Silentish Saturday!!! Bump + Pie + 6 + Snapping Champ

Perfect day for a run!


IMG 1077

Went for 6 miles of running with some walking and felt really good!

IMG 1090

Saw Andrew and Beretta out running later on too.

IMG 1093

Brookie and I went out for the day together.

IMG 1098

Snapping has been a really big deal for her this week, I’m amazed her fingers don’t have blisters on them from practicing so much.

IMG 1103

Megan D gave us this cookie straight from heaven…  she used THIS recipe for the Levain Bakery cookie and took out the walnuts and semi sweet chips and added 1 cup of milk chocolate chips, 1/2 cup peanut butter chips and 2 cups of the Costco pb trail mix instead.  It was out of this world.

IMG 1108

Eating at home with half of a kitchen… ramen noodles eaten right out of the pan:)

IMG 1112

Took advantage of bike riding weather.

IMG 1117

Reading time went really well.

IMG 1116

They ended up being able to come work on our kitchen for a bit yesterday late afternoon… it should be all done by next week and I can’t wait to show you!

IMG 1113 2

And then Andrew and I went out for date night (part of which involved pie from Kneaders).

IMG 1148

Brooke hung out with my parents!

IMG 1158

We were off…

IMG 1172

We went to one of our favorite restaurants—>  Shoga.  Salmon salad!

IMG 1170

And a shrimp tempura roll for me!

IMG 1171

Followed by pie night at a friend’s house.  Everyone brought a pie and I really like pie.

IMG 1173


What are three things that you are doing today!?!?

-Just a few more Saturday runs before our girl gets here so I’m going out for 3-4 miles, eat leftover chocolate pie and that is as far as my day is planned today:)

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Trying to go for run after 5 weeks injury
Visiting mother in law
Getting chines e n movie tonight


Let me know how your post injury run went today… good luck! Sounds like a really great day for you!


Wow this salmon salad!! I want it for breakfast ha Flying home today after a work trip. Can’t wait to see the family!


Oh I am so happy you get to go home today! Safe travels Mel and I want the salmon salad for breakfast too hahah!


dog sitting, work, and a lunchtime run!


Sounds perfect! Enjoy that lunch run Loribeth!!!


Going to Blowing Rock!! Staying over night in a cabin and having hot chocolate!!!


That sounds perfect! Enjoy every second Erin!


Ooo pie! That’s going to be something I really look forward to the next couple months.

It’s my moms birthday weekend, so after all our errands and other Saturday stuff (hopefully a run at some point) we are going to dinner.

Also the library is having a used book sale so I’m going to try to make it over to that. Easy Christmas right there.


I want to go to a pie night, it sounds like fun! Enjoy the leftovers :)

Can’t wait to see your kitchen! It’s great you’re getting it done down before baby arrives.

3 things for my day – 5 mile run (done!), the mall for some returns, and chili for dinner while watching Stranger Things most likely.


That pie looks AMAZINGLY delicious!!

You’re so close, how exciting!!! I bet she’ll be here before you know it! YAY!!

My plans today are to do some house work (Wooo hoo! Ha!) and then head out for a 4-5 mile run! Nothing else is on the schedule which is just the way I like it!

Happy Saturday!!


Yay, just a few more runs before your new little cutie arrives! So exciting :) And, I too can’t wait to see your kitchen!
Today will start with pilates (needed a day off from a run), followed by watching my nephew’s band competition, then tonight the whole family is going to watch my aunt’s play at a community theater. Should be a great day with lots of family… one of my favorite kinds of days :)
Happy Saturday!


Thank you so much Wendy! Oh enjoy pilates (I really need to do that this next year:)! Sounds like a perfect day… lots of family time! Have a great time!


I love that purple top you’re wearing on your run! May I ask where you got it?


YES FOR SURE!! Thanks Jen! It is a moving comfort top that I bought a few years ago… I just searched online for it and can’t find it anywhere but if I do, I will let you know! Have a beautiful day Jen!


3 things: getting our new refrigerator delivered, possibly going for a walk (although it’s quite cold here so it may be on the treadmill), and napping. I went to a Foo Fighters concert with my brother last night and got home at 3 am, but was wide awake by 8:30 this morning. I will be crashing hard this afternoon! Have a great weekend!


I’m so jealous! I love the Foo Fighters! I hope you had a really good time!


AHHHH the Foo Fighters concert sounds perfect! I hope you get an amazing nap this weekend! Yay for new appliances, the best!


Sounds like a great Saturday to me! I haven’t run in 2 weeks due to a strained or torn (not sure what) hip flexor. Going to a Veterans Day parade with my dad(he’s a Navy vet). That’s all I got!

Have a great day!


Oh Laura, I am SO so sorry about your hip flexor… keep me updated with how you are doing! Enjoy your time with your dad today at the Veterans Day and tell him thank you!


Your watch is so pretty! What kind is it?


THANK YOU Lauren! It is a Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR! I need to write a review about it… I love it so far!


Thanks!! Would love to hear your thoughts on it :) I’m looking for a new watch for Christmas!


Wahoo!! I am writing it now and I’ll post it Monday morning!


5K for an organization that provides service dogs to veterans, another 5 on the treadmill, and work.
Is that your new running watch? What do you think of it. I’m getting a new one cyber Monday when the best deals are supposed to be. I need to decide what to get.
So happy for you on the new kitchen. I can’t wait to see the pictures.


Oh that 5k sounds amazing! It is my new running watch, I’ll write a review about it right away! Thank you Lee and enjoy your weekend!


Hi Janae!

Hope your having a great day! I ran 6 miles which is huge for me coming off of a year long injury, so Yeah!
What watch are you wearing in the picture above? I have been thinking of getting a Garmin or a Fitbit to record steps and miles etc. What do you recommend? The only thing I don’t like about Garmins is the face looks huge and I have small wrists. Do they make Garmins with a smaller face?

Thanks for your thoughts on watches etc.

Tammy :)


Hey Tammy! I am wearing the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR and I LOVE IT! I have never tried Fitbit but I also love Garmin, I’ve used them for like 10 years too! Have you thought of the Garmin Vivosmart?

It records steps/distance too. I’ve never tried it but I have heard good things about it and it is MUCH smaller (kind of like the FItbit)! My parents LOVE their Fitbit!


Thanks for the info. Janae! Do you like the Suunto Spartan better than your Garmin?
If so, why?



SURE Tammy! A few of the comments about the watch have inspired me to post a review on Monday morning… I’ll explain everything in detail there!


I ran 4 miles with my dog this morning around the lake. It started out cold, but right when we were finished, the sun was out and it was a nice mile walk back to the house. I also stopped for some hot chai tea which made the walk even better! Lola is now snoozing away in her bed! I am 12 weeks pregnant (shh….we haven’t told anyone yet! waiting to tell both parents when we go home for Thanksgiving, before we spread the news!) but I hope to continue running like you have done so far!


AHHHH CONGRATS Kathy… I am so so happy for you:) Way to go on your run this morning, sounds like a beautiful route! Keep me updated with how you are doing!!


Brooke is so lucky to have wonderful grandparents who enjoy spending time with her. I would love my kids to have that.


Oh Kendra, that is so so hard. I am so sorry. I bet you will be the best grandma ever when your kids have kids because you’ll know how much you wanted that for your kids. Thinking about you!


Those cookies look amazing. I saw them on her Instagram too.


Today is already Sunday for me as I live in Belgium :) I already did a Bodybalance work-out at the gym. Reading and ironing are next on the menu. I started reading Angela Duckworth’s Grit. I already have the book for quite some time, but when I saw you are reading it … I thought: o well, why not?


Hubby and I went furniture shopping Saturday!

We looked at three different stores and think we have a winner!

We also had Chipole (my favorite) and got him wings for dinner (his favorite)

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