Sentence Per Picture (an afternoon post wahoooo:)!!!

PS this is my second post for the day… every now and then I like to throw in a two a day!  If you missed this morning’s post, it is HERE!


Today’s run felt REALLY great—> probably because I did absolutely nothing all day yesterday;).

Six miles (in shorts and it is almost December?!) @ a 9:59 average pace while listening to Oprah’s SuperSoul Podcast!

IMG 2691

I LOVE THE GHOST 10s (not as much as the Launch but they are up there, that is for sure)!

IMG 2707

Andrew has a few shifts this week at the hospital so he left early.  Brooke and I ate pancakes while she showed me her shells/rocks that she collected at the beach this last weekend.

IMG 2652

After school Brooke and I went on our last little date just the two of us before the baby comes.

LRG DSC00959

Luckily, she was very happy with my idea to go to Pizza Factory for a 4 lb salad.

IMG 2712

Why don’t we all wear our race medals around town like Brooke does?

IMG 2714

Next up on our date—>  COCO!

IMG 2715

Brooke’s #1 candy choice.

IMG 2717

Why buy two seats when you can always squeeze 3 people (counting the baby;) into one?

IMG 2722

Stopped at my sister’s for a minute afterwards.

IMG 2726

Found the chocolate stash… hallelujah.

IMG 2727

Brooke’s all about dancing around the house any chance she can get.

IMG 2731

How I found Brooke and Beretta last night… yep, they missed each other.

IMG 2647

Michele sent me a picture of the blueberry pancake that was brought to her at a restaurant and I am about to jump on a plane to find this restaurant right now.



What is your sentence for the day?!?

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It was awesome weather this morning. Here comes the snow! “Suck it up Jenny. It’s time.” (what I keep telling myself).




We have an old fashioned bread drawer that we use for cookies and granola bars. When my nephew saw it he couldn’t wait to tell his mom that Aunt Nina has a cookie drawer! I was a rock star for quite a while in his eyes.

I get Brooke’s deep love for Berretta.

My sentence today is, “slow down and stop trying to do so much.” I tried to go easy but overdid cleaning and now I am exhausted again.


HAHAH I love it… I want a cookie drawer!! I like your sentence for today a lot and I hope that you wake up feeling refreshed and energized (and that tomorrow you are able to slow down a bit)! Thanks Nina!


Oh my gosh, Brooke sleeping on Beretta makes my heart melt! My sentence of the day is I wish everyone would just choose to be kind. :)


Oh I like that sentence A LOT. Thanks for sharing Marie, I hope your day tomorrow is a really great one!


When I ran the NYC Marathon a few weeks ago, I saw adults wear their medals all week! I thought it was so odd! I told my boyfriend (a non-runner) and he didn’t seem phased at all by it. Race day sure, but on Wednesday??


First, CONGRATS on your NYC Marathon Lindsay… that is awesome! All week… Brooke would have loved that hahah!! I hope you have recovered well and that race day went really great for you!


Had a piece of garlic bread for the first time in forever, almost had to text you.


YOU SHOULD HAVE!! I bet it tasted like heaven… wish we could eat it together:)


I’m mostly a walker so far but I just started wearing the Ghost 10s and really like them. My previous shoes were the Launch 2 and I wore them out haha. I’m very seriously considering grabbing another paid of Ghosts before the Cyber Monday sales are over!

Sentence for the day: I will get through this craziness too, just like I always do.


Love hearing from other Ghost lovers. GRAB A PAIR! You’ll never regret having too many pairs of shoes;) I hope the craziness slows down a bit for you Heather! Keep me updated!


Hi Janae! It’s been a minute since I commented…so just wanted to say ‘hello’! You look amazing and I am so beyond enamored by your cute lil belly!!! You motivate me every day.

Per this morning’s post….Shark Tank. My hubby is OBSESSED as well! We watch episode after episode every night.

And Brooke’s topknot!!!! I’m just a tad jealous of the glorious hair that seems to be in your DNA!!!


Thank you so much Caroline, you are the sweetest! I love hearing from other Shark Tank obsessed people. How do you guys watch the older episodes? I need to see every season! Thanks girl and I hope your Monday was a fabulous one!


Hi! We watch it on CNBC. It’s on everynight! Enjoy!
And have a great day!


THANK YOU for letting me know!!! I would love an episode each night!


You are so welcome! And you can binge watch it as they are on all night!


Let it be known. Today, my 10:30/mile self ran faster than you did, with a 9:15 average for a 2 mile run. Clearly you have a legit reason, but dang girl. You so speedy!


WHITNEY!!! WAY TO GO on your awesome run today… YOU ROCKED IT!! I hope you have a great rest of your week and you sped past me:)


What a fun date with your little! If you ever meander into Tucson, AZ, you’ve got to try the banana pancake from Bobo’s…. good old college town eating!


My Sentence for today is “UPS will be here any minute…”

With Cyber Monday and online shopping in full swing, I couldn’t help but Christmas shop online over the long holiday weekend — and that means a steady stream of packages arriving this week!



Aren’t the Ghost 10s nice and cushy? I agree that the Launch is a bit more peppy and speedy, but the Ghost has been perfect for me coming back from an injury. :) I have flat feet, and I think that a little more shoe might actually help to keep me healthier :)

I JUST SAW on Instagram that my running store got in Launch FIVES. I’m kind of scared. The 4 is perfect. I really hope too many changes weren’t made!!!!! Shoe updates can be stressful! lol


Love your Brookie date! I’m sure she enjoyed that. How did you like Coco?

I’ve been wearing Newton’s, and recently bought some Altra One’s and they made my feet hurt, so I decided I needed a more supportive pair for long runs. So I’m trying out the Launch’s! I’m excited because of all the good things you (and everyone else who wears them) has said about them!


I know someone who would wear their medals around town.

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