Since we last talked + what I miss + do you have a strong opinion about this?

Let’s go ahead and catch up on some of the things that have been going on over here since we last talked!

*Just trying to be a good wife and keep Andrew’s ears warm during the picture.  Our run yesterday was in 30 degrees (I was wearing gloves but took them off to get my phone out) and my ears were telling me to never forget my ear warmer headband ever again when it is that cold outside.

Andrew was amused.

*5 miles of running @ 9:44 average pace and we passed by some cows.

I was thinking during my run yesterday that the run I miss the most during pregnancy is the tempo run.  For some reason, I just LOVE the tempo run (especially when it ranges from 5-8 miles).  I love being in that ‘comfortably hard’ zone for some strange reason.  It’s the shorter bursts of speed that really hurt me (I can’t say I have missed 400 repeats during this pregnancy:)  The tempo is my favorite type of speedwork and while I’ll be starting this workout SMALL and a lot slower than I used to do them, I am really looking forward to getting in those tempo workouts again.  PS my tips for the tempo run are HERE!

IMG 2772

*Post-run bowl of goodness—>  eggs, bacon, avocado & potatoes!

My mom and I were having a discussion the other day about how exercise changes our eating habits.  She has been exercising more than ever now (GO MOM!!) and walking many miles each day!  She was telling me how her exercising now actually makes her want to eat really healthy.  Isn’t that a beautiful cycle?  We treat our bodies great by moving them and exercising and I think our body loves that so much that it makes us crave healthier food at the same time too.  I know the days I don’t exercise are the days that I just crave junk but on the days I run, my body wants all of the nutrients (at least until nighttime that is… ps during pregnancy this topic isn’t usually very applicable to me because I just eat whatever sounds remotely good in the moment;)!

IMG 2748

*On Monday night I LEFT THE HOUSE and went out with friends (I feel like that hasn’t happened in years)!  Megan was my date and it was fabulous!  I didn’t stay long (because my 8:30 bedtime is sacred to me;) but I’m so glad I went!

IMG 2749

*Brooke from femalefoodie put together an event at Bam Bam’s BBQ for a bunch of bloggers to meet up.  She was the sweetest and she has the best restaurant guides and recipes!  I also met her mom which I was excited about because her blog (bountiful kitchen) has given me a few of my all-time favorite recipes ever.

IMG 2744

*I forgot to tell you about the last part of my date with Brooke on Monday.  She wanted to go to the indoor pool to splash around a bit.  I’m not going to lie, the indoor pool is quite the commitment for a pregnant woman…  I am positive it is about 100 degrees in there but seeing how happy it makes her makes it worth it.  I really see a future in triathlons for this girl, she loves all three sports so much already.

DSC00964 2

*Thank you Beretta for keeping Brooke entertained and happy while I attempted to blow dry her hair.

IMG 2737

*Whenever Brooke finds her Rudolph socks she wears them and insists on showing them off by putting them over her jeans.

IMG 2758

*For lunch yesterday I had one thing on my mind, the Zupas mango salad (gotta take advantage of these last few days of pregnancy where people happily will go wherever I am ‘craving’).  I had the salad and cauliflower soup and the salad tasted soooo good that…

LRG DSC00968

Andrew went and got me another one after I finished along with a side of dressing to take home (the part that really tastes amazing to me) with us:)

LRG DSC00976

*We then did one of our traditions—>  the Angel Tree at Shopko.  I have a special love for Shopko because this is where I found out I was pregnant with Brooke:)  In the women’s restroom by myself ha!

IMG 2813

*We stopped by my sister’s house for a little bit to say hi and to cover Brooke in stuffed animals.

IMG 2823

*Brooke and my sister also had an intense game of Frozen.

IMG 2819

*We made it over to Costco to grab a few of the necessities and I’m guessing these raspberries will be gone within the next hour.  Also, I was wondering if you have a strong opinion about toothpaste.  I LOVE COLGATE and have for about 6 years now and I refuse to go back to Crest.  I love the baking soda taste (I’m weird, I know). Andrew could care less what we use… do you have a strong opinion about toothpaste?

IMG 2824

*Our dinner involved Bisquick pancakes (remember how I went on and on about my love over Bisquick for 15 weeks straight not too long ago… sorry about that) and hash browns.  Dinner is all about simple foods for me.  Oh and I had granola for a snack while we watched the newest episode of Last Man on Earth.  We got all caught up on that show at an embarrassingly fast rate.

IMG 2825

*Knox comes home today which we are beyond excited about (it has been 9 days)!!

IMG 2835

*I received this text and video from my sister and rewatched it about 15 times.  These boys of hers are trouble;)

“You go to the bathroom for one minute and this is your punishment.”

Flash cards are meant to make stairs slippery, not for learning.

*Jared Ward has a video on the Olympic Channel, ‘How One Olympic Marathoner and Math Professor Uses Stats to Excel’ and in the episode they show him running on this treadmill below!  I really want to try out this type of treadmill but I also feel like I would fall off of it quite easily!

Screen Shot 2017 11 28 at 6 30 45 PM


Any guesses of how many more miles I will get in before this baby comes?  

-I’m guessing 32.1.

What about you… when you exercise does your body crave healthier foods or do you notice a difference?

Toothpaste question—>  have a certain brand that you always get or do you not care?

What would you say is your absolute favorite type of run currently?  Has it changed over the years?  

-The long run was my favorite for a very long time but in the last few years the tempo run turned into my favorite type of run!

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I think the baby is coming tomorrow!! Or at least maybe you will go into labor tomorrow?? :-) How early did Brooke come?? So I don’t think you will get many more miles in :-)

I am passionate about Crest toothpaste!

Yes, I definitely crave healthier foods when I’m exercising a lot! During my running hiatuses I eat so much junk!


I’m guessing you get to meet your new little one this week! :) So less than 10 miles in my bet!

Your mom is SO right–I 100% feel like eating healthier when I’m exercising and moving my body regularly! It’s so crazy how that works but I sure love it!

I’m a weirdo about toothpaste and actually only use Crest! Creature of habit over here! ;)

My favorite type of run is a progressive run! It always takes me a good mile to warm up into my good speed work and then I can feel myself getting faster with each mile! I love it!


There’s so much yes in this post!!! From the Shopko experience to the pool to the cards on the stairs to just being real and hilarious.

My favorite run is undecided. I love tempo runs but also fast finishes, but long runs are divine too. So, sometimes I go for a combo (if that’s possible!)

So much love for toothpaste with baking soda. There’s something *more* about the taste. yum.

I think I naturally have healthier foods on run days because who wants to run on a belly of equally delicious but not as fueling foods? On my days off I might venture to more flavorful or fibrous foods.

No way am I guessing how many more miles! Did Andrew say 32 so you are going up just a smidgen to win? In other words, you’ll “run” to the car or hospital parking lot to get that 0.1m? I’ll just say your are going to get every glorious mile this baby girl will want until she decides she wants to join you all!


BAHAHAH okay, you know me and Andrew too well… that is something I would totally do with him as far as guessing/running the extra .1 haha! Glad you agree with the baking soda, it’s just that much better! Good call on the fast finishes.. those ones give me all of the endorphins! I hope your Wednesday is a great one Kelly!


i’m in dental school AND my dad’s a dentist, so i take whatever free toothpaste i can get =] they all work great! buuuuut if i had my druthers, it would be crest all the way (i got 2 free boxes at school the other day! dental students get excited about ANYTHING that’s free, but extra excited when it deals with oral health haha!!!).

when exercising, i do crave healthier foods, but i also crave MORE food.

i’m guessing you have about 18 miles in ya– and i wouldn’t be surprised if you were running/ still in running clothes when you had to go to the hospital! lots of love!


I’m guessing you’ll get about 19.3 more miles. :)

I became a Colgate girl a few years ago, and I don’t think I’ll ever change. It’s the best and always makes me feel so fresh.

Tempo runs are typically my fave, too, but I’ve been struggling with them a lot lately as I’m trying to get back in shape. I was thrilled when I hit the paces I needed to last Thursday, but it was a pretty short tempo, and I was spent after. Getting back into shape has been really kicking my tail!


I am just so EXCITED to meet this little girl and learn her name:) I hope she comes very soon;)


Thank you so much Amanda! I can’t wait for her to meet all of you:) I hope your day is a great one!


Hmmm I’m going to guess 18.2 miles, because I think she’s coming soon!
That mango salad you keep eating looks SO GOOD!! I am going to attempt to recreate it for myself at home, but I’m not sure what I’ll do for dressing.
I generally think I eat better when I exercise regularly, but I also don’t feel as bad about indulging (especially when my ~hormones~ take over) because I know I am at least attempting to counteract it. I do find that when it gets cold and it’s harder for me to stay motivated to workout or go for a run, I definitely tend to want to eat less good-for-you foods.
I am all about Crest!
Favorite type of run – one where I don’t have to run into the wind and I feel like I could still run for miles when I’m done! :) But seriously, I like long runs, even though they are challenging and I have to give myself pep talks to get through them sometimes, there’s something about that sense of satisfaction when I finish that keeps me doing it.


I can’t commit to the big long toothpaste tubes. I get the little stand up containers. Colgate.

You will get two more runs in so maybe 10 miles more?


Your nephews on the stairs! LOL I went to a sleepover birthday party when I was maybe eight. We made the staircase into our personal slide all night long. That mom must’ve been one heavy sleeper. In the morning over breakfast, someone said her stomach hurt and lifted her shirt to reveal a “rash” on her belly. The mom started having everyone show their stomachs and we all had “rashes.” The mom was totally freaking out. Then someone realized it was carpet burn! HAHAHA!


Oh my goodness… that is hilarious! Hahaha I bet my nephews have those same rashes now. I love it! Enjoy your day Amy!!


I’m guessing 38.6 miles ;) I can’t believe you toughed it out at the indoor pool!
And Brooke’s hair is gorgeous!
I love the new brand of toothpaste called Paradontax – it’s great if your gums bleed a lot!
Lately I haven’t been craving sweets at all…it’s super weird but I’m going with it! I’m sure once I’m on winter break I’ll be eating all the sweet treats!


I can’t believe she is coming so soon! I feel like you just announced you were pregnant! I am so excited for you. :)


Love that picture of you and Megan! Just started following her on IG… so now I have fitness from her and YOU! Just wondering… where did you get those red Christmas pjs from for Brooke?!


HEY KATIE!! Isn’t she the best!?!? Here is the link to Brooke’s PJS:

Have an amazing day!


Yes!! I think you’re great too <3 Thank you so much!


I finally developed a love for the tempo run this training cycle! I think it also helped that I always did my tempo runs in the morning so then I felt amazing all day for getting such a great workout in. My coach is a big fan of doing a workout within a long run every other week and I think those are usually my favorite runs. Kind of the best of both worlds between a long run and a tempo- and they always flew by! Man I’m not even 2 weeks out from my marathon and I miss training already haha

I think in general I crave healthy foods when I’m exercising more but I feel like marathon training can be an exception to that rule sometimes. My meals are usually pretty healthy but there are definitely days where I wanted all the carbs and chocolate as snacks :-)

Also, Brooke’s dog sweater in the picture with the socks is so cute!


Your a great mom to take Brooke on a date to the indoor pool. She must know that once the baby comes, you guys will be inside all the time so she wants all the fun while she can get it! Well aside from the new fun that the baby sister will be.

I think you get 42.3 miles in. Yes, I did just hit random numbers on the keyboard for that one ;)

In terms of toothpaste, I don’t really mind! I like the baking soda grittiness because it makes me really think I’m cleaning my teeth well. My boyfriend hates it though so we’re looking for a good in between toothpaste right now.


I definitely crave healthier food too when I run or work-out. A lot of it is because I tend to work-out later in the day so I know what I eat for breakfast or lunch will have a huge impact.
I love tempo runs too because I never saw such an improvement in my speed until I started incorporating temp runs. I also like an nice an easy 4 mile run. Something about 4 miles feels really good!


I am OBSESSED with Trader Joe’s All Natural peppermint toothpaste with baking soda. AMAZING! Now any other toothpaste tastes super sweet to me


That sounds like heaven… I have to try that! Nothing like the baking soda taste:) I hope you are having a great day Samantha!


My favorite type of run right now is an easy one! I’ve been training all year to hit my goals, and it’s a nice change of pace to just run for fun!

I am going to guess 30 miles- 5 for each member of your family (including Beretta, of course! ;) ).

So excited for you all! Praying for an easy delivery of a very healthy little girl and a great start to your recovery time!!


Oh I love running during this time of year for that reason… after working hard all year with different training plans and racing and then taking some time to just run easy and for fun. ENJOY Tanna (ps I LOVE your name)! HAHAH I love your guess… sounds perfect:) Thank you so much and I hope you are having a wonderful day so far!


First – I am OBSESSED with Brooke’s sweater!! I have a t-shirt with that on it but that sweatshirt is amazing! I am obsessed with my little rescue dachshund so anything with dachshunds on it, I automatically want haha. Rudolph is my favorite christmas movie and I collect anything Rudolph so I think I’m trying to say 24 year old me would get along really well with Brooke!! :)

Exercising definitely makes me crave healthier food! For me, I try to stick to a protein like chicken, salmon, turkey and lean beef and obviously carbs like spaghetti and meatballs because as runners, we need them (my justification:) I need to do better with veggies. It’s definitely mental but I always try to make my healthiest meal lunch because I will feel better the rest of my work day and on. Dinner I am little more relaxed with. I usually need a sweet of some sort after dinner! I have been into Enlighten ice cream. It’s like Halo Top but I actually think it’s better (it’s more ice cream like to me and creamier) and about 50 cents cheaper! I love cookies and chocolate though and try to proportion it when I eat it!

I struggle understanding tempo runs.. I am going to re-read your post on them. I am loving just running and pushing the pace a little while running. When I get into half marathon training next month, I will be adding in speed work etc.


I only use Tom’s of Maine Children’s toothpaste now – ha! Outrageous Fruity Mango. Yes, you know I’m 39 years old :) As a kid I think I used AIM… does that even exist now?? According to Target website it does… don’t recall it tasting all that wonderful. ha

Have a wonderful day! It is in the 50’s here in Boston area!


I am guessing 27 more miles!!! I definitely agree with you mom. When I fall of the running wagon for a few days I crave everything bad! I don’t care about toothpaste as long as it’s whitening! My husband is partial to Crest! I love my long runs… on the treadmill awhile watching New Girl!

Eggs, bacon, and avocado! I love that combination!!! Do you have a Trader Joes near you? If so the one thing that makes that combination absolutely divine is the everything but the Bagel seasoning!

Also I made your brothers Smores bars for Thanksgiving… They were a hit and gone before dinner! It was requested by my niece to bring them for Christmas!


OH MY GOODNESS…. I completely forgot… I have that seasoning. I will be using it today on my bowl of goodness. THANK YOU for reminding me (my brain is gone)! Oh I am so happy that everyone loved the Smores bars! The best:) Have an amazing day Abby and thanks for your comment. PS I am obsessed with New Girl!


I would like to say I am VERY passionate about Crest toothpaste, and I think Colgate should just go home. I also love Aquafresh, ’cause I think it gets nice & foamy when I brush & it has those fun stripes which look cool on my toothbrush. That’s important in a toothpaste, ya know?

My long run usually makes me crave junk, mostly because it is salty, and I am a very salty sweater, so usually by the end I need something to replenish, and all I can think about is Doritos, or hash browns, or a hamburger & fries. Thankfully, I am a good cook, so I usually just head home & do my best to recreate my craving in a fresh way.


I love Brooke! (femalefoodie) We were at Utah State together for a bit.
I definitely crave better foods when I’m in a good workout habit. I’ve been in a funk for a few weeks because I got lazy and then I’ve been sick and I miss the way my body feels when I’m eating well and exercising daily! Can’t wait to shake off the last of this cold/cough so I can get back into it!
I actually usually prefer Crest but I just bought Colgate last night.
I think you can go 40 more miles! :) Have a great day girl!


AAHhh I love that video of your nephews ! First of all, it’s just funny with the text from your sister then watching it. But the laugh of them, oh man, it’s awesome. Never have I thought of flashcards making the stairs slippery either, haha.
I do crave healthier foods when I’m in exercise mode. On skipped days, is typically when I eat worse. Funny how weird that is.
I’m guessing, you’ll get in 39.5 more miles before the little bambino comes.


Oh toothpaste. The mintier the better I say. The kiddie stuff that tastes like bubble gum or whatever makes me gag.

I’m liking the long runs these days. Makes me feel like a superhero afterward. Annnnnd I get more tv time while on the treadmill and I don’t feel guilty about it.

So happy to hear that Knox will be home soon….Christmas, babies, reunions,…exciting times!


20 more miles — then the baby will have had enough! LOL!

My body definitely acts better when I eat healthier foods. When I junk out (like I have recently due to holiday goodies) I just feel sluggish and gross.

I’m not as particular as hubby — hubby must have Pepsodent… it’s a MUST.

I love easy long runs — on cold mornings — when everyone is still asleep. Always have!


As an aside, your bacon, egg and avocado bowl looks SO good! My favorite toothpaste is Sensodyne. As I’ve gotten older (I’m 45), my teeth have gotten more sensitive so I use the Sensodyne whitening toothpaste. It’s just one more reminder that I am getting old. …
Speaking of tempo runs, I had an AWESOME tempo run yesterday of 4miles ran in the late afternoon, approaching dusk/sunset and the weather was perfect and my legs strong. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy but I had a challenging day at work so the tempo was just what I needed to shake the bad mojo from my work day and help me transition from work to home. It’s funny how running does that to a person. :-)


ROSIE… way to go on your awesome tempo run yesterday, that is great! Tempo run after a hard day at work… you are amazing! Seriously, running does so much for us. YOU ARE NOT OLD!!!! You are out there rocking tempo runs:) I hope today is a beautiful day for you and a much better day at work!


I’m going to guess 33 miles and yes, exercising definitely makes me want to eat healthier – I tend to think of food more as fuel when I’m exercising on a regular basis.
I’m not super picky about toothpaste – I’ll buy Crest OR Colgate – I usually go with whichever one is on sale.
I haven’t run in a while, but will be getting back into it pretty quickly since now all of a sudden my daughter is wanting to run and signed us up for an 8k in March.
That video of your nephews is HILARIOUS; God bless your sister is all I can say to that! :)


I’m so bad at guessing numbers, so I won’t even try. :) While we’re on the subject, I’m just bad with numbers period. Math is not my friend. I 100% agree with your mom! Congrats to her, BTW! That’s exactly how I am! I love working out; it’s my “me” time. The diet part is what is hard for me but I eat so much better, naturally, if I’m working out. That was really tough when my back was out and I couldn’t work out for months. I love the random tidbits in your posts! The pic with Brooke and the socks is gold. I’ve kept a blog since the kids were young and love making memories by writing in on the blog. The video is hilarious and cute at the same time! My niece used to go down the stairs like that all the time! I used to LOVE Aquafresh and couldn’t use anything else but recently switched to Crest 3-D white to combat my coffee and tea drinking. Great post, Janae! Have a great day!


I’m guessing about 20 more miles until you meet your baby girl.

I am a Crest girl all the way ;)

My absolute fav run is probably intervals or the long run. I like a good challenge!


My guess is 20 miles – 5 miles Wednesday (today), 5 Thursday, 5 Friday, 5 Saturday. I think you will go in labor on December 3 because it is a full moon. I went into labor on a full moon and within a few hours the hospital was full of pregnant women going into labor. All your Mom’s exercise and healthy eating shows because she looks amazing!! :) (This is exactly what I thought last time I saw her on your blog.)


Thank you Katie!! When my mom sees your comment it will make her so happy! AHHHHH I think you are going to be right with December 3rd because of the full moon:) That is exciting, that is SO soon. I hope you are having a beautiful day!


I totally agree with your mom! If I’m being active I figure I might as well put in the effort to make good food choices too. It’s definitely a good cycle to be in.

I use a toothpaste that is recommended to my by my hygienist because it has more fluoride than other toothpastes. I also found that using an electric toothbrush that automatically shuts off after 2 minutes means that I’m brushing my teeth for the entire 2 minutes instead of how long I think is two minute like I did with my manual one.


You can’t have your baby before me! I was due Monday! Maybe we’ll meet in the middle. :)


AHHHH ABBEY!!! Yes, let’s meet in the middle:) Good luck and I hope you are feeling well and that your little one gets here asap!


I love tempo runs too! I honestly never did tempo runs until just recently and I love them now.

Crest or Colgate but if I had both I’d choose the Colgate I think.

I hate it when kids do something naughty but they are having such a fun time doing it. It’s always so much harder to punish them and kill their fun.


I do notice when I workout, I crave healthier foods.

It’s funny, I didn’t realize how cold it was supposed to be until I actually went outside…now later in the day it’s like 60. Can’t say I hate 60 in late November though.


You look great! I hope you are feeling well!


I love 400’s! That is my favorite speed workout! I find tempos kinda intimidating lol. The mango salad sounds so yummy — I love mango anything! I miss eating fresh mangos all day long from my grandmother’s farm in Kenya!!!


I took the same toothpaste journey as you: ALWAYS buy Colgate -grew up with Crest, but once I found Colgate I will never go back to Crest :)

BTW, I love that Brooke has a sense of style with her socks! -When my daughter was very young (she’s only 9 now so still pretty young) she put together some pretty wild outfits and some that were just a little quirky (she had special striped socks she wore over her jeans), anyway, anytime she wore one of her special outfits, I took a picture and circulated it among my family, calling it “outfit of the day”. I saved all the “outfit of the day” pics and so glad I did because I can already see my daughter’s sense of style becoming a little less brave (no more red plaid dresses with pink and purple flower leggings, topped off with a bright blue sweater with a big knitted flower on the side). Glad you’re appreciative of Brooke’s sense of style and I’m sure it’s well-documented with all the pics you take in a day:)


Oh I LOVE the outfit of the day idea… that must be so fun to look back on:) So much fun… I don’t want this to change! Why do they grow up!?! I hope you are doing well and I love hearing from other Colgate lovers;) Thanks Kim! Have a great day!


I’m so impressed with all the miles you have run during this pregnancy. Looking forward to meeting your little one! I remember when Brooke was born and now she looks so grownup, especially with the hairstyle in today’s pictures.

I definitely eat better when I’m active, I sleep better, too.

I have sensitive teeth and really only like Crest, Les likes Arm and Hammer, so there are always multiple tubes of toothpaste in our home.

It’s really hilly where we live so I either finish on an up or down hill. I love a downhill finish that I can push the pace and feel like I finished strong.


OMG that video! So glad I have a girl….pretty sure a boy would give me so much anxiety!

I do not stray from my normal toothpaste unless I am traveling. Then I use whatever travel size one the dentist gave me. My husband tries to switch up the flavor (usually still the same brand).

I did a tempo run this morning. Not really my favorite but definitely better than sprints. I am guessing you get in 40.2 more miles!


During training, I just get hungry – no particular food, I just eat more. :). I am not particular with my brand of toothpaste – my mom was a dentist before she retired so I just used whatever she gave me (it did usually end up being crest or colgate)

Right now just getting out the door to run seems to be a victory haha. Having said that – a long run or a hard tempo run feels great even if I feel like I might die after. Have a great day!


First off, best wishes for a wonderful delivery for baby girl! I am so excited to see her but not as much as you guys!

I think that is so true, re healthier foods when we treat our body right. I am loving raspberries this week, too. And garlic bread!

Time to hit the dreadmill, it is too cold for me here in WI today. Have a great one!


Just last night I had a dream that you went into labor…so weird to have bloggers in your dream LOL!


AHHHH that makes me so happy:) Glad I could be in your dreams last night and let’s hope that your dream means she is coming soon;) Enjoy your day Sandra!


I definitely agree that running or other exercise leads to healthier eating days… until 9pm, then it’s all the sugar, haha. For about 48 hours now though I’ve been intensely craving Greek food… guys can get cravings too yo.

I’m all about comfortably hard > sprints or short, high intensity. I think that’s just our thing as distance runners. I’ve had to get used to shorter distances lately because of my schedule, though. I did 19 miles last week for the first time in like 5 months and my legs are still sore from it!


GRANT… HUGE CONGRATS on your 19 miles last week! That is awesome (and makes me tired just thinking about running that far haha)! HAHA YEP, 9 o’clock hits and Andrew and I are both wanting all of the junk! I hope your legs stop feeling sore soon!


Nope, nope, nope on the 32.1 miles…just as many of the girls have speculated, I think your baby girl will arrive before that. I will guess somewhere early to mid 20’s. :)

The boys sliding down the stairs on cards is hysterical!!


If you like the baking soda taste in toothpaste, try the Arm & Hammer one sometime. I love it so much! I won’t go back to normal toothpaste ever again!


Done and done. I can’t wait to try it! Thanks so much Christina!


I have a VERY strong opinion on toothpaste. I hate crest! It has to be Colgate but whitening. I got a different kind of Colgate and had to take it back I hated it so bad. I’m real picky!!


Okay. You can tell I have an 8 year old. When I read about the angel tree at Shopko, at first I read it as you were making a SHOPKINS-themed angel tree. Oh man! lol

It’s 61 degrees here in PA today—fabulous for almost December, but it’s a yoga day for me, darn it!!!!!! Very tempting to run instead!!! :)

Hope you had a great day!!!


OMG – that video is hilarious. Those 2 are going to be a handful.

We are highly opinionated about toothpaste in our house and do not use the same brand. He likes Aim only (it’s so foamy and gross to me). I use natural toothpastes such as Jasons, Toms, Himalaya, or Trader Joe’s . I also cannot do spearmint or cinnamon flavors. (truly, we are both bizarrely obsessed with toothpaste).

I do think that exercising leads to making better food choices. Why waste the effort? On the other hand, I have clients who use exercise as an excuse to eat more junk. (I am not opposed to treats but they’re called treats for a reason).


Colgate all the way!!!

Also – that indoor pool looks awesome! I wish we had something like that in the Salt Lake Valley (or maybe there is and I don’t know? anyone want to help a momma of an active 2 year old out??).


So, I have to ask — what made you take the pregnancy test in the bathroom of a store instead of at home? I have seen sometimes pregnancy tests in store bathrooms but I always assume they are scared teenagers rather than adult married women….since you mentioned it, I’m so curious now!


HAHAH great question… usually it probably is teenagers! So long story short… I was on birth control and I started having all of the pregnancy side effects but I thought there was NO way I could be pregnant. At about 8 weekish I was driving to the gym and thought I might as well just take a test before I make an appointment to see what the heck was wrong with me. Since I was on my way to the gym I just decided to take it in the bathroom:) So that’s how that happened ha! I hope you have a great day Sarah!


Ha ha! That makes sense! Thanks! ;)


Oh, Janae! Your angel tree picture just made my day. We were at that Shopko last week to pick out our names and the tree was completely full. Seeing only a few names left fills my heart with such joy. Thank you for sharing!


In guessing 40.5 also i have a strong feeling baby name will start with letter J.
So Jenna, Jewel, Jarline, Jessie, and janine


Hmm, I’m going to guess 17.6! Since I don’t think baby will wait long enough to come on the 17th (my birthday!), I have to get it in there somehow :)

Overall, I definitely crave healthier food when I am running more. Except for immediately after (or during) a run when all I want to do is treat myself!

I always go for Crest but more out of habit than true preference. But whether I get Crest or Colgate it HAS to be the gel. No paste! Blech :P

My favorite kind of run right now is the long run. I recently found a new loop lined that is still lined with some nice foliage. I love looking at the colors and crunching on fallen leaves!


I really don’t like crest (it leaves this weird aftertaste) and I used sensodyne for my crummy gums. I am amazed at how many stuffed animals your sister’s family owns! Love that your mom is taking the initiate to be healthier!

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