WATCH THIS if you need to be inspired + an all day date (maybe our last one before this baby comes) + some random topics!

My belly band is back in action over here supporting my belly a little bit over the miles!  Our Friday involved sleeping in (trying to build up as much sleep as possible before this baby comes;) and then we left for our run.

MY LEGS SAW THE SUN for the first time in a while and it felt so nice.

We went out for a 5 mile run and brought Beretta along with us.  My Suunto died (I haven’t charged it in FOREVER) and Andrew forgot to start his until we had already gone .3 miles… but he said, “if it’s not on the Garmin, I didn’t do it!”  So according to his Garmin we did 5.01 miles @ a 9:31 pace but in real life we did 5.31 miles;)

IMG 2469

Just making a cheers with our Hydroflasks.

IMG 2475

I am really loving fruit on salads lately so we went to Zupas for lunch and I had the mango salad and a sandwich.

IMG 2483

We decided to hit up a movie after we ate—>  Murder on the Orient Express.  IT WAS SO GOOD.  I want to read the book now but I know the ending so that is lame ha.  We seriously both loved this movie so much!  I even stayed awake the entire movie which definitely proves that it was a good movie because I have a hard time staying awake if a movie is not great.

IMG 2487

Nothing like a buffet the day after Thanksgiving right!?!  Andrew and I went to Tucano’s for dinner and no one was there… probably because everyone was eating leftovers.

IMG 2493

They brought a bunch of salmon, cod and grilled pineapple (my favorite) around for me and steak for Andrew!  They grill the pineapple in brown sugar so it tastes better than candy.

IMG 2495

Another favorite from this place—>  fried bananas (it’s like a churro and banana combination:)!

IMG 2496

We ended our date at RC Willey because a 20 minute massage is just what the doctor ordered.

IMG 2498

From there I went to a different recliner to read… this is my favorite place to read (or sit) at our house.

IMG 2509

Andrew had to run a few errands before he leaves today to pick up Brooke (WAHOO!). When he came home last night, we had pie.  Mer sent us home with an some chocolate pie on Thanksgiving.  I’m guessing it will be gone by Sunday.

IMG 2511

Just a few random things to tell you:

*This 7 minute clip about Jordan Hasay made me cry and it really inspired me!  She is incredible.

*Brooke is having the time of her life in California!  I wouldn’t mind a beach day soon:)  I’m really excited to have everyone home soon.

IMG 2492

*In case you were wondering, Beretta had a playdate with my brother’s dogs.  She made some new friends which was the highlight for her this week (along with her run with us yesterday).

IMG 2417

*Random question… I saw this datenightinbox thing on IG (it was an ad) and it made me wonder if any of you have tried it and what your thoughts are on it?  We’ll probably get in one more date night before this baby comes home and then date nights will be at home for a while so I kind of want to try this!

IMG 1792

*I have not liked gum during this pregnancy but I tried this one and it was so delicious.

IMG 2505


What are three things that you are doing today?!

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Eye brow wax
Seeing Wonder with my parents


Sounds like the perfect day Erica! Let me know how Wonder is (Brooke really wants to see it with me so I want to know your thoughts on if I should take her)!


That looked like a fun day for you two (ahem, three…wait…four [including Beretta]). Math.

Three things happening today: Laundry (JOY…!), some lesson planning (I’m a P.E. Teacher, so my plans are funsies), and a shorty three-miler with my Husky. Have an awesome day, missy!

SIDE NOTE/QUESTION: Does Andrew have a Pottermore profile? It’s fun to nerd out and see what your wand or Patronus are, or what Hogwarts House in which you belong. FUN.<3


HAHAH I love your math:) Oh I LOVED teaching PE! Best subject:) I hope that your run with your Husky was a great one! Andrew does not have a Pottermore profile but I feel like this is something that he needs to do asap! Thanks Tiffany and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Getting excited to hear about your new baby!
Three things today
Running short one coming back from injury slowly this time do I don’t get re injured. Going hiking with my husband and two college boys, home one more day for the holiday. Dinner then Christmas lighting of Montauk Lighthouse.
I love how much you savor your kids, they grow up so fast! Tomorrow i will be depressed when my one son leaves, luckily my “baby” is attending a community college and still lives home.


Oh thank you so much Dawn! Sounds like a beautiful day (and great job on being so smart after your injury)! Oh I am so sorry one of your sons is leaving tomorrow… that is so hard. Glad your other one is home though! Thinking about you! Enjoy the day!


Murder in the Orient Express is SO good!! The acting, the music… heartbreaking! I loved it too!


RIGHT!?!? Seriously… incredible. So glad you loved it too! I hope your Saturday is a great one Marta!


3 things for me today:
1. Laundry… we have been traveling and I have been working a lot (nurse with 12 hr shifts) so no laundry has gotten done for a while
2. Putting up the Christmas tree and other decorations… this might actually run into tomorrow as well
3. My niece’s baptism this afternoon… I was asked to be her godmother and I am so so honored and excited! She is the cutest little peanut!

Have a great weekend!


Oh Tara, that is so exciting about your niece’s baptism and that you are her godmother! That is really special! Hopefully you are able to catch up on everything after such a busy time of year for you! Those 12 hour shifts are no joke! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


3 things:
Splitting firewood
Making soup
Taking a shower

If we get the firewood done early enough, I will try to run before the shower….but the run might not happen until tomorrow.


What kind of soup!? Sounds like a fun day!!! Thanks for sharing Stephanie:)


Visiting my dad
Decorating for Christmas
Finishing the book I’m reading (Moonglow)

Murder on the Orient Express is one of my favorites. Agatha Christie has so many wonderful books starring Poirot. I think it’d be worth reading one of her other stories where the ending isn’t spoiled for you. My recommendations: And then there were none, the murder of Roger ackroyd, crooked house, the mysterious affair at styles.

I haven’t tried Date Night In, but I’ve looked at it. There are some homemade ‘date night jar’ recommendations on Pinterest, you might be able to create your own without the cost of the subscription. That was why I haven’t tried it myself yet.


That is a great idea… I’ve read And then there were none but I’m going to grab one of the others that you recommended. I’m super excited about that Sam, thank you! Good call on the Pinterest recommendations too… off to go check that out. Thank you so much Sam and I hope your visit with your dad is a great one!


I have no idea what we are doing today. I spent most of yesterday setting up our Christmas decorations. I’m getting a prelit tree next year because it took me 3 hours to string the dang lights on this one!

A movie sounds fun, maybe we will do that. And I should run….we will see what happens.


AHHHHH Christmas is set up, that is so exciting! I can’t wait to decorate over here. Oh prelit trees are so nice! I hope your day is a great one Jenny and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having:)


Lovely sun! (And lovely salad :) ) Bet you’re looking forward to having Brooke and Knox home!

3 things – making Christmass cake, making mince pies, AND finally having a run that I loved! I took yours and your readers’ advice and went slower so I could stop stressing about pace and foot placement – and it was so good. In fact I ended up running at about my usual tempo pace but it just felt so much more relaxed and enjoyable. Long may it last!


Oh I sure am! Thanks Lys! Christmas cake… that sounds delicious:) YAY for a run that you loved, I am SO glad that you had such a great run:) Keeping relaxing Lys, you are amazing!


Sipping a kambocha drink while studying as my SO waits for the new yeezys (some sort of sneakers) to release… he’s been up all night waiting. Crazy boy


Oh good luck with all of the studying! Oh hahaha that is exciting about the new sneakers, I hope he got them! Thanks Nicole!


Three things I’m doing today:
-7am flight back to Chicago from Jersey .. CHECK! Happy to be home :)
-Picking up my pup from the sitter
-Maybe a run … Or a swim … Or yoga! Not sure what I’m feeling yet


So happy you are home (it feels so good to be in your own bed again)! Enjoy your workout, whatever you choose and I bet your dog is so beyond happy to have you home!


Got my workout in — First 30 Dball Clean & jerks (40#) for time then a wod consisting of Weighted Walking Lunges, Slam balls, knee raises, and a 200m run — for 5 rounds. First round we did 5 of everything and then a 200m run, then 10, then 15, 20, 25. That last round was rough.

Next — shower and kickoff — it’s the Michigan VS Ohio State game and it starts at noon!

Then we’ll have to make a trek to do a quick exchange for hubby and then grab lunch/dinner.


AWESOME WORKOUT SUSIE… you amaze me and inspire me:) I hope that the game is doing well and enjoy lunch/dinner out:)


My 3 things for today are: studying I have a personal trainer certification exam on Tuesday), laundry, and a date night with my boyfriend. There’s a comic expo market downtown that he wants to go to. I’m hoping they have some Harry Potter and Stranger Things stuff – that’s about as geeky as I get.


You are going to rock your exam on Tuesday Fiona! Enjoy date night… sounds like a blast!!


1. Going to a Christmas party tonight
2. Being lazy in pjs
3. And possibly snowshoeing or yoga (haven’t decided which yet)

Happy weekend!


YAY for Christmas parties starting to happen! Oh snowshoeing sounds like a blast (and really hard too ha)! Enjoy some lazy time in pjs, I’m going to do that too! Thanks Kristine!


I just got in from Atlanta. I love being home.
Getting my doggie from the pup sitter :)
Hubs is setting up the new TV we got on Black Friday
Relaxing, reading AND exercising (I need to get moving from the long car trip)


I am so glad you are home now and i hope your time in Atlanta was great Becky! Enjoy the new tv, relaxation, reading and your workout!


Three things watching my bonus sons football in state championship game. Hopefully eating at Cheesecake factory if we win, watching a Christmas movie.


That sounds PERFECT to me (now you have me craving Cheesecake Factory… I hope they win)! Enjoy Courtney!


Pregnancy (2 years ago with my first) ruined gum and mints for me – I hate having something sit in my mouth! Ew! I’m pregnant again now and I still hate it!


Dog pictures are always my favorite! A massage sounds so awesome after the madness of this Black Friday work weekend. Hope you are having a great post-thanksgiving weekend. Thanks for the video. I am struggling right now with some news about my dad’s health, and every little bit of positivity helps. I keep meaning to send you an email about my overcoming failure at Wine and Dine Half Marathon in Orlando to emerge triumphant the next weekend at Super Heroes Half in Anaheim. (where I ran into Monica from Run Eat Repeat and took a photo). Maybe I will after this news settles a bit. I love how you celebrate race accomplishments and I feel like I am going to need a bit of that soon.


Aimee. I am so beyond sorry about what is going on with your dad and his health. This breaks my heart, my thoughts and prayers are with you all!


Thank you SO much for sharing the clip of Jordan Hasay!! She’s one to keep an eye on and is the future of USA women’s running. Love her story and her attitude!!

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