been so sick but glad that your are feeling better(ish) again and a little hungry! HAHAH we would have been great friends in school:) I hope your day is a great one!


So funny that your sister was a substitute teacher for you!!! Love that you guys are so close, what is your age difference? I have two girls, almost 3 years apart and I really hope they have a close relationship in every stage of life :)


We are seven years apart! Oh I love that you have two girls… they will be the best of friends. Nothing like a sister:) Enjoy your day with your girls Heather!


I was so shy growing up. There were semesters where I sat in a class and didn’t speak one word. LOL. Not good. Thankfully, I was still able to make friends. Now, my kids are not shy at all and raise their hands to speak up. I love that about them! :) Have a great day, Janae!


I accidentally washed my wedding ring once. I didn’t mean to, I just grabbed it with my dirty clothes on the counter and I flipped out when I couldn’t find it… My water bottle leaked all over a brand new cell phone in my purse once, and I had old school wall heaters at my old job and I put my cell phone on a towel on the heater and it worked!

Highlight of the weekend was going to the XC state championships and watching a girl break the course record! 16:30 5k as a junior!

I’ve definitely always been a talker, which is weird because I’m also an introvert…


I never wanted to disappoint my teachers so I was always well behaved at school.

I accidentally put my phone in the dryer. Somehow it made it out alive. Needless to say I’m much more careful now. It was a flip phone, which I think are more sturdy than the smart phones now.


I’m really bad about washing without checking pockets — Hubby is really bad about leaving pens, pocket knives, money, — you name it — in his pockets. We’ve ruined tons of loads of clothes — including WHITES that came out BLUE because of a gel ink pen explosion. Did I mention hubby’s favorite pens are fountain pens? Yeah… messy…

In school I was really quiet at first — but in real life I’m a huge talker.


Running the 2014 Honolulu Marathon in a downpour was about the same as putting my Suunto through the washer! Suunto is great for triathletes, water doesn’t seem to be a problem, but I wouldn’t try putting it in the dryer either.

We had a great Thanksgiving in Carmel. The California central coast is my favorite place!

I was super shy as a kid so I never got moved for talking too much.


We are obsessed with Shark Tank too! I think I’ve seen all the episodes at least once and I get really excited when new ones air. My husband always orders me flowers from Bouqs, which is one of the companies that actually didn’t get a deal on the show, but has done amazingly well. We’ve bought several of the other products too. Haha. There is another show on CNBC that is kind of similar called Adventure Capitalists and it also really good (note quite as good as Shark Tank, but still good)! I hope you have a wonderful week and hope that sweet baby makes her appearance soon!


Please share how you get your eyebrows to look so amazing!


Ross and I will come watch you guys and cheer for each of you to beat the other. Ha!

I have had A LOT of teachers make that comment about me. One teacher put it in a nice way: I love how no matter where I put you or the type of people I put you by, you can make friends with everyone. A less nice way I have had a teacher tell me I had a talking problem: I swear if I moved you into the hallway, you would just talk to the lockers! Haters gonna hate.


Totally need that shirt for both of my boys. On parent teacher conference night, both teachers noted that my boys are talkers. I think it is hereditary. My husband and I were also talkers. Every year my husband ended up sitting next to the teacher. Until a few years ago, he thought it was because he was the favorite student! My MIL says otherwise :)


Hahah, it is good to know my suunto will survive in the wash (and glad yours survived!) – so far I have been lucky, just maybe coins and random bits of paper, and occasionally the credit card has gone in. oops.

We are huge shark tank fans – my favourite was an app that scans pages of a book – or more specifically textbooks and is supposed to summarize the most pertinent facts.

Highlight of the weekend – lots – an xmas party and also trail running in the rain with my trail family. It is funny because there is a significant age gap between youngest and oldest and yet somehow these people have become like family.

In school, I wasn’t really a talker, but I would say I am now. I know my partner (who is very quiet) wishes I would sometimes talk less now – I can go forever if given half the chance haha.


I was not a talker in school but I did pass notes or doodle sometimes.

I feel so behind on my day right now because I just read this. Oh Christmas season, you keep me busy. I’m so glad you have your family back with you!


I lose the van key all the time and the kids tell me to check the washer, and 9 times out of 10, there it is! COME TO ARIZONA!!!!!!! I guess it’s a bit soon though, eh? COME TO VANCOUVER IN MAY! Tough course though, but you guys live in the mountains, so it should be fine for you! Plus, we’re at sea level!!


One of my best friends from high school was on Shark Tank for her invention DrainWig. She said it was a really neat experience.

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